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The Showrunner is a weekly podcast about podcasting hosted by veteran podcasters Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor. They provide actionable advice mixed with doses of inspiration to help podcasters take their shows from good to great.

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The Showrunner is a weekly podcast about podcasting hosted by veteran podcasters Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor. They provide actionable advice mixed with doses of inspiration to help podcasters take their shows from good to great.
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No. 107 Is Podcasting a Good Way to Reach My Target Audience?

In the words of Mugatu from Zoolander, podcasts are “so hot right now.” And it’s true. But … is a podcast the right way for you to reach your target audience? In this week’s episode of The Showrunner, we give you three questions that will help you deci...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 106 Should You Take Over Your Boss’s Podcast?

This week’s episode of The Showrunner features another listener question. Plus, we announce the reopening of The Showrunner Podcasting Course! Here is this week’s question, from Showrunner listener Samantha: 1. How can I help my boss (the subject matte...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 105 How to Conduct Not-to-Miss Podcast Interviews

When he started Hack the Entrepreneur, Jonny had never conducted a single interview before. But during the past two years, he’s hosted more than 350 podcast interviews. He’s also made a lot of mistakes, embarrassed himself a few times, and learned coun...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

[Rebroadcast] No. 045 9 Lessons Learned Publishing a Book From a Podcast

Starting a podcast is a lot of fun, has the potential to build you an audience of raving fans, and may earn you the right to become a Showrunner. All of this is excellent, but it may just be the tip of the iceberg. In this episode, Jerod and Jonny disc...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

[Rebroadcast] No. 051 How to Overcome Your Inferiority Complex as a Podcaster

Have you ever felt like you weren’t qualified to host your podcast? Ever felt like you were way out of your depth with a certain topic or with a certain guest? Welcome to the club. Most of us have. In this episode of The Showrunner, Jonny and Jerod sha...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 104 How Do I Create a Call-In Show?

We answer another great listener question this week. The topic: Creating a call-in show. Jerod goes solo to describe why it’s a great way to bring something new to your audience. He also shares from experience that there are plenty of ways to go about ...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 103 What Should I Do with My Archive?

We’re back! And excited to begin a series of shows in which we answer questions submitted by Showrunner listeners. This week’s question comes to us from a showrunner who is 75 episodes into her show and wondering how best to make use of her growing arc...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 102 How to Immediately Become a More Productive (and Better) Podcaster

You want to become a better podcaster. We know this because you’re listening to The Showrunner. We also know that you fear becoming a better podcaster. We know this because you must change to become better and to fear change is to be human. But what if...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 101 Showrunner 101 (Back to Basics)

A few hours before recording this episode, we received an email from a loyal Showrunner listener. It turned out to be the perfect idea for an episode. Here is the email, from Jason Norris of Podcast Local, which is part of OnTheGo.FM. If you haven’t pl...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 100 We Answer Your Questions (and Celebrate 100 Episodes)

Cue the sounds of fireworks and jubilant marching bands! This is episode 100 of The Showrunner, and it’s extra special because it’s all about you — our faithful listener. Jerod and Jonny started The Showrunner podcast on April 1, 2015, and during the p...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 099 3 Powerful Reasons to Produce More Evergreen Episodes

Is it possible to step away from your podcast and have downloads numbers go … up? That might sound crazy to you. Maybe even impossible. But it’s not. And we have the listener email to provide it. What is this showrunner’s secret? It’s actually not any ...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 098 Are You Overlooking This Proven Podcast Format?

If you were given a choice, would you create a podcast that took more or less time to create, all else being equal? Some podcast formats are harder to consistently produce than others. Choose wisely. Today’s episode is a discussion about Q&A shows....
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 097 Are You Doing Enough with Your Best Ideas?

Your audience does not need your ideas. It’s true. What your audience needs in fact, all that your audience needs are your best ideas. And you should invest more time distributing these premium ideas further and wider. You shouldn’t simply hit “pub...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 096 What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

You took the plunge and started a podcast. You chose your format, picked a name for your show, artwork, theme music, everything. And unlike the many, many podcasters who don’t continue, you’ve published your 50th episode. Congrats! Now, you have to cha...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 095 5 Steps to Hosting Successful Live Online Events

We have a special guest on this week’s episode of The Showrunner: David Bain from Digital Marketing Radio. He provides us with five steps that will help you evolve from podcasting to hosting successful live online events. David is very knowledgeable an...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 094 Sponsorships or Affiliate Marketing: Which Is Better for Your Podcast?

One of the four key elements of a remarkable podcast is monetization. We’ve talked about indirect vs. direct monetization, but today we are going to talk about the pros and cons of two types of direct podcast monetization: sponsorships vs. affiliate ma...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 093 How to Learn (and Teach) Better

In this episode of The Showrunner, we’re going to discuss three big ideas about learning that come straight from Peter C. Brown, the lead author of the Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning. The three big ideas are: Why learning is more abo...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 092 The‘Create Anything’ Framework

We can all agree that producing useful content on a consistent basis is key to building an audience and platform. When we produce content on a consistent basis, we elevate our authority in the eyes of Google, our clients, and our peers. But … Producing...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 091 9 Steps to Becoming a Better Podcast Listener (And Why That Matters)

We spend a lot of time discussing being a better podcast host. In this episode, we discuss some specific ways that you can become a better podcast listener — and why it’s important that you do so. This week’s episode is broken down into three sections:...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 090 Are You Spending Enough Time Thinking?

As Showrunners we spend our time honing our interview skills, tweaking our recording gear, and promoting ourselves on social media. What if we are missing out on a crucial aspect of being a Showrunner? This crucial aspect is thinking. Are you doing eno...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 089 Podcasting: The Stand-Up Comedy of Content Creation

Jonny recently attended a stand-up comedy show at a venue that seats a grand total of … 18 people. What did he learn from the experience that you can apply to your showrunning? Plenty. First, Jerod gives a quick description of his favorite new show, an...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 088 Podcasting Lessons From a Psychotherapist

Sometimes we need to bare our souls to our audience. Today’s episode is one of those times. Having spent the past six weeks on his therapist’s couch, Jonny has been on a quest for personal growth. As it turns out, this venture into personal growth is d...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 087 [Guest] Expert Tips for Conducting Better Interviews, with Krys Boyd

We have a special treat for you this week: an interview with one of Jerod’s favorite podcasters … even though she’s not really a “podcaster.” What she is, undoubtedly, is a remarkable interviewer. And in this episode of The Showrunner, she shares her t...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 086 10 Tips for a Better Show in 2017

Back at the beginning of 2016, we posted an episode titled 13 Steps to a Better Show in 2016. It was one of our favorite episodes to produce in 2016, and one of our most popular. Well, it’s still the beginning of 2017, so let’s revisit that topic. Jero...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 085 One Podcast, One Audience, or One Topic (Two Attempts)

What is your anchor? Is it the podcast you’re creating, the audience you’re serving, or the topic you’re focused on? In this episode of The Showrunner, we discuss the importance of knowing the answer to this question. We begin with a bit of small talk ...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 084 The Value of Meeting Your Audience in Person

As podcasters, can we get too comfortable hiding behind our microphones? It seems likely, but also avoidable. Coming out from behind the microphone to meet with your audience in person is valuable to your audience and podcast — true — but it is also ex...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 083 How to Rekindle Your Focus on the Other End of the Headphones

As you progress as a showrunner, it’s easy to become focused on your end of the headphones. To kick off 2017, we deliver some strategies that will help you maintain your focus where it always needs to be: on the other end of the headphones. In this epi...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 082 How to Stop Listening to Podcasts and Start Your Own Show

As we wrap up 2016, Jerod and Jonny are also wrapping up their 3-part series created to prepare you for 2017 by improving yourself and your podcast in 2016. In today’s episode we are answering two listener-submitted questions. Both of these questions s...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 081 Professional Podcasting Tips for Pristine Production (and Hosting Hacks)

What are Jonny’s “4 D’s of Pristine Production?” You’ll find out in this week’s episode of The Showrunner. We begin this episode by discussing the how and the what of podcasting — and more importantly, which one we place a greater emphasis on. (You pro...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 080 Quick! What Can You Systematize Before 2017?

In this week’s episode, our goal is to send you and your shows sailing into 2017. This conversation is the first of a three-part series created with the sole purpose of enabling you to take your podcast to new heights in the new year. Yes, 2016 was a g...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 079 Is It Okay to Alternate Between Monologues and Interviews?

We’re back! In this week’s episode we explain why we didn’t publish a new episode last week and what you can learn from our mistake, then we discuss a listener question that leads to an important epiphany from Jonny. The question we tackle is whether o...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 078: Should You Still Start a Podcast? (Ask Yourself These 3 Questions)

As Showrunners, we understand that the act of creation and publishing brings about detractors — sometimes more aptly referred to as haters. To thrive in this space, we need to wear our first (and subsequent) negative reviews as badges of honour. This i...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

[Rebroadcast] No. 077 The Right Way to Approach Branding Your Podcast

With Jonny focused on preparing to lead his first ever workshop, we took a week off from recording a new episode. Instead, we decided to rebroadcast an oldie but goodie, and one that pairs especially well with last week’s episode about show intros. You...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 076 Is Your Intro Silently Killing Your Show?

Each introduction to every one of our shows presents a massive opportunity. An opportunity to orient your listener, establish pacing, drive intrigue, and keep them listening … or an opportunity to drag down your show before even starts. In this episode...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 075 Why Podcast Advertising Works (and How to Get Started), with Glenn Rubenstein

Up until today, we ve exhaustively covered the topic of podcast sponsorships and monetization. But each time we ve covered it from only one perspective — the perspective we know as showrunners. Today, we are talking to an absolute expert in podcast adv...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 074 The Brilliant Strategy and Backstory Behind Zero to Book

Pamela Wilson just launched a book — Master Content Marketing — and a podcast played a key role in the project from idea inception to launch. She dishes on the details in this episode of The Showrunner. In this lesson, Pamela describes how she: “Showed...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 073 Empathy Maps: A Podcaster s Guide

What if you knew exactly what your listener was thinking, feeling, and seeing when they listened to your show? To even think about having that kind of deep insight is empowering. In this episode, Jerod and Jonny discuss the simple steps you need to tak...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 072 How to Create a MVP (Minimum Viable Podcast)

Have you ever fallen off the podcasting wagon? Or come close? In tough times, it can be useful to consider the idea of the minimum viable podcast. So long as you’re willing to never compromise on producing useful audio, this version of the MVP can be e...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 071 When Is the Right Time to Start Another Podcast?

In the past, we ve laid out how to decide what topic to podcast about and how to decide what your podcast should be about, and we stand behind both pieces of advice. Today, we are talking to the Showrunners who are running a podcast and are thinking ab...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 70 3 Important Lessons About Sponsorships That Will Make You More Money

Do you want to make more money from your podcast? Rhetorical question. Of course you do! We all do. One of the clearest paths to revenue with a podcast is sponsorship, but it can also be the most difficult to tap into it, especially for newer or niche ...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 069 How to Identify Potential Guests for Your Show

We’re back! And, we hope, better than ever. In our triumphant return to the mics for the beginning of Season 2 of The Showrunner, we tackle a listener topic idea that we’ve had percolating for a while and discuss the best methods for identifying potent...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 068 The Showrunner’s Dilemma

Time is of the essence. As Showrunners, we have a finite amount of time to focus on producing our shows. Between work, sleep, family, fitness, friends, or showrunning, there is never enough time to do everything we want to be doing. According to an art...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 067 What Being a Showrunner Can Teach Us About Parenting (and Vice Versa)

Jerod is set to become a parent for the first time later this month. Jonny has been a parent now for 11 years, and podcasting has featured prominently in the development of his relationship with his daughter. Needless to say, Jerod has some questions …...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 066 5 Steps for Conducting a Useful Podcast Archive Audit (in 30 Minutes or Less)

There are myriad good reasons why you might want to conduct an audit of your podcast archive. But content audits can be messy, complicated, even intimidating. They don’t have to be though — not if you follow these five steps to a useful podcast archive...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

[Rebroadcast] No. 065 Next-Level Tips for Building Your Show s Email List

With Jonny still away enjoying his European “workcation” we decided to dig into the archives and re-run one of our most popular and useful episodes. And our choice was inspired by a listener comment. Here’s what Monica had to say about this episode whe...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 064 Listener Life Cycles: A Podcaster’s Guide

Not all listeners are created equal. Without a proper understanding of your podcasts listener life cycles, you will find yourself fighting an uphill battle to keep every new listener who comes your way. We publish remarkable podcasts on a consistent ba...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 063 How to Never (Ever) Forget an Important Idea Again

What happens when you have a lightning strike of inspiration? What are some possible ways to capture that inspiration before it escapes us? It’s an important concept, because as we all know … lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice. In this episo...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 062 Beware: Authenticity Is Not Transparency

As Showrunners, we talk … a lot. We share our expertise, stories, and thoughts — and we do it all live on the air. But is this a good thing? In this episode, we share a recent experience Jonny had when he shared something during an interview, and the...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 061 Why the‘Hell Yes’ Principle is the Key to Differentiation That Impacts an Audience

We have arrived at Part Three of our three-part series on creating a show that has meaningful differentiation — the kind of differentiation that will attract and retain an audience in a time of more and more podcast clutter. This lesson is all about ho...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author

No. 060 How to Execute Engaging Podcast Interviews

This is the third lesson in our three-part mini-course about how to book, plan, and execute engaging podcast interviews. In this lesson, we tie the entire interview process together. Sometimes the booking and planning stages can seem unnecessary or ove...
Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor author