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A couple of nerds talking about stuff and things.

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Two nerds. One old. One new. They talk tech and we find out how things have changed...
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Episode 24 - The Softwares

We're back! Finally, we record another episode where we talk all about Sublime Text, software, software and software...Oh, and the quality's a little bad. It was a simple mistake and won't happen again, boss, I swear!Two_Nerds_-_Episode_24.mp3Listen on...
Twonerdspodcast author

Episode 23 - The Episode That Almost Wasn't

We ran into some technical difficulties with the recording, so sorry for the bad quality. It will be fixed next episode.In this episode, we talk about big companies and their mistakes, IT classes, badass JS, OSes and how they're all the same, Windows 8...
Twonerdspodcast author

Episode 22 - Programming

Pascal and server issues, Python and hardcore programming, flexible CMSs, more Python, and more programming.Two_Nerds_-_Episode_22.mp3Listen on PosterousPermalink | Leave a comment  »
Twonerdspodcast author

Episode 21 - Northern Voice, Clouds, and Power

In this episode, we blather on about Northern Voice, CARDiac, Cloud Storage, power outages, and more.Two_Nerds_-_Episode_21.mp3Listen on PosterousPermalink | Leave a comment  »
Twonerdspodcast author

Episode 20 - Frameworks and Stuff

In this fun-filled episode, we talk about Minecraft, Shane being sick, Facebook's IPO, Google Calendar sending texts, browsers, email accounts, the Laravel framework, American Bison, IT class, Python, Rails, DrupalCon, Alex's operation, and how we're a...
Twonerdspodcast author

Episode 19 - SOPA

How could we go without talking about SOPA? In this magnificent episode, we ramble on about how the Internet needs to be free and how we hate those damned American politicians.Two_Nerds_-_Episode_19.mp3Listen on PosterousPermalink | Leave a comment ...
Twonerdspodcast author

Episode 18 - Girls are like SSDs

As Shane finishes eating, he and Alex talk about Christmas, dieing NASs, the year of the snake, very expensive SSDs, Justin Beiber, Alex's projects, Holidays, Macbook Airs, retarded computer users, and much more.  Two_Nerds_-_Episode_18.mp3Listen on Po...
Twonerdspodcast author

Episode 17 - Alone

This episode is just Alex. Shane was away. Alex blathers on about his "development workflow" and how he sets up his Git repositories and localhosts... Oh boy.Two_Nerds_-_Episode_17.mp3Listen on PosterousPermalink | Leave a comment  »
Twonerdspodcast author

Episode 16 - Firefox, Wifi, and SSDs, Oh My!

We talk about Firefox, SSDs, Wifi, interference, Northern Voice, Shane's crappy code, Alex's failed projects, CMSes, and much more witty banter and mindless jabberings.Two_Nerds_-_Episode_16.mp3Listen on PosterousPermalink | Leave a comment  »
Twonerdspodcast author

Episode 15: The Fifteenth Episode

Alex was too lazy to make up an episode title. And it just so happens this episode was recorded a long time ago, so he forgets what it's about... Think of it as a surprise.Enjoy.two-nerds-ep-15.mp3Listen on PosterousPermalink | Leave a comment  »
Twonerdspodcast author

Episode 14 - Nerd Rage

Shane and Alex rant about losers who pretend they're nerdy (but aren't), hacking, why not to piss of nerds, arrogant nerds, how nerds hate each other, how nerds hate dumb people, why cats are weird, how pugs are retarded, h@x0ring, the pronounciation o...
Twonerdspodcast author

Episode 13 - Alex's Devious Ways

Alex recalls his trip to public school where he sat in the back of a class almost unnoticed. Shane and Alex then go on to more nerdier topics including Minecraft, servers, Github, more Minecraft, text editors and Alex's overflowing overdue task
Twonerdspodcast author

Linux FTW

Shane and Alex talk about all things open-source and Ubuntu as Alex plans to switch to an Ubuntu PC as his main computer for web development. Shane is outside, in the mystical world of "society", where there is a lot of background noise which Alex was ...
Twonerdspodcast author

The A.D.D. Episode

In this show, we cover Windows 8, Steve Jobs's passing, and pretty much anything else that pops up on Twitter that distracts us. Hence the title.EPISODE11.mp3Listen on PosterousPermalink | Leave a comment  »
Twonerdspodcast author

Dinosaur Juice, Macbooks, and Storage Space

In this episode, Shane and Alex ramble incesantly about the crisis of oil, Macbook Airs, Rackspace, server storage, Dropbox, and a bunch of other topics that their A.D.D--hey look at this new CMS I found!two-nerds-ep-10.mp3Listen on PosterousPermalink ...
Twonerdspodcast author

Shane Catches Up

In this episode, Alex helps Shane catch up on what he missed while he was away. The nerds discuss HP, Apple, Windows 8 and a bunch of other stuff.two-nerds-ep-9.mp3Listen on PosterousLinks:Windows 8 - Fail?Permalink | Leave a comment  »
Twonerdspodcast author

Upgrade Your Browser or I'm Not Your Friend

In this week's episode, Shane and Alex talk about HTML5, the demise of Flash, browsers, and, of course, Minecraft in HTML5.two-nerds-ep-8.mp3Listen on PosterousLinks:
Twonerdspodcast author

The Cloud, Time Management, DnD and Nerd Boners

Shane and Alex ramble on about everything ranging from the awesomeness of Rackspace to the infinite sexiness of HTML5. And Alex mocks Shane for playing DnD.two-nerds-ep7.mp3Listen on PosterousPermalink | Leave a comment  »
Twonerdspodcast author

A Nerd Graduates to a New Level

That's it. He's graduating... to a new computer program.twonerds-s01e06-a-nerd-graduates-to-a-new-level.mp3Listen on PosterousPermalink | Leave a comment  »
Twonerdspodcast author

Supported Rage!

We talk about CMS software, support experiences, and how Shane defended a beach from a wooden fort.twonerds-s01e05-supported-rage.mp3Listen on PosterousPermalink | Leave a comment  »
Twonerdspodcast author