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StudioTech Live! 141: Studio rewiring, Blackmagic Smartscope Duo 4K and Rolls Mute switch

Mark is back in the UK studio and talks about his experiences in Vance’s studio! We take a look at the impressive Smartscope Duo 4K from Blackmagic Design and Mark tries to get the hang of the Rolls MS-111 microphone mute switch (unsuccessfully!)

StudioTech Live! 140: Live from the USA

Mark visits Vance in the USA and they take questions from the chatroom and talk 4K, audio mixers and more.

StudioTech Live! 139: Monthly Q&A

Its the first Tuesday of the month, and that means its Q&A time! Mark and Vance answer questions from our audience in the chat room.

StudioTech Live 138: 4K follow on, Sony PXW Z100 and more.

We follow up on last weeks 4K discussion, look at a replacement for FMLE, take a look at the Sony PXW Z100 and answer a question on In Ear Monitors.

StudioTech Live 137: 4K, TriCaster remote control and more

The ‘Almost’ live show! Vance and Mark were unavailable for the show so it was pre-recorded with Peter adding some live pieces! An interesting discussion on 4K and showing how we remotely control the NewTek TriCaster with an iPad using TouchOSC.

StudioTech Live! 136: Wowza, first 4K with Sony PXW-Z100 and iPeter

We show how to use Wowza on EC2 to help in bandwidth limited situations, our first 4K video shoot using the Sony PXW-Z100 and how we control the TriCaster using ‘iPeter’.

StudioTech Live! 135: Monthly Q&A

Vance and Mark answer questions from the StudioTech Community.

StudioTech Live! 133: Bits and Pieces

With Mark away Vance and Peter are in charge!

StudioTech Live! 132: NAB 2014 Round up and lessons learned

So what was covering NAB like? What products caught our eye? Who did we meet? What would will we do different next time?

StudioTech Live! 130 – Pre NAB Q&A and the JVC GY-HM850 first looks

With no news this week (with NAB a few days away) we talk about a low cost HDMI wireless solution, take a look at the new JVC GY-HM850 that has just arrived (we like it a lot!) and then answer questions from viewers.

StudioTech Live! 129 – vMix 4K and vMix Social announcement

Martin from vMix joins the show to announce significant new features for the increasingly popular vMix windows based live video mixing software that allows you to produce, stream and mix. Now with 4K support and a great social media plug in!

StudioTech Live! 128 – News and a new way to handle 4 Skype callers!

After the problems last week this weeks show makes it to the end! Some interesting news items are followed by Vance giving a demo of the GnuralNet LiveToAir plugged into Skype™ system. John Mahoney (from GnuralNet) and Robin Cutshaw join as Skype guest...

StudioTech Live! 126 – BVE News and questions answered

In this busy episode we cover the highlights from BVE – including our first look at the exciting new JVC GY-HM850 streaming capable shoulder mount camera (big brother to the GY-HM650 reviewed in StudioTech 96 ), new UWP-D16 radio mics from Sony and a...

StudioTech Live! 125 – Atomos Ninja Blade and GnuralNet LiveToAir plugged into Skype™

We take a quick look at the newly Announced Atomos Ninja Blade which we have had for a couple of weeks and then talk with John Mahoney from GnuralNet about their integrated Skype solution that allows 4 Skype callers to be managed and output (via SDI) t...

StudioTech Live! 124 – News, Audio tips and Rob Ashard

This week we are joined by broadcast sound guru Rob Ashard. We talk about a low cost lavalier mic, a low cost in ear monitor, bringing new life to a Grass Valley control surface with an Arduino modification, and Robs thoughts on his Canon XA25. All thi...

StudioTech Live! 123 – News, Audio Mix Minus, Firewire….

In this episode we cover the Panasonic GH4 4K DSLM announcement, new StudioTech videos, look at the Magewell HDMI to USB Adapter, explain audio Mix Minus and play a viewer video on Firewire. If you want to register an id on use...

StudioTech Live! 122 – Studio update, The Fox Problem and Q&A

News items including the new JVC GY-HM850, and Apple as a CDN? A look at the rewiring of the UK studio rack with a Blackmagic Design Compact Videohub, Marks visit to the set of The Fox Problem and Q&A.

StudioTech Live! 121 – Studio Infrastructure (Glue) Part 3! Roku

Vance is back and we talk news from NAMM and look at studio glue part 3 and build a diagram of a studio based around a TriCaster 40, including a Mac for Skype!

StudioTech Live! 120 – Roku App, ChromeCast and Studio Infrastructure(2).

We look at the beta version of the StudioTech TV Roku app, Googles ChromeCast and continue the discussion on studio glue, the infrastructure that links everything together! In this discussion we build a diagram of a studio based on a Blackmagic Desig...

StudioTech Live! 119 – Calibrating monitors, Converters and more!

In the second show of the year we look at a viewers streaming setup, calibrating monitors and what you need converters for.  

StudioTech Live! 118 – 7 January 2014 – News and Q&A

First show of 2014 – update on the news, CES 2014, upgrades to the audio mixer and your Q&A.

StudioTech Live! 117 – a look back at the highlights of 2013

We look back at our predictions for 2013, look at the highlights of the year and talk about what might happen in 2014. We also reveal the new StudioTech TV Togo for 2014!