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This podcast is for anyone interested in learning how to use and create podcasts, and other e-learning tools. - Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D., University of the Sciences

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"I LEARNED IT ON A PODCAST" -- This podcast is for anyone interested in learning about podcasting and the latest eLearning technologies. - Rodney B. Murray, PhD, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
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RPP #181: Strut Learning - Interview with Lee Johnston

Your browser does not support the audio element. Click the Title to Play or DownloadInterview with Lee Johnston, CEO of Strut Learning - the "next-generation LMS for innovators." Strut integrates personalized learning, assessments, student success, aut...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #180: Learning Technology Entrepreneurs

[Subscribe via Email below or Click Title to Play]This special podcast is a recording of a panel discussion, Learning Technology Entrepreneurs: Case Studies from Concept to Market. This was recorded at a unique joint meeting of the PA/DE/NJ Distance Le...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #179: Yoda AI Bot - Interview with Anjli Jain

[Subscribe via Email below or Click Title to Play]Interview with Anjli Jain, founder of Unifyed. We discuss Yoda, their AI-powered Bot with SIS and LMS integration that automates responses to student and faculty frequently asked questions such as: How ...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #178: K16 Solutions - Interview with Thomas Waite

Interview with Dr. Thomas Waite, CEO of K16 Solutions. K16's Scaffold Designer is the industry’s first cloud-hosted, fully-integrated course development tool that automates manual processes and improves efficiency for instructional designers and facult...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #177: The Future of Learning Platforms: Perspectives from LMS Vendors

This special audio podcast is a recording of a Panel Discussion at the USciences eLearning 3.0 Conference on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Our Keynote speaker, Phil Hill, was the moderator. The Panel consists...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #176: The Future of Learning Platforms by Phil Hill

This is a special audio and video podcast of Phil Hill's Keynote, entitled The Future of Learning Platforms. Phil Hill is Publisher of the PhilOnEdTech Blog and Partner at MindWires, LLC. As a market analyst, Phil has analyzed the growth of technology-...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #175: ALEKS Insights - Interview with Lori Anderson

Interview with Lori Anderson, VP of Technical Product Management at McGraw Hill. We discuss ALEKS (Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces) a web-based, AI assessment, and learning system focused on math and chemistry. ALEKS uses adaptive questioni...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #174: Aula Education - Interview with Anders Krohn

Interview with Anders Krohn, CEO and Co-founder of Aula Education. Aula brings students, staff, and educators together in a digital environment that encourages interaction and collaboration. Anders Krohn, CEOWe discuss:The meaning of the name "Aula"How...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #173: Neuro-Andragogy - Presentation by Kristen Betts

This podcast is a presentation entitled "Neuro-Andragogy: Science & Art of Changing the Brain" Presented by Dr. Kristen Betts, Clinical Professor, Drexel University School of Education. It was delivered at the PADLA Annual Conference and Expo. PADL...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #172: AI, Machine Learning & Cognitive Computing

This podcast is a recording of a panel discussion at the Reimagine Education Conference on November 30, 2018, in San Francisco. You will hear from the panelists: Joel Hellermark (CEO of Sana Labs), Nirmal Mukhi (researcher at IBM Watson) and Ethan Keis...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #171: Virtually Inspired - Interview with Marci Powell

Interview with Marci Powell, Project Director of Virtually Inspired powered by Drexel University Online, and Chair Emerita and Past President of the US Distance Learning Association. We discuss technology-enhanced teaching and learning and Virtually In...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #170: The Horizon Report - Interview with Audrey Watters

Interview with Audrey Watters, a self-described ‚Äúeducation writer, an independent scholar, a serial dropout, a rabble-rouser, and ed-tech‚Äôs Cassandra.‚ÄĚ We discuss the Horizon Report and The History of the Future of Education Technology, the special foc...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #169: Harvard Innovation labs - Interview with Jodi Goldstein

Interview with Jodi Goldstein, Executive Director at Harvard Innovation Labs, a three-lab ecosystem that supports Harvard students, alumni and faculty in exploring innovation and entrepreneurship. We discuss:Jodi GoldsteinExecutive DirectorThe Harvard ...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #168: The Blackboard Ultra (Conversion) Experience

Discussion with Rob McCunney, Blackboard Sysadmin and Instructional Designer, University of the Sciences. We discuss our conversion from Blackboard Learn managed hosting to SaaS and then to the Ultra Experience and Ultra Courses. We discuss:Adoption of...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #167: Alchemie - Interview with Julia Winter

Interview with Julia Winter, CEO and Founder of Alchemie, which combines commercial game design with a deep understanding of how students learn. Alchemie’s digital learning tools provide an intuitive learning experience that encourages students to expl...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #166: FlatWorld - Interview with Alastair Adam

Interview with Alastair Adam, Co-CEO of FlatWorld, a digital-first college textbook publisher building a niche between the high cost traditional publishers and open education resources (OER) publishers. We answer the questions:What is the background of...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #165: CourseTune - Interview with Maria Andersen

Interview with Maria Andersen, CEO and Co-Founder, CourseTune. CourseTune has a completely new way to visualize the underpinnings and framework of curriculum design - a way to "harmonize" your curriculum. We discuss:Maria's backgroundNeed for a CourseT...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #164: Future of Education Discussion with Bryan Alexander

This special audio (and video) podcast is a broadcast of a Panel Discussion at the USciences eLearning 3.0 Conference held on Thursday, March 8, 2018 at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Rod kicked off the Panel discussion by showing a br...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #163: Academia Beyond Millennials with Bryan Alexander

This special audio (and video) podcast is a broadcast of Dr. Bryan Alexander's Keynote, entitled Academia Beyond Millennials: The Next Generation of Higher Education. It was given at the USciences eLearning 3.0 Conference on Thursday, March 8, 2018. Br...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #162: Starfish - Interview with Howard Bell

Interview with Howard Bell, Senior Vice President of Higher Education Student Success and the General Manager of Starfish at Hobsons. We discuss their Starfish Enterprise Success Platform including Early Alert, Connect, and Degree Planner, and how it h...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #161: USciences eLearning 3.0 Conference

Rod discusses the new USciences eLearning 3.0 Conference, includingBackground and history of this conference in it's 16th yearWhat is eLearning 3.0Keynote Speaker, futurist Dr. Bryan AlexanderPanel on the Future of Higher Education including Dr. Alexan...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #160: Lovoco - Interview with Calvin Shum

Interview with Calvin Shum, CEO of Lovoco. Lovoco offers accessibility, communication, and educational solutions with proprietary speech and translation AI resulting in instantaneous bilingual subtitling. He demonstrated German translation of our live ...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #159: AEFIS - Interview with Mustafa Sualp

Interview with Mustafa Sualp, CEO and Founder, AEFIS, LLC. AEFIS is an integrated assessment management platform. We discuss the range of management tools, such asSyllabus ManagementMustafa SualpFounder & CEOAssessment and Outcomes ManagementProgra...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #158: StudyTree - Interview with Ethan Keiser

Interview with Ethan Keiser, CEO of StudyTreeWe discuss how StudyTree integrates academic support services with artificial intelligence to provide students with a mobile automated academic assistant. StudyTree analyzes students’ grades and behavioral p...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #157: Blackboard Roadmap - Interview with Jim Chalex

Interview with Jim Chalex, Vice President of Product Management at Blackboard Inc. We discuss the Blackboard Learn product roadmap. What are the various "flavors" of Blackboard Learn and how will they evolve over the next couple of years? We discuss:Ex...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #156: Glisser - Interview with Michael Piddock

Interview with Michael Piddock, CEO and Founder of Glisser. Glisser is a unique audience response system that shares presentation slides to mobile devices in real-time and uses polling and Q&A to make live events and the classroom interactive. We d...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #155: Connected Casebook - Interview with Vikram Savkar

Interview with Vikram Savkar, Vice President & General Manager, Legal Education, Wolters Kluwer. Connected Casebook is an integrated digital and print learning solution designed to facilitate deeper student mastery of legal thinking and stronger le...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #154: Maplesoft Möbius - Interview with Jim Cooper

Interview with Jim Cooper, CEO of Maplesoft, about Möbius their new comprehensive online courseware environment that focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We discuss:Maplesoft historyJim Cooper, CEOMaplesoft course/module market...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #153: eLearning after 20 Years - Interview with Ken Hartman

Interview with Dr. Ken Hartman, CEO of Degree Quest and the past president of Drexel University Online. Ken has a long distinguished history in education and especially online learning. This talk highlights changes to teaching and learning 20 years aft...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #152: The Future of Education: A Scenario

Rod illustrates a scenario he wrote as part of a strategic planning process on the future of education at the University of the Sciences.The scenario illustrates one future of education. As we all know, technology is increasing at an exponential rate. ...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #151: Algebra By Hand - Interview with Michael Eiseman

Interview with Michael Eiseman, Founder of Learn By Hand, LLC. With a masters in Chemical Engineering, Michael was a research scientist for DuPont R&D for nearly 30 years. He has always had an interest in education and launched Algebra By Hand‚ĄĘ, th...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #150: Memorang - Interview with Yermie Cohen

Interview with Yermie Cohen, MD, Co-Founder & CEO of Memorang, Inc. Memorang is a free web and mobile study tool that helps students memorize any type of information through spaced repetition, multiple quizzing modes and games. Students can prepare...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #149: Teaching in a Digital Age - Interview with Tony Bates

Interview with Dr. Tony Bates, CEO of Tony Bates Associates Ltd and Distinguished Visiting Professor at Ryerson University. Tony was the former Director of Distance Education and Technology at the University of British Columbia. We discuss the underlyi...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #148: Sway - Interview with Jill Sitnick

Interview with Jill Sitnick, Technology Strategist, MicrosoftWe discuss Sway, Microsoft's mobile graphic presentation tool. Create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories from your browser or smart phone. We discuss:What is Sway?...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #147: Labster - Interview with Mikkel Marfelt & Aaron Knox

Interview with Dr. Mikkel Marfelt and Aaron Knox of LabsterWe discuss laboratory simulation and how it can be highly effective for STEM education while opening up new avenues for distance learning disciplines. Labster's next generation of virtual lab s...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #146: Autodesk Education - Interview with Randy Swearer

Interview with Dr. Randy Swearer, VP of Education Experiences, Autodesk. We discuss Autodesk’s efforts to empower students for lifelong learning through problem-solving, collaboration and design thinking.TopicsDr. Randy SwearerFree Autodesk software fo...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #145: DubLabs - Interview with Tony Orlando

Interview with Tony Orlando, CEO of DubLabs, LLC on how mobile apps from DubLabs "Unifies student mobility and increases engagement to improve performance and retention."We answer the questions:Tony Orlando, CEOWhat does DubLabs do?How are mobile apps ...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #144: ExamSoft - Interview with Jason Gad

Interview with Jason Gad, Vice President of Business Development, ExamSoft Worldwide Inc.We answer the questions:How does Examsoft work?Jason GadWhat are advantages over online LMS exams?Does it work with Scantron-type paper exams?Can exams be proctore...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #143: Knewton Personalized Learning - Interview with Jason Jordan

Interview with Jason Jordan, Vice President for Higher Ed Markets at KnewtonWe answer the questions:Jason Jordan, VP for Higher Ed MarketsWhat is adaptive or personalized learning?How does Knewton work?Is it a tool kit or prepackaged content?Is Knewton...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #142: 10th Anniversary Edition - Podcasting 101

In this special 10th Anniversary Edition, Rod highlights some of the more interesting aspects of podcasting history, his particular podcasting story and gives tips on how to do your own podcast.Brief History of PodcastingBirth of the iPodApple iPod His...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #131: Echo360 Active Learning Platform - Interview with Greg Golkin

Interview with Greg Golkin, Head of Platform Innovation, Echo360, Inc. This is not your father's lecture capture system!We answer the questions:Learn more about Echo360 ALPWhat is an Active Learning Platform?Lecture Capture:software or hardware?live st...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #132: D2L Brightspace - Interview with John Baker, CEO, D2L

Interview with John Baker, CEO, D2LD2L (formerly Desire2Learn) announced the next generation of its learning platform, Brightspace. By featuring a new faculty user experience and bringing adaptive learning to the masses, D2L says that Brightspace is mo...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #133: Blackboard Ultra: Interview with Mark Strassman

Interview with Mark Strassman, Senior Vice President, Industry and Product Management, Blackboard Inc.Mark Strassman oversees the company's product and integrated portfolio strategy to ensure Blackboard continues to build solutions that serve instituti...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #137: ProctorU - Interview with Don Kassner

Interview with Don Kassner, CEO & President, ProctorU Inc.Don Kassner, CEOWe answer these questions:Why do Universities need identity management and authentication and remote proctoring?How does ProctorU and UCard work?What kinds of biometrics do y...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #140: Future Trends: Interview with Bryan Alexander

Interview with Bryan Alexander, educator, futurist, speaker, writer, and senior researcher for the New Media Consortium (NMC). We discuss the future of higher education.We discuss: NMC 2016 Horizon Report for Higher EducationTime-to-Adoption Horizon: O...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #141: Mersive Solstice - Interview with Christopher Jaynes

Interview with Christopher Jaynes, CTO of Mersive We answer the questions:Christopher JaynesWhat is Solstice?Does it improve classroom pedagogy?Does it replace AppleTV? What are the Enterprise features?How is it used in active learning spaces?What are ...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #139: Design for the Mind - Interview with Victor Yocco

Interview with Victor Yocco (@victoryocco), design researcher and authorWe answer the questions:What are your background and interests?What is andragogy?What are some of the key principles of learning design?How can psychology inform design?Can you tel...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #136: ApprenNet: Interview with Paul Freedman, CEO

Interview with Paul Freedman, CEO of ApprenNet, Inc. We discuss the ApprenNet learning platformTurning passive videos into active learningCombining low-cost, distributed eLearning with the power of simulationPractice > Feedback > MentoringBuildin...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #138: Higher Education Horizon Report by Alex Freeman

The 2015 Higher Education Horizon Report presentation by Alex Freeman of the New Media ConsortiumAlex FreemanKeynote presentation at the 2015 Pennsylvania / Delaware / New Jersey Distance Learning Association's (PADLA) Annual Conference & ExpoHear ...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author

RPP #135: Disruptive Innovation in Education: Interview with Michelle Weise

Interview with Michelle R. Weise, the Executive Director of Sandbox ColLABorative, the R&D arm of strategy and innovation at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), formerly Senior Research Fellow for Higher Education at the Clayton Christensen I...
Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D. author