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A weekly clusterfudge of sporadic banter, awkward stories and general nonsense between two mates. Joey and Tom, two increasingly less-young Aussies, catch up in Tom's girlfriend's attic to discuss the goings-on of their lives, and what it all really means.

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Two Average Blokes' Opinions on Stuff. Two increasingly less young Aussies talk about their struggle with the everyday goings on of life, and what it all means.
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TABOOS 027 - "I'm pretty sure that's how catfishing starts"

After a long hiatus, Joey visits Tom in London. The boys discuss: Life Updates [00:30] The dirty side of #Vanlife [02:00] River gypsies [07:30] Server life [15:41] Swindled by a jamaican deaf guy [20:22] Swindled by a talented crackhead [23:38] Tom’s t...


Tom visits Joe in Sydney. The boys discuss: // Boring life updates [0:00-10:00] // #Complyfe and indulgent travel [09:55] // How they pick The Bachelor contestants [16:04] // Tom’s Biggest Loser: Bullying Version [23:05] // Ghetto float tanks [33:28] /...
Joey & Tom author

TABOOS 025 - UK EDITION: "You Sound Like You're From London"

We're Back Baby!!!!!

TABOOS 024 - "How many more tacos could you eat?"

Joey & Tom discuss: Taco Tuesday [0:40] Eating Contests [6:55} Car alarms [12:00] Modern Jesus [16:10] Pharmacy Lockouts [21:10]  

TABOOS 023 - The (slightly more) serious episode

Joey & Tom discuss: This week we have a more serious chat about Australia's sensationalist media, the irony of progressive public discussion, and the proper order for watching Star Wars.

TABOOS 022 - "And these two were dry-humping...violently."

Joey & Tom discuss: TOM'S BIG NEWS! [1:10] Awkward quitting stories [5:15] Tom's tunnel of love - LIVE [11:30] The Amazing Date - Results [15:30] Public dry-humping [19:15]

TABOOS 021 - "Well why don't I just drink, y'know, rain?!"

Joey & Tom discuss: Being a cafe regular [1:30] Way too late to ask their name again [5:10] 2 Chainz most expensivest shit [10:05] Billionaire stuff [16:40] Allen Iverson's mum [24:15]

TABOOS 020: "And every image/video file popped up at once."

Joey & Tom discuss: Printing porn at Officeworks [1:15] The Bondi Bikini strut [8:40] Have-to-haves v Nice-to-haves [12:00] Tmac's tinder tunnel of love[16:08] Group chat etiquette [26:55]

TABOOS 019: "Did anyone else call pool noodles Woggles?"

Joey & Tom discuss: Manly sticky smelly bottles [1:00] TaboosAwarenessClub Challenge Update [3:35] Drinking coffee from strangers [8:30] Losing things [11:10] The Amazing Date - prep [15:00] Quidditch Golf & Woggles [19:00] App Idea #268 - Opal...

TABOOS 018 - "Will you be dining with us tonight sir?"

Welcome to Season 2!This week Joey & Tom discuss:Qantas pyjamas [0:45]Gordon Ramsey's airline adventures [10:06]TaboosAwarenessClub Challenge 2 [12:37]Double, Bumble & Swingdr [14:46]The psychology of dick-pics [24:20}

TABOOS 017 - "Yeah its kinda like an octopus on a barbecue."

Welcome to Season 2!Episode 17: "Yeah it's kinda like an octopus on a barbecue."This week Joey & Tom discuss:TaboosAwarenessClub Challenge 1 [4:40]Joey's F-word (the other F-word) [8:10]Tom and Tim Ferriss [13:40]Anyone wanna buy a mattress? [18:05...

TABOOS016 - "Mate, Don't insult the drug lord on air..."

This week Joey & Tom discuss:Diets, Creation Stories, Fasting [0:55]$1.5bn v 2 Queen Mattresses [18:40]Fake advertising [36:05]How to steal a wall [41:35]The Story of El Chappo [53:25] 

TABOOS 015 - "Can you help me not die...please"

This week Joey & Tom discuss:Tom’s can’t sail without sinking [9:40]Wu Tang Clan, Bill Murray and Aids [15:00]The best segway in podcast history [20:55]Scams revealed: Highway Cherries [27:00]Mandotry drug tests & TouchID [33:30]Twinder [46:08]...

TABOOS 014 - "You Had One Job, Don't Crash The Boat"

This week Joey & Tom discuss:Taking the media world by storm Thomas the Tank Engine: Manly Ferry Edition World’s Oldest Gay Man Discovered Teleportation and being useless Mailbag —Walter from Thomas DuxAdventures of Penguin-Man 

TABOOS 013 - "WHAT have you been feeding these ducks?"

This week Joey & Tom discuss:I am an active-wearer Joey’s 30-Day Bath Tutorial Tom accidentally wins a triathlon Tony Abbot vs Angry Commuter 20 horse-sized ducks Is Essena O'neill a genius or nah  website www.taboospodcast.comfacebook www.facebook...

TABOOS 012 - "What? Baaadminton. No You're Saying it weird"

This week Joey & Tom discuss:Caller ConfessionsJoey’s plan to marry Sam FrostDating & LinkedInTriathlons & CostumesWe’re basically lab ratsAldi sells weird shit

TABOOS 011 - "Ohh but I really Want to Start a Riot..."

This week Joey & Tom discuss:Sheiks, Jaguars and WaterbedsPolice car flipping taxFriend DatesNick "He banged your girlfriend" KyriosA fun update on Woolworths

TABOOS 010 - "Malcolm Turnbull very possibly wears assless chaps."

This week Joey and Tom discuss:Malcolm Turnbull's ass-less chapsThe economical effect of 'Fifty Shades of Grey'The maths of datingTrying really hard not to accidentally be racistFun-Management (the best business idea EVER)

TABOOS 009 - "He Just stood there and flipped off a Cockatoo"

Joey and Tom talk about:The Bachelor: DIY versionFunemployment AdventuresNicholas Cage makes it HailHelping a mate get a dateDyson Heydon decides he’s innocent

TABOOS 008 - "Aim for between a hard 5 & a soft 9"

Tom and Joey discuss:Jenny Brockie is probably a great mumInsurance fraudJoey’s Tinder bloopersBorrowing children for videos [PG]More smut. Sorry.

TABOOS 007 - "You're weirdly good at paper planes, bro"

Tom and Joey talk about:“Man…that guy’s way too good at paper planes.”“If only we knew how to edit this out.”Tom accidentally supports a charityClown PornCheating on your employer

TABOOS 006 - "I'm a mesthy, mesthy unicorn"

Joey and Tom talk about:One handed yogaCharlie the Mesthy UnicornHow to be unexpectedly good lookingAlex’s big night outGen-Y Hitler

TABOOS 005 - "Ok but first let me light this kid's costume on Fire"

In this week’s Rugby League State of Origin special, Tom runs Joey through the various off-field events that have given Rugby League players their sterling reputation.

TABOOS 004 - "I think I'm disabled"

Joey and Tom talk about:An idiotic weekSteven and dogGirl who pooped in the clubGlen Lazarus & Bob Katter

TABOOS 003 - “I’m interested in Heroin, but not, like, doing it."

Joey and Tom discuss:Weekend GameBeing a dick to cowrokersI think I'm being flirted withCaller ConfessionsTine - the soon to be heroin addict

TABOOS 002 - “Daddy Needs a New Ab King Pro!”

Joey and Tom discuss:Dating AmnesiaThe Expo ChanelFloyd Mayweather's  PABeing Instagram Famous

TABOOS 001 - “We Have No Idea How To Start This”

Joey and Tom discuss:Ron from WoolworthsThe Last racistTricking Females into dating youBeing the reacherYou can get away with streaking if you're meant to be dead