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Chasing Foxfire is a podcast about the places where folklore intersects with science, nature, art, literature, history, pop culture, and life in general. Join us as we do a little wandering, get a little lost, and find a little wonder.

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Episode 5 – Rumors

SHOWNOTES Summary This time around, we return from a long absence with whispers and hearsay. We speak to two experts on the power of rumor in a variety of real-world situations. First, we discuss the importance of listening to medical rumors—even when ...
Cory Thomas Hutcheson author

Episode 4– Gods and Monsters

Gods made of lava, swarms of zombies, and Thomas Jefferson's moose pelt.
Cory Thomas Hutcheson author

Episode 3– Cherry Tree

SHOWNOTES Summary In this episode, we’re looking at the lore of U.S. Presidents, from cherry trees to George Washington weeping in his mother’s arms. Along the way, we’ll talk about blind dates, Ouija boards, and animal magnetism.   Please consider sup...
Cory Thomas Hutcheson author

Episode 2– Tar Baby

SHOWNOTES Summary This episode features briar patches, bunny rabbits, and bad decisions. We have stories about the color line in America, mastodons that can open doors, and a hole in the rug under the couch that you didn’t even know was there.   Please...
Cory Thomas Hutcheson author

Episode 1– Glow

SHOWNOTES Summary In our first episode, we hear tales of glowing Civil War soldiers, a Pixar princess, and musical bugs.   Please consider supporting us on Patreon, and following us on Facebook and Twitter. Contact us at
Cory Thomas Hutcheson author