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The PWP Nation Network is a podcast channel focused around the world of professional wrestling!

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The PWP Nation Network is a podcast channel focused around the world of professional wrestling!
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Meg The Geek Interview - The Freelance Network Podcast Episode 10

This episode we interview Meg The Geek! She is a pop culture online personality, loves movies, and The Walking Dead! Check out Meg! YouTube: Meg The Geek Instagram: @MegTheGeek Facebook: Meg The Geek Twitter: @MegTheGeek Podcasts: Squawking Dead Podca...
PWP Nation Network author

Sully Bop Interview - The Freelance Network Podcast Episode 9

This episode we interview Sully Bop! He is a man of many trades, but mostly his rap/music career, and hosting his own podcast. Check out Sully Bop! YouTube: sullybop Music Platforms(Spotify, iTunes): Sully Bop Instagram: sullybop , bopcastpod Facebo...
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan EP 86: MLB Free Agency Preview

Luke, Ian, and Mikey are back with another baseball episode. Covering the top free agents in baseball. Follow us on social media @WeAreForTheFan
PWP Nation Network author

Brendan Walsh Interview - The Freelance Network Podcast Episode 8

This episode we sit down with Brendan Walsh of Oak Leaf Media! Check out Brendan and Oak Leaf here: Instagram: oakleafmedia, brendanwalshmusic Facebook: Oak Leaf Media Vimeo:
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep 85: Washington Nationals World Series Champions

Another year of a crazy World Series. Luke, Ian, Mikey break this down and so much more on this episode!
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep 84: Midseason Winners & Losers + Week 9 predictions

In this episode, Will & Luke tackle the trade deadline, NFL First half winners and losers, Teams, coaches, players and more. Plus our prediction pool who had an undefeated week last week!
PWP Nation Network author

Content Creation Q&A - The Freelance Network Podcast Episode 7

This episode we did our first Q&A! Thank you to those who submitted questions. If you have any questions for a future Q&A leave them in the comments below. Thanks to Reagan Germain, Steve Reynolds, Gianni Fiore, Brendan Walsh, Meg Dendy, and ...
PWP Nation Network author

Joe "Juice" Gibbs Interview - The Freelance Network Podcast Episode 6

Welcome back to Episode 6! This week we talk to Joe Gibbs all about his podcast Raw OJ! And after that we get into a conversation about mentalities to have while creating content. We hope you enjoy the episode! Check out Joes content! YouTube/Instagr...
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep. 83: NFL Week 8

We introduce a new segment to debate possible futures for some players and teams and then kick it to next week's predictions!! (45:00)
PWP Nation Network author

Importance Of Education - The Freelance Network Podcast Episode 5

This episode we talk all about why we think education is important for content creators. We have all had very different experiences with school but all agree that theres benefits with it. We hope you enjoy the episode, let us know what you think in the...
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan EP 82: NFL Trades & Week 7 preview

Rams went heavy on Tuesday with 3 trades, breakdown of the trades. NFL Officiating, Deshaun Watson, Cowboys, Kirk Cousins, and week 7 predictions. Follow us on instagram & facebook @WeAreForTheFan
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep. 81: Hockey Is Back!!

Dom and Jake open up the season with some overview of the first week of hockey and talk hype for certain players and teams!
PWP Nation Network author

Jordan Ellis Interview- The Freelance Network Podcast Episode 4

Welcome back to The Freelance Network Podcast! This episode we interview Jordan Ellis, Liaison for Communication Studies and Academic Support at Stockton University! We talk about her experience at Rowan University, and the different internships and jo...
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep 80: MLB Dvisional Round Recap & Championship Round Preview

Luke, Mikey, Ian are previewing the ALCS & NLCS after what was an exciting ALDS & NLDS that happened. Previewing the AL & NL championship rounds and a little predicting on some World Series Matchups. Dont want to miss this!
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 112 - MLB Playoffs, Hell in a Cell Ending, AEW Shines and more!

Tricky and Stoutsy bring you episode 112 in Offended! The good brothers talk MLB Playoffs, AEW Dynamite, the terrible Hell in a Cell ending and more!
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep. 79: NFL Week 6

We run through the injury report, highlight the biggest events from the previous week, and predict week 6's matchups(46:55)
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 111 - AEW Dynamite BEGINS and SmackDown Debuts on FOX!

Tricky & Stoutsy review a gigantic week in Pro Wrestling with the debuts of AEW Dynamite and SmackDown on FOX with a special Sunday edition of Offended!
PWP Nation Network author

Joe Petrilli Interview - The Freelance Network Podcast Episode 3

Our first interview! We welcome freelance videographer and editor Joe Petrilli on the show. Luke Will and Joe have a great conversation all about Joes experiences working freelance the last few years, and see what he’s up to next. Check out Joes work...
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan EP. 78: NFL Week 5

We highlight the performances from week 4 and predict week 5's matchups (53:30)
PWP Nation Network author

Motivation! -The Freelance Network Podcast Episode 2

Welcome back to the Freelance Network! Thank you so much for all of the support on our first episode! Today we discuss what motivates us, and more about all the hosts! We are excited to be back with another episode, and hope you enjoy! You can also f...
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep 77: The Postseason of Pitching

New group of people to discuss a special, Baseball, covered highlights of the 2019 MLB Season, teams just missing out, postseason brackets. Lots of fun in the episode with Luke, Ian, Mikey.
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep. 76: Metropolitan Analysis

We preview the future for the Metro teams this season as well as setting our end of season predictions!
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 110 - AEW vs NXT: The Wednesday Night Wars! Plus, Cardinals Baseball, Auston Matthews and more!

Tricky and Stoutsy are back this week with episode 110 of Offended! The boys talk AEW vs NXT as the Wednesday Night Wars are about to begin, Auston Matthews, Cardinals Baseball and more!
PWP Nation Network author

Meet the Hosts -The Freelance Network Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to The Freelance Network Podcast! In this first episode Cassie, Luke, and Will introduce themselves and what this podcast will be about in future episodes. We are very excited to start this journey, to learn more, and to have interesting conver...
PWP Nation Network author

Hockey Talks - Episode 1: 2019 - 2020 NHL Preview and Predictions Show!

Offended's Hockey Talks by PWP Nation and Hotbox Hockey is back! Tricky and Stoutsy preview and predict what they think will happen in the upcoming 2019-2020 NHL Season!
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep. 75: NFL Week 4

The boys discuss surprises this far in the season and recap week 3. Then reveal their picks for week 4!(1:10:49)
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep. 74: NHL Atlantic Analysis

The boys analyze the Atlantic division from top to bottom. We talk rookies, re-signs, trades, and everything in between.
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep. 73: NFL Week 3

We talk about all the QB controversy claiming a few teams around the league. The we recap the week 2 matchups and set our predictions for week 3 (1:18:06)
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep. 72: NHL Central Analysis

We work our way through the very competitive Central Division as we get you ready for the upcoming NHL season!!
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 109 - JCD IS BACK to Discuss His Experience with 9/11 and WWE Clash of Champions Predictions!

Tricky and Stoutsy finally have back on JCD to tell his first hand story on 9/11 and living in New York while it happened. Plus, Antonio Brown and WWE Clash of Champions talk!
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep. 71: NFL Week 2

We unravel the Antonio Brown situation and the rest of the headlines around the league. Then, we recap week 1 and set our predictions(1:10:00) for week 2
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep. 70: NHL Pacific Analysis

Dom and Jake start the journey of recapping the off-season of the NHL in the Pacific Division.
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 108 - with KT KT Naked Lady Reviewing All Out Weekend!

Tricky, Stoutsy & KT KT Naked Lady review All Out weekend, Starrcast, and more! Starrcast talk includes CM Punk, MJF and more!
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep. 69: NFL Season Predictions & Week 1 Predictions

Huge Podcast as we meet the 1-year anniversary of our first podcast. We give you the ENTIRE For The Fan team's predictions on the playoffs, awards and week 1!!
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep 68: AFC East ft. LoyalNYJetFans

End of the tour! Final 4 teams in line for this episode before the regular season starts. Bills (1:45) Dolphins (11:25) Patriots (21:24) Jets (34:00)
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 107 - AEW ALL OUT PREVIEW AND MORE!!

Tricky and Stoutsy are KA KAWING this week getting ready for AEW ALL OUT! Let's hear those BATTLEHAWK CRIES! Also, Movie Trailer talk, Andrew Luck Retires, Chicken Sandwiches and more!
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep. 67: AFC South

We travel to the AFC South this week as we analyze the future season for the Colts (1:00), Titans (12:00), Texans (22:25), and the Jaguars (30:10)
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 106 - The Depressing Episode

Tricky and Stoutsy are depressed this week. Spider-Man has left the MCU and the boys are not happy.
PWP Nation Network author

Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up: Episode 15 - King of the Ring BEGINS! PLUS, NXT to the USA Network!

King of the Ring is back! NXT to USA Network and more on this week's Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up by Offended!
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep. 66: AFC North ft. PersonalFoulPodcast

We talk up the AFC North with our good friend, Steelers fan, and host of Personal Foul Podcast, Colton Gesser. Steelers (2:15), Bengals (21:19), Ravens (31:27), Browns (44:50)
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 105 - Top 10 King of the Ring Winners! Plus, Stoutsy Seltzer's Rant!

Tricky and Stoutsy bring you episode 105 of Offended! The boys discuss the Top 10 Winners of the King of the Ring, Stoutsy Rant on Seltzer drinks and more!
PWP Nation Network author

Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up: Episode 14 - WWE SummerSlam & NXT TakeOver Review!

Offended brings you the latest Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up! This week, Tricky & Stoutsy review WWE SummerSlam & NXT TakeOver: Toronto! PLUS, RAW, SD Live and G1 Climax talk!
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep. 65: AFC West

We prepare you for the season we expect from the Denver Broncos (3:30), The Oakland Raiders (15:25), The LA Chargers (23:50), The Kansas Chiefs (30:55)
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 104 - F*CK IT PART 7 with Duggan from Anything but Credible Podcast!

Tricky & Stoutsy bring on Duggan from the Anything but Credible podcast and while the Offended guys weren't prepared, Duggan was! IT'S PART 7 OF THE "FUCK IT" SERIES!
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep. 64: NFC East feat. Erock

HUGE episode!! We cover the NFC East. Starting with the Giants (2:37), The Eagles interview with the very professional Erock (23:45), Then the Redskins (55:12), and finally the Cowboys (1:07:50)
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 103 - Hotbox Hockey with Pilcher!

Tricky & Stoutsy have Pilcher from Hotbox Hockey on the show to discuss the brand that is Hotbox Hockey, Sauce on the Sand tournament and more!
PWP Nation Network author

Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up: Episode 12 - Seth Rollins Gets Destroyed and SDLive Leaves Us Hanging!

WWE brings the heat this week in RAW and SDLive! Check out what Offended has to say! Plus, AEW talk!
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep. 63: NFC South

We bring you all you need to know about Carolina (2:50), Atlanta (16:12), New Orleans (26:45), and Tampa Bay (35:00)
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 102 - Four Loko Fleshlights & Stuff! MCU PHASE FOUR!

Tricky & Stoutsy talk Four Loko Fleshlights, MCU Phase 4, AEW on TNT and more! GO SEE THE LION KING!
PWP Nation Network author

Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up: Episode 11 - RAW Reunion, AEW on TNT and more!

RAW Reunion, AEW on TNT, SD Live and more! This is the Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up!
PWP Nation Network author