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A random podcast about science fiction, books, movies, and any other weirdness Shaun wants to talk about!
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Shaun’s Rambles 015: Spoilers vs. Content Warnings

Don’t spoil me with your content warnings, they say! In this episode, I take a crack at the confusion betweenRead more »
Shaun Duke author

Shaun’s Rambles 014: Anticipating Rogue One

So, I’m about to see Rogue One.  In this totally random and very short episode of Shaun’s Rambles, I talk about whyRead more »
Shaun Duke author

Shaun’s Rambles 013: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz (w/ Special Guest Mareen Kincaid Speller)

Geek references + the Dominican Republic = instance classic.  In this episode, Maureen Kincaid Speller joins me to discuss theRead more »
Shaun Duke author

Shaun’s Rambles 012: Introducing Podcasting for Authors (Part 1)

The first episode of the Podcasting for Authors series is here!  In this episode, I provide a brief overview ofRead more »
Shaun Duke author

Shaun’s Rambles 011: Michael R. Underwood (Interviewing the Fans)

What makes Mike Underwood tick? What did he read when he was a kid? What inspired him to become aRead more »
Shaun Duke author

Shaun’s Rambles 010: On C.L. Moore’s Judgment Night and Gender Violence

Space opera attacks!  It’s been three weeks since I started teaching my space opera course, and I already have farRead more »
Shaun Duke author

Shaun’s Rambles 009: On the #HugoAwards and #SadPuppies

The Hugos are over, but the controversy isn’t over.  In this episode, I talk about the results of the 2015 HugoRead more »
Shaun Duke author

Shaun’s Rambles 008: On Lou Antonelli and Sasquan

In this episode, I talk about Lou Antonelli, his efforts to report David Gerrold to the police, and Sasquan’s response.Read more »
Shaun Duke author

Shaun’s Rambles 007: On Teaching Science Fiction — The Reading List

How do I select what I teach in my science fiction courses?  In this episode of Shaun’s Rambles, I talkRead more »
Shaun Duke author

Shaun’s Rambles 006: Interviewing the Fans — Jukka Halme

What do Moomintrolls, Tolkien, 1978, and reindeer steaks have to do with Jukka Halme?  In my third Interviewing the FansRead more »
Shaun Duke author

Shaun’s Rambles 005: Interviewing the Fans — Rachael Acks

What do Transformers, unicorns, and Rachael Acks have in common?  In the latest edition of my Interviewing the Fans feature, I talkRead more »
Shaun Duke author

Shaun’s Rambles 004: Interviewing the Fans — Paul Weimer

…in which I continue this podcast thing on my new website by talking to Paul Weimer about how he becameRead more »
Shaun Duke author

Shaun’s Rambles 003: On Negative Reviews and Their Value

…in which I talk about things some people don’t want to write. In this edition: A discussion of the valueRead more »
Shaun Duke author

Shaun’s Rambles 002: The Value of Book Reviews and Dark Orbit by Carolyn Ives Gilman

…in which I continue a podcast of random thoughts had while driving home from work. In this edition: What isRead more »
Shaun Duke author

Shaun’s Rambles 001: The Gallo Conspiracy and Trial By Fire

…in which I begin a podcast of random thoughts had while driving home from work. In this edition: Some thoughtsRead more »
Shaun Duke author