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The Disputed Truth (TDT) is a show that talks about all current events in the world today, all the way from sports to politics. We strive to have guest on our show to get a full view of opinions on our topics. Yes we do look to have fun and not take most issues as serious as they can be, but some issues have to be taken serious. Our show often relates to the blogs and topics on our website We hope that you enjoy our shows and that you can be a guest on one of our shows. This show is a weekly show.

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On The Disputed Truth (TDT) we talk about any and everything that happens to be of hot topic. The disputed truth goes o what people seem to see as reality verse what someone else sees as reality.
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August 26th 2018

TDT is back on the podcast after a year of deployment. TDT goes over current political climate, and of course combat sports.

August 13th 2017

Maurice Slade is back at it on the The Disputed Truth (TDT) Where he furthers his conversation on the deployment life, and the MayMac fight. Also with a guest Taylor Noble (Reflections) they go through E Sports and the new wave of E Sports.

August 6th 2017

TDT host Maurice Slade is back at it again from a Undisclosed location, He talks about the major topics in the combat world and politics.

June 23rd 2017 Podcast

Maurice Slade is back on the TDT podcast giving an update. He gives his prospective on some current events and what is to come for the TDT Podcast. Stay Tuned my friends

March 8th 2017

Another one, as promised Doug and I Ā finally get into a political conversation. Listen up and share your personal views.

March 1st 2017

Another one that will have you laughing with Doug Hodges. Listen up and enjoy as Maurice Slade is in rare form on this one.

Feb 17th 2017

Another one where Maurice has a special guest and they talk about all the current events. Guest Philip Slade puts his thoughts out there.

Feb 1st 2017

New podcast talking about the history of mma and boxing with special guest Doug Hodges.Ā 

Jan 12th 2017

Bringing in the New Year with the first podcast Ā of 2017. Gives a overview of what is in store for the 2017, and jumps into some current topics.

December 6th podcast

Quick touch on many topics, including the election of Donald Trump all the way to the double standard that women have today.

November 1st 2016 podcast

A short podcast where Maurice Slade talks more about the election and his plans for United As One.Ā 

October 1st 2016 Podcast

We are back on with another episode of The Disputed Truth (TDT) Podcast. We continue with talks about the Election, and all the high racial tension. We have none other than the guest Eddie Lawrence to join us in the studio.

Racism Sept 19th, 2016 Podcast.

Me and Thomas Brittendahl have a discussion about racism in its current state in the United States.

Sept 5th podcast part 3 of 3

In this podcast I talk about theĀ kaepernick situation, and I talk about the final part of the three part series.

August 27th Episode 4 Social Roles 2 of 3

This is a continued podcast off the three part series. This is part two Social roles and how we all have different parts in our social groups.

August 19th Podcast 3 1 of 3 Validation

This is podcast three, where Maurice talks about the aspects of validation, and a couple other topics.Ā 

August 11th Podcast 2

In this podcast I talk about the blog "Richer Than Your Wildest Dreams". Ā Also in this podcast I discuss what the United As One Project is about.

Nor Hilary Nor Trump Podcast

This podcast goes along with the blog on the website www.thedisputedtruth.comĀ Nor Hilary Nor Trump


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