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The State of Radio: episode 7, Oct. 22, 2008

The State of Radio looks at news on the radio, two 'different' community radio stations (one for women and by women, the other a co-branded radio station for people with disabilities), the new radiorocks.in portal & some Q2 reports.

The State of Radio: episode 6, Oct. 08, 2008

In this episode, The State of Radio looks at royalty fees for Internet radio stations in the U.S., a conference & a course on community radio, as well as -- could it be? -- news on Indian radio

The State of Radio: episode 5, Sept. 24, 2008

This week, The State of Radio looks at ad revenues and online as well as mobile music and radio as well as the shift to digital radio in Europe, as well as university radio in Pune.

The State of Radio: episode 4, Sept. 17, 2008

The State of Radio looks at licensing, the FM spectrum and the much touted de-merger now allowed in India, some community radio action, as well as a promised look at the Literacy Bridge's portable recording device and what it's for.

The State of Radio, episode 3. Sept. 10, 2008

This week, Iā€™m looking at the status quo of licensing in the FM sphere in India, earning reports from the UK, two community radio initiatives online and a fun exhibit in Mumbai - all the radio stories worth checking out from the last week.

The State of Radio: episode 2, Sept. 2, 2008

This week, Iā€™m looking at a governmental/community radio stations that are coming in India, a noble initiative by Radio Mirchi to do some audio CSR for blind kids, reports on Q2 advertising revenues in Canada and India, as well as the purported ban on ...

The State of Radio: episode 1, Aug 25, 2008

Sonologue's weekly roundup of the state of radio around the world with a focus on India: Q2 earnings, Phase II licensing, UK podcasting study about radio listenership included!