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News, reports and entertainment in English produced by pupils of an 11th form (Tilemannschule Limburg, Germany) GIVE IT A LISTEN!
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2008-12-18 08:42
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Kerstin in talk with ... (Episode 1: From Croatia to Germany)


Student exchange to Blois (France)

Hey guys, this podcast is about the student exchange to Blois in France that took place this year. Two of our classmates participated in this exchange and will talk about their personal experiences. They will also interview the teacher that has organ...


Because Christmas is a current celebration this groups deals with christmas in germany and other countries. At first they tell you that christmas is becoming a commercial event and that the traditional origins of it become less important. To have a loo...


This group made a report about the new restaurent in the old chapel next to our school. At the beginning they tell you something about the history of this building and the older ideas of creating a restaurant in it. Further on you learn something about...

TNT: Tile News Time

Hello! Here we have the podcast of the"TNT-Tile News Time" group, dealing with the school situation of the"Tilemannschule-Limburg". Escpecially they talk about the awful and smelly toilet situation and a big part in their report is the demonstration b...

Information about Tilemannschool

Hey guys, here's a new episode of tileradio! This group will give you historical and current information about the Tilemannschool. They will for example report about the media library or the lunch that can be taken. Two students who spend their first ...

Report about student exchanges at Tilemannschool

Hey guys, this podcast is about school exchanges. The students have made trips to London and Poland and will give you some advices. They will inform you about their experiences so that you'll be informed about everything you need to know if you want t...

Presenting the local Band 'Fisherman's Friends'

Hey guys, the first podcast series is over, but here you can watche the last episode. The group presents the Band calles 'Fisherman's Friends'. The 5 musicians are organised in the music-school 'POWWOW Music-House' and cover rock music like Pink and ...

European Football Championship 2008

Hey Guys, after a technical problem and two holiday-weeks, we offer a new Episode! This one was produced by our sportgroup. After listening you will know much more about the Soccer Championsship 2008 in Switzerland. For example they inform about the ...

Review: Simpsons The Movie

Here it is, the first podcast of our moviereview - group. The members watched 'Simpsons The Movie' and now they tell you what happened to our yellow friends. First of all, they summarize the story and then you can listen so some comments and a short d...

Report about Wacken '07

Hello dear listeners, sorry, I'm late, but here it is: The first report about Wacken 2007! The group members present the festival which took place in Northern Germany in August. The Podcast also includes some videos they recorded by themselves. Now...

Talkshow About Junkfood

Hey, after a new study showed that Germans are fatter than other Europeans, Germany's politicians are campaigning for better nutrition and restrictions on the advertising of sugar-laden foods. In England junk foods ads have even been banned from child...

Introduction to Tileradio

Hello everyone, Here it is, the first Tileradio podcast! One of the six groups we built, the marketing group, presents the project and explains the groups' topics. Enjoy!