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News and Views from a Native Tulsan. Local, State, and National News and Commentary. Podcasts when the whim hits me.

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News and Views from a Native Tulsan. Local, State, and National News and Commentary. Podcasts when the whim hits me.
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20060517 Tulsa Topics Podcast

Testing new podcast software with music and media links

Vol 2 No 4 - Tulsa Topics PodCast - A Whole Lotta Hodge Podge

In this PodCast I play a whole hodge podge of bytes that's been gathering dust on my computer. I play a parody of a mental health hotline. Your weather forecast. A thought provoking song and... A promo from"The Children of the Gods" Enjoy!

Vol 2 No 3 Tulsa Topics PodCast

So you have that new 60GB iPod Video that has more settings than a MIT graduate can figure out and more hard disk real estate than you could ever afford to fill. Two websites you might want to look at areGarageBand.com and thePodSafe Music Network. B...

Mayor wants to add 4.3 million dollars to 3rd penny tax proposal for American Airlines

At Thurday's Tulsa City Council Meeting, Mayor LaFortune dropped a corporate welfare bomb during the Mayor's Report portion of meeting. Citizens in attendance were somewhat surprised to actually see the Mayor"in persona" at the meeting. In some circl...

Vol 2 No 1 Tulsa Topics PodCast - 01/15/2005

Saturday I attended the Chris Medlock for Mayor campaign rally that was held at Embers.TulsaBloggers.net was well represented with the purveyors of Roemerman on Record and Our Tulsa World in attendance as well.Roemerman on Record has his thoughts about...

Vol 1 No 4 - Tulsa Topics Podcast - 20051212

Tomorrow, 12/13/2005, Please exercise your right and vote. I plan on voting a big"NO" on all items on the"4 to Fix" as well as the E911 item. I play a couple of songs with a"tax" theme to them.Vol 1 No 4 - Tulsa Topics Podcast 12/12/2005 Streaming Ve...

Vol 1 No3 Tulsa Topics Podcast - Tulsans Defending Democracy Podcast

Podcast Notes: I attended the Tulsans Defending Democracy Press Conference held today at the Press Club. The Press Conference basically was in regards to the Mayors formation of a Citizens Commission that will study a charter change for City Council ...

Vol 1 No 2 - Tulsa Topics Podcast - 20051207

PodCast Show Notes In the Vol 1 No 2 I talk about the upcoming"4 to Fix" vote and play some appropriate music. I play some audio regarding the"City Council Reform" petition that is/was being spearheaded by Tulsans for Badder Gov't. I ask Mayor LaFor...

Tulsa Topics Podcast 12/04/2005

I'm still tweaking in all the software and resources for the Tulsa Topics podcast. In this music only edition, I divulge one of the resources for music. If you want to score some free music, you need to check out thePodShow PodSafe Music Network. Na...

Tulsa Topics Podcast- Episode I


Tulsa Topics Podcast - Episode I

NOTE: There are two ways to listen to the podcast. 1.) You can click on the green arrow at the left bottom of the post, OR 2.) You can download the MP3 file by clicking on the"Download" link on the bottom right of the post. I have submitted the Tulsa...