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Michael Holt.The second man bold enough to name himself "Mr. Terrific".Come see why.Brought to you by theambers.org.All rights reserved.Copyright 2014.

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The appreciation of Mister Terrific
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This is the end of a chapter. The last episode, of this podcast, to date. If you would like to follow the exploits of your intrepid host,  Nic Antoine, head on over to “molteno“. The show about art, culture, cuisine and all things: in-between. Thank yo...
Nic Antoine author

The Truth Is Out There

The final issue. The final episode. The final. Final. Fin. “Final” is such an odd word to look at. As is “fin”: how French-speaking individuals denote that swimming animals have junk in the trunk; i.e., “My word. Look at that fishs’ fin.” Or, a rudder ...
Nic Antoine author

The Beast Within

The seventh issue. The dangers, of Cobalt-60, are examined, as well as its’ prevalence in modern society. Inverse Compton Scattering is briefly highlighted: pun intended. And, if I didn’t know any better, I believe that Karen Starr was involved in this...
Nic Antoine author


The sixth issue. A volcano, in an ice-encrusted mountain, helps to save the day. Sexual harassment is assessed: from the perspective of the victim being of either gender. And, by the stars, the arrival of the first edit point: meta-textually speaking. ...
Nic Antoine author

In Veritas

The fifth issue. Two unlikely, pan-galactic allies attempt a prison break, aboard a ship, the size of a few cities. The reality, of how slavery traversed the centuries, is briefly examined. And energy manipulation, by an alien species, is examined thro...
Nic Antoine author


The fourth issue. Quantum light, and it’s potential use as a barrier, is considered. Gender discrimination is equalized and, thusly, discarded as nonsense and inescapable: dually. Kali also gets analogized to relationship personifications within one’s ...
Nic Antoine author


The third issue. The modern superhero genre is contrasted against itself. Cheating, in all of it’s permutations, is downcast: accordingly. And the host gushes over the potentiality of a “Mister Terrific” film. Sit back and relax. Everything is going to...
Nic Antoine author

Blinded by Science

The second issue. Bose-Einstein condensates, and the former scientists’ involvement in the naming of them, are explored. Frequencies, wavelengths, the EM Spectrum, molecules, solar systems and T-Spheres are correlated. And, of course, race relations ar...
Nic Antoine author

Software Update

The first in the octalogy, this episode deals with reconciling morality and gender politics within the African-American community and the feasibility of the 1st & 2nd dimensions. Seven more issues is not nearly enough time spent with this genius. M...
Nic Antoine author