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Your ultimate destination for all things Film and Video related. Through our podcasts, videos, and community forums, our hosts will keep you up to date on the latest cutting edge technology employed in Film and Television production and post production today.
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Tech Media Planet Podcast : NAB 2012 Wrap Up : EP029

Special Guest :Michael Cioni from Light Iron Digital, sits with our hosts to discuss the hits and misses at this year's NAB 2012. While 3D seemed to be on the backburner this year, 4K seems to have flourished. Are we ready for a 4K world?
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : ShotPutPro : EP028

Special Guest : Dan Montgomery from Imagine Products, joins our hosts to discuss the latest software release version of their ubiquitous offloading tool ShotPut Pro. What's new? What has changed? And where does Dan see this product heading?
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : GoPro : EP027

Special Guest : Bradford Schmidt from GoPro, joins our hosts to discuss the latest evolution in the world of small portable POV cameras. GoPro has exploded onto the scene as the go-to, small, lightweight, POV camera for action sports and photography. N...
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : Final Cut X : EP026

Special Guest :Michael Cioni from Light Iron Digital, joins our hosts to discuss the very controversial release of Apple's latest Final Cut X. Many professional editors are already dubbing it iMovie Pro, while others are already looking for exit strate...
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : NAB 2011 Wrap Up : EP025

NAB 2011 WRAP UP: Our hosts go through the ins and outs of this year's NAB 2011. It would be an understatement to call this year's NAB show "The year of the on-board recorder" but it certainly was. Add to that 4K solutions by SONY and JVC, and you have...
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : DIT Station : EP024

Special Guest : Martin Christien with DIT STATION, talks to our hosts about their custom DIT/DMT offload and playback system for both RED Digital Cinema cameras and other solid state recording cameras. How much does it cost? What comes with it? Is it u...
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : Hot Rod Cameras : EP023

Special Guest : Illya Friedman, president of Hot Rod Cameras and the inventor of the Hot Rod PL, walks us through his line-up of Canon 5D and 7D lens adaptors. Illya also discusses the ultra popular PL lens adaptor for the Panasonic GH-1, GH-2, and AF-...
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : The Social Network : EP022

Special Guest : Ian Vertovec, Colorist at LightIron Digital, takes us through the ins and outs of color grading one of this year's biggest hit films "THE SOCIAL NETWORK". While most people know that the film was shot entirely on RED ONE MX cameras, mos...
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : RED EPIC : EP021

Special Guest : Ted Schilowitz from RED Digital Cinema chats with our hosts about all of their latest developments. The current state of EPIC, Scarlet, REDCINE, HDR, RED RAY, 3D using RED Cameras, and much much more in this 40 minute NO-HOLDS-BARRED ac...
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : TERADEK : EP020

Special Guest : Rod Clark from Teradek introduces us to the revolutionary Cube, and this one has nothing to do with Rubix. Realtime HD-SDI encoding to ethernet or Wifi for immediate viewing. Wow!
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : PluralEyes : EP019

Special Guest: Bruce Sharpe from Singular Software, explains the magic behind two of their revolutionary software products: PluralEyes and DualEyes.
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : Createasphere : EP018

Special Guest : Kristin Petrovich Kennedy from Createasphere talks to us about the challenges and opportunities in the field of professional film and television education. 
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : NAB 2010 : EP017

 Our hosts Suny and Steve break down the highlights of this year's NAB 2010. Does 3D ring a bell? 
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : Marshall Electronics : EP016

Special Guest: Bernie Keach from Marshall Electronics lays out the entire line-up of Marshall on-board reference monitors for both HD and HD-SLR use.
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : Redrock Micro : EP015

 Special Guest: Brian Valente discusses the plethora of HD-SLR camera support offerings available at Redrock Micro, including their M2 Encore, and their modular Video DSLR Support Rigs. 
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : Canon : EP014

Special Guest : Tim Smith from Canon USA, provides an in-depth view of Canon's latest HD-SLR offerings, including the 5D Mark II, the 7D, and the 1D Mark IV
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : NAB 09 Wrap Up : EP013

NAB 09 Special : Our hosts perform a post-mortum on this year's NAB, highlighting the hottest releases of NAB 09.
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : Telecast Fiber : EP012

Special Guests : Jim Hurwitz and Aaron Latham James from Telecast Fiber Systems walk our hosts through the ins and outs of fiber optic cable for Film and Video use.
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : AJA Video Systems : EP011

Special Guest: Jon Thorn walks us through the latest offerings from AJA Video Systems, with an in-depth discussion of their highly popular IoHD box.
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : Leader Instruments : EP010

Special Guest : George Gonos walks us through all the special new features found on Leader Waveform Monitors and Vectorscopes, such as Cinelite and Cinezone.
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : DigitalVision : EP009

Special Guest : Peter Fuller from Digital Vision, explains the intricacies of their Nucoda Color Correction and Finishing systems.
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : JVC : EP008

Special Guest : James Daniels, discusses the latest HD Cameras from JVC, the 100U and the 250U, as well as all the new monitoring options offered by JVC.
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : Schneider Optics : EP007

Special Guest : Bob Zupka, introduces us to the new Schneider Optics line of filters. He discusses the Schneider RED Camera specific filters, as well as the much anticipated "Black Magic" filter announced at NAB 2008.
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : BlackMagic Design : EP006

Special Guest: Matt Stoneking from BlackMagic Design, walks our hosts through the impressive new line up of BlackMagic Products.
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : PANASONIC : EP005

Special Guests: Steve Cooperman from Panasonic and Barry Green from, discuss the latest line-up of cameras and recorders releases by PANASONIC at NAB 2008.
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : NAB 2008 RoundTable : EP004

Special Guests : Gary Adcock, John Stevens and Chris Peariso discuss the ins and outs of NAB 2008. What is new ? Is there a stand out product this year ?
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : SCARLET EPIC Cameras : EP003

Special Guest: Ted Schilowitz, interviewed live from NAB 2008, tells us all about their new product line up. The SCARLET Camera, the EPIC Camera and the brand new RED RAY.
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : PHANTOM Camera : EP002

Special Guests : Mitch Gross (Abel Cine Tech) and Rick Robinson (Vision Research) join our hosts to discuss the ins-and-outs of the High Speed PHANTOM Camera Series. What frame rates? What resolution? What kind of workflow can you expect? What to do on...
Tech Media Planet author

Tech Media Planet Podcast : RED Camera : EP001

Special Guest: Ted Schilowitz, a.k.a. the "Leader of the Rebellion", tells all about the RED ONE Camera. The Imaging Sensor, the Electronic-Viewfinder, the Scarlet camera, the various Video Outputs and much much more...
Tech Media Planet author