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How Can We Lower The Carbon Footprint Of The Food, Goods We Consume?

For today’s Sunday Musing, we’re focusing on the topic of the carbon footprint of the goods that we consumer that travel a long way around the world. How can we clean up the carbon footprint of long-distance food? Or those latest gadgets we buy? Leave ...

Tesla Dog Mode, Amazon invests in Rivian, Kia Soul Ev Rated – TEN Episode 240

Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about: (00:40) More Than 20,000 – Audi says it has more than 20,000 pre-orders for the e-tron SUV –

Nikola Motors Says It’ll Make Battery Electric Versions Of Its H2 Trucks: Does Is H2 Dead?

While pretty much every manufacturer of commercial trucks is now looking into either battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the battle between Tesla and Nikola Motors for supremacy in the big rig world has been clear for all to see. On one si...

Is This MINI The Ultimate Collector’s Item For Eco-Minded MINI Fans?

In recent years, it’s become trendy for automakers to turn previous internal combustion engined models — specifically iconic classic ones — to electric cars, either as a one-off special build or a dedicated limited-production kit for existing owners an...

Are Amazon, GM About To Invest Serious Money In Rivian? Here’s Why It’s Not Far-Fetched

Since it came out of stealth mode last autumn, Rivian and its R1T pickup and R1S SUV have made some waves in the plug-in world. Promising production from 2020, the high-end off-roaders are aimed at outdoors adventure types, and come with a particularly...

In The Future, These Cute, Dancing Robotic Electric Dogs Could Deliver Your Packages

In busy cities, there’s been an ongoing discussion for years about how to clean up the delivery business. So far, some of the solutions have revolved around using cycle couriers or low-speed electric quadricycles more, as well as switching some of the ...

Giving Up on Model 3: This Brit Has Decided To Go With Another Electric Car

While Tesla has now begun deliveries of the Model 3 in Europe and China after finishing 2018 with incredible delivery figures for the U.S. and Canada, those wanting the entry-level Tesla Model 3 are still waiting for that particular model to enter into...

Next-Gen Renault Zoe Electric Car: Will It Top Affordable Electric Car Charts?

After seven years of production, the first-generation Renault Zoe is due a refresh — and it’s coming later this year to the same markets where the original ZOE was launched. To date, specifications have been a little vague, but according to one recent ...

Let’s Talk About Those Tesla Layoffs — And What They Really Do (And Don’t) Mean

Earlier this year, Tesla announced it would be laying off approximately seven percent of its workforce, with layoffs spread throughout its entire workforce. Tesla said at the time these firings were part of continued restructuring with the aim of helpi...

Just Who Should Pay For Charging Stations For Electric Cars?

We all know that the more charging stations there are, the more likely people are to make the switch from gasoline to electric — especially if they have range anxiety. But installing electric car charging infrastructure isn’t cheap — and there’s not a ...

Tesla Buys Maxwell, F150 EV Spotted, Prius Sales Tank Because of Model 3 – TEN Episode 239

Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about: (00:39) Max Power – Tesla to acquire Maxwell Technologies – (01:15) Automated Disc...

Will The BMW iNEXT Turn BMW Fans Electric?

Earlier this week, BMW published photographs of the iNEXT electric SUV undergoing cold-weather testing in the Arctic Circle. While the photos don’t tell us a whole lot, what can the tell us — and will this car be everything that BMW buyers will want? W...

Why Tesla Just Purchased An Ultracapacitor Company

Tesla has a habit of acquiring companies that it feels will help it achieve its goal of accelerating the switch to clean, green, zero emissions transportation and energy. So when it announced its latest acquisition – California-based Maxwell Technology...

White Car Rental: The Car Rental Company For Electric Car Fans

If you’re an electric car owner who happens to be traveling away from home for business or pleasure (and you can’t take your electric car with you), there’s a really horrible feeling that accompanies the whole car rental process…usually because you don...

It’s Time To Talk Electric Cars and Cold Weather… And What REALLY Happens When it Gets Cold

Today, following the most recent Polar Vortex, we’ve started to see stories pop up on both mainstream news sites and specialists blogs talking about electric car range in winter — and how the most recent massively cold spell in North America left many ...

Why Tesla PowerPacks and Charging Stations Are a Marriage Made in Heaven

As more and more electric cars hit the road, there’s an increasing demand for electric vehicle rapid charging. But while demand is currently increasing at a reasonably fast rate — and many new rapid charging stations are coming on line —  it’s becoming...

Should End-Of-Life Recycling Be Taken Into Account When Buying An EV?

We’re all used to thinking of electric cars as a cleaner, greener alternative to internal combustion engined cars — at least if you look from a well to wheel point of view. But with electric car battery pack replacement not always an option, we risk tu...

Tesla Q4 Earnings, Nissan LEAF e-Plus Loses Range, Audi’s Super Bowl AdTEN Episode 238

Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about:   (00:47) Quarterly Report –  Tesla releases Q4 figures for 2018 – (01:39) Range Drop – Nissan LEAF e ...

How To Earn Money From Your Electric Car And Make The Grid Cleaner Too!

Vehicle to grid technology has often been seen as a way to help recover from natural disasters or power cuts by harnessing the power in an electric car’s battery pack. And while there have been some trials involving using electric cars to help smooth g...

Tesla Q4 2018 Earnings : Here’s All You Need To Know

Yesterday, Tesla published its fourth quarter and year end results for 2018. They showed a more modest profit when compared to the previous quarter, but a dramatic improvement over the same time last year. But what else did the Q4 earnings tell us? And...

Why I Don’t Own A Tesla

Over the past couple of months, we’ve noticed a fairly steady stream of people questioning the personal vehicle choices of our team — including why neither Nikki nor ‘Amerikate nor ‘Pyoor’ Kate drive a Tesla. Between us, we’ve got various different rea...

Will The Hyundai Kona Electric Crush The Chevrolet Bolt EV? Quite Possibly. Here’s Why.

We’ve known for some time now that the 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric would be priced to be super-competitive to the Chevrolet Bolt EV — but until Friday we didn’t know just how competitive it would be. With the full list of specifications and pricing now ...

Nissan LEAF ‘Rapidgate fix’ Software Won’t Come To U.S. Here’s Why Nissan is Wrong

When we heard that Nissan had designed a factory software fix for the so-called ‘Rapidgate’ problem — in which Nissan LEAFs being charged more than once a day at a rapid charging station were throttling back charging speed to prevent the battery pack f...

Why Charging Stations For Electric Cars Are Being Turned Off Right Now

Late on Friday last week, Electrify America, quickly followed by other electric car charging providers, announced that it had turned off its 150kW and 350kW electric car charging stations. The reason? A fault with the liquid cooled cabling that these s...

What Would It Take For You To Leave The Car At Home?

As more and more people move to our major cities — and congestion increase — it’s becoming ever more important to encourage people to leave their personal cars at home and find another way of getting to and from work and/or school. Since most cars only...

Rapidgate Fixed, Model 3 Comes to Europe, Electrified Challenger, GM Electric Pickups – TEN Episode 237

Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about: (00:38) Fixed?  – Nissan prepares to upgrade all 2018 LEAFs with new software to tackle Rapidgate Problem. –  (01:17) Order Stop...

BREAKING: Electrify America Temporarily SWITCHES OFF 150kW, 350kW Electric Car CHARGING STATIONS!

Electrify America has just announced that its 150 kW and 350 kW charging stations have been deactivated as a matter of  “an abundance of caution” after the manufacturer of those stations, HUBER+SUHNER notified its customers that there was a potential s...

Meet The Bell Nexus: The VTOL Hybrid Aircraft That, With Uber, Wants To Change The Way We Travel

As electric battery technology improves and machine learning reaches a point where autonomous vehicle navigation and control is no-longer a pipe dream, we’re starting to see plenty of electric and hybrid vertical take off and landing craft promised, ra...

Why 2019 Might Be Revolutionary For Electric Motorcycles

If we’re honest, 2018 was a pretty good year for electric cars, helped by massive Tesla Model 3 sales, the launch of several new long-range models, and a wider market share at the end of the year for EVs than they had at the start of it. And this year,...

Nissan Fixes Rapidgate Charging Issue With Software Update: What To Expect

Despite first denying there was an issue with its second-generation Nissan LEAF and charging speed at rapid charging stations, Nissan quietly pushed an update at the end of last year to all new LEAFs rolling off its production lines around the world. N...

In Demand: Production Of Audi e-tron, Porsche Taycan Increased Before They’ve Even Launched (And Why It’s Great News)

Audi and Porsche — both Volkswagen companies — are each bringing their first long-range all-electric models to market this year in the form of the Audi e-tron and Porsche Taycan. Before they’ve even arrived at dealer lots however, both have announced t...

Five Challenges That Tesla Will Have To Overcome In 2019

Tesla had a crazy busy 2018, breaking production records and turning a profit for the first time in two years. Yet 2019 is going to be just as challenging for the company. Here are five things we think Tesla will need to tackle in 2019 to keep its upwa...

Just How Far Must an Electric Car Be Able To Travel Per Charge Before Range Anxiety Fades?

We’re back with our Sunday musings — and this week, following the 2,000 mile round trip to Las Vegas with the crew for CES, Nikki’s got a very simple question: How far must an electric car be capable of traveling on a single charge before its driver no...

Electric Ford F-150, Tesla Layoffs, Lightning Motorcycle – TEN Episode 236

Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about: (00:49) Plug Up – Ford promises F150 electric, hybrid models on the way –  (01:30) Layoffs – Tesla la...

Electric Trucks? Peterbilt Previews Mid-Range 220EV Class 6, 579EV Class 8 Trucks For City Use

Just as more and more companies are starting to show an interest in electric cars, we’re seeing more and more commercial vehicle manufacturers take an interest in electric vehicles. So far, we’ve seen plenty of new electric buses hit the market, as wel...

Honda’s Two-Way Power Transfer For EVs — And Autonomous Quads

Last week at CES 2019, we had our fair share of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles to look at, but over on the Honda Stand we discovered something other than the Autonomous Work Vehicle that Honda was touting as a potential off-road assistant for ...

Think GM Isn’t Serious About EVs? Think Again. It is.

Ever since the crushing of the EV1 by General Motors more than a decade ago, people have remained suspicious of General Motors and its commitment toward electric cars. Even with its Volt range-extended electric car and more recently, its Bolt EV, some ...

2019 Nissan LEAF e-Plus: The Truth About That Battery Pack

Last week at CES 2019, Nissan unveiled its longer-range Nissan LEAF e-Plus (known in some markets as the LEAF 3.Zero). Fitted with a 62 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, this longer-range LEAF model has been the subject of a lot of speculation  —...

U.S. Debut of 2020 Mercedes-Benz EQC: Sexy, Luxury Plug-In That Oozes Premium Style

In September last year, Mercedes-Benz debuted its Mercedes-Benz EQC electric SUV at a special event in Sweden. A few weeks later, the car made its auto show debut at the 2018 Paris International Motor Show. Designed as a premium long-range, high-perfor...

Nissan LEAF, Affordable EVs, CES 2019 and Future of EVs – Chat With Alex From E for Electric

Since the entire team is in Las Vegas for CES 2019, we’ve not been able to produce our normal Saturday roundup show. Instead, here’s a quick chat we filmed with Alex from E for Electric, discussing some of the highlights of the year, the show, and what...

Mercedes-Benz EQC, Bell Nexus, Harley Davidson Live Wire, Anymal Robotic Dog: CES 2019 Day 5

It’s our final day’s roundup from CES 2019! Today, we explore the Bell Nexus vertical take off craft, look at the Mercedes-Benz EQC electric car up close and personal, and discover that Honda is working on some exciting new electric car tech. We also v...

Super-Smart Electric Car Battery Pack, Nissan’s Augmented Reality, Tesla Kills 75 kWh Battery: CES 2019 Day 4

We’ve already been at CES now for four days, and we finally found our studio at CES! In addition to filming a collab with Alex from E for Electric, we spent Wednesday learning about a new projected ‘hologram’ for in-car navigation and smart phone integ...

BMW Vision iNEXT Virtual Assistant, Audi’s e-Foil, Nissan LEAF e-Plus and Impossible Burger 2: CES 2019 Day 3

Following on from yesterday’s press day, CES 2019 Media Day 2 was chock full of press conferences from tier one parts suppliers — the companies which make the various components that give your car all the functionality it has. A few years ago, before e...

2019 Nissan LEAF e-plus Announced at CES 2019. Here’s What You Need To Know

Originally destined to be revealed at the 2018 LA Auto Show, Nissan has finally unveiled the 2019 Nissan LEAF e-Plus at CES 2019. From the outside, the Nissan LEAF e-Plus doesn’t look much different to its smaller-capacity sibling — but it has a 62 kWh...

CES 2019 Day 2: All The Electric Robotaxis, Autonomous Driving (And Cloud Connectivity Too)

Following on from yesterday’s press day, CES 2019 Media Day 2 was chock full of press conferences from tier one parts suppliers — the companies which make the various components that give your car all the functionality it has. A few years ago, before e...

Personal Transport Of The Future? Byton’s New Design. Rocket Raccoon In The Audi e-Tron: CES Day 1 Roundup

Yesterday was Day 1 of CES 2019 — The world’s largest consumer electronics show. As usual, we’re here, learning about the latest in cleaner, greener, safer and smarter car technology. As with previous years, the first two days of CES 2019 are Media day...

Transport Evolved 2018 Outtake Show: Electric Cars, Bloopers, And Too Many Beeps

Well, that’s it! 2018 is now officially over! And that means it’s time for the last of our ‘holiday clip show’ specials. Thanks for putting up with them (if you’re not a fan of them) and here’s to a bigger, better, and less error-prone 2019! On behalf ...

Which Car Would You Convert To Electric If Money Was No Object?

At the end of this year, my thoughts have moved away from plug-in cars you can buy — and onto cars that you might convert. I’ve wanted to convert a car to electric for years, and while I’ve done plenty of work on my own cars (including making a Plug-in...

Audi e-Tron, Elon’s Tweets, Tesla in Space: TEN Roundup Show, 2018!

2018 is just about over, and the news has been pretty quiet this week — so we’re sneaking in a clip show! It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but here are some interesting, funny, and popular stories that we’ve covered this year. It’s also kind of fun to s...

Transport Evolved 2018: Where We’ve Come From, What We’ve Done, And Where We’re Going!

This video is sponsored by ClimateXChange and its third annual Carbonraffle. Buy a raffle ticket today to get the chance to win a brand new Tesla Model X, Tesla Model S or Tesla Model 3! Full details available at ————– It’s nearly the ...