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Talking Taiwan is an audio magazine (podcast) about interesting people who are connected to Taiwan and what they are doing. Hosted by author Felicia Lin, TalkingTaiwan seeks to introduce you to the interesting and diverse individuals who make up Taiwan’s global community – in Taiwan, the US, and around the world.

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New Bloom Magazine – Brian Hioe Talking Taiwan Ep 60

A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin: The New Bloom Magazine is an independent online magazine covering Taiwan-related news and world news as it pertains to Taiwan. In the wake of the Sunflower Movement,... The post New Bloom Magazine – Brian Hi...
Felicia Lin author

Dragon’s Chamber – Elias Ek Talking Taiwan Ep 59

A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin: Learn all about Taiwan’s growing startup community and all of the resources available for budding entrepreneurs in this episode of the Talking Taiwan podcast. If you want... The post Dragon’s Chamber – Elias...
Felicia Lin author

Gender Studies Professor – Wen Liu Talking Taiwan Ep 58

A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin: When I heard the historic news of May 24th, that Taiwan’s Constitutional Court had ruled that marriage is not strictly defined as being between a man and... The post Gender Studies Professor – Wen Liu Talkin...
Felicia Lin author

A World of Orchids – Pauline Huang Talking Taiwan Ep 57

A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin: Did you know that there’s an annual flower show in New York featuring Taiwanese culture and orchids from Taiwan? Actually, I didn’t know this until one of... The post A World of Orchids – Pauline Huang Talki...
Felicia Lin author

Taiwanese Waves – Mia Min Yen Talking Taiwan Ep 56

A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin: Last year was the first year that there was a Taiwanese Waves concert at the Central Park Summerstage and it was smashing success! Thousands of people were... The post Taiwanese Waves – Mia Min Yen Talking T...
Felicia Lin author

Singer, Songwriter and Musician – Treya Lam Talking Taiwan Ep 55

A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin: I first learned about Treya, an up-and-coming musician with an amazing voice about two years ago, when she was profiled on From then on she was...The post Singer, Songwriter and Musici...
Felicia Lin author

2017 Hello Taiwan Tour– Ysanne Spevack Talking Taiwan Ep 54

A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin: It’s that time of year again here in New York City. Spring is upon us, and as the weather warms up you’ll find street fairs popping up...The post2017 Hello Taiwan Tour – Ysanne Spevack Talking Taiwan Ep 54 a...
Felicia Lin author

“Urban Nomad Film Festival” David Frazier– Talking Taiwan Episode 53

A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin: When Gus, the producer of Talking Taiwan suggested that I do an interview with David Frazier, co-founder and Festival Director of the Urban Nomad Film Festival, which...
Felicia Lin author

Craft Beer and Beer Brewing– Michael Forncrook Talking Taiwan Ep 52

  A note from Talking Taiwan host Felicia Lin: I love talking to entrepreneurs and small business owners. It’s always interesting to learn how they started and have continued to build their businesses. For this...The postCraft Beer and Beer Brewing – M...
Felicia Lin author

“Taiwan Music Showcase” Ed Yen – Talking Taiwan 51

Ed Yen is a Taiwanese music producer, music executive, entrepreneur, singer-songwriter, audio engineer, theater designer, film score, commercial composer, A&R manager and vocal coach. He is the Executive Producer of Taiwan Music Express and CEO...
Felicia Lin author

“Hiphop” Dwagie – Talking Taiwan 50

TalkingTaiwan catches up with Dwagie at the CMJ Music Night Showcase on 24 October
Felicia Lin author

“Ghost Month” Ed Lin– Talking Taiwan 47

Ed Lin talks about his latest novel – Ghost Month – which is his 5th book featuring Detective Robert Chow. The story centers around a mysterious murder that occurs in Taipei, Taiwan, during the 7th...
Felicia Lin author

“Anti-nuclear protests” Echo Lin– Talking Taiwan 46

Echo Lin explains her role as Secretary General of the Environmental Jurist Association, an international group of legal professionals concerned about the lack of legislative frameworks that protect our planet from ourselves. She specifically discusses...
Felicia Lin author

“13th Passport2Taiwan Festival” Borcheng Hsu– Talking Taiwan 45

Borcheng Hsu talks about the 13th Passport 2 Taiwan Festival at Union Square in New York City. P2TW has grown to over 60 booths (1/3 are authentic Taiwanese food you cannot find in the US...
Felicia Lin author

“#SunflowerMovement” Tony Chang– Talking Taiwan 44

Felicia Lin author

“Occupation of the Legislative Yuan” Tony Chang– Talking Taiwan 43

Felicia Lin author

“Taiwan Independence Citizens Revolution” Tony Chang– Talking Taiwan 42

Felicia Lin author

TT039 Talking Lawrence Lin about American Citizens for Taiwan

Felicia Lin author

TT037 Talking Chieh-ting Yeh about the Ketagalan Project podcast

Felicia Lin author

TT038 Talking to Claire Hsieh about the STUF United Fund

Felicia Lin author

TT033 Talking to Brian Yang

Felicia Lin author

TT032 Talking to Brian Yang

Felicia Lin author

TT034 Talking to Yao Huang

Felicia Lin author

TT028 Talking to Jenny Wang about Taiwan Week 2013

This year marks the 20th anniversary of UN4TW movement in New York. The purpose of this movement is to voice the injustice of Taiwan’s exclusion in international organizations such as the United Nations and also...
Felicia Lin author

TT025 Talking to Ho Chie Tsai about

Ho Chie Tsai is a founding Board Member who also wears many hats in the Taiwanese American community. As a frequent speaker on the collegiate conference circuit and youth summer camp programs, a past Program...
Felicia Lin author