Tutti Matti per l'Italiano!

Tutti Matti per l'Italiano! - Italian Podcast - Improve Italian language skills with this podcast that is presented in Italian and features stories, clips & conversations with native Italian speakers. It explores all aspects of Italian culture, music and current events as well as language learning tips. Parliamo e ascoltiamo la lingua poetica with Melissa la studentessa matta.

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"Tutti Matti per l'Italiano!" - Italian Podcast. Improve Italian language skills with this podcast that is presented in Italian and features stories, clips & conversations with native Italian speakers. It explores all aspects of Italian culture, music and current events, as well as language learning tips. Parliamo e ascoltiamo la lingua poetica with Melissa la studentessa matta.
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The art of lace making - Anna Maria who is an expert explains

What exactly is merletto al tombolo? Well, it is a very old art form that harks back to the age of Caterina de' Medici. It is an antique way of making lace by hand. Anna Maria Gherardi, who lives in Arezzo, has done this type of work since she was a gi...
Melissa Muldoon author

The Dog Days of Summer — La canicola estiva

The hottest days of summer are called the dog days of summer. In Italian, the expression is La canicola estiva. In this Youtube video find out reason why! Hint: it has something to do with the brightest star in the summer sky - Sirius AND the ancient R...

In Cucina con Daniele – Come si preparano: Arancine e Sfingi

Last week my friend Danielle Palermo from Sicilia came to visit me. Our last day together, we decided to roll up our sleeves and cook an Italian meal together. Not just an Italian dinner, however, as Daniele corrected me — a Sicilian meal! He decided t...

Il vino fa cantare: Italian food and Wine Expressions

Italian expressions that have to do with food and wine! Visit the StudentessaMatta.com website for more information, transcriptions and text in Italiano and English. http://www.studentessamatta.com/italian-food-idioms-detti-cibo-italiano/ For informati...

Book Interview with Author Melissa Muldoon about “Waking Isabella”

Interview with Melissa Muldoon - Author of Waking Isabella with Inside Scoop  Topics of conversation: Isabella de Medici Research for the book in Arezzo, Italy  Giostra del Saracino - Annual Jousting Festival held in Arezzo Suppression of Artists and ...

Mattiniero vs Nottambulo: What Kind of Person are you?

Mattiniero vs Nottambulo: What kind of person are you? Are you a morning person or an evening person? I just created subtitles in Italian! Yay! turn on the captioning button to see the Italian words! For more information, language learning tips and tra...

Italian Chat about Carnival, Masks and Costumes

Chatting in Italian about Carnival, masks and costumes. You can find the post on the StudentessaMatta.com website with English translations. Studentessa Matta Facebook page to join the conversation group: https://www.facebook.com/studentessamatta Visit...

Andare a Cavallo

Andare a Cavallo - taking a ride on the beach on a horse in Half Moon Bay in California. Learn new Italian vocabulary for things that have to do with horses and their gear. Follow along as I talk about my weekend adventure on horseback. Visit the Matta...
Melissa Muldoon author

Moglie e buoi dei paesi tuoi and other Italian Idioms

Colorful Italian idioms that have to do with animals. Italian expressions to help make your conversation more lively and make you sound more like an Italian native. For the written transcript visit the StudentessaMatta.com blog. http://www.studentessam...
Melissa Muldoon author

Arezzo 2017 Fall Italian Language Program Highlights

Come along with me as I recap my recent stay in Arezzo. Here are the highlights from the language program which I co-lead with Paola Testi of Cultura Italiana language school for foreigners. Highlights include: the Giostra that occurs the first weekend...

Buon Anno 2018!

Buon Anno 2018! Ways to say Happy New Year in Italian and chatting about the past year and what is happening my Matta world coming in 2018. Trips, travels, Italians studies, Novels about Italy, and an Italian New Year poem by Gianni Rodari. Translation...
Melissa Muldoon author

Piacere Italian Verb to Like Something

Piacere means is used to express that something is in Italian in the Italian language or rather something is pleasing to someone. In this podcast you will learn how to conjugate in present and past tense and use the word properly in sentence. Text, Exa...

Inside Book Scoop Live Interview with Melissa Muldoon

Recently I published a novel about Italy called “Dreaming Sophia.” In this podcast I share with the Tutti Matti Italian listeners an interview I conducted with Sheri Hoyt for “Inside Book Scoop Live”. In this book chat you will find out more about the ...

Sentire& Ascoltare - Learning meanings and differences

Both the Italian words "Sentire" and "Ascoltare" mean to perceive something. But they vary in several ways. For transcript & translations see http://www.studentessamatta.com/sentire-ascoltare-learning-meanings-differences : Subscribe to the Student...

Due parole: Lasciare& Mollare

Discussion about two Italian synonyms Lasciare and Mollare. Both mean to let go. Idiomatic expressions and meanings when combined with other words. Short story about two frogs to help remember these two words. To read transcript visit: http://www.stude...

Arezzo’s Antiques Fair

Arezzo Antique Fair Fiera Antiquaria takes place Piazza Grande every first weekend of month. It is one of the oldest largest fairs in Italy over 400 vendors. To view transcripts of podcast in Italian and English go to http://www.studentessamatta.com/a...

Italian Christmas Cake Battles!

Buon Natale e Benvenuti all'antico dibattito che spesso divide le famiglie italiane. Di che cosa sto parlando? Il dibattito tra servire Panettone o Pandoro a Natale. Happy Holidays! Welcome to the age-old debate that often splits Italian families. What...

Facciamo un salto nel passato! Andiamo ad Arezzo

Sometimes a trip to Italy is like stepping into the past. For me, that is part of the charm of Italy. Recently I had the impression of passing through a portal back to medieval times. It happened during my stay in Arezzo last September when I witnessed...

Andiamo al Mercato di Arezzo

Today we are going to the Arezzo’s Saturday market. There you can buy lots of things. The best would be the fresh food that you can buy there. There are so many things…peppers, squash blossoms, mushrooms, fruit and various kinds of meat and cheeses…but...

Flash Academy - New App to Learn Itlalian

Today I am here to tell you about a fantastic new mobile app called “FlashAcademy”. It is the idea of the company behind FlashSticks – the company that created the app to learn a foreign language using the Post-it Notes. Now the app has a new interface...

Dreaming Sophia

My first novel “Dreaming Sophia” is here! I am thrilled and happy to share Sophia’s journey with my readers. The book is now available in print and e-pub versions for Kindle and iBook. You can find the book on Amazon and through many other distributors...

Playing around in Italiano—Giochi, Barzellette, Scherzi

In this Podcast I am talking about Italian words for joking and playing around...Scioglilingua, Giochi di Parole, Barzellette, Scherzi, Idiomi...Podcast can also be viewed on YouTube to see the visuals that accompany the text.  https://www.youtube.com/...

Buona Pasqua! Dammi un Bacio!

Happy Easter! They say in Italian…Christmas with your family, Easter with whomever you want! Today I am going to talk a little about Easter and some of the sweets that Italians eat at this time of year. I’m going to especially talk about Baci chocolate...

Festa delle donne

Questo mese festeggiamo la giornata internazionale della donna…anche semplicemente detta "festa della donna". Ricorre l’otto marzo di ogni anno per ricordare sia le conquiste sociali, politiche ed economiche delle donne, sia le discriminazioni e la vio...

Dante& Beatrice

Hi guys! I’m Melissa la studentessa Matta! Welcome back to my channel! Are you ready to take a little stroll into history with me…and Dante and Beatrice?Visit Matta Website for Translations: English & Italian http://www.studentessamatta.com For tra...

La Venere di Botticelli / Venus on a Half Shell

Today I want to tell you about a painting…Botticelli's Birth of Venus - La nascita di Venere. Visit Matta Website for Translations: English & Italian https://www.youtube.com/c/StudentessaMatta_MelissaMuldoonTo learn more about Matta Italian Languag...

An Interview with Daniela Mancini - Insegnante& Scrittrice

In this podcast I will be speaking with my friend Daniela Mancini!  Daniela is an Italian teacher at Scud’It in Rome. I had the immense pleasure of studying with Daniela last July during my language and painting program. Daniela is a lively and enterta...

Parliamo di Siena!

  Today I’m back with a new podcast in which I will be talking about a wonderful Italian city - Siena! Today my guest will be Sarah Mastroianni, a young woman who was raised in Toronto in Canada - the daughter of an Italian father and a Canadian mother...

Homestay Italian Language Vacations in Italy

 In today’s “Tutti per l’italiano” podcast we will be talking about Homestay Italian Language Vacations that are offered through the Matta Blog. Homestay Language vacations are a wonderful opportunity for you to travel in Italy and stay with an Italian...

Italki! A great way to learn a language on-line

 In this episode we are going to be talking about an on-line learning site called italki. It is an educational site that helps foreign language learners connect with on-line teachers and chat buddies. In today’s podcast I will talk a little about my pe...

Parliamo di Pittura, Roma& Kelly Medford!

 Buon giorno cari ascoltatori. Benvenuti! Welcome! Today we are talking about art & plein air painting and we will be hearing from Kelly Medford, an American artist who lives in Rome. Kelly is a wonderful artist and she teaches seminars on how to p...

Part 2 of a 2-part podcast: C’è chi viene e c’è chi va

 Welcome to the second part of the 2-part podcast “C’è chi viene e c’è chi va”. Last week I began to speak about the differences between living in Milan and living in San Francisco. In the first part of the podcast we heard from Gloria an Italian from ...

Part 1 of a 2-part podcast: C’è chi viene e c’è chi va

 In this podcast we will be discussing the differences between Milan and San Francisco in a podcast that I’m calling C’è chi viene e c’è chi va - “Those who come and those who go" - the differences between Milan and San Francisco. We will hear form two...

Due ragazze italiane raccontano i loro viaggi all'estero

   In today’s episode we are talking about traveling to a foreign country for the first time and what it is like to live there for an extended period of time. We will be hearing from two young Italian girls - Antonella from Napoli in Campania and Marta...

Festeggiamo con gli amici!

 ‘Tis the season to be merry and celebrate with friends the Christmas holidays and that’s just what we are doing! The “Tutti Matta per l’Italiano” holiday podcast is a collection of recordings made by 7 Italian friends from different parts of Italy in ...

Fortezza delle Verrucole

In today’s podcast I will be talking about La Fortezza delle Verrucole - a castle that was built in the middle ages, in the high Garfagnana Valley, near to Lucca in Tuscany. This territory was divided and contested by two feudal lordships, the counts ...

Una Canzone è Nata!

 Ciao a tutti gli ascoltatori! Now that I have ventured into the realm of podcasting, I had this really cool idea: Wouldn’t it be great to have my own “Matta” theme song or "una colonna sonora" for the “Tutti Matti per l’Italiano” podcast! In this podc...

A gita a Gardone e Villa del Vittoriale con Davide

 In this podcast I present my small friend Davide. Davide has just turned eleven & this fall will begin middle school in Bardolino, on the banks of Lago di Garda. He is just a little guy, but has a lot of creativity and a big imagination! Recently ...

Vacanza Romana con tre amici speciali!

 I have just returned from a fantastic trip in Italy and just can’t seem to stop talking or writing about it. In this episode of Tutti Matti per l’Italiano I will be giving a brief overview of where I went in Italy and then I will be introducing you to...

Mona Lisa: A Life Discovered with special Guest Dianne Hales

 Friend, kindred spirit and fellow Italian language lover, Dianne Hales...has done it again! She has written a wonderful new book called “Mona Lisa: A Life Discovered”. In this podcast I review Dianne’s new book and Dianne Hales herself makes a guest a...

La leggenda del ponte del diavolo / The Legend of the Devil's Bridge

 In today’s podcast we are talking about "la leggenda del ponte del diavolo" (the legend of The Devil’s Bridge)…or how to trick the devil and make him madder than Hell! My special guest in this episode is Daniela Bonaccorsi, one of the head teachers at...

AFS International Cultural Exchange Program will Change your Life!

In this podcast I will be talking about AFS Cultural Exchange Program. Here in America we are at the end of the American school term and summer vacation has begun. Normally this is a thing to celebrate...but for some it is a sad moment too as this year...

La leggenda di Lucida Mansi

    This Podcast features the leggenda di Lucida Mansi / The legend of Lucida Mansi. As the story goes...one day Lucida, a nobel woman who lived in Lucca Italy in the 1600’s, woke up to find a small wrinkle on her face and became quite desperate at the...

Tutti Matti per l'Italiano!

This is the first episode of the podcast "Tutti matti per l'Italiano!". The podcast is hosted by Melissa Muldoon - la studentessa matta - in English & Italian as she presents clips of native Italian speakers. In this first episode called "Postcards...

Andiamo! Traveling in Italy

In this podcast Cher & Melissa talk about traveling in Italy. They provide tips for packing & things to bring, useful expressions, how to make a good impression and things you absolutely must eat when you are in Italy. We will also discuss how ...

Interview with Melissa Muldoon, la studentessa matta

How Melissa Muldoon went matta for Italian & what she built from her craziness

Natale / Christmas in Italy

 We are discussing Natale and Christmas in Italy and holiday traditions. We talk about the Italian Christmas markets and how Christmas is celebrated in Garda. Featuring 2 Italian guest speakers.

Valentine's Day in Italy

 In this podcast we are exploring the subjects of love, romanticism and lovers and how the Italians celebrate the holiday. Naturally we will talk about Italian vocabulary that has to do with Valentine’s day. We will share some some romantic films that ...

Carnival in Italy

We will be discuss the origins of Carnevale and how Italians prepare for and celebrate this famous holiday. We will also be taking about the Venetian mask and the tradition of disguising oneself, as well and the floats and fun events that are happening...

Calendimaggio e Le Feste Primaverili: May Festivals in Italy

Learn about the festivals that happen during the month of May in Italy, from La Gara delle Rane (the race of the frogs) to Calendimaggio.