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The TEFL Training Institute centers around one big idea – helping teachers develop. If you're a TEFL teacher, trainer or manager and you're looking for new ideas, you've come to the right place. With hosts Ross Thorburn and Tracy Yu.

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The TEFL Training Institute centers around one big idea – helping teachers develop. If you're a TEFL teacher, trainer or manager and you're looking for new ideas, you've come to the right place. With hosts Ross Thorburn and Tracy Yu.
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11.08.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Why Students Don't Like Language Class (With Dave Weller)

We discuss what we can apply to the language classroom from Daniel Willingham’s book “Why Don't Students Like School?”, with friend of the podcast (and Daniel Willingham fan), Dave Weller.
TEFL Training Institute author
28.07.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Do Your Homework! (with Penny Ur)

I've never met a teacher who doesn't have to give homework to their students. But advice on giving homework is as uncommon in teacher education as homework is common in classrooms. Penny Ur tells us why, how to give useful homework and what to do wi...
TEFL Training Institute author
14.07.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

What Have You Changed Your Mind About (with Carol Lethaby, Dave Weller, Karin Xie, Matt Courtois, Paul Nation & Simon Galloway)

We celebrate our third anniversary podcast by inviting six of our favorite guests to tell us what they’ve changed their minds about in language teaching over the course of their careers. Over the course of 35 minutes in our longest episode ever, Car...
TEFL Training Institute author
30.06.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Principles For Designing Better Tasks (with Dave Weller)

Excited students, lots of talking, creative craft activities equals a successful lesson, right? Maybe not. We speak with Dave Weller about how to design tasks that result in language learning.
TEFL Training Institute author
16.06.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

How Do L2 Users Think Differently from Monolinguals? (Vivian Cook’s Career Highlights)

We interview second language acquisition legend, Vivian Cook about his career in second language teaching and learning. Professor Cook tells us about how L2 users think differently to monolinguals, his own experiences as a language learner, teacher ...
TEFL Training Institute author
2.06.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Getting Time on Your Side (with Allan Crocker)

Timing causes so many problems for teachers – activities which run on too long, running out of time at the end of a lesson, not finding time to plan or reflect – but we rarely discuss time and how to deal with it. In this episode Ross and Trinity Ce...
TEFL Training Institute author
19.05.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Questions About Questions (with Matt Courtois & Karin Xie)

We spend a lot of our time asking questions, either to our students, our trainees or ourselves. What makes an effective question? We discuss different models of asking questions to students, typical mistakes trainers make in asking questions and the...
TEFL Training Institute author
5.05.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Native-speakerism in the Classroom (with Marek Kiczkowiak)

You've probably heard (possibly on this podcast) about the discrimination "non-native English teachers" can face finding jobs, in being promoted or receiving equal pay. But how does Native-speakerism affect what happens inside the classroom? How do ...
TEFL Training Institute author
21.04.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Do We Need a "Standard" English? (With David Crystal)

We ask David Crystal about standard English: why does standard English exist? How is it changing? Should students be exposed to different accents from around the world? And what role should culture play in English language teaching?
TEFL Training Institute author
14.04.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

How to Challenge Yourself as a Teacher or Trainer (from IATEFL 2019 with Matt Courtois, Simon Galloway & Dave Weller)

In our second of two podcasts recorded at IATEFL Liverpool (this one recorded at the end of day one), we speak with our favorite podcast guests Matt Courtois, Simon Galloway & Dave Weller about how teachers and trainers can challenge themselves ...
TEFL Training Institute author
7.04.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Highlights from IATEFL 2019 (with Dave Weller, Simon Galloway & Matt Courtois)

In a special long form episode, we talk about our highlights from IATEFL 2019 in Liverpool with our favorite guests, Dave Weller, Matt Courtois and Simon Galloway. We discuss talks by Adrian Underhill, Alan Maley, Brian Tomlinson, Rob Bolitho, John ...
TEFL Training Institute author
24.03.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Engaging and Inspiring Teenagers to Learn English (with Edmund Dudley)

Teenagers can be one of the most challenging, frustrating and also rewarding groups to teach. We interview ELT author and teacher trainer Edmund Dudley about why teaching teens can be so enjoyable, how to avoid sabotaging your classes and how to ins...
TEFL Training Institute author
10.03.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Discrimination in ESL - Sexism and Homophobia

We know about discrimination against non-native teachers, but what about other kinds of discrimination? We welcome back Jessica Keller and David Tait to talk about their experiences with discrimination in ESL
TEFL Training Institute author
24.02.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

What Teachers Need To Know (And What's Stopping Them) (With Stephen Krashen)

We talk with Stephen Krashen, Professor Emeritus at the University of California, about the teacher research knowledge gap: what do teachers need to know about second language acquisition, what are the barriers stopping them and what we can do to so...
TEFL Training Institute author
10.02.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Context – Tyranny or Triumph (with Diederik Van Gorp)

All language lessons need a context. Language must be learned and practiced in context. Without context, students cannot remember or use new vocabulary. You've probably heard these arguments before (possibly on this podcast), but are they true? We d...
TEFL Training Institute author
27.01.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Podcast: How not to Teach Phonics (With Debbie Hepplewhite)

I speak with phonics guru, Debbie Hepplewhite, about common mistakes teachers make in teaching phonics. Not sure if you’ve been teaching reading right? Listen to find out what you might have been doing wrong…
TEFL Training Institute author
13.01.2019 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Who Learns Languages Best and How Long Does it Take? (with Professor Patsy Lightbown)

Patsy Lightbown, Professor, author and second language acquisition researcher tells us about language learners of different ages. Are kids better language learners than adults? Who learns languages faster? Are there any advantages to learning a lang...
TEFL Training Institute author
30.12.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

How to Market Yourself or Your School

In the the words of McKinsey, "we're all marketers now". But what can teachers and schools do to better promote themselves? We interview three ESL marketing experts (David Weller, Jonny Arthur and Peter Liu) about how (if you're a teacher) you can p...
TEFL Training Institute author
9.12.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Learning From Theory, Learning From Practice

Everyone learns from their experiences in the classroom, and if you’re listening to this, you’ve probably learned from theory too. What are the differences and similarities between the two? Ross and Dave Weller discuss the differences between theory...
TEFL Training Institute author
18.11.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

What Can Neuroscience Teach Us About Language Teaching?

We speak with Carol Lethaby about what neuroscience can do for language teaching. We know more about how the brain works and how learning occurs than ever before, so why does so little of it get used? Carol is an English language teacher, teacher tr...
TEFL Training Institute author
28.10.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Podcast: Learning Through Observations (with Ray Davilia)

We often assume that observations are more about being assessed and judged than about learning. But observations don't necessarily need to be trainer centered. This episode we look at how we can observe through three types of observations - being ob...
TEFL Training Institute author
7.10.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Stop Complaining and Start Adapting - How to Make Best Use Of Your Coursebook (with Professor Brian Tomlinson)

Whoever you are, whatever you teach, you’ll probably use a coursebook. How can you make the best use of the coursebook you've been given? We celebrate our fiftieth episode by interviewing world expert on language learning materials, Professor Brian ...
TEFL Training Institute author
16.09.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Lying Less in Language Teaching (with Jessica Keller)

"By lying, we deny others a view of the world as it is. Our dishonesty not only influences the choices they make, it often determines the choices they can make—and in ways we cannot always predict. Every lie is a direct assault upon the autonomy of ...
TEFL Training Institute author
26.08.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Applying Critical Thinking in Classes and Materials Design (with John Hughes)

We speak with ELT course book author and teacher trainer extraordinaire John Hughes about critical thinking: what is it, how can teachers use it and what challenges it presents for teachers and students
TEFL Training Institute author
5.08.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

How to Apply What You Learn

Learning is one thing. Using what you learn is something else. We speak with Karin Xie about how to bridge the gap. Find out how to help students apply their learning, how teachers can apply what they learning on teacher training courses and what tr...
TEFL Training Institute author
15.07.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Learn to Read (with Paul Nation)

We celebrate our second anniversary episode by interviewing Emeritus Professor Paul Nation about reading. Paul tells us about research into the effectiveness of reading, why as teachers we tend to avoid including reading in our classes and how we ca...
TEFL Training Institute author
24.06.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Context - The Secret Sauce of Language Teaching & Training

Understanding what people in say from the sounds they make is all but impossible without context, even in our first language. So how can we make more use of this amazing tool which helps prediction, understanding, engagement and application? We disc...
TEFL Training Institute author
3.06.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Racism in ESL (with Asia Martin)

Do teachers of different races get treated differently? Do schools prefer white teachers? Do students care what color their teacher's skin is? We interview Asia Martin about her experiences as a black teacher in China and discuss Ross' research into...
TEFL Training Institute author
13.05.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Should Teachers Even Talk?!

Teacher talk. It was good, then it was bad, now it's good again. Are you confused? We are! We look at teacher talk from four different perspectives - time, aim, language and quality (or TALK for short).
TEFL Training Institute author
29.04.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Highlights from IATEFL 2017 Part 1 (with Dave Weller, Simon Galloway, Fifi Pyatt & Will Ferguson)

Didn’t make it to Brighton for this year’s IATEFL conference? We chat with returning guests and friends Dave Weller, Simon Galloway and Felicity Pyatt and new guest Will Ferguson about the best ideas and concepts from the IATEFL’s 52nd annual confer...
TEFL Training Institute author
22.04.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Highlights from IATEFL 2018 in Brighton (Part 2)

The second of our two-part special from the 2018 IATEFL conference in Brighton. We chat with our friends, fellow teacher trainers and returning podcast guests David Weller, Simon Galloway, Fifi Pyatt and new guest and DipTESOL candidate Will Ferguso...
TEFL Training Institute author
8.04.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Podcast: How to Start Thinking Straight - Cognitive Biases for Teachers, Trainers & Managers (with Simon Galloway)

Cognitive biases screw up our thinking. They make us make bad decisions, come to wrong wrong conclusions and for the most part we're completely unaware of them. This week we speak with Trinity DipTESOL course Director Simon Galloway about cognitive ...
TEFL Training Institute author
18.03.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Podcast: Is "Less" Sometimes "More" In Teaching, Training and Management?

We look at minimalist approaches to teaching, training and management and discuss examples of when less busy means more efficiency.
TEFL Training Institute author
25.02.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

The "Native" / "Non-Native" English Teacher Debate (with Dave Weller)

What are the real differences between "native" and "non-native" English teachers? How did we end up with these distinctions in our industry? And what should we be doing about discrimination? We meet with Dave Weller to discuss the issues surrounding...
TEFL Training Institute author
4.02.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Personalizing Learning, Development & Work

Personalization is in every aspect of our lives; the clothes we wear, the TV we watch, the podcasts we listen to. But what about in language teaching? In this episode we discuss how teachers can personalize lessons and materials for students, how tr...
TEFL Training Institute author
14.01.2018 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Teaching Writing to the Students We Forgot

Why don't we teach writing more? Is writing less interesting than other skills? Or less useful? Or just harder to teach? We (Ross, Tracy and Matt Courtois) speak to published author and ESL writing specialist David Tait about how to teach writing an...
TEFL Training Institute author
25.12.2017 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

The Spaces We Teach In

There are more or less three constants present in every educational setting: students, teachers and classrooms. This episode we focus not on the participants, but on the spaces for English language learning. We discuss how to set up a classroom, how...
TEFL Training Institute author
3.12.2017 http://static1.squarespace.com/static/55ffb62ce4b08aa6c7f92a60/t/577f2231c534a50506185b12/1467949618217/1500w/Podcast+Logo_white.jpg

Podcast: How to Survive Your Next Observed Lesson (with Matt Courtois)

Being observed can be one of the most nerve wracking experiences that we go through as ESL teachers. We speak with TEFL teacher trainer, manager and serial observer Matt Courtois about what you (as a teacher) can do to survive (and possibly even lea...
TEFL Training Institute author

What Can Podcasts Do For English Language Teaching? (with the TEFLology Podcast's Matthew Turner and Robert Lowe)

More than a quarter of adults in the US now listen to podcasts. But how can podcasts help teachers and students?We interview Matthew Turner and Rob Lowe from the TEFLology Podcast about how podcast can positively influence teacher development and be...
TEFL Training Institute author

Podcast: What Motivates Teachers?

In mainstream education, half of all teachers leave the teaching profession within five years of joining. If teachers are the most important factor in helping students learn it’s essential we figure out what managers, schools and teachers themselves...
TEFL Training Institute author

What is Testing and How Does it Shape Our Teaching?

Testing is a huge part of learning, but most teachers don't know a lot about it. We ask test guru Dan Elsworth all about testing. What is a test? How is it different to an assessment? How Can you go about writing a test? How can you assess students for...
TEFL Training Institute author

Podcast: Lessons about Lesson Planning (with Ray Davila)

"Plan-teach-reflect" - everything starts from lesson planning. This episode we look at what to put in a plan, how to plan when you don't have enough time and how to make your lesson go according to plan.
TEFL Training Institute author

Podcast: Taking Role Plays from Nerdiness to Awesomeness (with Fifi Pyatt)

We talk with self confessed role play and ESL nerd Fifi Pyatt to look at how to take role plays from nerdiness to awesomeness and discuss how to help students get as much as possible from role plays and also go off on tangents about burning witches ...
TEFL Training Institute author

Podcast: How Teachers Can Find The Right School and How Schools Can Find The Right Teachers

We interview Jessica Keller who has recruited over 1000 ESL teachers in China, Korea, Japan and the USA about the importance of recruitement as well as do's and don'ts for schools and teachers during the recruitment process.
TEFL Training Institute author

Podcast: How to Spend a Lifetime in Teaching

For our first anniversary episode, we talk with Ross' parents about the differences that teaching has seen over the last 40 years, how to motivate yourself throughout your teaching career and what advice they have for young teachers working with old...
TEFL Training Institute author

Career Paths in Teacher Training - How Teachers Become Trainers

Becoming a teacher trainer is super popular career goal for new teachers, but in can also seem pretty daunting. How can you move from teaching into training?We speak with three teacher trainers (Simon Galloway, Ray Davila and Dave Weller) about thei...
TEFL Training Institute author

Podcast: Context, Analysis, Practice - How We Actually Stage Lessons (with Jason Anderson)

You've heard of PPP, ESA, TTT and ARC, but what about CAP? We speak to Jason Anderson about "the hidden paradigm in ELT" - Context, Analysis, Practice.
TEFL Training Institute author

Podcast: A Reflection on Reflection (And What Stops It From Working)

Plan-teach-reflect, plan-teach-reflect - the reflective cycle is drummed into new teachers, but what does reflection actually mean? We look at why reflection is important, the barriers that stop teachers from reflecting and how to overcome some of t...
TEFL Training Institute author

Teachers? Trainers? Schools? Who Is Responsible for Teacher Autonomy? (with Special Guest Jake Whiddon)

Every year schools spend millions of dollars developing curriculums, creating tests, training and observing teachers. But what are the side effects?
TEFL Training Institute author

Are Your Materials Helping Your Students Learn Or Just Wasting Your Time?

Materials creation can be both an outlet for teachers' creativity and an opportunity to make lessons more relevant to students. On the flip side they can also be a giant time-drain and introduce uncertainty to students. Find out what you can use as ...
TEFL Training Institute author