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@joelgrus and @akm talk about data, science, data science, Shingy, and whatever else they feel like

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@akm and @joelgrus talk about data, science, data science, Dave Shing, and whatever else we feel like
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The Cold Start Problem for Becoming a DJ

Our guest this week is Pardis Noorzad (@djpardis), former data science manager at Twitter and now Head of Data Science at Carbon Health. Our conversation spans a wide range of topics: the Tenderloin Carbon Health what Duran Duran has to do with Black ...

Churn! Churn! Churn!

Our guest this episode is Carl Gold (@carl24k), Chief Data Scientist at Zuora and author of the forthcoming book Fighting Churn with Data. Use the discount code podadvl19 to save some unspecified amount on it. Topics include * churn * writing a book * ...

Writing the Same Book Twice

On this episode, Andrew is joined by Joel Grus (@joelgrus), the author of Data Science from Scratch, whose second edition just came out. They discuss spreadsheets, writing a book, Python 3, type annotations, Jupyter notebooks, reproducibility, and what...

Never Insult a Pigeon Driving a Bus

Our guest this episode is data scientist Peadar Coyle. Topics include Brexit whether Europe is a Python continent or an R continent GDPR how data science is different in Europe than it is in the USA Joel's stock rant against "domain expertise" PyMC3 a...

Josh Wills

Adversarial Learning is back from hiatus! Our guest is famous data scientist Josh Wills. We discuss why Josh is a famous data scientist, what it's like working at Slack, data science conferences, NLP's "imagenet moment", whether Joel should remove the ...

Episode 16: My Code of Ethics Will Forbid YAML

Adversarial Learning is back! In this long-delayed episode (thanks, technical difficulties) we are joined by data scientist Schaun Wheeler to discuss our favorite topic, data ethics. Highlights include: * Schaun's Medium post "An ethical code can’t be...

Episode 15: Could You Rephrase That As An Ethical Question?

Our guest this week is data scientist for good Lisa Green.  Topics of discussion include What is ethics  Joel's previous life as a financial analyst and the ethical dilemmas therein whether there's anything incriminating in Joel's Yahoo history "ident...

Episode 14: Totally Derivative

Our guest this week is flashcard kingpin and former Partially Derivative co-host Chris Albon. Topics of discussion include how good it feels not to have a podcast machine learning flashcards being a "natsec bro" whether Chris would punch a Nazi whethe...

Episode 13: Back to School

It's Back to School time at Adversarial Learning! topics of discussion include OUR SPONSOR: the Metis Demystifying Data Science Conference (at which Joel is speaking, please listen to it) Sudbury education John Holt times tables whether textbook pira...

Episode 12: Data Science Myths

Data scientist Vicki Boykis joins Joel and Andrew to variously debunk and rebunk common Data Science Myths. Is data the new oil? Do data scientists spend 80% of their time munging and cleaning data? What happens if you look in the mirror and say "data...

Episode 11: Data Conferences

Andrew and Joel come out of hiatus to discuss data conferences: when to attend them, how to get your talk accepted, how to network, optimal heckling strategies, where to stay, and so on. Somehow they also end up talking about fidget spinners, the "obj...

Episode 10: Stories of Degradation and Humiliation

Friend of the podcast Tim Hopper joins us as we share stories of Very Bad Interviews we've been on. (As you probably expect, Joel has the most humiliating stories.) If you've ever gone on a terrible interview, listen and commiserate. If you've never go...

Episode 9: Owning a Planet

Our guests this week are Curtis Yarvin and Galen Wolfe-Pauly, which means that our topic is Urbit ("a virtual city of general-purpose personal servers"). What is it?  Why is it? Is is a political project? And does it have anything to offer data science...

Episode 8: On Flink

Our guest this week is Trevor Grant (@rawkintrevo), an Open Source Technology Developer Evangelist (or similar) at IBM. We discuss how to be a high-energy public speaker, all sorts of weirdly-named Apache projects, the "my name is" meme, why Joel and A...

Episode 7: Telling a Bot to Go Shove It

Our guest this week is Juliet Hougland (@j_houg), data scientist and engineer at Cloudera. We discuss that bad Wired article about physics and software engineering, why Juliet knows so much about Urbit, censorship (Twitter and otherwise), dark pattern...

Episode 6: Good Data Science Is Always Political

Is good data science always political? Our regularly scheduled guest had to cancel at the last minute, so Joel and Andrew decided to talk about politics.  Topics covered include: the one data scientist who’s not on twitter how much Joel hates the xkc...

Episode 5: The Legend of Plas Vander

Our guest is Jake VanderPlas, who is a real Data Science Fellow at the UW eScience Institute, and is the author of the recently published Python Data Science Handbook.  Topics discussed include BiCapitalization bridging the astronomy-astrology divide ...

Episode 4: Datasets We Hate

Our guest this week is Sarah Guido (@sarah_guido), Senior Data Scientist at Mashable. We discuss datasets we hate, how to pronounce "La Croix", what makes "library science" a science, 9/11, data science networking, Joel's plan to build a Twitter client...

Episode 3: Beantown Data Science

Our guest this week is Andrew Therriault (@therriaultphd). We talk about data science in the big city, politics, slime in the ice machine, labor unions, how easy it is to join datasets, and whether Boston really deserves to be called Beantown.

Episode Two: The Tallest Data Scientist

Our guest this week is Tim Hopper (@tdhopper), the tallest data scientist. We discuss life, blogs, robots, Twitter, and other data-related stuff, but Joel keeps returning to the topic of his height.

Episode One: A New Hope

In the first episode, Joel and Andrew cover who they are, how they met, how they got into data science, why they have a podcast, and chat about topics they have in mind, including but not limited to: Politics Technical tool development Whether to get...
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