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Conversations with women on writing and reading, hosted by Adele Walsh and Kelly Gardiner.

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Conversations with women on writing and reading, hosted by Adele Walsh and Kelly Gardiner.
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2.12.2018 https://d15mj6e6qmt1na.cloudfront.net/i/22229132.jpg

On characters: Sarah Dollard and Lili Wilkinson

We talk to two long time friends, Sarah Dollard and Lili Wilkinson, on how they approach writing character for the screen and on the page. We hear them discuss how they met, their approach to writing characters (even if they're not human), and what mak...
UnladylikePodcast author
16.09.2018 https://d15mj6e6qmt1na.cloudfront.net/i/22229132.jpg

On sisters: Kate Forsyth and Belinda Murrell

We talk to two best-selling authors, Kate Forsyth and Belinda Murrell, both prolific writers of women's stories, who happen to be sisters.  What's it like, growing up in a family of writers? Which literary or fictional sisters influenced them? What sto...
UnladylikePodcast author
1.07.2018 https://d15mj6e6qmt1na.cloudfront.net/i/22229132.jpg

On world building: Amie Kaufman & C.S. Pacat

We talk to two writers who have made their mark with stories full of adventure, high stakes and nuanced word building: Amie Kaufman and C.S. Pacat. We asked them to dig into their inspiration, process, research, and how they surprise their readers. #w...
UnladylikePodcast author
27.05.2018 https://d15mj6e6qmt1na.cloudfront.net/i/22229132.jpg

On collaboration: Ana Kokkinos & Mira Robertson

We talk to two women who make up a productive creative partnership: Mira Robertson, screenwriter, script editor, and now novelist; and Ana Kokkinos, film and television director and screenwriter. They have collaborated with each other, with other scree...
UnladylikePodcast author
30.03.2018 https://d15mj6e6qmt1na.cloudfront.net/i/22229132.jpg

On murder: Kerry Greenwood, Vikki Petraitis & Lindy Cameron

Three queens of crime fiction and fact tell us why crime writing is so popular, how they research and write fiction and true crime, and we get an insight into one of the genre's favourite characters: Miss Phryne Fisher. #podcast #true crime #crime #mys...
UnladylikePodcast author
16.02.2018 https://d15mj6e6qmt1na.cloudfront.net/i/22229132.jpg

On academia: Roundtable discussion

What makes good academic writing? We talk to five women from different disciplines who all write and read academic articles, papers, books and essays – and teach students how to write for academia. With guests Wernmei Yong Ade (Singapore), Deirdre Byrn...
UnladylikePodcast author
1.12.2017 https://d15mj6e6qmt1na.cloudfront.net/i/22229132.jpg

On kissing: Anna Campbell and Kylie Scott

What makes a great 'kissing book'? We talk to Anna Campbell and Kylie Scott about spirited heroines, suspense, banter, intellectual equality, drama, subtext, laughter, sexual tension, feminism, tropes, and happy endings. #podcast #writing #romance #rea...
UnladylikePodcast author

On illustration: Judy Horacek and Gabrielle Wang

We talk to Judy Horacek and Gabrielle Wang, two living legends, about writing and illustrating books - and their many other forms of creative work.
UnladylikePodcast author

On voice: Eleanor Jackson and Lian Low

We talk to two spoken word performers, Lian Low and Eleanor Jackson, about writing for the page and for performance, and how they support other writers - especially through Asian-Australian arts and culture magazine, Peril. #writing #poetry
UnladylikePodcast author

On form - Alison Croggon & Jane Harrison

Between them, Alison Croggon and Jane Harrison, have written award-winning opera, plays, poetry, young adult novels, essays, columns, and goodness knows how many grant applications and submissions to government. Unladylike talk to them about writing a...
Unladylike Podcast author

On teaching: Penni Russon, Alexis Drevikovsky & Alison Ravenscroft

We talk to three writers who also teach writing, and ask them about the ways we learn and teach writing - in community organisations, schools, colleges and universities - and the skills and knowledge writers need. #writing #teaching #learning
Unladylike Podcast author

On knowledge: Robyn Annear and Lynne Kelly

In our first live recording, at the Castlemaine State Festival, we asked two authors of nonfiction how they research complex subjects, manage their materials, and create compelling stories.#writing #history #research
Unladylike Podcast author

On Austen: Alison Goodman and Kylie Mirmohamadi

We speak to two writers on Jane Austen's impact on storytelling and on writers in the two hundred years since her death.
Unladylike Podcast author

On sounds: Natalia Molebatsi and Phillippa Yaa de Villers

We talk to two powerful South African poets and performers who work across and beyond a range of narrative and performative forms and traditions. #podcast #poetry #spoken word #performance #writing
Unladylike Podcast author

On labels: Anita Heiss and Jessica Walton

Labels? Why do we have them? We talk to two authors about the labels they choose for themselves, their characters and their place within the industry, as well as those that they reject.Join Anita Heiss and Jessica Walton as they discuss labels, identit...
Unladylike Podcast author

On research: Hannah Kent and Kate Mildenhall

What does it take to recreate past worlds? How does a writer uncover the reality she needs to blend with imagination? Where do research and writing intersect?We talk to two writers who've spent years researching and writing novels about the lives of re...
Unladylike Podcast author

On rebellion: Lee Kofman and Silvia Kwon

We talk to two writers of fiction and creative nonfiction about the role of rebellion in creativity, and the writers' life. #podcast #writing #memoir
Unladylike Podcast author

On pictures: Raina Telgemeier and Bronwyn Bancroft

What do writers do?We talk to two award winning writers and illustrators, Raina Telgemeier and Bronwyn Bancroft, about the art of melding word and picture together to tell a story.#Fiction #Writing #Podcast
Unladylike Podcast author

On festivals: Writers festival creators from NZ, US, and Australia

Who chooses the writers we see at writers festivals and how do they decide? Do they create their programs with gender and diversity in mind?We talk to the women behind the legendary Auckland and Melbourne Writers Festivals, the North Texas Teen Book Fe...
Unladylike Podcast author

On process: Charlotte Wood and Paddy O'Reilly

What do writers do?We talk to two acclaimed writers, Charlotte Wood and Paddy O'Reilly, about their process: where do they start, what do they think about, how does it feel, what on earth do they do all day?#Fiction #Writing #Podcast
Unladylike Podcast author

On translation: Ann Goldstein

Ann Goldstein is the chief copy editor at The New Yorker. But in her spare time, she translates some of the planet's most popular books from Italian into English - the Neapolitan novels by Elena Ferrante. We talk to her about translation and the enigma...
Unladylike Podcast author

On swearing: Toni Jordan and Patricia Cornelius

Playwright Patricia Cornelius and novelist Toni Jordan create very different work, but here they talk about something close to both their hearts - swearing. And yes, they do swear. #writing #fiction #stage
Unladylike Podcast author

On romance: Tessa Dare

Just as her heroines break conventions of their era, historical romance writer Tessa Dare dares to break the conventions of her genre. #writing #romance #fiction
Unladylike Podcast author

On editing: Clare Wright and Mandy Brett

Historian Clare Wright and editor Mandy Brett talk us through the collaborative process of creating a book - in this case, the award-winning 'The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka'.
Unladylike Podcast author

On friendship: Cath Crowley, Simmone Howell& Fiona Wood

Cath Crowley, Simmone Howell and Fiona Wood write about grief, about place, about love, about coming of age and most of all they write about friendship.And that’s what they’re talking about on this episode of Unladylike. #podcast #writing
Unladylike Podcast author

On story: Vivian Gornick and Sian Prior

Vivian Gornick and Sian Prior are both journalists and memoir writers. We brought them together to talk about how nonfiction writers work with memory, imagination and language, and finding the story in a situation. #Memoir #Writing #Nonfiction
Unladylike Podcast author