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Podbros Promotions is a show about helping and promoting others in the independent business world. Whether it be talking with other podcasters, authors, actors, or business owners, John sits down and talks with people to get their message out into the open, meanwhile helping other folks that might not know where to start. This is a show for those that want to help business and projects grow, as well as a podcast for those just getting started in achieving their own goals. This show is proudly hosted by The Podbros Network! http://www.podbros.com

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Podbros Promotions is a show about helping and promoting others in the independent business world. Whether it be talking with other podcasters, authors, actors, or business owners, John sits down and talks with people to get their message out into the open, meanwhile helping other folks that might not know where to start. This is a show for those that want to help business and projects grow, as well as a podcast for those just getting started in achieving their own goals. This show is proudly hosted by The Podbros Network! http://www.podbros.com
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4.04.2019 http://www.podbros.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/PPP-New.png

Episode 117: Downriver Actors Guild Presents “Sealed for Freshness”

Have you ever wondered what it was like to go up on a stage and act? Was fear preventing you from doing so? Well, this episode is for you! John is joined by four very talented women from the hit Doug Stone show – Sealed for Freshness. Associated Press ...
John Bruske author
20.01.2019 http://www.podbros.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/PPP-New.png

Episode 116: Astronomicon 2019

They’re back!! John sits down with Dustin and Mike from Astronomicon! The guy discuss the pop culture convention and what it has to offer this year! You know they say that all cons are created equal, but you look at Astronomicon and you look at the oth...
John Bruske author
13.01.2019 http://www.podbros.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/PPP-New.png

Episode 115: Author Justin Coates

We’re back and we’re talking with Justin Coates, an author concentrating on military horror and sci-fi! Justin has been a long time friend and he has some important news to share with the show! He explains how he began writing, his background, and what...
John Bruske author
24.12.2018 http://www.podbros.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/PPP-New.png

Podbros Holiday Special 2018

Warning: Explicit Language With that warning out of the way, welcome back! We’re here to talk about the present, past, and future of the Podbros Network! Joining John in studio this time around is Dave (Dave’s Nerd Compendium), Jeff (Kapowcast), and Da...
John Bruske author
12.11.2018 http://www.podbros.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/PPP-New.png

Episode 114: Downriver-Detroit Student Film Consortium

We are back and we’re talking with three students and the head of the Downriver-Detroit Student Film Consortium! We find out what this terrific program is all about and what it has done to help these kids get involved in the world of film. Join us as w...
John Bruske author
30.09.2018 http://www.podbros.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/PPP-New.png

Episode 113: Motor City Mo with the Three Y’s Men

We are back and John sits down with two out of the three Y’s Men (Three Y’s Men Media) to discuss their latest Kickstarter efforts for Motor City Mo Episode Two! Kyle and Tyler come back into our studios to talk what it was like creating with friends a...
John Bruske author
21.09.2018 http://www.podbros.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/PPP-New.png

Episode 112: Fomocast – Marvel, FX, Super Bowl, Cloverfield Paradox, Netflix

We are back with another Spotlight episode! This time, we take Episode 39 from FOMOcast! Chris and Arnaldo are both regular guys who have regular jobs but have an opinion on many things. Have you ever binge watched a show because you were worried that ...
John Bruske author
30.06.2018 http://www.podbros.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/PPP-New.png

Episode 111: Podbros Round Table 1

Welcome to the first ever Podbros Round Table! This is a show that takes hosts from different podcasts and brings them together to discuss various topics. In this very first episode, John is joined by Dave from Dave’s Nerd Compendium, Tony from Kapowca...
John Bruske author
11.05.2018 http://www.podbros.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/PPP-New.png

Episode 110: Worst Millennials – Psychic Vampires and Globalists

This is the start of our showcasing episodes on the Network! This episode of Worst Millennials originally aired on June 2, 2017. Warning, Worst Millennials is an explicit show. That being said, read the original description of the episode below: First ...
John Bruske author
30.04.2018 http://www.podbros.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/PPP-New.png

Podbros Promotions Update

We’re back and giving an update! Listen in as we talk about what’s going to happen in the future for Podbros and Podbros Promotions!
John Bruske author
4.03.2018 http://www.podbros.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/PPP-New.png

Episode 109: Community Theatre – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

John is joined by Leo (playing RP McMurphy) and Pete (playing Chief Bromden) to talk about their experiences in community theatre, how and why they got involved, and talking a little bit more on what made them decide to audition for One Flew Over the C...
John Bruske author
25.02.2018 http://www.podbros.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/PPP-New.png

Episode 108: Tony from Kapowcast

John is joined in studio with Tony from Kapowcast to talk about how their show got started and what they do on it. The guys discuss some of the surprises in the podcast industry along with trying to stand out as a nerd pop culture show in a sea of othe...
John Bruske author
4.02.2018 http://www.podbros.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/PPP-New.png

Episode 107: Astronomicon

John was joined in studio by George and Dustin – two of the team behind Astronomicon, Michigan’s newest pop culture convention. John talked with the guys about the number of celebrities making an appearance at the convention, along with some of the man...
John Bruske author
22.12.2017 http://www.podbros.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/PPP-New.png

Podbros Holiday Special 2017

A fair warning: This episode is explicit. Now, with that out of the way, welcome to the 2017 Podbros Holiday Special! Once again, John sat down with a handful of podcasters from the Network to talk all about the year, their shows, and their personal li...
John Bruske author
10.12.2017 http://www.podbros.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/PPP-New.png

Episode 106: Big Jiu Jitsu

We are back talking with Rob from Big Jiu Jitsu! We discuss what got Rob into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and podcasting. Plus, what it’s like being an independent podcaster!
John Bruske author

Special: Podbros Twisted Con of Terror

Here it is! Happy Halloween, everyone! Listen in to each chapter of the Podbros Twisted Con of Terror all in one episode! Enjoy and have a happy and safe Halloween!
John Bruske author

Episode 105: That’s Delightful and the Twisted Con of Terror Final Chapter

Ian from That’s Delightful joined us in this episode to talk all about his show! We discuss how it got started, the backgrounds of Ian, Michelle, and Kelly, and what they were searching for when wanting to join a network. Plus! Tune in to the end to he...
John Bruske author

Episode 104: How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse with Full Cast

Hi everyone! We’re back talking with the full cast of How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse taking place October 27th and 28th at Sophia’s Banquet Hall (Brass Monkey Bar). John sits down with Colleen, Trevor, David, and Tommy to talk a little bit more abo...
John Bruske author

Episode 103: How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse Minicast

Welcome back, everyone! We bring to you a short teaser episode of what’s to come in the next couple of weeks. John has been busy with doing a local dinner theatre show called, “How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse.” This show is being put on by the Downr...
John Bruske author

Episode 102: Toaden from Media Litter Sandwich

We’re back! John is joined by Toaden from Media Litter Sandwich at the Woodhaven Gaming and Comics Expo to discuss what the show has been up to since they last spoke, what they plan on for the future, and why people should take a listen (or watch) to l...
John Bruske author

Episode 101: BlokeBusters with Paul and Brian

We are back! John is joined by Brian and Paul to talk all about the updates with their show! It has been some time since John last had Paul on Podbros Promotions and many things have changed since then – listen in as they all talk about new shows, new ...
John Bruske author

Episode 100: 100 Episodes!

John is back and he’s going solo in this milestone marker! It has been a long, long ride for Podbros Promotions with many changes and many friends. John talks about how the show evolved, the Network, and some big news regarding the show going forward. ...
John Bruske author

Episode 99: PechaKucha Detroit Volume 31 Part Two

Welcome back to Part Two of PechaKucha Detroit Volume 31! In this episode, we hear from Lighting Designer, Brienne Willcock, Carolyn Geck – the Development Director of the Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program, Shayn Smith and Jeff Smith – Co-Owners of Smi...
John Bruske author

Episode 98: PechaKucha Detroit Volume 31 Part One

Time flies. It seems like we just did Volume 30 not that long ago. Either way, we are back with another great episode featuring the guests from PechaKucha Detroit! In this episode, four speakers from different backgrounds spoke about the many happening...
John Bruske author

Episode 97: The Ectoplasm Show

Welcome back, everyone! John is joined by Josh and Jason from the Ectoplasm Show to talk all about what they do and how they do it! Before they started their podcast, both Josh and Jason have been involved in the paranormal scene for quite some time. L...
John Bruske author

Episode 96: Sarcasm City

Podbros Promotions is brand new this week! John sat down with Flawless from Sarcasm City to talk a little bit more about the show, battle rap, the grime scene, and how Flawless got into it all!
John Bruske author

Episode 95: Jeff Sanguis

John was joined by Jeff Sanguis from the Jeff Sanguis Show! The two discuss his show, how Jeff got involved into podcasting, and some of the do’s and don’t’s as an independent podcaster.
John Bruske author

Episode 94: Crazy Mark

John was joined in studio with Mark Maxwell aka Crazy Mark aka Mark Monster! The two talk about Mark’s past, how he got involved in Public Access TV, and a lot more in this episode! A special thanks to Willy the Weasel for stopping by (even if it was u...
John Bruske author

Episode 93: Andrea and Roberto Molinari – Creators of The Shepherd

John is here to talk with Andrea and Roberto Molinari – the father/son creator duo of the comic, The Shepherd. John talks to the two about how the concept was created, what it’s like to work on a project with family, how to search for a publisher, and ...
John Bruske author

Episode 92: Dr. Paul Thomas with Plum Health

Welcome back to another episode of Podbros Promotions! You may recall listening to a more recent episode featuring PechaKucha Volume 30. On that episode, we heard from Dr. Paul Thomas about his business, Plum Health – Direct Primary Care. John asked Pa...
John Bruske author

Episode 91: Richard from the Language of Bromance on the Food Industry

John is joined by Richard from the Language of Bromance! Instead of talking about podcasting in this episode, the guys sit down and discuss what it’s like to work in the food industry. Richard has pretty much done it all and has worked in every sort of...
John Bruske author

Episode 90: PechaKucha Detroit Volume 30 Part Two

We’re back! Sorry about that! I ended up going to a place that had very limited internet and didn’t realize it until I got there. So instead of getting Part Two uploaded back during the holidays, you’re receiving it now. Anyway…. Here is Part Two of Vo...
John Bruske author

Episode 89: PechaKucha Detroit Volume 30 Part One

Happy Holidays everyone! We hope you enjoyed our Podbros Holiday Special and that it wasn’t too explicit for your ears. We’re back to our PG ways on this show and we are proud to bring to you Part One of Volume 30 for PechaKucha Detroit! PKDetroit has ...
John Bruske author

Episode 88: 2016 Podbros Holiday Special

It’s that time of year again! We are back with a Not Safe For Work and Explicit episode. That’s probably the third warning to let you all know that this isn’t your normal Podbros Promotions episode. This year, we are joined by Tony (KAPOWcast), Crazy M...
John Bruske author

Episode 87: Talking Audio Dramas with Paul Sating

John was joined by the creator of Atheist Apocalypse, Subject: Found, and Diary of a Madman, Paul Sating. Paul has been doing something wonderful in the podcasting world by creating audio dramas. For those unaware, these are fictional based stories set...
John Bruske author

Episode 86: Jonathan Presley with Detroit Style Wrestling

Jonathan Presley from Detroit Style Wrestling came to the studio to sit down and talk with us about the wrestling scene in the Mid-Michigan area! In this conversation, John and Jonathan discuss his wrestling past, how he got involved as a manager, what...
John Bruske author

Episode 85: Michael O. Varhola and David Boop

Welcome to a brand new episode of the show that asks, “What do you do and how do you do it?” In this episode, John isn’t the one doing the interviewing. Due to some prior obligations, John asked Heather (Tin Foil Hat with Heather) to go interview Micha...
John Bruske author

Episode 84: PechaKucha Night Volume 29

PechaKucha previously had their third installment for the year at Shinola Detroit and Podbros was there to record! On this episode of Podbros Promotions, listen to the whole event with speakers talking about architecture, painting, graffiti, acrobatic ...
John Bruske author

Episode 83: Wyandotte Zombie Pub Crawl Supporting Yes Ma’am

We are back with a brand new episode to help promote a great cause! On October 15th, 2016, there is going to be a Zombie Pub Crawl in Wyandotte, Michigan. This isn’t just any ordinary zombie pub crawl – this is a fundraiser event to help donate money t...
John Bruske author

Episode 82: ConClave

John was joined by the heads of ConClave to talk all about the Sci-Fi Con and what they have in store for the weekend! If you’re in the Metro-Detroit area, be sure to stop by the Holiday Inn Livonia located at 17123 N Laurel Park Dr, Livonia, MI 48152!...
John Bruske author

Episode 81: Dwight Hurst from Innovate Mental Health Solutions

John had the opportunity to site down and talk with Dwight Hurst, the owner and director of Innovate Mental Health Solutions. The two chat about how Dwight got into this career and how he managed to do things not only as a counselor but as a businessma...
John Bruske author

Episode 80: Podcast Movement 2016

John sat down with Richard and Shawn from the Language of Bromance to talk about this year’s podcast conference in Chicago – Podcast Movement 2016. The trio talks about what was new this year, comparisons to last year, and a few statistics about who sh...
John Bruske author

Episode 79: Hell Comes to Hogtown

Podbros Promotions is back to talk with C.D. Gallant-King, author of the new book, “Hell Comes to Hogtown.” In this episode, John and C.D. discuss what it’s like to find an editor and designer for the cover of a book. They also get into the details of ...
John Bruske author

Episode 78: PechaKucha Night Volume 28

And we’re back! After a little bit of a lay off, Podbros Promotions aka What Do You Do and How Do You Do It is back with an all new episode! In this episode, Podbros was at PechaKucha Night Volume 28 to record everyone talking about City Planning. If y...
John Bruske author

Episode 77: Michigan State Representative Candidate Jeff Chicoine Part Two

John and Jeff are back with Part Two of their discussion about Jeff’s running for Michigan Office. The two discuss more about the Downriver area, what Jeff hopes to accomplish, and what advice he has for those that may also be interested in running in ...
John Bruske author

Episode 76: Michigan State Representative Candidate Jeff Chicoine

We are back! John had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Chicoine, who is running for Michigan’s 14th District State Representative Seat. John and Jeff talk about his background, how the Downriver Community has grown into a great community, and how ...
John Bruske author

Episode 75: Ramblin’ Man

John is back! Well, sort of. Because it has been a while, John decided to do a small episode for everyone! In this episode, he talks about what’s been happening with Podbros, Google Play, and more!
John Bruske author

Episode 74: Pecha Kucha Detroit Event

You’ve heard about it, it’s finally here. John had the opportunity to be a part of the 27th Volumen of the great Pecha Kucha (Pe-chok-cha) Detroit Event! If you missed it, listen to all of the speakers spend around 6:40 talking about what they do and h...
John Bruske author

Episode 73: Shay Franchini with PechaKucha Detroit

John had the opportunity to speak with Shay Franchini, a Jack of All Trades, about the upcoming April 7th event from PechaKucha Detroit showcasing Media in a Social Networking environment. The two discuss what she does for the committee, how crucial PR...
John Bruske author

Episode 72: Updates and Future Events

John is back with a new episode of Podbros Promotions. Unfortunately, the original episode went missing and in its place was 30 minutes of silence. So instead of listening to 30 minutes of silence, John came back with 8 minutes of updates and future ev...
John Bruske author