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I LOVE this Show &amp; I HATE this Show.<br><br>A podcast not for the Dogmatic Walker. I strip down each episode of the latest season &amp; shine a Lens of Truth.<br><br>From the Terribly Executed &amp; God Damn Annoying, Beyond Silly Ark of the Stupid Governor - To the Amped, Visceral Badass Last Stand of Alexandria, where All the Characters Go NUTZ Bashing Zombies in a Montage of Feral Carnage. This show has had Equal parts Good &amp; Bad. <br>Now in this new season, I will try bring the Good &amp; the Bad to Light, while trying to be funny ( Funny NOT Guaranteed).<br>Episodes also come complete with speculation, both logical &amp; Tin Foil Hat Theories, as well as general Recap &amp; Review of the episode.<br>All I have is my mind &amp; with podcasts, I give it to you.<br><br>Hope You Enjoy my Brain. :D<br><br>Peace!
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The Talking Dan #-15-16 - Not On This Day

* Sasha Makes A Choice* The Garbage People are.. Garbage, People* The Kingdom, Come* Maggie with Jesus &amp; Hilltop, React* Negan Leans, Again.. So Far Back, it's just Ridiculous* Bullets Every Which-Way,* &amp; Tiger, Pounce, Roar!!All on today's epi...

The Talking Dan HT-14 Expressive Face

Saviors return to Hilltop for "Medical Supplies".Daryl &amp; Maggie "Crush It", acting wise.Jesus is Gay.Eugene ain't one for Taking Chances.Simon &amp; Gregory have a Moment behind the prefab/trailer.Sahsha &amp; Rossita have a Heart to Heart.&amp; mo...

The Talking Dan #13 - Jerry's Cobbler

How many men does it take to transport A Melon?Weevils in the Royal GardenJerry is simply Great&amp; .. Without Spoiling anything.. Let's just say "Stuff Goes Down" because this was actually a pretty decent episode&amp; I don't want to run the "Oh S**T...

The Talking Dan #12 Fake Deer

This weeks ep, #12 - Say Yes gets another harsh review.From Amazing Acting, Wasted on a Seen I just Don't Buy IntoRossita turning into an enervating, impertinent child, Out of NowhereSome nice, happy in the moment and not brooding, Rick. Which was pret...

The Talking Dan #11 Dr Smartypants and His Grimbley-Gump

A Breakdown &amp; No Nonsense Review of the latest The Walking Dead #11 - Hostiles and CalamitiesEugene at the SanctuaryDwight Tries to Prove he is Still a NeganFlaming Hot Dr.Eugene Finds his PlaceTales from the Wives of NeganPickles&amp; MoreHope You...

The Talking Dan #10 Scrapheap Challenge

Recap/review of Latest Walking DeadEpisode 10 - New Best friends* Welcomed Absence of Pointless Scenes* Jerry is just Great* Daryl get's his Balls Back* Heavy Metal Zombie* Actual Plot Movement &amp; Character Growth, "Oh My!"&amp; Much More..... * I a...

The Talking Dan #9 Hey Hey, My Dynamite

Recap &amp; Review of Walking Dead S07E09 - Rock in the Road* The gang goes on a spin around the town. From Hill Top, to The Kingdom, to Alexandria &amp; Some Other Place, yet to be named.* A Douche is Ignored by his People.* Rossita Ain't Friends with...

The Talking Dan #8 - You Had Guts All Along

Recap &amp; Review of the latest episode of The Walking Dead S07E08 - Hearts Still Beating** SPOILERS !! ** Maggie Eats an Apple, Aron Takes A Dip, A Lady Cries, Darrell Eats Peanut Butter, Random Man gets Angry at a Milk Bottle, Spencer is Pointless, ...

The Talking Dan #7 A Carl s-eye View

Recap &amp; Review of the latest episode of The Walking Dead S07E07 - Sing Me A SongCarl's Day Out, Michone get's a lift, Fr. Gabriel is actually Cool this One Time, Ironface &amp; MoreEnjoy! :)Click to view: show notes and transcript

Na Marbh Ag Suil #6 Lady Camp

Recap &amp; Review of the latest episode of The Walking Dead S07E06 - Swear Sandy Walkers, Women Only, a Child who Deserves a Slap, Cheap Sunglasses &amp; more.Enjoy :DClick to view: show notes and transcript

Na Marbh Ag Suil HT-5 - Go Getters

Recap &amp; Review of the latest epsiode of The Walking Dead S07E05 - Go GettersBad Bad Carl-roy Brown, Tractor vs Car, Jesus is Back, A Douche gets Punched &amp; moreEnjoy! :)Click to view: show notes and transcript

Na Marbh Ag Suil #4 - Say Thank You

Recap &amp; Review of the latest epsiode of The Walking Dead S07E04 - ServiceMichonne gets her parctice in, Negan &amp; Lucile Drop By for a Visit, Dwight sends Rosita on an errand &amp; more.Enjoy :DClick to view: show notes and transcript

Na Marbh Ag Suil #3 - Easy Street

Recap &amp; Review of the latest epsiode of The Walking Dead S07E03 - The Cell Broken spokes, Dwight's story, "I'm Neagan", Music to help him sleep (Easy Street) &amp; more.Enjoy :DClick to view: show notes and transcript

Na Marbh Ag Suil HT-2 Don t Bullshit A Bullshitter

.... I ... I love/hate this episode. It's shit but there are Awesome moments.The Great The Crap &amp; The Terrible of S07E02 - WellsTigers, Pigs &amp; Carol Oh My!Horse Masters, Zombie Croquette, Pomegranates, Tiger on a Chain, a Choir &amp; more! Enj...

Na Marbh Ag Suil #1 - Batter Up.... Glenn's Face

A Truthful Review The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1 -"The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"I Breakdown &amp; Review the latest episode, where we FINALLY find out who got Kissed by Lucille.Click to view: show notes and transcript