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Rolling R's is a series of Spanish Lesson Videos. It uses visuals to reinforce knowledge of the language. The show focuses on developing a fundamental understanding of the language empowering you to develop your own phrases. This is not simply about memorizing lists of common Spanish phrases. Using this method, you can actually learn the language.

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Rolling R's is a series of Spanish lesson videos. Hosted by Larry Keim, Rolling R's uses visuals to reinforce the concepts he overviews.
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Rolling R's 120 - Past Subjunctives [Trailer]

This Spanish video tutorial is all about the past subjunctive. It’s a complex subject, but Larry does his best to make it easy for you to understand.
Larry Keim author

Rolling R's 119 - Términos Deportivos [Trailer]

This Spanish video tutorial is all about sports terms. Larry Keim reviews several key phrases and gives you practice sentences that will help you become more familiar with sports terms in Spanish.
Larry Keim author

[Tr] Rolling R's 117 - Una conversación con el mecánico

In this video, Larry Keim demonstrates another conversation in Spanish. It takes place between a mechanic and their customer.
Larry Keim author

[Tr] Rolling R's 116 - Una Conversación en el Restaurante

In this video, Larry Keim shows an entire conversation in Spanish. The conversation takes place in a restaurant. It will give you practice with new vocabulary as well as help you with concepts you’ve learned previously.
Larry Keim author

[Tr] Rolling R's 115 - More Helpful Phrases [Trailer]

This video tutorial covers several more helpful Spanish phrases.
Larry Keim author

[Tr] Rolling R's 114 - Trabajo [Trailer]

This Spanish video tutorial covers a variety of vocabulary, verbs, and practice sentences that are all associated with work.
Larry Keim author

[Tr] Rolling R's 113 - La Política y La Ley [Trailer]

In this video tutorial, Larry Keim reviews several items associated with the law and politics in Spanish.
Larry Keim author

[Tr] Rolling R's 112 - Cartas en español [Trailer]

In this video tutorial, Larry Keim reviews several items associated with writing letters in Spanish. He covers some greetings, conclusions, and common phrases you might use in Spanish letters.
Larry Keim author