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Tips, plans, tricks and ideas from IT professionals, for businesses large or small.

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Tech topics, stories, and guests, for the everyday techy.
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TBC – Ep 6 – All About Eric Mugaas

ERIC MUGAAS!!!! Yayyyyy! It’s here folks, the first guest podcast for TBC! We talk about programming languages (Cobol, not Cobalts!), Eric’s side projects like ND Bits, and other random thoughts that pop in our heads! Check it out!: [audio https://s3.a...

TBCw – Ep 5 – All About Backups

Week 5 folks! We hit a nickel! Thanks to all of our loyal subscribers out there, it means the word to us that you listen, and hopefully find some value in what we’re talking about! Maybe you agree, maybe you … Continue reading →

TBCw – Ep 4 – All About “The Cloud”

Week 4 has arrived! Hot off the press! err… MP3 export off the laptop… whatever. Klyde and I are going to try and answer the new age, age old question of “what is the cloud?” I’m glad you asked.. well … Continue reading →

TBCw – Ep 3 – All About Google-ish

Get your week 3 Byte Cast here!! Klyde and I talk all about Google… or at least in the limited extent of how much Google you can get in, in under an hour! We talk Apple, Microsoft, phones, TV’s, Google … Continue reading →

TBCw – Ep 2 – All About Upgrades!

It’s here! It’s here! Episode 2 of The Byte Cast Weekly! Klyde and I have some information for all of you folks out there looking to upgrade your business. Whether it be SQL, laptops, desktop PCs, a server, network switches … Continue reading →

TBC Weekly Ep 1 – The Pilot

Here it is, off the launchpad and headed out to podcast land! Thanks again for listening everyone and make sure you leave us some comments of what you think, or suggestions you might have for things you’d like to hear … Continue reading →