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Matt and Josh of Tech Tested discuss building computers, hardware, technology, news, and our lives. Join two friends – and in some episodes more – as we talk, debate, laugh, answer your questions, and enjoy our hobbies together.

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#5: Exceptionally Bad Beer

Guest starring Corey from our video “First Time PC Builder”. Hard drive failures, backing up your data, worldwide internet and SpaceX, self-driving cars, and PC form factors. You may notice this was recorded a pretty long time ago but we wanted to rele...
Tech Tested author

#4: Ruined Outros

Dreamhack Austin, falling behind and future videos, IBM’s phase change memory, speculation and thoughts on the AMD Radeon RX 480, and expectations of Zen. Plus, we talk about the future of eSports. Component of the Week: Halo Open-Air Computer Chassis ...
Tech Tested author

#3: Traditions & Mojo

Nvidia settles with Samsung over graphics processing chips, is Apple’s falling stock an indication that it’s lost it’s mojo, and can cordcutting solutions like Netflix ultimately replace traditional TV and movies? Component of the week: Phanteks Enthoo...
Tech Tested author

#2: VR Is(n’t) Immersive

Opinions diverge on our expectations on the upcoming virtual reality takeover, Intel’s new direction for their company, AMD Polaris, and 4K monitors that no one needed in the first place. Component of the week: Scythe SCKC-3000 Grand Kama Cross 2 CPU C...
Tech Tested author

#1: Problematic Impulse Purchases

In our very first Tech Tested Podcast, we talk about what we want to do with it, upcoming videos, HP’s new Spectre laptop, the Intel i7 6950x Extreme Edition, the Nvidia 1700hz zero-latency display, and the open-sourcing of GameWorks, and much more.
Tech Tested author