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Love, Life, Meaning, Zen, and Science, by Norm Bearrentine
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Parent/Child Hostility, Human Relations, and More: Episode Thirteen

My wife, Eve, listened to Episode Twelve, and suggested that there was a serious gap in my not talking about my hostility toward my mother and its effect on my not going to Hatcher’s funeral. In the interest of thoroughness, in this episode I talk abou...

Death, Funerals, Family Relations, and World Peace: Bare Brains Episode Twelve

My father died about a month ago, and I didn’t go to the funeral. I’m not depressed and I’m not grieving. My family is upset with me, and everyone in the area that knows my family thinks I’m a bad son. So I explain here why I didn’t go, which leads to ...

Orgasm, Sexuality, and Attitudes: Bare Brains Episode Eleven

The Lost Tapes series continues with Part Four, which begins with the subject of variations between women in their experience of orgasm in intercourse, how that affects their receptivity, and how men can understand these variations and accommodate them...

Love, Fear, Jealousy, and Envy: Bare Brains Episode Ten

In Part Four of the Lost Tapes series, the first day of recording winds down with a discussion of bell curves in general, and in particular, the curve of human wierdness. It finally comes to an end with a list of the day’s drugs. Part Four continues wi...

Beauty, Joy, Physical Fitness, LSD, and More: Bare Brains Episode Nine

The Lost Tapes series continues with Part 3, in which the issue of beauty leads to a discussion of the joys of physical fitness, which leads to ideas about longevity and the accumulation of small increments of effort over time. Over time things change;...

Sex, Communication, Beauty, Physical Fitness, and Happiness: Bare Brains Episode Eight

The Lost Tapes series continues with a story from the Sutro Bath House of the 1980’s, a coed facility whose motto was, “A Rainbow of Sexual Preferences.” This leads to the question of how to facilitate openness in communication, followed by a discussio...

Cunnilingus; Communication, Distractions, Attitudes, and Techniques: Bare Brains Episode Seven

In Episode Two I played a tape that I had made in 1983, when I was 39. I had also made some tapes a couple of years earlier, in 1981, ostensibly about the art and science of cunnilingus. My thesis had been that one’s execution of the act reflected one’...

The Choice Between Sex and Honesty, the Evolution of Self-Concepts, and More: Bare Brains Episode Six

A Spanish movie, “The Sea Inside,” illustrates how a rigid idea of what life should be like can lead a person to seek death, and how one should have the right to end their life if they can’t find a preferable alternative to the way it is, given the nat...

Vertigo, Depression, Mental Fitness, and Acceptance of Change: Bare Brains Episode Five

A case of vertigo results in a bout of depression, and a reassessment of the possibilities for developing mental muscle and psychological tone, based on my experience with physical fitness. Meditation in various forms is considered as a way to prepare ...