Hosted by Ryan Macedonio. Featuring Interviews with Drivers, Trainers, Breeders, Owners, etc. Anyone that is interesting in the sport of Harness Racing.

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Hosted by Ryan Macedonio. Featuring Interviews with Drivers, Trainers, Breeders, Owners, etc. Anyone that is interesting in the sport of Harness Racing.
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Tim Tetrick #hambo17

As we get closer to the Hambletonian, 3 horses were on Tim's mind....Bar Hopping, last year's Hambletonian favorite, Walner, this year's pre-season Hambletonian favorite, and Long Tom, one of the best horses entering this years race!
Ryan Macedonio author

Matt MacKay

Matt MacKay started Red Isle Partners with one goal, to win the Governor's Cup in his hometown of Prince Edward Island....and THEY DID! They purchased Do Over Hanover and he gave them the thrill of a lifetime!
Ryan Macedonio author

Helene Gregory and Stephanie Jacobs

Racing Under Saddle has been growing each year in the United States, trying to match the popularity in Europe. Helene and Stephanie are at the center trying to grow this exciting addition to Harness Racing and adding a new demographic to who can join a...
Ryan Macedonio author

Julie Miller

NEW EPISODE! This week on the TrotCast with Ryan Macedonio features special guest Julie Miller! Her and her husband Andy have one of the top Hambletonian contenders with Devious Man. Victorious in the Empire Breeders Classic and $500,000 Earl Beal Memo...
Ryan Macedonio author

Greg Peck Part 2

Part 2 with Ryan Macedonio. In this Episode, Greg talks about what happened after the 2008 Hambletonian Victory with Muscle Hill, including the attempt to climb back up the mountain the next year with Holiday Road
Ryan Macedonio author

Greg Peck Part 1

Greg trained Muscle Hill, arguably the greatest Trotter in Harness Racing history! As Hambletonian day approaches August 5, Greg reviews with Ryan Macedonio the leadup to Muscle Hill's 2008 Hambo victory and the pressure of managing the best of the bes...
Ryan Macedonio author

Marcus Melander

Marcus has quickly climbed the training ranks and has 2 top Hambletonian contenders this year with Enterprise and Long Tom. Each have established themselves as a force for the most prestigious race in Harness Racing on August 5! A race that his family ...
Ryan Macedonio author

Tyler Jones

Just 23 Years Old, Tyler has a long family lineage of horsemen, over 3 generations! His father, Dustin, has been a trainer for 30+ years in Canada. Tyler may have some other future plans though, as he’s attending law school getting his degree in that ...
Ryan Macedonio author

Mark McKelvie

The new voice of The Red Mile Grand Circuit meet, Mark McKelvie! Even though that's a prestigious gig, Mark spends the other 50 weeks of the year managing everything you see on social media from WEG (Woodbine Entertainment Group). He's young, exuberant...
Ryan Macedonio author

Louis-Philippe Roy

At just 27 years old, the hottest driver in North America, Louis-Philippe Roy has taken Canada by storm as he ascended the rankings to the top of Woodbine and Mohawk Racetracks. Likable, humble, and talented is a winning formula for LPR!
Ryan Macedonio author

Brian Mazurek

Every new owner in harness racing has a dream to win that first race! Brian Mazurek just did that last Thursday night in a regular race at Yonkers Raceway, but to him it was like winning the Kentucky Derby!
Ryan Macedonio author

Revolution: For The Kids

Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio discuss the failed marketing strategies at Harness Racing tracks for children and the younger generations of fans. What changes can be made to attract our new wave of fans?
Ryan Macedonio author

J Harris

One of Canada's top young driver's, you'll find J Harris atop the leaderboards at Flamboro Downs (and others). He's not the only successful Harris, as his father and brother Andrew have all cemented their family legacy as a top Harness Racing Family!
Ryan Macedonio author

Revolution: HarnessMania

Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio discuss the impact that following WWE could have on Harness Racing. WWE is the most socially active brand with 550 BILLION Impressions online! Plus, Wrestlemania 33 was the most engaged event in history! They're doing...
Ryan Macedonio author

Sara Miller

2016 was undeniably a great year for Sara and Marcus Miller. Harness Racing knows the rise of Marcus on the racetrack, including his first Breeders Crown victory, recipient of the USHWA Rising Star Award, and being nominated to represent the USA in the...
Ryan Macedonio author

Revolution: Off And Pacing

Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio discuss the wildly popular Harness Racing Smartphone Game "Off And Pacing". It's a completely immersive stable simulation where you buy, sell, race, and manage a stable of horses and race against other real people! Ho...
Ryan Macedonio author

Sandy Tetrick

With the risk of being cheesy, while totally pandering to Sandy....behind every great man is a great woman! Trace Tetrick is her husband and has been a major force in Harness Racing recently, including the monumental success of the super horse Freaky F...
Ryan Macedonio author

Revolution: John Campbell Retirement Tour

Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio discuss the idea of a John Campbell Retirement Tour! The greatest driver in the history of harness racing is deserves to have the spotlight and a proper retirement! Why not make a big spectacle of it!!??
Ryan Macedonio author

Revolution: w/ Garnet Barnsdale - Try Something New

Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio are joined by Garnet Barnsdale! A longtime handicapper and gambling expert, Garnet also writes analysis for many outlets including DRF Harness for their WEG Canadian Circuit Tracks, Mohawk and Woodbine. He bets all ov...
Ryan Macedonio author

Jason Bartlett Film Study

Jason Bartlett, the leading driver at Yonkers Raceway, sits down with Ryan Macedonio to go over a few races... 5 to be exact! We felt that they are timeless, and the strategy in each race reflects on some of the split second decisions that drivers have...
Ryan Macedonio author

Revolution: S****y Attendance Accountability at USTA Meetings

Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio discuss the USHWA/USTA Annual Meetings that were held in Las Vegas over the weekend....spoiler alert, Jay and Ryan are pissed off about the overall lack of attendance and interactivity.
Ryan Macedonio author

Ron and Mitchell Cushing

Ron has been a lifelong horsemen and harness racing has been in his families blood! His son, Mitchell, is now looking to follow in his footsteps as they grow their stable. It's very rare that a father/son combo get to share their passion together and t...
Ryan Macedonio author

Ryan Macedonio USTA Presidential Candidate

The 5th Episode of the 5 Part USTA Presidential Podcast Series! Hosted by Jason Settlemoir, Freddie Hudson, Joe Pennacchio, and Russell Williams! All 4 spent time interviewing Ryan Macedonio, as all 5 get ready for the USTA Presidential Election coming...
Ryan Macedonio author

Russell Williams USTA Presidential Candidate

The 4rd Part of the 5 Part Podcast Series with each of the 5 US Trotting Association Presidential Candidates. Hosted by Ryan Macedonio. Russell Williams is the Chairman of Hanover Shoe Farms, the worlds largest horse breeding farm! He's a 4th generatio...
Ryan Macedonio author

Joe Pennacchio USTA Presidential Candidate

The 3rd Part of the 5 Part Podcast Series with each of the 5 US Trotting Association Presidential Candidates. Hosted by Ryan Macedonio. Joe Pennacchio has cimbed the corporate ladder and achieved great success in business and retail, he hopes to bring ...
Ryan Macedonio author

Revolution: Ryan visits the USTA, Jay's take on the Debate

Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio talk about Ryan's visit to the US Trotting HQ in Columbus, Ohio. Plus the first ever Presidential Debate in USTA history happened, so the guys talk about what it was like to participate and see it from the outside!
Ryan Macedonio author

Nadina Ironia

A world class artist and photographer, Nadina has a passion for harness racing that is unmatched! Recently, she was at the Prix D'Amerique where her paintings were on display and she was adding to her portfolio of amazing pictures. She's also an integr...
Ryan Macedonio author

Freddie Hudson USTA Presidential Candidate

The 2nd of the 5 Part Podcast Series with each of the 5 US Trotting Association Presidential Candidates. Hosted by Ryan Macedonio. Freddie is a longtime horsemen and his two passions are restoring history, specifically Roosevelt Raceway, and aftercare ...
Ryan Macedonio author

VIP Stable - Ed O'Connor

The founder of VIP Stable, Ed O'Connor, joins Ryan Macedonio on the TrotCast to talk about the formation of the most successful ownership partnership in Harness Racing! They have over 60 members and the stable of horses is growing each year!
Ryan Macedonio author

Revolution: Prix D'Amerique!

Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio discuss their lasting impressions on this year's epic race! Ryan was live in France and at the Vincennes track, while Jay watched the TV coverage. Lots of amazing things happened and they tried to cover them all!
Ryan Macedonio author

Augie Abbatiello

Originally from Italy, Augie moved to the USA as a teenager with his family, built a business empire, and found harness racing as opportunity to mix business and pleasure! Now, he purchased and renovated the now Pine Bush Training Facility into one of ...
Ryan Macedonio author

Jason Settlemoir USTA Presidential Candidate

The 1st of the 5 Part Podcast Series with each of the 5 US Trotting Association Presidential Candidates. Hosted by Ryan Macedonio, this episode features Jason Settlemoir, the New Meadowlands GM. Originally from Ohio, Jason has been at helm and inner wo...
Ryan Macedonio author

Revolution: Stable-ize Harness Racing!

With Ryan away in Paris for the Prix D'Amerique, we pre-recorded an episode for everyone! Jay and Ryan discuss some new and innovative ideas ideas for stable management and labor to hold you over until the Revolution Returns next week to discuss everyt...
Ryan Macedonio author

Revolution: USTA District NCC-1701 In Session!

Jay and Ryan host their first annual USTA District Meeting. Rule changes and proposals are on the agenda
Ryan Macedonio author

Daniel Reden

Making his Training Debut in the Prix D'Amerique on Sunday January 29! with 4 Horses! And they all have a favorable chance to defeat the World's Best Trotter Bold Eagle. Daniel is 37 years old and is already one of the world's best trainers, and winnin...
Ryan Macedonio author

Revolution: w/ Marcus Miller - Miami Valley Driver's Challenge

Jay Hochstetler and Ryan Macedonio are joined by special guest Marcus Miller! The 2016 USHWA Rising Star, Marcus participated at the Miami Valley Driver's Challenge that kicked off their 2017 season. We all discussed what they did right and how we can ...
Ryan Macedonio author

Anders Lindqvist

As we approach the Prix D'Amerique on January 29, I brought in lifelong horseman Anders Lindqvist to introduce us to the French culture and what to expect for the biggest race in Europe! As a trainer, he's won every race except the Prix D'Amerique and ...
Ryan Macedonio author

Winners Circle Racing

Charlie Longo and Matt Zuccarello created the investment partnership last year to get new owners and fans to buy race horses. The journey has been an exciting one and their partners certainly feel the thrill that you get when your horses wins! Their ma...
Ryan Macedonio author

Revolution: w/ Darin Zoccali - The Chaos in Harness Racing

Jay, Ryan, and Special guest Darin Zoccali discuss the chaos in harness racing over the last few weeks. When is it good, when is it bad, and what can we do to avoid it when it happens!
Ryan Macedonio author

Revolution: Roberts, Please Go Away!

Jay and Ryan discuss the monopoly of Roberts Communication Network and how to eliminate the stranglehold they have on race distribution with new innovative ideas! There are many ways to capitalize on the infrastructure that is already in place
Ryan Macedonio author

Rene Allard: Rebridled and Revisited

The French Canadian Montreal native recently moved his highly successful stable to the US and is dominating at the Yonkers and Pocono racetracks. Beloved by his grooms and fans, Rene also focuses on bringing new owners into the sport of harness racing....
Ryan Macedonio author

Tyler Buter: Rebridled and Revisited

30 Year Old Tyler Buter moved out to the east coast with his wife Amber 6 years ago. Building up their training stable to eventually winning the Bluechip Matchmaker Stakes Series with Feeling You. He's one of the top regular drivers at Yonkers, and pla...
Ryan Macedonio author

Jordan Stratton: Revisited and Rebridled

The debut episode of the SOA of NY podcast! Featuring an in depth interview with the 2016 George Morton Levy Champs, Driver Jordan Stratton and Trainer Pete Tritton, of the horse Bit Of A Legend N!
Ryan Macedonio author

Revolution: UberSuperGruppen Hi 5 Jackpot

Jay and Ryan discuss the Hi 5 Jackpot at Woodbine Racetrack! We try to take an already successful idea and make it even better. They had over $2M wagered on one race and the payout was $24k for a $1 winning ticket
Ryan Macedonio author

Revolution: Shame!

Jay and Ryan put the final touches on the Whip topics. Plus, unveil a new voting system to replace the current faulted USHWA format for determining division winners and Horse f the Year!
Ryan Macedonio author

Yogi Sheridan

Yogi will probably never have a 50 horse stable, but he's ok with that, as he runs a family training stable! He worked for many others over the years including Casie Coleman, Ron Burke, and the ever controversial Lou Pena.
Ryan Macedonio author

Revolution: Whips, USTA, and Special Guest Don Swick

Lifelong trainer and always honest Don Swick joins Jay and Ryan to dissect the new rule to bans all whips in Australia, some USTA talk, and other innovative ideas to spring harness racing forward!
Ryan Macedonio author

British Invasion at Pompano Park

The Florida Amateur Drivers Club invited the British across the pond for a friendly racing series! Patrick Morris, Lee Morris, Jamie Davies, Chris O'Reilly, and Richard Haythornthwaite all traveled for 3 races on Saturday 12/10/16
Ryan Macedonio author

Revolution: Major League Harness Racing

Jay and Ryan unveil another innovative idea! The National Major League Harness Racing League of World Harness Racing Championship Association (Name Pending!) It's a Winter League setup to fully emulate every other professional sport!
Ryan Macedonio author

John Brennan

SOA Horseman's Rep and USTA Director and District Chairman! The USTA will undergo many changes at their annual meeting upcoming in February. John has always spoken his mind and represents the horseman's best interest, and he gives some of his new ideas...
Ryan Macedonio author