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Listen as we explore issues, ideas and research about wetlands in Canada. Wetlands are some of the most bio-diverse habitats in the country. Wetlands are vital to the health of a wide variety of mammals, birds, amphibians reptiles plants - and, of course human beings. We'll be interviewing research experts and frontline workers from Ducks Unlimited Canada in lively, engaging exchanges. They'll keep you up-to-date and up-to-speed on the best information and stories about these vital Canadian ecosystems.

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The official podcast of Ducks Unlimited Canada. Listen as we explore issues, ideas and research about wetlands in Canada. Wetlands are some of the most bio-diverse habitats in the country. Wetlands are vital to the health of a wide variety of mammals, birds, amphibians reptiles plants - and, of course human beings. We'll be interviewing research experts and frontline workers from Ducks Unlimited Canada in lively, engaging exchanges. They'll keep you up-to-date and up-to-speed on the best information and stories about these vital Canadian ecosystems.
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Special Edition: Carbon

What to do about carbon is a major issue. But what do we actually know about carbon? And how can the wetlands, grasslands, and coastal area we conserve help? We’re talking Carbon 101 on this special edition of our In the Reeds podcast.
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Sea level surge, part 1

Everything in conservation is about risk. That’s why, when you hear us talk about conservation, we always start with what’s at stake. A big risk to our landscape is the rising of sea levels – and thus here is part one of our two-part series on sea-leve...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Putting the "change" in climate change (Dr. Kai Chan)

When the United Nations first ever biodiversity report was released in May, the results seemed pretty dire.  But there is no better guest to help us make sense of a way forward than Dr. Kai Chan. He was one of the report's authors and he joins our pod ...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Conversation in a Bottle: The Coke/DUC Connection

If you were looking for one word to describe Ducks Unlimited Canada’s approach to conservation you wouldn’t go far afield by picking the word, pragmatic. We’re looking for solutions that help everything, and everybody. How can we tackle projects that i...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Dave Phillips: Canada's King of Climate talks Weird Weather and Wetlands

Dave Phillips, the chief climatologist for Environment Canada this country's homespun, homegrown weather guru. The Don Cherry of weather in terms of fame on the CBC anyway. For decades now he’s been the avuncluar go-to guy for journalists from coast-to...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Saving Cootes Paradise

A map of Lake Ontario, like one in an old geography textbook, might miss Cootes Paradise. Without detail it can seem this great lake runs dry at western shore of Burlington, about 50 kilometres from Toronto. Some more careful maps have it end in Hamilt...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Episode 20 - The Beaver Relationship - It's Complicated

This episode begins with an engraving that was tucked into the corner of a 18th century map of North America, a beaver map. The engraving depicts an almost Hieronymus Bosch-like scene. One that’s a psychedelic, fever dream of beavers in Canada. In the ...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

The Monarchs of Chicago

 Abigail Derby Lewis marvels at monarchs and the perilous journey they make each year from Canada and the U.S. to Mexico and back. She's the Senior Conservation Ecologist and Senior Program Manager, Chicago Region at the Field Museum's Keller Science A...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Episode 18 - It's Raining Water Boatmen!

Corixids, or water boatmen, are wetland insects with oars for legs and wings that can carry them kilometers from their homes when it's time to migrate. Steven Sryko, a PhD in biology candidate at the University of Saskatchewan, has been studying that m...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

David Archibald - Ecology Education, One Tune at a Time

How did Canadian musician David Archibald spend his summer vacation? He did a musical tour of 31 Ontario provincial parks (and worked in an eight-day voyager canoe trip for R and R). His campground concerts were aimed at kids and families and celebrate...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Episode 16 - Of Potholes and Pollinators

We begin this episode 40 miles above the fertile fields of Alberta. From up here the rectilinear hashmarks of crop boundaries are pocked and dented by darker, irregular patterns, like raindrops pooling on a patio table. Those are pothole wetlands left ...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Episode 15: The Scum of Lake Erie and the Ladies in Wading

The Rundown This episode is all about scum. Stinky, toxic, and beach fouling scum, better know as blue green algae. You’ve probably seen it in a pond or lake near you. It looks like someone changed their mind about painting their living room French Can...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Episode 14: Flea Beetles, Goats and Ducktoids

This episode is all about things we bet you didn’t know. For example, bet you didn’t know goats and flea beetles went to a vegetarian restaurant together they’d probably order the same thing - Leafy spurge. But, that menu choice would be about the only...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Episode 13: Frogs and Turtles in Danger Will Robison!

Thirteen is the most unlucky of numbers, so it’s appropriate that this podcast is all about two unlucky wetland dwellers - the Northern Leopard frog and the Blanding’s turtle. Why unlucky? Because both are in ecological trouble. The Northern Leopard fr...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Episode 12: Ducks Unlimited Mexico and PEI's Other Famous Lucy

The Rundown Eduardo Carrera is the CEO of Ducks Unlimited Mexico, DUMAC for short. Eduardo oversees a Ducks Unlimited team that tackles threats its country’s wetlands much the way a grassroots NGO would.  Folks who live in poor rural Mexican communitie...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Episode Eleven: Of Keemen and Other Volunteers

The Rundown In celebration of DUC’s 80th anniversary this episode is all about volunteers. Volunteers, those men and women whose passion let’s them eschew pay cheques, have been a vital part of DUC since it’s earliest, distant days. First up I chat wit...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Episode Ten: Of Wheat and Peat

THE RUNDOWN In this episode we’ll be learning about a kind of wheat ducks love, not to eat but to hang out. Then we’re off to another duck playground - peatlands, peatlands that need preserving. Why? Because they’re great at keeping vast amounts biomas...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

World Wetlands Day and the Curious Courtships of Drakes

The Rundown In this episode we’ll be celebrating, in our small way, World Wetlands Day, which is on February 2th. This year that event is highlighting wetlands for a sustainable urban future. We’ll learn how those moist, mushy and fecund habitats do ju...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Episode Eight - The Zen of Wildlife Photography

The Rundown In this first podcast of 2018 we talk with Brendan Kelly, a conservationist and avid photographer from Paradise, Newfoundland. Kelly explains how taking the time to wait for his natural subjects allows him to tune into their habitats and ap...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Episode Seven - How to Freeze a Frog and Cook a Goose

On the hard, frozen surface of winter wetlands it looks like all is calm, all is bright.  But if you could plunge beneath that icy crust, as if a pond or marsh were an aquatic Creme Brule, you’d see a slow, but still-living world where mammals fish, in...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Episode Six: The Hunter Conservationist and the Radar Birds

THE RUNDOWN In this episode we explore the intertwingled intersection of conservation and hunting. Can you both care about wildlife and its habitat and take an animal’s life?  Next, rain, snow and sleet show up on meterologists’ radar screen. But somet...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

The Rebirth of a Lagoon and Duck's Cold Feet

 The RundownThis episode begins with a remarkable story about vision, persistence and, sewage. It’s the tale of the little town of Niverville, Manitoba and its groundbreaking solution to dealing with night soil. Next, as winter approaches we ask the qu...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Episode Four - Bling for Birds and Name That Duck!

The Rundown This episode is all about getting intel on birds: what they look like, where they hang out and where they go when they migrate. We start with the fine art of bird banding. Researchers find a bird they want to track and, as Beyoncé might say...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Of Duck Feathers and Drones

The Rundown Eider feathers, or down, aren't just for duvets. In fact, a hormone in those feathers called corticosterone, can indicate the stress eider ducks have been under as they molt. Yukon-based eider researcher Jane Harms explains that stress can ...
Ducks Unlimited Canada author

Episode Three - Feathers and Feet

The RundownIn this episode we learn about what the feathers of moulting eider ducks can tell us about the health of a flock, and, perhaps about climate change. We speak with Jane Harms, veterinarian in the Yukon to get the low down, on down. And, if yo...

Episode Two - Of Fish Ladders and Duck Eggs

The RundownWhy do maritime fish fight currents, waterfalls and man-made barriers to get to in inland ponds and lakes to spawn? What barriers do they face? How does that odd behaviour help the ecology of wetlands? And, how can we make their job easier? ...

Episode One - We Take Flight

The Rundown This is the inaugural episode of the Ducks Unlimited Canada Podcast. Welcome. Let's dive right into the content pond. In this episode you'll meet carp in a marsh and a researcher in the field. First, the carp. In it's heyday , the 1930s, th...