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This podcast is created to help you with the ART of podcasting. Let's turn your information into engaging entertainment. I'd love to help you with your podcast. E-mail any questions or comments you might have to Coach@PodcastTalentCoach.com.

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From Podcast To Profit – Episode 257

If you want to create a business around your podcast and generate revenue and profit, you need to have a plan and process. Move your listener from casual interest to buying fan. You cannot start with making money. Start with you and your superpower. Th...
Erik K. Johnson author

7 Ways To Grow Your Podcast And Business – Episode 256

GROW YOUR PODCAST As Thanksgiving approaches in the U.S., Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming. Along with it come big sales and great deals. It is a great opportunity to grow your show. But does it really need to be a special day like Black Friday...
Erik K. Johnson author

Go Beyond The Sponsor Ad – Episode 255

When I talk with podcasters about their goals, many tell me they would like to make money with their podcast. Some tell me they want this to be their only job. Others tell me they would like to earn enough to cover the expenses. When we talk about the ...
Erik K. Johnson author

Creating Anticipation – Episode 254

ANTICIPATION When you want your listeners to stick around and listen to what you have to say, you need to give them a compelling reason. Your listener needs to anticipate what is to come later in the show. You need to excite them. You need to tease the...
Erik K. Johnson author

Streamlining Your Podcast Process – Episode 253

Does it feel like your podcast process eats up your entire week? Many podcasters get in that situation. You feel like you finish one episode only to begin the next. SCHEDULE & PLAN When it comes to your podcast process, we need to develop a schedul...
Erik K. Johnson author

Podcast Interview Tips – Episode 252

Interviewing people is an art. If you do it well, you demonstrate your authority in your space while allowing your guest to become the star of the show. In this episode, I want to provide you a few podcast interview tips that will help your interviews ...
Erik K. Johnson author

Engagement Tips – Increase Downloads – Episode 251

Are you like most podcasters? Are you trying to find ways to increase downloads of your show? I am building something that will help you increase your downloads, build your engagement and create some revenue with your podcast. I’m putting the finishing...
Erik K. Johnson author


CHIT CHAT Some podcasts start the episode with some chit chat. This is the small talk at the beginning of the show that really has very little to do with the show topic. “Hey, how are you?” “What have you been up to lately?” The small talk at the begin...
Erik K. Johnson author

Podcast Visibility – Episode 249

Cindy J. Holbrook is “The Visibility Wiz”. She is uniquely gifted at guiding entrepreneurs to thrive as they go up the ladder from being the best-kept secret to becoming a trusted and in-demand online authority. Clients benefit from her empowering syst...
Erik K. Johnson author

What Do You Need To Start A Podcast – Episode 248

It seems so overwhelming. Launching and starting a podcast looks so technical and confusing. What do you need to start a podcast? START A PODCAST IN 4 WEEKS It really is much easier than it appears. You can truly have a show up and running in four week...
Erik K. Johnson author

What If You Couldn’t Fail – Episode 247

Imagine what you could accomplish if you couldn’t fail. When was the last time you had to speak in front of a large crowd? The sweaty palms. The butterflies in your stomach. The racing heartbeat. Studies show that one of the most common fears is the fe...
Erik K. Johnson author

The Best of Podcast Talent Coach Over The Years – Episode 246

I published episode 1 of Podcast Talent Coach on June 5, 2013. Now we are 245 episodes and 6 years into the show. Let’s take a look back at the top 10 episodes so far.   10. My tools to make money with a podcast – Episode 184 How do I make money with m...
Erik K. Johnson author

Overcome Frustration and Overwhelm – Episode 245

Have you ever hit that wall when nothing seems to go your way? Overwhelm and frustration attack the best of us. Here are five ways to battle it. Things slowed down for me over the summer. I had been cranking out the content. My clients had been making ...
Erik K. Johnson author

60% of Your Listeners Are Here – Episode 244

Podcast Movement 2019 is in the books. Thousands of podcasters hit Orlando, Florida for another great year of learning, connecting and sharing. The sessions were full of podcast stats. One of my favorite sessions each year at PM is the State of Podcast...
Erik K. Johnson author

Podcast Brand Positioning – Episode 243

Podcasters get all worked up over negative comments and reviews. Don’t let it get to you. One comment is not a true reflection of your podcast brand. Podcasters are not alone. I fought this a lot in radio. EVERYONE HATES IT When I programmed radio stat...
Erik K. Johnson author

The Power of Story – Episode 242

WHY STORYTELLING Have you noticed a lot of the business interview podcasts sound the same? We are hearing the same guests answer the same questions time and time again. How do you become unique in this sea of sameness? Story. Story and storytelling can...
Erik K. Johnson author

Turn Podcast Listeners Into Customers – Episode 241

I was hopping around on Facebook this weekend checking out a lot of podcast Facebook groups. The questions keeps coming up. “How can I make money with my podcast?” Regardless of the vehicle you use to generate revenue with your show, you will make no m...
Erik K. Johnson author

The Podcast and Profit Connection – Episode 240

Many people want to make money with their podcast. However, the podcast isn’t structured to help achieve that goal. How do you generate a profit? If you would like ideas to make money with your show, get my free guide “6 Ways To Make Money With A Free ...
Erik K. Johnson author

The Benefit Of Podcast Show Structure – Episode 239

In this episode, we talk about the importance and benefit of a structure for your podcast. Build your foundation. Then, build each episode upon that foundation. Do the little work daily to build your foundation upon which to build your brand. CHRIS YOU...
Erik K. Johnson author

How To Use Your Podcast Avatar – Episode 238

So many gurus tell you to create your podcast avatar. They might even tell you how to define your target listener. However, very few teach you how to use that podcast avatar once you have it created. THE IDEAL LISTENER Why do we create an avatar or ide...
Erik K. Johnson author

How To Start A Podcast Fast – Episode 237

People have been reaching out to start a podcast. Today, I want to help you with 2 things. I want to show you how to start a podcast fast. I also want to show you how to create your episodes quickly. I have developed a system to help you launch a podca...
Erik K. Johnson author

Rainbows And Passion For My Podcast Niche – Episode 236

Is your podcast your passion? Do you love your podcast niche? Father’s Day helped me rediscover the reason I coach and create this podcast. The day reminded me of my passion. DAD AND BASEBALL It was a tough Father’s Day for me this year. We buried my d...
Erik K. Johnson author

What Is The Purpose Of Your Lead Magnet

What is the purpose of your lead magnet? Did you create your lead magnet just to get an e-mail or launch your funnel? The real purpose of your lead magnet is to create a relationship. A lead magnet is something of value you give to a person in exchange...
Erik K. Johnson author

Are You Really Doing The Work To Be Successful?

I saw a post on Facebook the other day. “Everybody *wishes* they were successful – who wouldn’t want that? But how many are really doing everything they can to achieve it?” Former Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight said it a little differently. He s...
Erik K. Johnson author

Why Are You Creating Your Podcast

Why are you creating your podcast – because you love it or to gain a ton of listeners? Both. But, it has to be about your passion first. Be passionate. Love what you do. You don’t want to be forced to entertain a large audience with a topic that feels ...
Erik K. Johnson author

Your Download Problem Isn’t Your Mic – Episode 232

“Oh, if only I had better sound quality, my downloads would surely go up.” Wrong. It isn’t your mic or sound quality holding you back. It is your content, personality and originality. It seems the conversations about the “right” mic have increased quit...
Erik K. Johnson author

When A Podcast Story Overstays Its Welcome

Are you looking for a way to transform your content into engaging entertainment? Use stories. Storytelling can be a powerful tool for your podcast. If you would like my Story Development Worksheet, find it at PodcastTalentCoach.com/story. CLIENT’S STOR...
Erik K. Johnson author

Why Your Podcast Promotion Does Not Work

Have you ever struggled balancing content creation and podcast promotion? We all want to grow our audience. How do we increase those downloads? Focus. I was working with a client the other day. He spends a lot of his time during the week creating his p...
Erik K. Johnson author

How We Got $2k Per Episode By Adding Value

In the last few free strategy callsI’ve had with podcasters, we have been talking about money and generating revenue with your podcast. I had a call just the other night. She wanted to figure out how to sell sponsorships for her show. One of my clients...
Erik K. Johnson author

How To Develop Your Ideal Target Podcast Listener

As we develop our business around our podcast, we strive to build trust. In order to build trust, we must develop relationships with our listeners. Friendships are created when you truly know everything about a person. This is the reason it is crucial ...
Erik K. Johnson author

3 Ways To Position Yourself As An Expert

I heard a great quote the other day. “Even a second grader looks like an expert to a first grader.” It is so true. You are an expert to someone. If you are trying to teach, coach or consult others, determine what you know that the beginner or person a ...
Erik K. Johnson author

8 Steps To Podcast Brand Positioning – PTC 226

Let’s talk about your brand. What are you doing to make your podcast brand stand out from the others? We need to find ways to make you unique. When people hear your name, they need to think of something specific. That is the power of a unique podcast b...
Erik K. Johnson author

Storytelling Transform Your Podcast – Episode 225

So many podcasters tell me they want to create a podcast around their area of expertise, but fear there are already too many podcasts in that niche. When the space is occupied, should you stay away and find another niche. If people are already experien...
Erik K. Johnson author

The Razor That Makes The Process Easy

You have probably heard the old saying, “Keep it simple stupid.” It is easy to understand yet difficult to implement. Let’s talk about your podcast process and how to make more progress quickly. “Keep it simple stupid” is the shortened version of Occam...
Erik K. Johnson author

Like Your Voice – Episode 223

“I hate the sound of my voice.” I hear that complaint quite often. Many people do not like the sound of their own voice. It is quite common. It is also quite natural to dislike the sound of you own voice when hearing a recorded version of it. When you ...
Erik K. Johnson author

Your Podcast Is Eating Your Week – Episode 222

Do you ever find your podcast eating up your entire week? The workflow seems never ending. How do you manage your time? Once you get one episode complete, you need to begin working on the next. After awhile, it seems like the podcast is the only thing ...
Erik K. Johnson author

The Problem With Podcast Pricing – Episode 221

If “how do I get more downloads and engagement” is the question I am asked most often, “how do I make money with my show” is a very close second. When podcasters reach out to me for my complimentary podcast review and strategy session, I ask them a few...
Erik K. Johnson author

The Man Who Chases Two Rabbits … – Episode 220

Ugh. If I only knew then what I know now. Are you like me? Have you said that to yourself more than once? Things could have been so much easier. I’m like most podcasters. I wanted to make money with my podcast. It sounded so easy. As I was building Pod...
Erik K. Johnson author

How To Capture Attention – Episode 219

Have you noticed a lot of the business interview podcasts sound the same? We are hearing the same guests answer the same questions time and time again. How do you become unique in this sea of sameness and capture attention? Storytelling can transform y...
Erik K. Johnson author

6 Reasons Your Podcast Engagement Fails – Episode 218

Everybody wants more downloads. We all want our listeners to engage with our content. So, why isn’t it happening? No matter what we try, it seems our effort to create engagement fails. [DOWNLOAD: 75 Ways To Create Engagement] The gurus make it sound so...
Erik K. Johnson author

How To Ask For The Sale When You’re A Horrible Salesperson – Episode 217

Does the thought of selling make your palms sweaty? Do you get that pit in your stomach? There is a way to ask for the sale even if you are a horrible salesperson. You can close the deal without having to be pushy or use a hard close. Zig Ziglarhad man...
Erik K. Johnson author

Real Podcast Business Results With James & Amy Hebdon – Episode 216

Real Podcast Business Results With James & Amy Hebdon – Episode 216 Have you ever dreamed of turning your podcast into a business? It sounds so easy when the gurus talk about it. They all say, “Build an audience and sell them something.” The “what”...
Erik K. Johnson author

6 Reasons Podcasts Don’t Make Money – Episode 215

6 Reasons Podcasts Don’t Make Money – Episode 215 You have tried to make money with your podcast, but nothing seems to be working. You have searched the internet and see many with the same question. Many people ask, but few have any real concrete answe...
Erik K. Johnson author

How Oscar Trimboli Landed On The List Of Best Podcasts Of 2018 – Episode 214

How Oscar Trimboli Landed On The List Of Best Australian Podcasts – Episode 214 Oscar Trimboli is the host of the “Deep Listening Podcast“. He teaches people how to be more effective with their listening. By getting dedicated to learning more and refin...
Erik K. Johnson author

The Top 3 Episodes of 2018 – Episode 213

The Top 3 Episodes of 2018 – Episode 213 As we bring 2018 to a close, let’s look back over the year at the 3 Podcast Talent Coach top episodes that received the most downloads this year.   #3 – INTERVIEW QUESTIONS The number 3 episode of 2018 was based...
Erik K. Johnson author

How Your Podcast Guest Can Build Your Authority – Episode 212

How Your Podcast Guest Can Build Your Authority – Episode 212 Do you interview guests on your podcast? Have you ever wondered why so many hosts use interviews? When your listener benefits by the info provided by your guests on a consistent basis, your ...
Erik K. Johnson author

Where More Engagement Begins – Episode 211

Where More Engagement Begins – Episode 211 We all want more downloads and more engagement for our podcast. If you’re not growing, you are shrinking. But where does that engagement begin? There are many theories on engagement. Many work. It is usually a...
Erik K. Johnson author

[PODCAST BRAND]What Is Your Superpower? – Episode 210

[PODCAST BRAND]What Is Your Superpower? – Episode 210 Have you defined and developed your superpower? If you want your podcast brand to stand out from others and be the podcaster that comes to mind first when thinking of your niche, you need to have a ...
Erik K. Johnson author

How To Increase Your Podcast Downloads – Episode 209

How To Increase Your Podcast Downloads – Episode 209 Most of us want to grow our audience, increase podcast downloads and become more influential in our niche. I recently conducted a survey asking about your biggest challenges with regard to your podca...
Erik K. Johnson author

Your Podcast Just Destroyed Your Credibility – Episode 208

Your Podcast Just Destroyed Your Credibility – Episode 208 Your podcast is an amazing tool to build your authority in your space. The content and teaching your provide on your show lets your listener get to know, like and trust you. Be careful. Don’t l...
Erik K. Johnson author