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Do you love The Walking Dead, Halloween Horror Nights,& The Horror genre in general? Dave Solo, Liz,& Christina discuss the best Horror Shows, Movies,& Stories, as well as bring you breakdowns of each episode of "The Walking Dead," the latest celebrities& horror news!

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Do you love The Walking Dead, Halloween Horror Nights,& The Horror genre in general? Dave Solo, Liz,& Christina discuss the best Horror Shows, Movies,& Stories, as well as bring you breakdowns of each episode of "The Walking Dead," the latest celebrities& horror news!
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12.07.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 239 "#HeadToHead Horror - Child's Play (1988) vs Child's Play (2019)

We pit the original Child's Play vs the 2019 Rebooty!
The Walking Dead author
28.06.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 238 "13 Creepiest Masks"

We discuss the 13 creepiest masks in Horror movies!
The Walking Dead author
20.06.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 237 " #HeadToHead Horror - Scream vs I Know What You Did Last Summer"

We discuss these two 90s Horror films and more!
The Walking Dead author
12.06.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 236 "Stranger Things Are Afoot"

We recap Season 1 and 2 of Netflix hit series "Stranger Things" and more!
The Walking Dead author
4.06.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 235 "Summer Spooktacular 2019"

We preview thew best upcoming Horror movies, TV Shows, and games for Summer 2019!
The Walking Dead author
24.05.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 234 "Horror Genre Show - Best and Worst"

We discuss our favorite (and least favorite) Horror genres...and more!
The Walking Dead author
18.05.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 233 "Six Things From Stephen King"

We discuss our top 6 favorite Stephen King films...and more!
The Walking Dead author
5.05.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 232 "Cinco De Die-O"

We celebrate Hispanic culture and its contribution to Horror!
The Walking Dead author
27.04.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 231 " #HeadToHead Horror - Pet Sematary (1989) vs Pet Sematary (2019)

We pit the original "Pet Sematary" vs the 2019 Remake and more!
The Walking Dead author
4.04.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 230 "The Storm" TWD 916

We discuss the Season 9 Finale of TWD entitled "The Storm," and more!
The Walking Dead author
28.03.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 229 "The Calm Before" TWD 915

We discuss Episode 915 of TWD entitled "The Calm Before," and more!
The Walking Dead author
20.03.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 228 "Scars" TWD 914

We discuss on of the most controversial episodes of The Walking Dead, "Scars," and more!
The Walking Dead author
13.03.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 227 "Chokepoint" TWD 913

We disect Episode 913 of TWD, "Chokepoint," and more!
The Walking Dead author
7.03.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 226 "Guardians" TWD 912

We disect Ep 912 of The Walking Dead and more!
The Walking Dead author
27.02.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 225 "Bounty" TWD 911

We discuss The Walking Dead Episode 911 "Bounty," and more!
The Walking Dead author
20.02.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 224 "Omega" TWD 910

We discuss episode 910 of The Walking Dead and more!
The Walking Dead author
12.02.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 223 "Adaptation" TWD 909

We discuss TWD Ep 909 "Adaptation," and more!
The Walking Dead author
9.02.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 222 "TWD Season 9B Preview & Stuff"

We preview The Walking Dead Season 9B and more!
The Walking Dead author
2.02.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 221 "Horror News - February 2019"

We discuss the most horrific horror entertainment news stories for February 2019 and more!
The Walking Dead author
22.01.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 220 "Casting in Horror"

We discuss some of our favorite casting in Horror movies and some of our not so favorite, and more!
The Walking Dead author
13.01.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 219 "When Style Meets Horror"

We discuss very stylized Horror movies and more!
The Walking Dead author
5.01.2019 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 218 "Bird Box vs A Quiet Place - #HeadToHead Horror"

We discuss Brid Box, the Netflix phenomenon and pit it against the 2018 film A Quiet Place!
The Walking Dead author
29.12.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

EP 217 "The Rick Grimes Special"

We reflect on the loss of Rick Grimes as star of 'The Walking Dead" and more!
The Walking Dead author
21.12.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 216 "Horror Kombat"

We spin TWO Walker Wheels and come up with multiple, random #HeadToHead match-ups!
The Walking Dead author
10.12.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 215 " #HeadToHead Horror - Halloween (1978) vs Halloween (2018)

We discuss "Halloween" and pit the 1978 original versus the 2018 sequel, and more!
The Walking Dead author
6.12.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

EP 214 "TWD Season 9A In Review"

We look back at The Walking Dead Season 9A and more!
The Walking Dead author
29.11.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 213 "Evolution" TWD 908

We discuss the Season 9 Mid-Season Finale "Evolution," and more!
The Walking Dead author
24.11.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 212 "Stradivarius" TWD 907

We discuss TWD Episode 907 "Stradivarius" directed by Michael Cudlitz & more!
The Walking Dead author
17.11.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 211 "Who Are You Now" TWD 906

We discuss TWD Episode 906 "Who You Are Now" & more!
The Walking Dead author
7.11.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 210 "What Comes After" TWD 905

We discuss Rick Grimes' last episode of TWD & more!
The Walking Dead author
3.11.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 209 "The Obliged" TWD 904

We review TWD Episode 904 "The Obliged," and more!
The Walking Dead author
24.10.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 208 "Warning Signs" TWD 903

We discuss TWD Episode 903 "Warning Signs" and more!
The Walking Dead author
19.10.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 207 "The Bridge" TWD 902

We discuss TWD Episode 902 "The Bridge" and more!
The Walking Dead author
13.10.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 206 "A New Beginning" TWD 901

We watch TWD Ep 901 and provide our commentary!
The Walking Dead author
3.10.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 205 "Music for Your Halloween Party"

Our Top 20 songs for any Halloween Party!
The Walking Dead author
28.09.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 204.5 "TWD's Controversial Characters"

Interviews with Dallas Roberts (Milton), Andrew J West (Gareth), Tyler James Williams (Noah), and Laurie Holden (Andrea).
The Walking Dead author
19.09.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 204 " #HeadToHead Horror - The Conjuring vs Paranormal Activity"

We pit The Conjuring against Paranormal Activity...and more!
The Walking Dead author
11.09.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 203 "Fall FrightTacular 2018"

What's new for Horror this fall...2018!
The Walking Dead author
8.09.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 202 "Halloween Horror Nights 28 Preview"

We preview the nation's premiere Halloween Event - HHN 28!
The Walking Dead author
26.08.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 201 "Kids Love SAW"

The #WNKids are back and talking their favorite SAW traps!
The Walking Dead author
15.08.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 200 - #WN200 Walker Nation 200 LIVE!

It's our 200th show LIVE!
The Walking Dead author
10.08.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 199 "HHN 28 Panel with Blake Braswell, Patrick Braillard, and Charles Gray"

Hear the brilliant minds behind Halloween Horror Nights discuss this year's event and share some of their horror favorites!
The Walking Dead author
4.08.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 198 "Spin the Walker Wheel"

We spin the Walker Wheel and answer the Horror related, random questions!
The Walking Dead author
18.07.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 197 " #HeadToHead Horror - Child's Play vs Puppet Master"

We pit Child's Play vs Puppet Master...who will win!?!
The Walking Dead author
13.07.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 196 "Friday The 13th LIVE - Top 13 Jason Kills"

We discuss Jason's Top 13 kills LIVE from Walker Nation Studios...on Friday The 13th!
The Walking Dead author
7.07.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 195.5 "Tom Payne, Cooper Andrews, Alanna Masterson, & Juan Gabriel Pareja" - The Interviews

EXCLUSIVE Interviews with Tom Payne, Cooper Andrews, Alanna Masterson, and Juan Gabriel Pareja from The Walking Dead!
The Walking Dead author
27.06.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 195 "Top 10 Favorite Zombies" (Non TWD)

We talk about our Top 10 Favorite Zombies (not from The Walking Dead) & more!
The Walking Dead author
23.06.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 194 "FEAR the next four" FTWD S4 Part II

We discuss episodes 406 - 408 & more!
The Walking Dead author
13.06.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 193 "Summer Spooktacular 2018"

We talk about the Horror movies that we're excited for this summer!
The Walking Dead author
9.06.2018 http://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/user/7061649/0de05a1259d5b64164bd89ad72ef8db4.jpg

Ep 192.5 - Legendary Interviews: Bruce Campbell, Tom Savini, Tobin Bell, & Tony Moran

We look back at our interviews with Horror Legends!
The Walking Dead author