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Learn to speak Dutch in only a few minutes per episode. Enjoy learning this versatile language.

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Episode 27. Glazed frost

When winter comes, some glazed frost may occur. But how do you say that in Dutch? In this episode I will tell you how.   Shownotes: glazed frost – ijzel frost – vrieskou it is icing up – het ijzelt the road is slippery – de weg is glad there is ice on ...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 26. Storm and snow

After the last few episodes, now it is time for storm and snow. Shownotes: storm – storm it is storming – het stormt storm in a tea-cup - storm in een glas water hailstorm – hagelbui hail – hagel snowstorm – sneeuwstorm snow – sneeuw it is snowing – he...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 25. Sun and wind

Last episode I spoke about rain. Today talking about the weather continues with sun and wind. sun – zon it is sunny – het is zonnig the sun shines – de zon schijnt wind – wind the wind blows – het waait it is storming – het stormt windy – winderig bree...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 24. Rain

When I made this To Speak Dutch episode it was raining. Talking about the weather is a commonly used subject te start a conversation in The Netherlands. Let me know if I forgot something. Shownotes: rain – regen it rains – het regent it rains a lot in ...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 23. Periods

In this podcast I have taught you the Dutch word for month. But how about year or century. In this episode you will hear the Dutch translation for words like these. Shownotes: season – seizoen spring – lente or – voorjaar summer – zomer autumn – herfst...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 22. You will understand

although every episode is just a small step to learn Dutch, I think that these lessons combined will help you see your own progress. I have made some sentences from the earlier episodes. Please let me know if you understood any of them. Shownotes: Het ...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 21. weeks and months

Now you know how to say the Dutch words for the days of the week, I think it is time to continue with the months. But first this:  In the last episode I forgot to teach you an important word. The Dutch word for today. Shownotes: today – vandaag january...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 20. Days

Hi everyone. Mayby this subject should be scheduled earlier, but in this episode I teach you the days of the week. Enjoy. Shownotes: monday – maandag tuesday - dinsdag wednesday - woensdag thursday – donderdag friday – vrijdag saturday – zaterdag sunda...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 19. Rankings

You have learned how to count in Dutch in the fourth and fifth episode of this ToSpeakDutch podcast.. Besides this counting it may come in handy if you can connect these numbers into ranks. This episode teaches you how. If you use those words, remember...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 18. Bakery

Today we are going to order a bread and some pastry at a Dutch bakery. Not much more to say about it, so enjoy listening. Shownotes: Goodmorning - goedemorgen I would like one wholemeal bread please – Eén volkorenbrood alstublieft Do you want the bread...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 17. What does the waiter says?

Hello everyone, After learning some sentences to use in a restaurant, I think it is time that you can understand the waiter. It will make a visit much easier. Please let me know what sentences you miss in the last three episodes. Shownotes: Heeft u ger...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 16. In the restaurant

Last episode you have made a reservation in a restaurant. In this episode I will teach you some phrases you can say in this restaurant. Shownotes: We have made a reservation for two- We hebben een tafel gereserveerd voor twee personen I would like some...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 15. To the restaurant

What is one of the things you always do if you visit a country? Eat! So after this episode you can invite a friend to a restaurant and make a reservation. Of course you can do this in Dutch from now on. Shownotes: Do you like something to eat? – Wil je...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 14. Practice

Enough grammar for weeks to come. In this episode we will practice to determine the stem of three verbs. My planning was to do some more, but since my neighbour is making a lot of hammering noices, it took me over two hours to record just three verbs. ...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 13. Finding the stem

Hello everyone, As promised, I made an episode about how to determine the stem of a regular Dutch verb. Be prepared, this is a difficult episode. But  after you have mastered to use the correct form of the verb, you can easily generate a good Dutch sen...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 12. Regular Verbs in present tense

Learning a new lanquage ain’t easy, and a lot of people have problems with grammar. In this episode I will show you how to use the correct form of a Dutch verb. Of course there is to little time to teach you all the verbs righ now, but this podcast epi...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 11. Trafic

This episode will end the small serie of three podcast episodes that will teach you to ask and recieve directions. If you visit The Netherlands for the first time, these sentences and words will be of great value. Let me know if I have forgot some word...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 10. Recieving directions to the hotel

After asking directions to your hotel, hostel or the city center, I think it will be handy if you can understand the answers. In this episode I will teach you the answers that someove can give to you. Shownotes: You should take the second road to the r...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 9. Asking directions to the hotel

When you don’t now The Netherlands, probably one of the first things you must do is asking directions. The next episodes will help you asking directions in Dutch. If you miss something, please comment this post. Shownotes I am looking for a hotel – ik ...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 8. To Have (present tense)

Suprise, suprise. The verb of this week is To Have. Of course I have already said this two weeks ago. We use to have in more meanings tan to own something. We also use it for example as an part of the English verb to need. In Dutch this will become “no...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 7. To Be (present tense)

As I may have already noted, the verb zijn (to be) is very important in the Dutch language. I believe the present tense wil be sufficient for now because we need to make a start of producing your own sentences. Enjoy.   Shownotes: I am – ik ben you are...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 6. I, you and we

In this episode I teach you some personal pronouns. This wil make it easier to folllow the next upcomming episodes about the verbs To Be an To Have. Enjoy speaking Dutch. Shownotes: I – ik you – jij or – je or in a polite way – u he – hij she – zij it ...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 5. More counting

I hoped you enjoy last epiode and you can count to 20 by now. And now it is time for more. Lets count to over a bilion. Good luck. For the ones who pas attention: There’s a mistake in this episode, please comment this episode if you found it.     Shown...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 4. Counting 0-20

One of the most basic things of a language is counting. The one problem I have when I try to listen to a language, where I am not quite familliar with, is to quickly understand the numbers spoken in a complete sentence. I think it is just a manner of g...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 3. Some handy words and phrases

You have already learned some small sentences. But I do understand it will not bring you far when you visit The Netherlands. In this episode I will tell you some  handy words and phrases that may be handy to you. If you miss some essential words, pleas...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 2. I want to know some more

Hello there everybody, I hope you have enjoyed the first episode. Now it is time for the next one. We are going to expand our conversation by asking a few questions. For this show I used the words surname and family name. This is to show you there is o...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author

Episode 1. First conversation

Hi everybody, It’s time for the first episode of this To Speak Dutch podcast. Just to start, it won’t be long. Please enjoy learning Dutch and leave a comment. These are the shownotes for this episode: Good day – goededag What’s your name – Hoe heet ji...
To Speak Dutch Podcast author