Conscious Dancer with Mark Metz | Awakening your Body Intelligence

Your source for inspiration and insight from the world's foremost modality founders and movement experts. Get tools and tips to bring more body intelligence into your life today and hear the stories about their formative years that these luminaries rarely tell during their trainings. Your host is Mark Metz—publisher of Conscious Dancer Magazine and founder of the Dance First Association. Thanks for sharing this podcast with your friends and welcome to the movement for a better world!

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Your source for inspiration and insight from the world's foremost movement leaders and modality founders. Get tools and tips to bring more body intelligence into your life today and hear the stories about their formative years that these luminaries rarely tell during their trainings. Your host is Mark Metz—editor of Conscious Dancer Magazine and founder of the Dance First Association. Please share this podcast with your friends and thanks for joining the movement for a better world!
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Mark Metz - Founder of the Dance First Association and publisher of Conscious Dancer magazine. Learn about somatics, embodiment, and mind-body health as the leaders in the field of conscious dance share their stories with the man who coined the term. author  
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#37 - Andrea Issacs - Founder of Enneamotion

Andrea Isaacs, the creator of EnneaMotion, has been a trustworthy guide in the personal and spiritual realms for thirty years. Learn about her signature method and find out how the enneagram can transform you life.

#36 - Zorina Wolf - Whole Person Drumming

Zorina Wolf is a well-loved leader in the world of rhythm. Her new book Whole Person Drumming tells her story and provides readers with an entire system and wealth of tips for bringing the joy of rhythm and embodiment into day to day life. Learn about ...

#35 - Erica Hornthal - Founder of Chicago Dance Therapy

Erica Hornthal is a leader in the world of Dance Movement Therapy and in this interview you'll learn a great deal about the field and how the practice helps a wide variety of people ranging from young kids to the elderly.

#34 - Sofiah Thom - Temple Body Arts leader and co-founder of Danyasa Eco-Retreat

Sofiah Thom is an all-around somatic pioneer with a wealth of experience and an original approach. Learn about her unique offerings and her history in the field of conscious dance.

#33 - Wendy Roman - Co-founder of Rhythmwood Retreat and host of the Rhythmwood Soul Journey

Wendy Roman is a well-loved leader trained in several modalities including the Nia Technique, Soul Motion, and Dance Our Way Home. She created the Rhythmwood Retreat together with her husband building the lodge and studio from materials sourced directl...

#32 - YaAcov Darling Khan: Founder of Movement Medicine

We cover a wide range of topics and get deep into some movement philosophy in this second interview with the founder of Movement Medicine. One of the most articulate and well-spoken leaders in the field, celebrating the publication of his new book on t...

#31 - Dr. Lori Baudino BC-DMT: Noted parenting expert and Dance / Movement Therapist.

This is an amazing interview that's full of insights and practical tips for anyone with kids or an interest in Dance/Movement Therapy in general. Dr. Lori Baudino is an inspiring leader in the field who loves helping parents and families communicate be...

#30 - JoAnna Mendl-Shaw - Creator of The Equus Projects

Super inspiring interview with a leader in inter-species communication, JoAnna Mendl-Shaw is a long-time innovator bringing horses and dancers together in a wide variety of settings. Learn about what we have to gain about developing presence and being ...

#29 - Jamie Marich: Creator of Dancing Mindfulness

Jamie Marich is the creator of Dancing Mindfulness and author of the book by the same name. She's the founder of The Institute for Creative Mindfulness, an educational organization dedicated to serving a variety of populations. Learn how her practice h...

#28 - Avital Miller: Author of Healing Happens - 23 Stories of Healing Against All Odds

Meet Avital Miller, dancer, healer, author, and health and wellness advisor. After turning her own supposedly incurable health conditions around she became inspired to learn how to help others along the holistic path. Her groundbreaking book project co...

#27 - Ya'Acov Darling Khan: Co-creator of Movement Medicine

This interview will blow your mind, his story of meeting his mentor is beyond belief!Enjoy this amazing conversation!

#26 - Alana Shaw: Founder of Turning the Wheel

Alana Shaw is the founding director of Turning the Wheel, a national non-profit organization dedicated to the leadership and embodiment skills of the upcoming generation of leaders.

#25 - Jonathan Horan: Director of 5Rhythms Global and leader of The Dancing Path

Born dancing at Esalen, and tasked with carrying the torch of 5Rhythms after the passing of his mother Gabrielle Roth, Jonathan describes his early journey and what it's like to sit at the helm of arguably the world's most influential conscious dance m...

#24 - Sanford Lewis: Director of An Intimate Dance.

You'll have a much better understanding of Contact Improv and the dynamic global culture around it after listening to this interview with environmental lawyer / documentary film producer. Listen now and host a screening party when 'An Intimate Dance' i...

#23 - Banafsheh Sayyad: Creator of Dance of Oneness®

You'll be inspired by the depth and clarity of Banafsheh's approach to life, movement, and spirit. This Iranian-born master dance artists 'transformational philosophy' is grounded in the work of Rumi and carries with it an element of the ancient, etern...

#22 - Howard Glasser: Founder of the Children's Success Foundation and creator of the Nurtured Heart Approach.

Meet the man who is behind a movement towards logical way of rearing our children. In a recent article in Esquire Magazine "The Drugging of the American Boy" where they note the shocking statistics on ADHD medication in the US, Howard's Nurtured Heart ...

#21 - Kathy Altman& Lori Saltzman: Twin forces behind Open Floor Movement

Exciting conversation with two of the main leaders behind Open Floor Movement and Open Floor International.

#20 - Ekayani: Vision and voice of Yoga on the Dance Floor.

Ekayani is the singularly-titled inspiration behind Yoga on the Dance Floor. Together with creative partner and electronic dance musician Tom Glide, they offer a music and dance experience that is on another level. She knows the lore behind the lyrics,...

#19 - Adrianne Tabet: Founder of the Moving Steps Foundation

You are going to have a much deeper understanding of the transformative power of dance in peoples lives after listening to this interview. Learn how she has established a program with in a very difficult system, and the many different ways it is having...

#18 - Erica Ross, founder of Dance Our Way Home and leader of The Move in Toronto

Delighted to feature a mover and shaker from up north that's been on our radar for a long time. She's got a great story to tell going back to the early days of disco and how the freedom she found in those clubs led to a life dedicated to movement. Prep...

#17 - Kellita, creator of Showgirl Awakening

Today you are meeting Kellita, an award-winning showgirl and burlesque dancer, and creator of the transformative mentorship program designed to unleash your inner showgirl and lead you to the streets of San Francisco for Carnaval. In this bright and li...

#16 - Maureen 'Momo' Freehill: Founder of Butopia and creator of The Present Movement

With a background in multiple disciplines including Japanese Butoh and radical environmentalism, 'Momo' is a mover and shaker on the rise that you should know about. She's an articulate advocate for the body's role in our lives and the environment, and...

#15 - Dr. James Gordon: Founder of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington DC.

This man's work is in total alignmenet with our work here at Dance First. In this interview you'll learn how policy as changing and how holistic methods are being recognized as beneficial to a wide variety of populations in need. Jim works on the front...

#14 - Adelle Brewer: Founder of the Synergy Studio in San Antonio and leading Nia trainer

Adelle has a vibrant spirit and inspiring attitude. Learn how her childhood vision gave her a thread to her current work. This leader is a powerhouse in her local community, and has put San Antonio on the map as a mecca for movement.

#13 - Sridhar Silberfein: Founder of Bhakti Fest

Sridhar has an amazing story that rarely gets told, we're treated to a tour of turning points along the journey from humble health food pioneer to leading festival phenomenon. Learn about his work with Ram Dass and his vision for spreading the Bhakti a...

#12 - Mary Pinizzotto: Creator of the Freebox Everyday Dance Video Project

Shooting a different dance video every day for a year might seem daunting for some, but not for Mary Pinizzotto. Armed with only a laptop and a handheld video camera, she succeeded in creating a 365 video body of work. Ranging from tango at Target to w...

#11 - Katie Hendricks: Body Intelligence expert and transformational co-founder of the Hendricks Institute.

Filled with tips and practical advice for facilitators who are eager to cultivate transformation into their practices, this interview with Katie Hendricks will inspire you to bring your gifts to the world. Drawing on her diverse background as a dancer,...

#10 - Gay Hendricks: Reknowned relationship and noir fiction writer, and key force behind the Body Intelligence Summit.

In one of our most inspiring interviews to date, Gay Hendricks shares his early fall into embodiment, and names some very interesting figures along the way, including Ram Dass fresh from his first trip to India, and Jack Downing a Rolfing pioneer. Plus...

#9 - Sondra Fraleigh: Founder of EastWest Somatics

Sondra Fraleigh is a living legend who has an incredible depth of knowledge about the roots and origins of somatics and movement therapy. She's one of very few people fortunate enough to have studied under Mary Wigman, widely regarded as one of the for...

#8 - Debbie Rosas: Visionary leader of The Nia Technique

You'll learn some fascinating things about Nia and the inspirational leader at the helm. Debbie shares some key insights into the evolution of one of the worlds top modalities, and reveals her secret to staying sharp on human anatomy. She's truly a dyn...

#7 - Fred Sugerman: Founder of Medicine Dance

Wide ranging interview with Medicine Dance's Fred Sugerman. We discussed many juicy topics including the edge between performance and witnessing, cultural shifts toward embodiment, and the value of immersions and retreats. LA-based Sugarman is a real v...

#6 - Lamara Heartwell: Co-founder of the Body Intelligence Summit and Co-host of the Conscious Dancer podcast

This is a lively recap of the Body Intelligence Summit. We're both excited about the themes and throughlines that appeared and devoted most of this call to connecting the dots between the wide range of participants in the summit. Lamara and I produced ...

#5 - Wren LaFeet: Creator of Cocréa™

Partner dancing improvisational maestro Wren LaFeet tells us how it all got started and where it's going.

#4 - Samantha Sweetwater: Founder of DancingFreedom

In which Samantha relates the surpising stories of her early years and more.

#3 - Cynthia Winton-Henry: Co-founder of InterPlay

A delightful conversation with Cynthia Winton-Henry about leadershipo, play and improvisation, the pillars of InterPlay.

#2 - Toni Bergins: Creator of JourneyDance

A one-on-one conversation with the energetic founder of JourneyDance, Toni Bergins.

#1 - Daria Halprin: Co-founder of the Tamalpa Institute and creator of the Life/Art Process

Inspiring interview conducted by Mark Metz and Jade Blackadar with Daria Halprin at the historic Mountain Home Studios in Marin where she and her mother Anna Halprin have developed the Life/Art Process.