How would Jesus approach indie game development? How does Christianity inform game development? Join our hosts as we wrestle through what it looks like to be a professional game developer and follower of Jesus.

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Shining the light of Jesus in professional Game Development
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S2E07 Worldbuilding with Allegory with Tim Cleary (Aetherlight)

Christ said ‘If you are a follower of me, go tell my story.’ Connecting with our previous episode where we explored literal game design about the Bible, this week we talk about allegory with Tim Cleary worldbuilder of The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the...
RadianceGameDev.com author

S2E06 Designing Bible Themed Games Well with Lance Hill (Kings of Israel)

In the quest to design a game based on the Bible, you can alienate both non-Christians and Christians. Is there an example of a biblicaly themed game that meshes them and mechanics perfectly, avoiding the dreaded “Ludonarrative Dissonance”?  We think s...
RadianceGameDev.com author

S2E05 Light in Game Dev Community with Nic Biondi (Hardlander)

“The key to community is just showing up.” How can we be salt and light within our local game dev communities?  What should our attitude be? What will it cost us?  How do you handle gossip? Join us for an insightful conversation with Nic Biondi of Hard...
RadianceGameDev.com author

S2E04 Christ-like Protagonists with Jay Tholen (Dropsy)

Christ-likeness.  The goal of any Jesus follower.  But how can this be applied to a game’s main character? Join us for an insightful talk with Dropsy creator Jay Tholen as we discuss his spiritual transformation which led to Dropsy’s transformation. Pl...
RadianceGameDev.com author

S2E03 Defining Success and Worth in Game Dev – Evan Todd (Lemma)

“I just didn’t want to fail” What does success mean to the indie developer?  Is it # of views on youtube, just finishing, is it sales, or something else? Evan Todd of Lemma, the Immersive first-person parkour game, shares his struggle with releasing an...
RadianceGameDev.com author

S2E02 Marriage & Indie Game Dev – Ryan & Amy Green (That Dragon, Cancer)

If you are a married indie game dev, you share major life decisions.  Deciding as a couple to forgo gainful employment and pursue the dream is hard enough.  What if that game is about the illness and eventual loss of your son? Join us for a fascinating...
RadianceGamedev.com author

S2E01 The Long Build – Justin Fox (Reelise)

We are back with an all new Season 2! Yeah! In this opening episode we tackle the topic of Indie games becoming long multi-year projects.  How do you handle “the long build?”  What changes occur over the long development time and how does one stay moti...
RadianceGamedev.com author

S1E06 Does it Matter What we Put in a Game? Kevin Schut and Grand Theft Auto

Does it matter what we put in a game? This conversation isn’t theoretical, our game dev hosts are trying to decide what features to include in the game they actively work on. Games like Grand Theft Auto explore the evil side of life.  How do we decide ...
RadianceGameDev.com author

S1E05 Brock Henderson (Elevate Entertainment) and Minecraft

What does it mean when God starts and stops your career in games?  From several features in the app store, to working with Phil Visher (creator of Veggitales), to having game downloads in the millions, to suddenly moving towns and working as a house pa...
RadianceGamedev.com author

S1E04 Lars Doucet and James Cavin (Defender’s Quest)

From studying architecture and making educational games, to creating Defender’s Quest, a strategy tower defense RPG which has sold over 250,000 copies, this is the personal story of Lars Doucet and James Cavin who met at church and decided to make vide...
RadianceGameDev.com author