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Just Ask!

On the slate this week is Googles new hi-spec games service and the launch of Apple TV+. We also hear how advances in natural language processing, cloud computing and artificial intelligence mean you won’t need to interrogate large data sets to look fo... author

Smartling Speakers

How are smart speakers handling regional accents and languages to become more mainstream? Niall chats with Smartling co-founder Jack Welde at their Dublin office to discover how they are making content on the Web easier to access by mixing automation w... author

Inside GitHub

We chat to Dana Lawson from GitHub about how the best people in tech fall into it by accident and how our favourite software platform GitHub operates worldwide without a single office! author

Faster Smarter Happier

Is it possible to work faster smarter and happier?!! Yes says Wendy Van Tol from PwC. Hear all on the show. We also look at the continuing fall of Facebook with this weeks latest developments. author

Whats Missing from Googles Pixel 4

We reveal the massive omission from Googles big Pixel 4 announcement, ponder the chances of success for Facebooks currency and chat with Dr Celine Mullins from Adaptas about how you can learn things faster with less effort. author

Future World

With Extinction Rebellion and increases in carbon tax, we are more aware than ever of our role in stopping climate change. But what would a low-carbon world look like at street level? Dr Yvonne Farrell from Grafton Architects has some fantastic ideas t... author

Who Will Win the Year

All the major product launches are done, Dusty & Niall look at Microsoft, Samsung, Apple and Amazon to see who ‘won the year’. author

Mate 30 Major Flaw

We look at the new Mate 30 from Huawei, discuss it’s biggest flaw and suggest a workaround for it. We also hear from Aimee-Louise Carton about new Irish app ‘KeepAppy’ author

Truth Behind Data Centres

This week, we’re visiting Park Place, a data centre management company that has made Cork one of its international homes. Their Managing Director Sean Sears sat down to chat with our editor Niall Kitson about what brought the company to Cork, the chall... author

iPhone 11 Surprises

Lots of little surprises under the radar at Apples September event this week. We make sure you don’t miss a thing. We also have a great interview with Graeme Moore about Ireland hosting European Games Week and the games industry here. author

Tech That Changed Our Lives

Which piece of tech totally changed your life? Is it something you look back on now fondly or still in awe? Niall and Dusty share the pieces of tech that changed their lives, some funny, some surprising! author

Hacker Interview

We chat with a hacker from the infamous LulzSec group who defaced the websites including the Sun newspaper, took popular websites offline, and dumped user data like email addresses and passwords on public forums. Now a security researcher, Mustafa Al-B... author

Digital Hub’s Technologist in Residence

We chat to Rodhan Hickey, Digital Hub’s Technologist in Residence, to find out more about the role. We also have news on Facebook privacy features being rolled out first in Ireland and what you can expect from Apple TV+ author

Tech Tralee

When it comes to tech companies, you will be forgiven for thinking Dublin Dublin Dublin … BUT there is a ton of stuff happening all across the country with many towns north, south and west now becoming Tech Hubs. Niall chatted with Ogie Sheehy, founder... author

New Note 10

We detail the new Samsung Note 10 and why it’s more than just a Samsung flagship smartphone. Also news on the National Broadband Plan and fake reviews. author

Shannon Vallor – How Tech Changes Behaviour

This week we revisit Shannon Vallor and a previous interview looking at how technology changes our behaviour and values. Do you get upset when your close friends don’t like some of your Facebook updates? If a celebrity retweets you, would that have mor... author

Living With Alexa

We’ve had smart speakers for quite some time. How do we feel now the novelty has well and truly worn off. A detailed report. We also check the news this week on the new Windows 10 Start Menu, when the Galaxy Fold will be released and why Facebook’s $5b... author

Innovation Incubation and EAT

The future of tech will need a large dose of creativity so Nokia Bell Labs are reaching out to artists worldwide. Find out why science must meet art as Niall Kitson chats with Domhnaill Hernon, Head of Innovation, Incubation and EAT at Nokia Bell Labs. author

Ad Mad

Any idea what uses your data can be put to beyond advertising?? We speak with Tracey Browne about a new report called Ask for Evidence which will get you thinking. author

Eir Ar Ais

Eir are back with big broadband promises but can they deliver? We also chat with Kevin Koidl from the Adapt Centre about alternative social networks that just might be trustworthy. author

Ireland in Space

We look at Ireland’s Space Plan, why Facebook money won’t work and speak with Holly O’Driscoll, an American world leader in design thinking. author

White House Tech

Former White House digital strategy advisor Anil Dash chats about tech as a force of good in society and we look at the latest games and consoles from this weeks E3. author

Apple WWDC

Hear five things that impressed us the most at Apple’s 2019 Keynote. We also have a fascinating interview with Nilofer Merchant, who literally wrote the book of new rules for business innovators and re-imagines how work, works! author

Best SciFi Movies You Missed

For the 40th Anniversary of Alien this weekend, we present the best sci-fi movies with a twist. We look past Alien, Star Wars, Interstellar etc to find all-time great sci-fi movies you may have missed. Enjoy !! author

Why Hauwei

Why would we still buy a Hauwei phone? Because the Hauwei story is not about phones. Its about something much bigger. We explain all. We also check in on a year of GDPR with legal expert Larua Fannin from Hayes Solicitors. author

NBP & Digitally Enhanced Reality

We explain why we’re behind the National Broadband Plan, and chat with Carol O’Sullivan from Science Foundation Ireland, about Digitally Enhanced Reality and this weeks 3D City Data Hackathon. author


Dusty causes his own controversy with the National Broadband Plan by saying the unthinkable. Also, find out more about Made which will bring tech creators across Ireland together at a special show in July. Funded by Science Foundation Ireland we hear f... author

Facebook F8 & Google IO

Looking back at this weeks Facebook developers conference and ahead to next weeks similar one for Google. author

Irish Satellites

We chat with Dr Jenny Hanafin, Senior Earth Observation Scientist at NUI Galway, on what to do with the massive amount of data we get from orbiting satellites. author

IoT in Hospital

We chat with an Irish IoT company, where Lara Kelly, Head of the Data & Analytical Team with HealthBeacon, tells us how they use the internet of things in their daily work. author

Clever Books

Darya Yegorina tells us how her company wants to bring augmented reality clever books to schools. We ask questions about what Alexa hears and share tales from outer space with Chris Hadfield. author

Girls in Tech

We speak with the MD of the Irish branch of Girls in Tech, Coral Movaselli. Also, things virtual assistants can do, that digital assistants can’t! author

Apple & Huawei Phone

Why Apples announcements this week are one of the most interesting in years and we check out the hot new Huawei phone which can do things no other phone can with sound and pictures. author

Good Google Bad Google

We discuss good and bad news for Google week, the real reason behind this weeks new product announcements from Apple and the weird way an Irish games company found over €3 million in funding. author

Internet 30 Best Worst

As the internet turns 30 we look at the best and worst its given us. We also chat with Cian O’Flaherty of Safecility to find out how they use the Internet of Things to make buildings safer. author

Games Legend John Romero

John Romero’s creations include Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake. Games that arguably, changed the way we play. In advance of his appearance at Comic Con in Dublin this weekend, he sat down for a chat with Niall Kitson to talk about his career and how ga... author

TV Future with Peter Mac Avock

From Netflix to Saorview TV has changed a lot recently. One man at the forefront of mass changes in digital television is Irishman Peter Mac Avock, who is the Head of Distribution, Platforms and Services for the EBU, European Broadcasting Union. Niall ... author

S10 Folding Phone

Details on Samsungs new S10 and Samsung Fold phones, when you can get them in Ireland and how much. We also discover 3D printed food with Dr Roisin Burke from the School of Culinary Arts & Food Technology at Technological University Dublin. author

SFI Chief

Fascinating chat with the Chief Scientific Advisor to the government, and Director-General of SFI Science Foundation Ireland, Prof Mark Ferguson about Ireland’s progress as an innovation island and more. author

Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost

Join us for a very interesting insight to the world of Software-as-a-Service (SAS) and where it’s going next with Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost. author

Games with Stephen Collins ex-Havok

We finally catch legendary Irish computer game developer Steven Collins, co-founder of Havok and one of the biggest influencers in gaming for the last two decades. author

Paul Vixie – Inventor of DNS

We hear from Dr Paul Vixie, CEO of Farsight Security and originator of the Domain Name System, about DNS and also recent high profile data leaks. author

Future AI with Azeem Azhar

Behind the scenes at the Mindshare Event for a deeper dive into the future of topics such as AI and the ethics of technology with award-winning entrepreneur, influencer and curator of the newsletter Exponential View, Azeem Azhar author

Young Scientists 2019

Each year we a blown away with the talent, ideas and sophistication of  exhibitors at the Young Scientist Exhibition. Join us from the floor of the RDS where we bring you another round of amazing ideas from the upcoming generation. author

2018 Wrapped

For Christmas, we wrap up the year and look ahead to some very exciting things for 2019. Tech never stops!  Merry Christmas. author

Christmas Conspiracy

As we approach the end of the year, some tech companies are not behaving as we’d expect. Deliberate or accidental? Hear our theories on Huawei, Facebook, Apple, Google and more. author

Xmas Toy Show

Tubridy has the kids. We have the real toys! Laptops, cameras, tablets, gadgets and anything with an electronic pulse. But which is best? Listen for an extended special. author

Digitising Movies with IFI

The Irish Film Institute’s project of digitising its archive has just been nominated for an award at this year’s Digital Preservation Awards in direct competition with the White House in Washington and the UK Parliamentary Archives. We find out more wi... author

Tech Movies with Paul Young – CEO of Cartoon Saloon

We chat with CEO Paul Young of Kilkenny-based animation studio Cartoon Saloon, who have a number of Oscar-nominated films to their credit, about the impact of technology on how their films are made and distributed author

Foldable Phones

We look at the future for Samsung’s foldable phone and chat analytics with Jennifer Cruise from Aon’s Centre for Analytics who shares new and unexpected sources of raw material. author