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The PWP Nation Network is a podcast channel focused around the world of professional wrestling!

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The PWP Nation Network is a podcast channel focused around the world of professional wrestling!
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"The XFL Podcast" Ep. 1 - IT ALL BEGINS AGAIN!

THE XFL IS BACK!  And with the resurrection of the XFL, Brian St. Denis and Eron Ramadanov are here to breakdown the first 8 cities selected for the relaunch of the league coming in February of 2020! Also, the guys touch on the press conference, their...
PWP Nation Network author

The Character Evolution of Daniel Bryan

The Character Evolution of Daniel Bryan 🔴 All major main event players have one thing in common: CHARACTER EVOLUTION. From Hulk Hogan & The Undertaker to John Cena & Chris Jericho, the top players of all time have found ways to further evolv...
PWP Nation Network author

ForTheFan Ep 28: NFL Week 14

Another coaching firing! Referee on leave! Playoffs and much more! Game reviews for week 13 & our predictions for week 14
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 70 - The 1975 Episode!

After seven months of hype, the 1975 episode is here! Tricky & Stoutsy talk The 1975! They review their new album "A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships" and countdown the Top 40 The 1975 Songs!
PWP Nation Network author

Sunday Scramble #6 - Favorite Food!

We reinvent the Sunday Scramble as we talk about food. Food? Yes, Food! not just fans of sports. We do update you on the Nylander signing though.
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 69! THE SEX EPISODE!

Tricky, Stoutsy & Cor Cor Corey talk the Top Ten Sex Positions, Porn Titles, XFL to STL and more!
PWP Nation Network author


Playoff football i right around the corner! Who will make it? Also your game recap, and predictions for the upcoming week!
PWP Nation Network author

Hockey Episode #7 - Replacing Coaches

The Boys give the usual injury , stat, and trade updates around the league. They talk a lot about the recent coach replacements and possible changes to others in the near future.
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 68 - COR COR COREY IS FULL TIME BAY BAY!

Tricky & Stoutsy welcome on Cor Cor Corey FULL TIME! Offended is now a TRIPLE THREAT! The boys discuss Thanksgiving, the St. Louis Blues and play new game!
PWP Nation Network author

Thanksgiving Football!!!

A Jam-Packed episode today! we recap week 11 and predict week 12. Intern Joe gives us a very special addition to our regular content!
PWP Nation Network author

Hockey Ep 6

The boys talk hall of fame, injuries, trades, and more!
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 67 - 90's! Top 20 Video Games of the 90's!

Tricky, Stoutsy, Corey & for the first time Bowman, bring you the last 90's episode of the year! AND IT'S 3 HOURS!!!!! The boys countdown their favorite 90's Video Games! Are your favorite games on their lists? Find out now!
PWP Nation Network author


BIGGEST PODCAST TO DATE! 4 HOSTS! Leveon Bell situation, KC@LAR game info, all game reviews & predictions for week 11! *Explicit language used
PWP Nation Network author

Hockey Episode #5

Our usual hockey episode. The boys keep up with the standings, stats, injuries, and everything else around the hockey world!
PWP Nation Network author

Sunday Scramble #5

PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 66 - F*ck It for the 3rd Time with Stoutsy Returning to the Cockpit!

Stoutsy returns to the Cockpit for the first time in 2 weeks! He's not the only thing that returns, Tricky & Stoutsy bring back the acclaimed "FUCK IT" theme for a 3rd time! Nothing is planned and find out what they talk about now!
PWP Nation Network author


Coaches on the hot seat, special guest joe, and so much more!
PWP Nation Network author

Hockey Episode #4

We talk hockey as usual. Teams, players, updates!
PWP Nation Network author

Sunday Scramble #4

We talk future, state of the podcast and have a little fun.
PWP Nation Network author

2018 NFL Halfway Podcast!

The halfway point of the NFL season is here! We're talking records in jeopardy, top 5 in each position, and our power rankings.
PWP Nation Network author


Second half of the NFL Season is underway, plenty of trade discussions already, who won the trade deadline? Plus our talks & predictions for week 9
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 65 - WWE Evolution Review, MLB World Series & More!

Stoutsy is having another poopy week so it's time for a SPECIAL MID-WEEK EPISODE OF OFFENDED! The boys talk WWE Evolution, Is Tricky still the prediction Champ?, MLB World Series and more!
PWP Nation Network author

Sunday Scramble #3/Hockey Podcast #3

We talk our usual Sunday Scramble. We also go IN on some teams in hockey. NO TEAMS ARE SAFE!
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 64 - Top 5 Halloween Costumes for 2018 & WWE Evolution Predictions

Tricky and Stoutsy bring you the 64th episode of Offended! The guys talk: Where is Stoutsy?, Roman Reigns, Halloween, WWE Evolution and more!
PWP Nation Network author

Offended presents: Hockey Talks Game 3 (Episode 3)

Tricky, Stoutsy and Clodius are back with GAME 3 of Offended: Hockey Talks! The boys talk about Clodius' recent success with predictions, STL Blues, Brian Boyle, Hurricanes & more!
PWP Nation Network author

NFL Week 8!

Will gets roasted picking the giants, Covering all trade news for the league, and whats to come for NFL & us!
PWP Nation Network author

Hockey Episode 2: Banner raising

First handful of games have been played already, who are our surprises so far, what teams have not looked too good? we have it all & more!
PWP Nation Network author

Sunday Scramble #2

Scramblig through sunday funday material,
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 63 - 90's with Corey (4th 90's Episode) Halloween Themed Moderated by Naked Lady

The 90's are back for the 4th time but with a twist! It's Halloween themed! Corey is back as usual for a 90's episode but Naked Lady is moderating the show as the boys don't know what the topics are! Gangbang the Ghost, Heated debates, Songs of the Wee...
PWP Nation Network author

WEEK 7 NFL 2018

WILD Week 6, showcasing everything for what this past week provided. PLUS next week predictions and whats to come on our show!
PWP Nation Network author

Sunday Scorecard #1

A short new installment to update you on what is to come for the upcoming week and what we are working on for the future!
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 62 - Top 10 Halloween Movies

Tricky & Stoutsy are celebrating Spooktober with their picks for the Top 10 Halloween Movies for Halloween SZN! Also, they discuss the MLB Playoffs, UFC 229 and more!
PWP Nation Network author

NFL Week 6!

Talking trade rumors for the top candidates, Reviewing a historic week 5, predicting week 6!
PWP Nation Network author

Hockey Podcast: Eastern Conference Outlook

We discuss the eastern conference teams. We also discuss our playoff predictions and our award predictions for players at the end of the season.
PWP Nation Network author

Hockey Podcast: Western Conference Outlook

We kick off our first hockey podcast as we outline every franchise in the west. Key questions, highlights, acquisitions, and more.
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 61 with Cougs the Cougar aka Moonbear from the Mancast Podcast to Breakdown UFC 229 - McGregor vs Khabib!

Tricky & Stoutsy bring back on the legendary Cougar aka Moonbear from the Mancast Podcast to discuss UFC 229 - McGregor vs Khabib. Plus, Clodius comes on the show half way through, a Kanye West discussion and Songs of the Week!
PWP Nation Network author

Offended presents: Hockey Talks - Game 2 (Episode 2) with JCD from the Unpopular Podcast!

Tricky, Stoutsy & Clodius bring you GAME 2 of this new season of Hockey Talks! They welcome on PWP Nation's own and host of Unpopular, JCD, as he tells the story of the 1994 Stanley Cup run of the New York Rangers. The guys also discuss Tom Wilson'...
PWP Nation Network author

NFL Week 5

Where do teams look quarter way through the season? The Bell update, plus a look at all 32 teams from around the league! @WeAreForTheFan
PWP Nation Network author


Tricky & Stoutsy bring you this special Monday episode of Offended! The boys are drunk are have no idea what the topics are, but Naked Lady does! Here what the topics are and see if you agree! I'll give you a hint of what the Topics are, WWE, Hocke...
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 59 - Anticipated Movies of the Fall/Winter 2018 with Tim Griffard

Tricky & Stoutsy bring on Tim Griffard from the Anything but Credible Podcast to discuss the Top Ten Most Anticipated Movies of the Fall/Winter with Dan Winkler's picks as well. It's a long one so strap in!
PWP Nation Network author

NFL Week 4!

Where will Leveon Bell land? Will the NFL change the roughing the passer rule? Latest Headlines, Game Reviews, & Game predictions all covered!
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 58 - F**k It 2 with Naked Lady!

Tricky & Stoutsy bring you the ultimate sequel! F**k It 2 with Naked Lady is here!! Do you drink or eat a Milkshake??? F**k It episodes are the episodes where nothing is planned!
PWP Nation Network author

NFL week 3!

Week 3 of the NFL Season! Will fitzmagic keep his job? How will carson wentz fair in his debut of the 2018 campaign! All will be told!
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 57 - NFL Week 1, Spider-Man Game Spoilers and more!

****SPIDER-MAN PS4 STORY SPOILERS END AT 46MINS**** Tricky, Stoutsy & Clodius bring you episode 57 in Offended! The boys discuss NFL Week 1, Mac Miller, Spider-Man on PS4 & more!
PWP Nation Network author

Offended presents: Hockey Talks - 2018-2019 Prediction Show (Episode 1 of Hockey Talks)

Tricky, Stoutsy & Clodius are extremely excited to bring back HOCKEY TALKS! It's the first Hockey Talks of the new year and the boys talk/predict the upcoming NHL season and more!
PWP Nation Network author

Week 2 NFL Season!

Week 2 of the season, our review of week 1 plus your headlines from around the league, and predictions for week2
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 56 - Top 20 TV Shows of the 90's! (3rd 90's Episode)

Tricky, Stoutsy and Corey bring you the 3rd episode about the 90's!! On the 3rd edition of the 90's, the boys talk about their Top 20 TV Shows of the 90's!
PWP Nation Network author

Start of the NFL Season

NFL REGULAR SEASON IS OFFICIALLY BACK! Offseason following of all 32, week 1 predictions and season predictions all included!
PWP Nation Network author

Offended presents: ALL IN & STARRCAST REVIEW with NAKED LADY!

*ALL IN discussion starts at the 38 minute mark!* Tricky & Naked Lady were in Chicago this past weekend for the historic ALL IN show! They also attended Starrcast and had an absolute blast! Listen as they tell they experienced and how much this wee...
PWP Nation Network author

Offended: Episode 55 - ALL IN Preview with JCD & Toph from PWP Nation

Tricky & Stoutsy are joined by JCD & Toph from PWP Nation to discuss all things ALL IN!!!!! Also, Random Question Time is back!
PWP Nation Network author