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This Tiny Canadian Electric Car You May Not Have Heard Of Just Got Launched In The U.S.

When thinking about electric vehicles, most people think about the Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3, Chevrolet Bolt EV, Nissan LEAF, Hyundai Kona Electric or one of the soon-to-launch long-range models coming to market. All of them promise ranges in exc...

The Man Behind The Current Chevy Camaro Is Going Electric — Here’s Why

Ever since its reintroduction in 2010, Al Oppenheiser  has been the Chief Engineer of the Chevrolet Camaro. Responsible for both the fifth and six generation iterations of this iconic muscle car, his name has become well-known among Chevy and Muscle ca...

Tesla In Your Stocking? Santa Musk Wants To Make It So (And Here’s Why)

This year has seen a massive increase in production volume for the Tesla Model 3 electric car. Even after the rough summer and “year of hell” came to an end for Tesla however, there’s still a lot of pressure on the company as it tries to deliver as man...

Now It’s Getting Cancelled, Is The 2019 Chevrolet Volt Still A Good Buy?

Last month, General Motors announced it would be ending production of many models in 2019 — including its Volt range-extended electric car. In production since 2010 (2016 for the current, second-generation model), the outgoing Chevrolet Volt offers an ...

Good Idea: Why Tesla Buying Soon-To-Close GM Factories Would Be Great For Tesla, EVs

Over the weekend, CBS’s 60 Minutes ran an interview with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, in which he talked candidly about a variety of things — including his dislike of the SEC, that ‘pot’ incident, and how close Tesla came to financial ruin in the early days of...

Stupid Things We’ve Been Told About Our Cars…By Dealerships

At some point in our lives, we all hear a bit of bovine by-product which is as far-fetched as it can be — but delivered in complete earnest by the person informing us of it. In the plug-in car (and mainstream automotive) world, it’s become fairly commo...

Rivian R1T, Jaguar iPace Crash Test, Tesla Model 3 in Europe – TEN Episode 233

Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about: (00:29) Powered Pickup  – Rivian launches R1T and R1S at LA Auto Show

VW Says Its Last Internal Combustion Engine Will be Launched In 2026. What Does This Mean For EVs?

For as long as we can remember, Volkswagen has been pushing the idea that it will very shortly become the world leader in electric vehicles. But so far it’s had very little to show for it, save for some grand production plans, lots of concept cars, and...

2020 Kia Soul EV Vs Kia Niro EV vs Hyundai Kona Electric. Same Car, Different Clothes?

At the LA Auto Show last week, Kia unveiled the next-generation Kia Soul EV. And while it is likely to be a compliance car in the U.S. (with limited sales in only certain states) it’s certainly a car which should be considered alongside the Hyundai Kon...

Nissan LEAF e-Plus Won’t Be Getting Liquid Cooling? What It Means For You…

When the 2018 Nissan LEAF launched with a 40-kilowatt-hour battery pack and no thermal battery management, many questioned Nissan’s engineering decision. When #Rapidgate happened, those who had criticized Nissan’s engineering decision felt vindicated —...

The Audi e-Tron GT Isn’t A Tesla-Killer. It’s An ICE Killer

Last week at the LA Auto Show, we heard quite a few journalists and news outlets using the term “Tesla Killer” to describe several different cars. One of them was the Audi e-tron GT Concept, a car that Audi says will become a production grand tourer so...

Is There Still A Place For Hydrogen Fuel Cells In Vehicles?

For some time, electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles duked it out for superiority in the burgeoning zero tailpipe emission market. But over the last few years, as electric vehicles have improved in their range capabilities, price, and batte...

Are We Heading Toward An Electric Car Charging Crisis?

There are more and more electric cars coming to market — and there are more and more electric cars on the roads. But while electric car charging infrastructure is far better than it once was, and companies are investing in expanding electric car chargi...

Making Electric Cars Is Expensive: Here’s How One Automaker Intends To Fund It

As we’re sure many of you already know, designing and building electric cars is quite a costly endeavor. Even Tesla — which recently started to make a profit —  spent nearly a decade borrowing large sums of money (and selling off its debts) in order to...

This Is The Pickup Truck That Wants You To Dump The Pump

While Tesla pretty much has the luxury electric car segment sewn up, we’ve not seen an all-electric luxury pickup truck enter the market. Until now that is. We’ve just got back from the LA Auto Show, where electric vehicle startup Rivian has just exite...

Nissan Delays 2019 LEAF e-Plus, GM’s Killing The Volt, Rivian R1T – LA Auto Show Update

Nikki is out of the office this week at the LA Auto Show, and as is the norm when she’s out of the office, a whole slew of stories happened while she was travelling. So here’s a quick update on the important stories, plus a short review of what you can...

This Crowd-Funded, Revolutionary Electric Car Just Got A Whole Less Appealing. Here’s Why

The Sono Sion electric car hasn’t entered into production yet — but with a sticker price of just sixteen thousand Euro before battery or incentives, the solar-panel adored, highway-capable electric car did pique the interest of many Europeans Earlier t...

Why Solar Panels on Electric Cars Aren’t A Great Idea (Yet)

Solar panels and electric cars sound like they should go together really, really well. After all, electric cars use electricity to power themselves along, and solar panels take sunlight and create electricity. So why aren’t we all driving around in sol...

Do Electric Cars Need A Better Range Rating System?

Range ratings for both internal combustion engined cars and electric vehicles are both notoriously unrealistic, thanks in part to the way in which they are calculated. But while an internal combustion engined vehicle getting less than EPA-rated efficie...

Your Questions, Answered: BMW i3 Lease Vs Buy, San Francisco Travel Options, Explaining EV Prices

As our channel has become larger and larger, we’ve had more and more of you reach out with questions that you’d like answered. Sadly we can’t answer every single question we get via individual email, but when we see questions we think are going to be a...

What I’m Thankful For In The EV World This Year

It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S., and it’s become a traditional time around the world (even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving) to reflect back on the things you’re grateful for in the past year. Yesterday, we shared the things we think you might be than...

Five Electric Car Things You Should Be Thankful For This Year

It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S., and it’s become a traditional time around the world (even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving) to reflect back on the things you’re grateful for in the past year. Tomorrow, I’ll share some of the things that I’m personall...

Five Electric Car Gift Ideas For This Holiday Season

This video is sponsored by and its third annual CarbonRaffle. Enter today at to have a chance at winning a Tesla Model X, Model S, or Tesla Model 3 Performance +. Runners up prizes include a Tesla Model...

Volkswagen’s 35 Million Blunder: Can We Take It Seriously?

A little while ago, Automotive News published an interview with Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess in which he was quoted as having said Volkswagen had planned for (and secured) fifty million electric cars worth of battery packs, all as part of its plan to b...

Carlos Ghosn Gets Arrested: What We Know (Livestream)

Earlier today, ( Carlos Ghosn, Chairman of Nissan, Chairman and CEO of Renault and Chairman of Mitsubishi, was arrested in Tokyo following an internal whistleblower investi...

It’s The Holiday Season: How Are You Going to Discuss Electric Cars?

It’s that time of year (whatever your religion or where you live) where families and friends get together, where office parties need navigating, and where you’re often speaking to people that you’re not super fond of but who you need to be polite to an...

CCS Model 3, No Electric Pickups From GM, Volkswagen’s 50 Million Batteries – TEN Episode 232

Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about: (00:42) Second Source – Hyundai secures a second source of batteries to meet Kona Electric demand  (01:20) New Chair...

VW Says It Has Secured 50 Million EVs Worth Of Batteries. Here’s What It Really Means

Ever since the Dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen has bored the auto industry almost to tears with ambitious promises about the plug-in cars it plans to bring to market in “the near future”. It has stated multiple times that it believes it will dominate th...

You Want Electric Car Incentives To Continue — And So Do These Companies

Electric car incentives have long-been associated with high electric vehicle adoption rates. The better the incentives and perks, the more people buy electric. Combine great incentives with great charging provision (as seen in Norway) and you’ll find e...

Tesla Model 3 Gets CCS In Europe — What It Means For Now (and Maybe The Future)

To date, there have been three different charge connectors associated with the Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3: the proprietary ‘Tesla” connector used in North America; the modified Type 2  connector used on all Teslas in Europe; and the GB-T Chines...

This Automaker Says Electric Pickup Trucks Aren’t Happening Yet — Here’s Why

Over the past nine years, General Motors (and its various subsidiaries) have been producing various plug-in models, including the Chevrolet Volt and Bolt EV, Cadillac ELR and CT6 Plug-in Hybrid.  And in recent months we’ve seen General Motors promise m...

Elon Musk: Ford Might Not Survive The Next Recession. Is He Right?

Look back over the past decade, and you might notice that Tesla and Ford — specifically Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Ford — have had something of an adversarial relationship. From Ford questioning Tesla’s business models and sustainability to Elon Musk desc...

Should Business Fleet Operators Be Able To Charge For Free At “Free” Charging Stations?

In order to incentivize the adoption of electric vehicles, some charging station providers, utility companies and municipalities (as well as some dealerships) offer free use of their electric car charging stations to any members of the public who wish ...

Worried About Battery Degradation? Tesla Model X, Bolt EV Owners Show The Way

This video is sponsored by and its third annual CarbonRaffle. Enter today at to have a chance at winning a Tesla Model X, Model S, or Tesla Model 3 Performance +. Runners up prizes include a Tesla Model...

This Classic British Car Is All-Electric, 100% Recycled — and Affordable Too!

One of the challenges when it comes to making a vehicle sustainable is ensuring that it has as long a life as possible after it has rolled off the production line. This usually focuses on ensuring the car has parts and spares to keep it running long in...

Harley Davidson LiveWire, Musk Tests Autopilot, Who is “Fact Checking” – TEN Episode 230

[Edit: Between us producing this and publishing, Elon Musk’s replacement as Chair of the Board of Directors at Tesla was announced. Sadly, due to the news cycle, we haven’t been able to cover it in this week’s show: we’ll cover it next!] Weekly show ab...

The Jaguar iPace Has Terrible Energy Efficiency: Will Buyers Mind?

Electric cars have traditionally not only been sold as being environmentally-friendly, but also showcased as having a better energy efficiency when compared to internal combustion engined cars. But Jaguar’s first all-electric car — the 2019 Jaguar iPac...

Will This Little Engine Swap Change Muscle Cars Forever?

In recent years, electric cars have managed to make some significant inroads into several different market segments. Tesla dominates the premium segment, outselling internal combustion engine competition. Cars like the Nissan LEAF, Hyundai KONA Electri...

Does Tesla Want Right to Repair Or Not?

In the last few years we’ve seen the right-to-repair movement gain some significant traction around the world, with many successful court cases challenging existing legislation and some countries and regions even introducing bills designed to make it e...

Do You Think About The Energy You Use? (And Why You Should)

If you drive a plug-in car and buy your electricity from a renewable electricity supplier, it’s super easy to become complacent about your energy use. After all, if you’re paying for electricity that’s been generated using renewable sources of power, t...

Faraday Future Loses Co-Founder, Tesla Parts Catalog, Own Your Own StarMan – TEN Episode 230

Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about: (00:44) “Effectively Insolvent” – Nick Sampson leaves Faraday Future day after Peter Savagian leaves

Can You Drive An Electric Car In Snow? (And Other Questions…)

It’s November, which means (for those in the Norther Hemisphere at least) the winter is soon going to be here. And that brings with it discussion about winter weather, snow, ice, and electric cars. In the last few months we’ve had many readers reach ou...

Here’s What You Need To Do To Operate a Driverless Car in California.

As autonomous car technology becomes ever-impressive, we’re at a point where cars are being tested on the public highway with a safety driver only present for legal reasons. In Arizona, autonomous vehicles have even been operating for a year without a ...

This Car Company Is “Insolvent”. And No, It’s Not Tesla

There are lots of startup automakers out there desperate to be the next Tesla, desperate to change the world, and desperate to have a piece of the electric car market. In more than a decade of covering the EV world, we’ve seen many come and go. Some ha...

Five Things We Need To Improve About Electric Cars

Over the past few years, there have been some very impressive improvements in electric car technology, giving us more affordable, longer-range cars that aren’t just suitable for short-distance trips but can also be used for longer-distance travel and m...

Is General Motors Serious About Electric Cars Or Not?

General Motors was once the boogeyman of the electric car world, thanks to its active involvement in ending the original California Zero Emission Vehicle mandate and crushing a whole lot of perfectly good, operation cars in the form of the EV1. But in ...

Why Tesla Needs To Slow Down All Those Price, Spec Changes

When Tesla first launched, its no-nonsense  attitude to sales meant that customers knew exactly how much their car would cost. It also meant that they didn’t have to worry about dealerships price gouging or inventing new adding to their car’s sticker p...

Tesla Q3 Earnings, GM’s Autonomous Woes, VW’s Big Plan to Fund EVs, – TEN Episode 229

Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about: (00:34) Profitability – Tesla turns a profit in Q3, 2018 (01:11) Wireless Power – ORNL showcases...

Could This Pickup Truck Design Help Change The World?

Pickup trucks are extremely practical vehicles. They can haul large amounts of things, they can tow large trailers, and some are pretty good off-road too. But while they’re loved for their utilitarian functionality, pickup trucks aren’t exactly all tha...

Could The New 2019 Zero Motorcycles Get You On Two Wheels?

Depending on where you live and what your own personal views of motorcycles are (and how motorcyclists are treated by other road users), they can make a great commuter vehicle. And in the last few years we’ve seen more and more electric motorcycles hit...