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High rollers, big ballers, shot callers. Aaron Lopez, Bob Timmons and Chris Zeigler recap wrestling's biggest events and place some BIG BETS. Count your Slambunks and join in the fun!

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A Pro-Wrestling Podcast
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Sunday Night Slamcasters 9/24/17: No Mercy 2017

Neville vs Enzo, Cena vs Reigns, Lesnar vs Strowman, and the Fatal Five-Way for the Women's Championship. Aaron's betting fate hangs in the balance! Recording date: 9/24/17
Sunday Night Slamcasters author

Sunday Night Slamcasters: BIG BETS – No Mercy 2017

We're back after a long break between Pay-Per-Views with No Mercy! Is it Strowman's time?? Will Aaron be eliminated from betting competition?? Recording date: 9/23/17
Sunday Night Slamcasters author

Sunday Night Slamcasters: NXT Takeover Brooklyn III and Summerslam 2017

Asuka vs Moon, Roode vs McIntyre, Cesaro/Sheamus vs Ambrose/Rollins, Mahal vs Nakamura, and a Fatal 4 Way for the Universal Championship! There were eight hours of wrestling this weekend. Recording date: 8/20/17
Sunday Night Slamcasters author

Sunday Night Slamcasters: Battleground 2017

Usos vs New Day, Nakamura vs Corbin, Styles vs Owens, and PUNJABI PRISON MATCH III. Recording date: 7/23/17
Sunday Night Slamcasters author

Sunday Night Slamcasters: Great Balls of Fire 2017

Bliss vs Banks, Cesaro & Sheamus vs The Hardys Ironman Match, Lesnar vs Joe, and the Attempted Assassination of Braun Stroman by the Coward Roman Reigns. Recording date: 7/9/17
Sunday Night Slamcasters author

Sunday Night Slamcasters: BIG BETS – Great Balls of Fire 2017

Goodness gracious. Recording date: 7/8/17
Sunday Night Slamcasters author

Sunday Night Slamcasters: Money in the Bank 2017

Usos vs New Day! Mahal vs Orton! The Men and Women's MITB Ladder Matches! A night of crappy finishes with a few highlights. Recording date: 6/18/17
Sunday Night Slamcasters author

Sunday Night Slamcasters: BIG BETS – Money in the Bank 2017

The WWE Fatigue sets in as we take our shots at what will hopefully be a fun night! Recording date: 6/17/17
Sunday Night Slamcasters author

Sunday Night Slamcasters: Extreme Rules 2017

Ambrose vs Miz, Hardys vs Cesaro and Sheamus, Neville vs Aries, and a fatal five-way for the #1 contendership! We almost forgot this pay-per-view existed! Recording date: 6/4/17
Sunday Night Slamcasters author

Sunday Night Slamcasters: NXT Takeover Chicago and Backlash 2017

Roode vs Itami, AoP vs #DIY, Nakamura vs Ziggler, Orton vs Mahal! We run down a not-so predictable card and wonder if we'll ever love again. Recording date: 5/21/17
Sunday Night Slamcasters author

Sunday Night Slamcasters: BIG BETS – NXT Takeover Chicago and Backlash 2017

We're all in agreement as we bet on what may be the most predictable card in Slamcasters history! Recording date: 5/19/17
Sunday Night Slamcasters author

Sunday Night Slamcasters: Payback 2017

Owens vs Jericho, Bliss vs Bayley, Hardys vs Cesaro and Sheamus, Reigns vs Strowman, and Orton vs Wyatt in the nightmarish House of Horrors match!! Recording date: 4/30/17
Sunday Night Slamcasters author

Sunday Night Slamcasters: BIG BETS – Payback 2017

Our first bets of the new season! New starts! New rules! Same old wrestling! Goodness gracious! Recording date: 4/29/17
Sunday Night Slamcasters author

Sunday Night Slamcasters: NXT Takeover Orlando and Wrestlemania 33

Asuka vs Moon, Roode vs Nakamura, Rollins vs Triple H, Goldberg vs Lesnar, Undertaker vs Reigns! We crown the inaugural Slamcasters Champion and recap the biggest wrestling weekend of the year! Recording date: 4/2/17
Sunday Night Slamcasters author

Sunday Night Slamcasters: BIG BETS – NXT Takeover Orlando and Wrestlemania 33

Our final bets of the season! It's wrestling's biggest weekend and we make the picks! Recording date: 3/31/17
Sunday Night Slamcasters author

Sunday Night Slamcasters 3/05/17: Fastlane 2017

Joe vs Zayn, Gallows and Anderson vs Enzo and Cass, Bayley vs Charlotte, Owens vs Goldberg! The final event before Wrestlemania! Recording date: 3/05/17
Sunday Night Slamcasters author

Sunday Night Slamcasters: Elimination Chamber 2017

Lynch vs James, Orton vs Harper, Bliss vs Naomi, and the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship. We're back with a live report! Recording date: 2/12/17
Sunday Night Slamcasters author

Sunday Night Slamcasters: BIG BETS – Elimination Chamber 2017

We're headed to Elimination Chamber LIVE! Our picks, plus a big betting change on the lead up to Wrestlemania! Recording date: 2/10/17
Sunday Night Slamcasters author

Sunday Night Slamcasters: Royal Rumble and NXT Takeover San Antonio 2017

#DIY vs Authors of Pain, Nakamura vs Roode, Charlotte vs Bayley, Styles vs Cena, and the Royal Rumble! No more fun and games. Recording date: 1/29/17
Sunday Night Slamcasters author