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A weekly podcast helping language teachers by giving them 10 minute tips and strategies in using comprehensible input in their classrooms.

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A weekly podcast helping language teachers by giving them 10 minute tips and strategies to use in their classrooms.
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027: Rumors Spread Like Wildfire

Welcome new listeners to the podcast! Thank you so much for joining in. This week, students were convinced that someone was planning a school shooting. Both the parents and students were very worried about this event taking place, but thankfully, it wa...

026: Getting Creative with Señor Wooly’s El Banco video.

It’s two weeks before spring break and the students always get a bit angsty around this time of year. Louisa loves to play a game from one of Señor Wooly’s videos, called ‘El Banco,’ to help the students get completely immersed in the material and temp...

025: Student Case Studies!

Louisa invites three students on to the show, two of whom have been through Louisa’s class. Sonya describes the experience of working via textbook and the other two students, Dulce and Nana, describe what benefits they’ve received long after attending ...

024: Assigning Students Jobs Part 2

Louisa continues her discussion on the various jobs she assigns her students in the classroom. Giving students jobs is an excellent way to keep them engaged and interactive while you’re teaching!   Key Takeaways: [:50] Every other Monday, students are ...

023: Fantastic CI Conferences to Attend

Today’s tip is brought you by Dave! Dave’s CI journey started 2.5 years ago. When he read the material online, he knew there were a number of ways to apply it in the classroom. Not sure where to start, Dave dived head first, and started attending CI co...

022: Assigning Students Jobs

Louisa discusses why it’s important that certain students are assigned jobs while she is teaching in the classroom. There are several different positions Louisa needs filled when a class is in session and she details the process in this week’s episode!...

021: Maylen Loves Comprehensive Input Techniques!

Louisa talks with a fellow Spanish-speaking colleague who teaches at a different high school in her district — Maylen! Maylen knows three different languages, Spanish, English, and French, and at her school, she teaches French to her students. Today, w...

020: Teach Your Students the Same Words, but Just in a Different Context

Louisa shares a quick, ten-minute audio clip of Carol Gaab, from Fluency Matters, discussing ways you can teach the same word 100-250 times without the student getting bored. The key here is to introduce the word in a different context each time so tha...

019: A Breakdown of JGR

Louisa discusses how she uses the JGR (Jenn’s Great Rubric) method in her classroom, and some of the modifications she’s added to it that differ from Ben Slavic’s way of teaching the JGR. Louisa explains how she breaks down her grading system, and what...

018: Quick Tips on Making Movie Talk Successful.

Louisa was able to catch up with Dustin Williamson, who teaches Spanish and French, and get his take on how he teaches movie talk in the classroom. He shares tips and walks us through what he does before movie talk, during, and after! Don’t forget to c...

017: Louisa’s Grading System

When using CI techniques in the classroom, there is no right or wrong way to grade students. But to give teachers who are new to the technique some background, Louisa shares what she does in her particular classroom and what works for her when it comes...

016: Carrie and Kristy on Reading Engaging Novels

Carrie Toth and Kristy Placido discuss why they felt the need to write their own novels in order to create engaging content for their students. Both teachers were having a hard time finding novels that their students ‘simply couldn’t put down’. Carrie ...

015: Unit Plans for CI Teachers

How does Louisa plan for a unit or topic for her classroom? The good thing about Louisa's school is that it is flexible, so Louisa is able to play with some very interesting topics to help get her students engaged. Find out how her students learn about...

014: What the Layout of a 90-Minute Class Looks Like

Louisa is currently at a Portland teacher conference and sits down with Craig to get an inside view of how he designs his classes during the week. In this quick interview, Craig discusses how he starts and ends his classes, and how he incorporates CI t...

013: Ways to Manage a Deskless Classroom

Louisa uses this quick 11 minute podcast to discuss how she manages her students in a deskless classroom. Louisa sees about 176 students throughout the day, and it can get tough to manage if you do not have the right systems in place. Listen in to hear...

012: Focus on the Students, Not the Materials

Karen Rowan is an author and speaker on TPRS® (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling). Karen has been training and coaching teachers on how to efficiently use TPRS® techniques since 1996, and has a lot to share on this week’s episode. K...

011: Individual Dictation for Children With More Spanish Experience

Last week Louisa explained what she does with her students when it comes to running dictation. This week Louisa discusses how she does individual dictation and sets her students up for an engaging quiz session. Most of her students get a B-range grade ...

010: A Quick 101 Episode on Language Acquisition

For this quick 7-minute episode, Stephen Krashen and Tina Hargaden join Louisa to discuss the fundamentals of how a child acquires a language. Stephen goes into depth as to why the introduction of stories and storytelling is so important towards acquir...

009: How to Use Running Dictation in the Classroom

In this week’s episode, Louisa explains a fun way to incorporate a group activity with students in the classroom through the use of running dictation. Her 10 minute tip includes a breakdown of how running dictation works and why the kids love to play t...

008: How to Create Repetition for Your Students in an Engaging and Novel Way.

Diana Castro, of Centennial High School, located in Corona, CA, sits down with Louisa to discuss some of the key topics she’s learned on the first day of a 2-day professional training with Carol Gaab, of TPRS Publishing, now known as Fluency Matters. C...

007: Using “Movie Talk”™

In this week's episode, Louisa discusses how she incorporates “Movie Talk”™ into her classroom. “Movie Talk”™ is another way to keep the classroom engaged in a novel way. Louisa breaks down what an average Movie Talk™ day looks like for her, using just...

006: Everything You Need to Know About Free Voluntary Reading

Louisa invites Mike Peto on the show to discuss how to incorporate free voluntary reading into the classroom. The point of this particular activity is for children to actively choose their own books and enjoy the act of reading. Each week, Mike allows ...

005: Educational Videos for the Classroom

Louisa discusses the types of educational videos she uses during the first two weeks of school. These videos help immerse the students in the language and it allows them to comprehend the language a lot more fluidly. She also incorporates fun games to ...

004: Give Your Students a 'Brain Break' With Annabelle Allen

Louisa invites Annabelle “La Maestra Loca” Allen on to the show to help us better understand how to properly introduce and use brain breaks in the classroom. Speaking a foreign language for long periods of time can be very rigorous, no matter what age ...

003: Setting the Expectation Through Classroom Rules

Today's quick episode dives right in on how to setup the proper expectation in the classroom by using rules. Although Louisa is a Spanish teacher, her rules are listed on a poster in English so that every student is well aware of what is expected of th...

002: Teaching Latin Using CI Techniques

Keith Toda is a Latin teacher and discusses some of the techniques he uses in his classroom. Although some might believe Latin is a dead language, it really isn't! Keith teaches around 35 students in his classroom and will soon be transferring to anoth...

001: Welcome to the First Episode of Teachers That Teach!

Welcome to the first episode of Teachers That Teach! Today, our host Louisa introduces herself and this podcast. You can expect 10 minute episodes each week from Louisa on the subject of how to teach your students using comprehensive input (CI) techniq...