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This video podcast offers playful tips on life, by extensive grammatical analysis in an invented language of glyphic script.

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Various subjects and illustrated stories are written and spoken in the invented language of glyphic script called Tapissary. [Episodes appear twice monthly].
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Episode 9 "The Queen's Croquet Ground, Part Two"

August 16, 2009 Alice in Wonderland "The Queen's Croquet Ground" Part Two.This film continues a chapter from "Alice In Wonderland". Lewis Carroll's original English text is translated into the invented language of Tapissary. The glyphic script of that ...
parrrottalk author

Episode 8 "Molière"

I had major problems with a new computer this month, so Alice in Wonderland is still on hold. I’m presenting this short episode to take the Aug 1 slot.I’m going to read you an expression that you may have heard before. First I’ll read it in the origina...
parrrottalk author

Episode 7 "Preview"

Episode 7 “A Preview”July 16, 2009This week, I’m giving a preview of the upcoming episode which will be a continuation of Chapter 7 from Alice in Wonderland. Because I’m adding some animation to that entry, it is taking longer than the alloted 2 weeks ...
parrrottalk author

Episode 6 "Yit Cwanoson Croquet Texxa"

Episode 6: "The Queen's Croquet Ground" Part IEpizod 6: "Yit Cwanoson Croquet Texxa" Meros IThis week's episode begins chapter 7 in the novel 'Alice in Wonderland', translated into Tapissary. The entire film is spoken in Tapissary with English subtitl...
parrrottalk author

Episode 1 "Alice in Wonderland"

In this episode, I’m reading the beginning paragraphs in chapter one “Down the Rabbit Hole” from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”. Five Tapissary vocabulary words are introduced (pictures, conversations, watch, end, come), and you will see how ...
parrrottalk author

Episode 4: "La Baroc Oshianno"

June 1, 2009Episode 4: The Baroque Ocean (Lesson on the plural)In episode 3 (The Alligator Captain), there was mention of the Baroque Ocean (Baroc Oshianno). In this episode, I take you right to the ‘sea floor’. The formation and pronunciation of the p...
parrrottalk author

Episode 5: "The Days of the Week"

This week, I’ve written some phrases about the days of the week in Tapissary’s ‘Sunrise’ style.A frequently used Art text style (called the‘Sunrise’ style) in Tapissary is generally written from right-to-left as in Hebrew or Arabic. Reading right-to-le...
parrrottalk author

Episode 3 "The Alligator Captain"

Episode 3: The Captain Alligator.May 16, 2009In this week’s episode, I’m bringing PART ONE of Captain Alligator’s adventures. Animation accompanies the story, and a red arrow helps you follow the Tapissary. The action begins in the village of Ventiçell...
parrrottalk author

Episode 2 "Spaghetti"

Episode 2: “How to Eat Spaghetti”In this week’s snippet, Tweeter, my finicky parrot rejects a bowl of spaghetti. But this loss of appetite does not override a colorful lesson in grammar. Thecommand form, the numbers from1 to 5, and some help withpronun...
parrrottalk author