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Podcasts for intermediate or advanced spanish students that even beginners can understand. Discover your potential to learn a foreign language and enrich your world!

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Spanish language learning podcasts for intermediate and advanced students that even beginners can understand. Discover your full potential to learn a foreign language and break into a much richer world! Check us out at
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Spanish 360 #52 Preview - Frases Condicionales

If you have trouble with "if" statement, here is your answer!

Spanish 360 # 51 Preview - Diferencia entre "ya" y "todavia"

Are you still wondering what the difference is?  Just take a listen!  Remember to come visit us at  

Spanish 360 #50 Preview - What is the difference between qué and cuál?

You may think you know the difference but there is a reason we get confused.  Let's solve this problem once and for all!  Don't forget to come visit us at  This is our 50th podcast!  Thank you for listening to us!

Spanish 360 #49-Entrevista con Claudia Chevarri. La vida en Costa Rica.

Nothing like a local to tell us about this beautiful Spanish!  Don't forget to come visit us at  

Spanish 360 #48 - Los verbos m√°s f√°ciles!

Yo amo, t√ļ amas, todos aman ...los verbos que terminan en "ar". ¬†Master them and move on to more diffiult things! ¬†Come visit us at for more info and materials! ¬†

Spanish 360 #47 Preview - Preposiciones! Parte 1

How in the world can these little words cause such problems?  Check us out and we'll let you know!  Come visit us at for activities related to this podcast.  

Spanish 360 #46 Preview - Palabras que difieren con ser y estar

¬ŅEstamos listos or somos listos? ¬†Well in fact.. ¬†both are correct and we are both! ¬†Take a listen and let us know what you think. ¬†You can find additional information and activities at ¬†

Spanish 360 #45 Preview - Palabras para la ropa, vestirse, llevar, ponerse.

We got an excellent question from one of our listeners, Chris Brooks, about how to use various words related to clothes and dressing.  We hope you like it! Remember to come visit us at for more information and activities. ...

Spanish 360 #44 - Pretérito vs Imperfecto, Parte 1, El imperfecto

Another question from one of our listeners that hesitates between the two past tenses in Spanish.  Don't forget to come visit us at for more information and materials!

Spanish 360 #43 - Preguntas retóricas

How do you ask a rhetorical question in Spanish, such as "Who could that be"?  We certainly have an answer for you!  Come visit us at for more information and activities related to this topic.  

Spanish 360 #42-Sandwich de Subjuntivo

No matter when or how you need it or wherever you go, this structure is quite common and impossible to be translated literally into English.  Don't forget to visit us at for activities and more information.  

Spanish 360 #41 Preview - Pregunta de Kathy: El verbo dejar

One tricky verb with many meanings. Stop complaining, let us explain and leave the worries away! Remember to visit us at to dowload materials and activities!

Spanish 360 #40 Preview - Yo mismo vs mí mismo y otros pronombres

Myself, ourselves? How do we say this in Spanish? Find out yourself!Don't forget to come visit us at where there is more information and additional materials!

Spanish 360 #39 Preview - Entrevista con Gustavo

Our friend Gustavo traveled all the way to South Africa and now brings us his experiences in Spanish!

Spanish 360 #38 - Ser y Estar Parte 1

One of the crucial subjects of the Spanish language completely solved by logic! ¬†¬ŅEst√°n listos? ¬†¬°Es muy f√°cil!Don¬īt forget to check out our website at for additional materials and more information.

Spanish 360 #37 Preview - Entrevista con Maitane Onrubia

Maitane was born in Pamplona and has a lot to say about one of the most popular Spanish traditions.  Don't forget to visit our website at to check out the additional materials related to this podcast.  

Spanish 360 #36 Preview - Irse vs Salir

A very smart question from a listener.  Stay tuned and don't go anwhere!  There is always more information, podcasts, and additional materials available at  Come check us out!

Spanish 360 #35 Preview - Entrevista con Paola Ferrero - Part 2: Vocabulario científico

Dr. Ferrero continues to help us learn many things about science - in Spanish! Remember, there is a lot more available, transcripts, activities and more at  

Spanish 360 #34 Preview - Diferencia entre vos y t√ļ

If you visit Argentina, Uruguay or Central America, people may address you as vos and not t√ļ. ¬†In this podcast, we have the most complete lesson about veseo in Latin America. ¬†Remember there is a lot more information available at www.spanish360withfabi...

Spanish 360 #33 - Pregunta de Juanita: querido vs estimado

One of our friends was not sure how to start a nice letter.  Dear friend, here is the answer!  Remember there are transcripts and activities for each podcast on our website.  

Spanish 360 #32 Preview - Verbo mas gerundio

Estar plus a gerund is a very common combination.  But, are there more?  Little by little, ¡Vamos aprendiendo!

Spanish 360 #31 Preview - Entrevista con Inma

Our first guest from Spain talks about her life and a beautiful part of Spain that is not so well known.  There is a lot more information available at, where you can find transcripts of each podcast along with additional m...

Spanish 360 #30 Preview - To Become, Parte 2

Let's not be nervous, crazy or sad about this subject!  Let us help you out on it!  You'll become an expert!  Remember to always visit to get more info, great materials and even ask Fabiana a question!  

Spanish 360 #29 Preview - Tiempo versus vez

A common delimma that strikes many times.  Do you have time to find out?  Let Fabiana, Chris and Byron answer all your questions.  There is a lot more information available at!

Spanish 360 #28 - Entrevista con Paola Ferrero

We welcome Dr. Paola Ferrero from Argentina,  and hear her description of scientific research in Spanish speaking countries.  There is a lot more information, transcripts, activites at our website.

Spanish 360 #27 Preview - Por y Para 3

The final say on this difficult choice!  More information about these two problematic prepositions.  Remember there is alot more information available at  

Spanish 360 #26 - Dem√°s, no m√°s, nom√°s, si no, sino

One word or two? Let's clarify the problem y ¡No más errores!  Also, as always, there are some great transcripts and activities at  

Spanish 360 #25 Preview - Entrevista con Artigas Anelo

In this special podcast Fabiana travels to Galicia, Spain to interview the acclaimed bandoneonist Artigas Anelo and talks to him about his latest CD, Calambre.  There is a lot more information and transcriptions of the interview available at www.spanis...

Spanish 360 #24 - To Become - Parte 1

Ever wondered how to translate ¨To Become¨into Spanish?  Let's become experts on the different types of transformations and the verbs for them in Spanish.  Remember you can buy the transcripts and some great activities at

Spanish 360 #23 Preview- Por y Para 2

Let's continue to work on solving Por y Para, but let's use logic to do it.  Remember!  We have transcripts and some great activies at  Come check us out!  

Spanish 360 #22 Preview - Entrevista con Verónica Jiménez

Ver√≥nica visited us from cosmopolitan Buenos Aires and tells us about her lifestyle, typical Argentinian words and good food. ¬†Remember! ¬†There¬īs a lot more information available in our transcripts and activities. ¬†It¬īs all available at www.spanish360w...

Spanish 360 #21 Preview - Viaje a San Miguel. ¬ŅLa gente est√° loca?

Let's hear about this beautiful city in Mexico while we solve the problem of the word gente. Is it singular or plural?  Fabiana can answer all your questions on this topic and more! Remember, you can download some great materials on our website at www....

Spanish 360 #20 Preview - El concierto de Shakira en Las Vegas. A mí también, yo también.

We know that también means also, as well as too.  But, why do we sometimes say  "A mí también"  and sometimes "Yo también"?  Let's ask Fabiana!  Remember, in our website,, there are transcipts of every podcast and some gre...

Spanish 360 #19 Preview - La palabra quisiera, viaje a Espa√Īa

When first learning Spanish this is one of the first words we learn. But how should we consider this word?  Also in this podcast we discuss a trip to Spain that Chris is going to take and the movie "El secreto de sus ojos",  from Argentina that won the...

Spanish 360 #18 Preview - Entrevista con Michelle Marie

What is it like to be a teenager in Latin America? Find our what our friend Michelle has to say.  Check out the great vocabulary and activities related to this at

Spanish 360 #17 - Los juegos de mesa

Some of us can play chess and checkers quite well. Would you like to play them in Spanish? Take a listen to the podcast and you'll be ready to play Ajedrez with your spanish speaking friends!  Also, we have some great materials to accompany this podcas...

Spanish 360 #16 La nana y Cama Adentro

Two movies and one similar subject. Both movies provide great vocabulary and cultural perspectives.  Don't forget to check out the material that goes along with this podcast at and send us messages in Facebook, Twitter or ...

Spanish 360 #15 Preview - Los Reyes Magos

One of the sweetest traditions of the Spanish speaking world. Watch out Santa!  Now you can be ready for the holidays with all your Spanish speaking friends!

Spanish 360 #14 Preview - La estructura "Hace + tiempo + que"

How do you express what happened "long ago" in Spanish?  This is very useful to know if you need to say for how long you have been studying Spanish!   

Spanish 360 #13 Preview - Entrevista con Omar y Yolanda Parte 2

Yolanda and Omar continue with their story of survival, pride and persistence.  The story Yolanda tells about one of her first jobs in the United States is priceless.  

Spanish 360 #12 - Entrevista con Yolanda y Omar Parte 1

Our Cuban friends Yolanda and Omar tell their incredible story: from Cuba to Dallas

Spanish 360 #11 Preview - Viaje a Espa√Īa - Ordenes en vosotros

The person vosotros is used only in Spain.  How can you master these commands?  We offer some good tips after Chris makes the trip to the land of Cervantes.  

Spanish 360 #10 - Por y Para, Parte 1

If Hamlet were learning Spanish his dramatic question would be "para or por"? Let's start solving the problem with logic not memorization!

Spanish 360 #9 - Kafka en la Orilla. Parar y Detener

We discuss Murakami's masterpiece and continue with two verbs that seem to mean the same thing but don't.  

Spanish 360 #8 Preview - Quedar, Permanecer, Sobrar

These three verbs can be quite confusing when your first language is English.  Let's solve the problem!

Spanish 360 #7 - Dondequiera, comoquiera, quienquiera...

What does the word dondequiera mean?  There are many similar adverbs in Spanish and they are all very, very useful.

Spanish 360 #6 Preview - Haber de + infinitivo y Un libro de Jaime Bayly

We discuss the grammatical phrase haber de + infinitive verb and the latest book by one of our favorite Latin American authors Jaime Bayly, from Peru.  

Spanish 360 #5 Preview - El sufijo -azo

Nouns ending in -azo can make a "huge" difference.  Do you know why?  We also discuss some literature and the movie, "The Secret in Their Eyes" from Argentina that won the best foreign language film for 2009.  

Spanish 360 #4 Preview - El sufijo -izo

Words can change just by adding a suffix.  Do you know what an adjective ending in -izo means in Spanish?  We also welcome Byron back from Costa Rica and talk a little about "Pura Vida"!

Spanish 360 #3 - Entrevista con Reyna

We welcome our friend from Honduras who talks about the lifestyle in Central America, her family and delicious regional meals!