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Top ten list show - in every episode the UK Podcast Top Of The Pods brings you a top 10 list. With themes from the obscure to the damn right bandwagon popular, England's own Jon and Rob bring you top tens from listeners around the world. Join in by emailing with your lists, feedback, opinions, ideas, pictures and audio comments. Visit for literally hundreds more shows.

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Top ten list show - in every episode the UK Podcast Top Of The Pods brings you a top 10 list. With themes from the obscure to the damn right bandwagon popular, England's own Jon and Rob bring you top tens from listeners around the world. Join in by emailing with your lists, feedback, opinions, ideas, pictures and audio comments. Visit for literally hundreds more shows.
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TOTP - Top Ten Modern Superheroes

Over 40 minutes worth of chat about thetop 10 modern superheroes with our take on the best that modern cinema has to offer.10 - Captain America9 - Team America8 - Thor7 - Kick Ass6 - Iron Man5 - Spiderman 24 - Hulk3 - Watchmen2 - The Avengers Assemble1... author

TOTP - Top Of The Pods Catchup Show

Three years on and we're back for more - this is a one-offcatchup episode of Top Of The Pods finding out what's been happening in Peterborough, in Tel Aviv and in the news. Stay subscribed as we've got another episode in the can ready to roll soon. Go... author

TOTP - Top Ten Things To Miss About Traditional English Pubs

Landlord Phil fromThe Brit and Yankee has a love/hate relationship with bars in the UK, here are thetop ten things he misses about traditional English pubs:-10 - Red carpets with bad patterns and beer stains9 - Horse Brasses8 - Watneys Red Barrel7 - Sm... author

TOTP - Top Ten Movie Sequels That Should Never Have Been Made

Scott joins Jon and Rob for a list of thetop ten movie sequels that should never have been made:-10 - Superman IV9 - Casino Royale8 - Joey7 - Beverly Hills Cop Part 36 - LOST final season5 - Mannequin 24 - Jaws 33 - Matrix 22 - Indiana Jones 41 - Star ... author

TOTP - Top Ten Jewish Holidays

Interested in Jews? So was Matt from South Carolina who wanted Jon to explain thetop ten jewish holidays:-10 -Hanukkah9 -Shabbat8 -Rosh Hashana7 -Passover6 -Purim5 -Sukkot4 -Yom Kippur3 -Shavuot2 -Bar Mitzvah1 -BirthdaysIt's always great to get feedbac... author

TOTP - Top Ten Things To Do To Prove You Are A Real Man

Poetic Joe came up with his list of thetop ten things to do to prove you are a real man:-10 - Shave with a cut throat razor9 - Grow an epic beard and moustache8 - Build a fire7 - Climb a mountain6 - Make a plan5 - Give blood4 - Grow your own food and b... author

TOTP - Top Ten Things That Have Not Been Invented Yet But Should Be

Bit of an extra long episode today based loosely around the theme of thetop ten things that have not been invented yet but should be which has kindly been sent in to us by Grant from Independence:-10 - Jet packs9 - Invisibility cloaks8 - Holograms7 - A... author

TOTP - Top Ten Reminders That Its Summer

Andy is feeling hot hot hot so he sent us histop ten reminders that its summer:-10 - Mowing the Lawn9 - The Beach8 - TV shows change7 - Kids6 - Icy cold beverages5 - Blockbuster films4 - BBQ season3 - Vacations2 - Air Conditioning1 - Longer DaysIf you ... author

TOTP - Top Ten List Of Cartoons And Comics That Have Been Made Into Films

Alex from Basingstoke who enjoys listening to Top Of The pods in a bus and a shop sent us his list of thetop ten list of cartoons and comics that have been made into films:-10 - Casper9 - Incredible Hulk8 - Inspector Gadget7 - Flintstones6 - Fantastic ... author

TOTP - Top Ten Time Machines

Cher once sang a song'If I could turn back time', however she didn't bother specifying exactly how she'd achieve this; so in today's show we run down thetop ten time machines for your listening pleasure:-10 - The Time Machine from HG Wells9 - Hot Tub T... author

TOTP - Top Ten Dead People Who Deserved To Be Born Immortal

Listener Bryan from Spain has a curious idea that we can bring important dead people back to life and give them the gift of immortality. Who did he pick though? Find out in the top ten list ofdead people who deserved to be born immortal:-10 - John Cand... author

TOTP - Top Ten Psychology Principles Everyone Should Know

Walker from Utah is a clever brainiac who has supplied us with the essentialTop Ten Psychology Principles Everyone Should Know, so have a listen:-10 - The self-serving bias9 - Exercise is good for your psychological health8 - Men are often bad at judgi... author

TOTP - Top Ten People Who Have You Over A Barrel

This week on Top of the Pods we get back into the swing of things with a list ofTop 10 people who have you over a barrel. These are the people who you can't help but pay money to, no matter how resentful you are about paying:-10 -Solicitors9 -Estate Ag... author

TOTP - Previously On Top Of The Pods

Due to some geographical problems we forgot to do a show for 3 years but now we're back and this is a special episode catching up on what we've been doing utilising the very worst microphone Jon could find. We've got a normal top ten list show in the c... author

TOTP - Top Ten Useless Products From The Skymall

Rob got bored on American Airlines and decided to amuse himself by compiling thetop ten useless products from the Skymall:-10 -Thunderbolt Storm Detector9 -Personalized Branding Iron For Your BBQ8 -Pilot Cap And Uniform7 -Holiday Feast Combo Ham6 -Pet ... author

TOTP - Top Ten Reasons To Buy A Nintendo Wii

Being holiday season David from Blacksburg kindly sent usten reasons to buy a Wii:-10 -Mini Wii9 -Wii Price8 -G4 Commercial7 -Classic Wii Games6 -Miis5 -The Legend of Zelda4 -Wii Remote Attachments3 -Wii Remote2 -Boring games are fun again1 -Anyone can... author

TOTP - Top Ten Airport Distractions

Matts been flying recently and gave us this list about the top tenthings to do in an airport:-10 -Do homework9 -Eavesdrop8 -Explore the airport7 -Try to find free wifi6 -Watch people5 -Crank calls/texts4 -Count geeks with Bluetooth headsets3 -Play with... author

TOTP - Top Ten Foods For Old People

If you've got a Micheal Douglas, George Clooney or Mark Hunter in your life and want to treat them to a spot of dinner then here is a list oftop ten foods for old people:-10 -Cod Liver Oil9 -Cottage Pie8 -Eels7 -Pineapple Rings6 -Fried Egg Sandwiches5 ... author

TOTP - Top Ten Reasons Why We Havent Done A Show For Ages

Oops, we forgot to record Top of the Pods - here are thetop ten reasons why we haven't done a show for ages:-10 -Family commitments9 -Working nights8 -Jon lives in the park7 -The dog ate the studio6 -Rob is married5 -Jon can't be bothered to bike to Ro... author

TOTP - Top Ten People With Only One Facial Expression

Jons back from Israel and spends his days loitering in the park, Robs back from producing hit computer game podcastGamesweasel, so its time for another Top Of The Pods. In todays episode the guys take a look at some of the faces in the world who yield ... author

TOTP - Top Ten Things Which Are Over Hyped

A bit of a PC vs Mac list today from Portsmouth's Rob, whos sent us his list oftop ten over hyped things:-10 - Going to college and university9 - Harry Potter Books8 - The Brit Awards7 - Video calling6 - Windows Vista5 - Football4 - When a celebrity di... author

TOTP - Top Ten 90s Fads

Remember 1990s fashion, toys and music? So does Alice from Massachusetts, who has sent us a top ten list of90s fads:-10 - Overalls9 - Fanny packs8 - Macarena7 - Push Pops6 - Polly Pocket5 - Boy bands4 - Furby3 - Crazy bones2 - Beanie babies1 - Pokemon ... author