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Listen in as D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed., and her guest experts, share tips, tools, and strategies to help you reach more readers and sell more books!

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Listen in as D'vorah Lansky, M.Ed., and her guest experts, share tips, tools, and strategies to help you reach more readers and sell more books!
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052: Moreen Torpy: The Organized Author

Our guest speaker today is Moreen Torpy of - Today Moreen will be speaking to us about: The Organized Author Many authors experience overwhelm from time to time in their writing career. Moreen Torpy, who happens to be an Author a...

051: Frances Caballo - Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day

Our guest speaker today is Frances Caballo. She will be speaking on Social Media in Just 30 Minutes a Day Frances is a guest speaker for the 30-Day Productivity Challenge. You can find out more at Episode Descript...

050: Dr Jeanette Cates - Practices of the Productive Author

In this episode Dr. Jeanette Cates talks about the Practices of the Productive author. A productive author is a prolific author. And a prolific author is a profitable author. You'll exit this episode with a ton of ideas that you can use immediately! ...

049: Doug Foresta - Reach More Readers Through Podcasting

Doug Foresta is a veteran podcaster. He has produced over 800 podcast episodes with New York Times bestselling authors and Academy Award winners. Doug is the founder of Stand Out and Be Heard, a global community of podcasters. His passion is helping pe...

048: Eamonn Obrien - Make Powerful Speeches

In today's episode, Eamonn will be sharing his most recommended way to reach more readers, his favorite productivity tip, and more... Join Eamonn and 15 other guest experts at the Reach More Readers Virtual Summit at:

047: Ellen Finkelstein - The Power of PowerPoint for Authors

Ellen has written numerous books on PowerPoint and Internet Marketing and since 1999 has been helping people to present and market themselves more effectively. Along the way, she learned a lot about Internet Marketing, including: • Creating websites a...

046: Ginny Carter - Sreamline Your Book Marketing

Ginny Carter is a business book ghostwriter and book writing coach. She’s on a mission to turn speakers, coaches and experts from aspiring authors to actual authors with the credibility to gain more clients and charge more for what they do. Today Gin...

045: Kristen Joy - The Book Ninja

Introduced to books as entertainment and education since birth, Kristen ( read her first Nancy Drew book when she was six years old and began her professional publishing journey in 2003 when she served as Marketing Director for a v...

044: Diane K. Bell: Publish Yourself to Wealth

Diane K. Bell is the award winning, #1 best selling author of “Publish Yourself To Wealth: Build Your Perpetual Prosperity Platform”. Diane’s passion is guiding professionals and transitioning boomers as they turn their knowledge, skills and expertise ...

043: Tamara Patzer - List Building for Authors

Tamara Patzer is a best-selling author and video marketing consultant serving authors and experts via Blue Ocean Authority. She solves every author's problem: how to get found and seen and how to have fun while benefiting from the third-person credibil...

042: Sara F Hathaway - The Power of Pinterest for Authors

Sara is the author of the book, Day After Disaster, host of the Changing Earth Podcast, and revolutionary fictional book marketer. Sara grew up in the country where she developed a profound interest in the natural world around her. After graduating wit...

041: Brian Basilico - Building Social Media Book Buzz

Brian is an internationally recognized, award winning author and speaker (and a self professed geek). He’s the founder and president of B2b Interactive Marketing Inc., an award winning marketing consulting and production company in Aurora, Illinois. B2...

039: Rachel Henke: Promote Your Expertise with a Book

Rachel is the bestselling author of The Niche Expert and soon to be published The Freedom Solution. Rachel is the freedom business coach to coaches & experts around the world. ‘Breaking free’ of the corporate world upon relocating to a sleepy vill...

040: Linda Stirling - Enhance Your Website & Amazon Presence

Linda Stirling works with writers around the globe, helping many achieve bestseller status. Using strategies she’s refined, she coaches writers on how to create long-term, life-affecting income from their books. Linda’s heart is in helping every writer...

038: Donna K. Fitch - Expand Your Author Presence

When asked what she feels is the most powerful way for authors to reach more readers, Donna responded with, "I think that is through developing their author presence. You might want to call it your author platform. Let me explain a little bit about wha...

037: Brian Jud - Sell Books to Non-Bookstore Buyers

When asked what Brian feels is the most powerful way to reach more readers, he responded with: "Probably in a way that you might not expect, in the sense that it’s not through bookstores or to retailers, it’s through corporations, through companies tha...

036: Jane Tabachnick - Author Media Kits

When asked what she feels is the most effective way to reach more readers, Jane responded with, "I think the most effective way for authors to reach more readers is to use the right platforms. When I say platforms I mean websites, social media sites, o...

035: Bill O'Hanlon - Grow Your Business by Building Relationships

In today's episode Bill O'Hanlon, author of over 30 books and a guest on Oprah, joins us to discuss how he reaches more readers. Bill wants authors to realize that they are 100% responsible for getting their work out there no matter who is the publishe...

034: Sandra Beckwith - Reach More Readers Through Guest Blogging

In this episode Sandra Beckwith shares powerful strategies for reaching more readers through guest blogging. Here's what Sandra has to say about Guest Blogging: "I think one of the best ways for authors to reach more readers is actually by doing gues...

033: Dvorah Lansky - Announcing Our New Podcast Format - Rea...

Enjoy this episode where I share some very exciting announcements. This podcast series is about to be transformed to meet the needs of our listeners. Until now, we've spoken primarily about "podcasting for authors and entrepreneurs!" Moving forward we...

032: Mur Lafferty: Power of Podcasting for Fictional Authors

My guest today is Mur Lafferty, host of the “I Should Be Writing” Podcast. She has been podcasting since 2004 and is the only woman ever (so far) to be inducted into the Podcasting Hall of Fame! Mur discusses polite ways to handle difficult guests vs. ...

031: M. Shannon Hernandez: Using Hashtags to Increase the Reach of Your Podcast

My guest today is Shannon Hernandez, after 15 years in education she launched into the entrepreneurial world with a passion for bringing more compassion into the classrooms. After writing her book, Breaking the Silence, My Final 40 Days as a School Tea...

030: Sara F. Hathaway: Virtual Podcast Tours for Fictional Authors

My guest today is Sara F. Hathaway, fictional author of the book Day After Disaster. Sara has taken the podcasting world by storm by launching a Virtual Podcast Tour for her fictional novel. She discusses the virgin marketing territory that she is trea...

029: Andy Sokolovich: How to Approach Potential Guests

Today we’ll be speaking about how to approach potential guests and how to leverage your guest’s social status to grow your audience. My guest is Andy Sokolovich, of and host of “Theme-Addicts” podcast. Andy started his podcast to...

028: Jessica Rhodes: Get Booked as a Guest Expert on Podcasts

My guest today is Jessica Rhodes, the founder of Jessica serves the podcasting community by connecting podcasters with guests and guests with podcasts. This unique view of the podcasting world has given Jessica some inside deta...

027: Daniel Hall: Grow Your Email List by Delivering Great Content on Your Podcast

My guest today is Daniel Hall, creator of Real Fast Training Products. Daniel is passionate about getting his message into the hands of his community so they can take actionable steps towards building their own communities and sharing their own message...

026: Aprille Janes: Enhance Your Message Through Story Telling

My guest today is Aprille Janes, creator of The Bolder Business Podcast. Aprille’s mission is to teach entrepreneurs about the power of their story. With her background in corporate America blended together with a passion for fictional writing, Aprille...

025: Rob Walch: Top Myths about Podcasting

My guest today, Rob Walch, is the vice president of Libsyn (an audio hosting company) and co-author of Tricks of the Podcasting Masters. Rob works daily in the podcast world on both a professional and personal basis. This extensive podcasting experienc...

024: Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar of She Podcasts

My guests today are Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar, creators of She Podcasts and Podcasting School for Women. Jessica and Elsie are passionate about building a community of women who can share podcasting goals and successes in a positive and suppo...

023: Daniel J. Lewis - SEO and Podcast Reviews for Podcasters

My guest today is Daniel J. Lewis, creator of The Audacity to Podcast. Daniel is on a mission to help new podcasters launch and improve their podcasts. In this episode, Daniel will give us some helpful pointers on how to increase the Search Engine Opti...

022: Pam Brossman: Podcasting to Market Your Books, Business & Expertise

My guest today is Pam Brossman, creator of Awesome Women Inc. Pam’s goal is to inspire woman to live their dreams and share their messages. In this episode, Pam shares with us the strategies she uses to drive her business with valuable content that she...

021: Lou Mongello: Building Community Online and Offline

My guest today is Lou Mongello, creator of WDW (Walt Disney World) Radio. Lou has translated his passion for Walt Disney into a unique podcast that has taken his dreams to new heights. In this episode, Lou shares with us how he was able to organically ...

020: Sandra Beckwith - Using Publicity to Promote Your Podcast

My guest today is Sandra Beckwith, creator of Build Book Buzz and author of Get Your Book in the News – How to Write a Press Release That Announces Your Book. Sandra’s passion for helping authors achieve their goals motivates her to develop some outsta...

019: Jim Collison - Hosting Live Podcasts and More...

My guest today is Jim Collison, creator of TheAverageGuy TV. Jim’s shows emphasize his passion for all things high tech. In this episode, we learn how Jim is expanding the definition of podcasting with his live-audience chat room podcasts. We will expl...

018: Dvorah Lansky - Virtual Podcast Tours

Today I have the honor of being interviewed by my friend and business partner, Doug Foresta. I’ll be sharing some of the many podcasting secrets I have discovered through my podcasting foray. In this episode, we will look at what the biggest benefits o...

017: Paul Colligan - Leverage Technology to Expand Reach and Revenue

In this episode, podcasting pioneer Paul Colligan shares his epic involvement in the podcast movement and explains the new trends that are available to podcasters. He shares some of the many benefits that authors and entrepreneurs alike have access to ...

016: Kathleen Gage - Playing Full Out

In this episode, Kathleen Gage talks about putting 100% effort into each task we take on in our lives. She shares her passion for solo entrepreneurs and explains some of the benefits that authors and business owners alike can experience with podcasting...

015: Dave Jackson - Getting Started with Podcasting

My guest today is Dave Jackson, author of More Podcasting Money and the founder of the School of Podcasting. In this episode you will learn about the benefits of podcasting and how they can expand your audience to a global listening base as well as giv...

014: Christy Hausler - How to Avoid Common Podcasting Mistakes

My guest today is Christy Hausler: founder of Team Podcast and host of Brick and Mortar Reporter Podcast. In this episode, Christy gives us some advice on avoiding the common mistakes that podcasters make. She shares her passion for local business and ...

013: David Moskowitz - Producing Paid For Podcasts

My guest today is David Moskowitz, founder of The Membership Academy. In this episode, David gives us some ideas about how to establish a paid-for membership for our podcasts and how that could be useful, in the right circumstances. He explains some of...

012: Ilene Dillon - Keep a Steady Flow of Show Guests Knocking on Your Door

My guest today is Ilene Dillion: MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist), owner of Emotional Pro and show host of Full Power Living. In this episode, Ilene draws from this extensive experience and gives us some advice on how to avoid and overcome a few pod...

011 Brian Jud - Reach Non-Bookstore Buyers via Podcasting

My guest today is Brian Jud, author of How to Make Real Money Selling Books and the executive director of the Association of Publishers for Special Sales (Apss). In this episode you will discover how to develop content that attracts non-bookstore buyer...

010: Jane Tabachnick - Gain Media Visibility for Your Podcast

My guest today is Jane Tabachnick, author of Publicity for Introverts and the creator of “Easy Author One Sheets”. In this episode you will learn ways that online speakers can tap into the media to get publicity for podcasts. Jane shows us how to get...

009 Fred Castaneda Podcasting as a Long-Term Monitization Strategy.mp3

My guest today is Fred Castaneda, owner of Matrix Solutions Company. In this episode you will learn why now an ideal time for podcasting. Fred explains some of the key principals for monetizing your podcasting efforts for long-term success.

008 Shelley Hitz: Podcast Your Book

In this episode, Shelly Hitz talks about “podcasting a book” as a way of streamlining the book writing process into a quick and easy event. Enjoy these inspiring tips as well as a few pointers on how to keep your momentum going for the long term.

007: Lon Naylor: The Power of Screencasting for Podcasters

In this episode you will learn how to use the power of screencasting to introduce your podcast to new audiences. You will discover successful tips for producing your screencast and find out why authors and entrepreneurs everywhere are benefiting from t...

006: Denise Wakeman - Increase Online Visibility Through Podcasting

In this episode Denise Wakeman talks about how podcasting can greatly increase your online visibility. This begins by focusing on relationship building with your audience to form trust and long term engagement. This can lead to sales, referrals, and bu...

005: Josh Bartlett - CEO of Audello - The Podcast Journey

Josh Bartlett is passionate about online video and podcasting. In fact, his business is built around creating powerful podcasting and video marketing programs. Listen in as Josh shares about his podcasting and video creation journey and powerful tips h...

004: Louise Crooks: Turn Your Podcast Subscribers into Email Subscribers

Louise Crooks, aka The KeystoClarity! Coach talks about growing our list with a Juicy Opt-in Gift. The key to growing your platform is to grow your email list! In order to do this, you need to offer a free gift, to give people a taste of what you have ...

002: Connie Ragen Green: Monetize Your Podcast

Connie talks to us about her experiences of using her podcast as a marketing tool to reach prospects globally. And also how she repurposes her podcast to create content for her blog, membership sites, short reports, and books.