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Do you want to learn how to order an ice cream by listening to actors or do you want to learn real English? If it's the second, LISTEN to Rock n' Roll English. I am an English teacher living in Italy and I interview my friends every Monday and Thursday, we speak about Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll - just real conversations between real people. Learn new "Rock n' Roll" vocabulary and grammar via the explanations in the show then go to to do exercises to help you remember them - ROCK ON!

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Learn English. Learn real English. Learn Rock n’ Roll English.
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Easter All Around The World 🌎

As always, there's talk of poo, but this time we talk about WINNIE THE POOH! 😄 Probably in a different way to what you're expecting, then there's talk of EGGS, dancing to TECHNO 🕺 in church and lots more! Oh yea... we also speak about Easter Traditions...
Martin Johnston author

Things that Suck Day! #144

Not in a sexual way! 😝 We're speaking about the American meaning of the word 'suck' today! 😉 Plus there's talk of PYJAMAS 😄, things moving from SOUTH to NORTH, socks in pants 🩲 and MUCH more! So just keep CALM and keep on ROCKin'! 👊
Martin Johnston author

Some Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Germany 🇩🇪 #143

This is a podcast about the boring life of an English teacher, the boring English teacher went to Germany recently... so the episode is about Germany! Nothing amazing here people! BUT.... we do have a useless talk about days of the week 📅, getting kick...
Martin Johnston author


Don't worry, it's nothing serious, but if you think you can help, please send me an email at
Martin Johnston author

What's the BEST Month of the Year? #142

As always, we are tackling the SERIOUS issues here! 😀 We have the OFFICIAL list of the best months ranked in order (according to a very respectable website) and we also talk about cans of WORMS 😖, Christmas socks in March 🧦, Theresa May ruining May 😆 a...
Martin Johnston author

Expert Secrets with Robert Martinez #141

Today we have an English teacher with more than 20 years' experience who has taught in various different countries and is internationally known for his expert knowledge in teaching with technology... and he's sharing his best tips for teaching and lear...
Martin Johnston author

Bonus: I'm Football Crazy, I'm Football Mad! ⚽

I often speak to Boom Boom Cannon about football, so this time we decided to hit the RECORD button so that YOU can be part of our football conversation! We talk about the Champions League matches and much more! ⚠️WARNING⚠️ - Football fans only! ⚽
Martin Johnston author

Live for Events (and Conferences) 🎫

Concerts, the theatre, football matches are all great events... but so are conferences! 😁 And that's what we talk about today, including things such as FREE food 🥞, FARTING in lifts 😬 and even FALLING ASLEEP listening to RnR English 😴! Some SEXY 3rd co...
Martin Johnston author

Expert Secrets with Anya #139

Some SUPER SEXY secrets in today's episode (one of which I've already stolen! 😀) and there's even an INVITATION for you at the end! 👌
Martin Johnston author

Raising Hell in Uganda 🇺🇬 #138

BOOM! 💣 The mystery (ex)transcript writer of RnR English is FINALLY revealed! He is ALWAYS causing trouble and he's here to tell us about the trouble he's causing in Uganda, we talk about racist POTATOES 🥔, driving with GIRAFFES 🦒, strange ways to say ...
Martin Johnston author

Expert Secrets with Blackboard English #137

FORGET Expert Secrets for today's episode and listen to hear a WONDERFUL story that will make you APPRECIATE many things in life that you hadn't even thought about! Plus there is a SURPRISE and some FREE stuff 😀
Martin Johnston author

The World of Public Transport #136

As always, we look at the SERIOUS issues of the world 🌎 Are taxi drivers b@stards in ALL of the world?! 🤔, taking a MERCEDES to the gym 💪, HOPPING to work and MUCH more! 👊 So just keeeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! ✌️
Martin Johnston author

Expert Secrets with Christina Rebuffet #134

It's Thursday, so that only means ONE thing! Today we have a guest who was a teacher in a course that I did... so there's lots to learn! 
Martin Johnston author

What We Think About BREXIT 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 #134

If you worried about Brexit, don't be... as Dan the Man says everything will be FINE! 😅 He tells us why as we speak all things BREXIT but there is some SERIOUS RnR vocab in the process - just keeeeeep on ROCKin' people! 👊
Martin Johnston author

Expert Secrets with Teacher Mike #133

Here we are again people, another EXPERT sharing more SECRETS from YEARS of experience! Today I speak to Teacher Mike who teaches English in China - listen and learn! 
Martin Johnston author

Why We Need Women 👭 (like CF Charlie) #132

GIRL POWER! 👊 That's the vibe in today's episode where we talk about telling Google to SHUT UP 🤫, burning BRAS 😲, there's some present continuous PASSIVE and lots more! Just keeeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! 💣
Martin Johnston author

Expert Secrets with Peetu Skyttä #131

Another EXPERT sharing some more SECRETS with us today! I speak to Peetu Skyttä from Inglês Feito Fácil. Peetu is FLUENT is THREE languages and he also has a FREE gift just for YOU! 🙌
Martin Johnston author

Do What You Enjoy! 😀

It seems like simple advice... and it is! Anyway, there are a LOT of things I forgot to say, so make sure you go to to check out Dan the Man's work! 🙌
Martin Johnston author

What Your Personality Says About Your Fashion Sense #130

This is a SERIOUS thing, ok? 😀 Not only do we talk about FASHION, but we also talk about Dan the Man learning how to DANCE cumbia 🕺, ELEPHANTS doing the wild thing 🐘, The Incredible HULK 💪 and MUCH more! So just keeeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! 👊
Martin Johnston author

Expert Secrets with Stan Miles #129

We start this Expert Secrets Series in a BIG WAY today where I speak to Stan Miles from South Korea! He shares some MEGA studying techniques to help you learn English for FREE! Studying techniques and free stuff... it doesn't get more RnR than that! 
Martin Johnston author

How Mentally Strong are you? 🤔 #128

Boom Boom Cannon is BACK! 🔥 And here's here to tell how about FEEDBACK SANDWICHES 🥪, drinking MORE than 6 beers 🍻 and there's also talk about how to satisfy ANY women😮! Lots of RnR vocab and even some RnR connected speech, it doesn't get more RnR than ...
Martin Johnston author


🌟 New Project 🌟 There will be a podcast on a Thursday now (for how long, I'm not sure), but it WON'T be about poos or nonsense, it'll be a SERIOUS podcast! 😬 Find out about what exactly by listening to today's episode! 👂
Martin Johnston author

E127: How to Manage Awkward Situations with Luke's English Podcast

🌟SPECIAL GUEST🌟 Much more special than Dan the Man (although he's here too 😬), we're joined by Luke from LEP and we talk about THREESOMES 3️⃣, POOING on walls 😲, taking BULLETS 🔫 and much much more! Some SERIOUS RnR vocab and lots of SPECIAL surprises fo...
Martin Johnston author

E126: Knowing Me, Knowing You 👬

"How well do you know me" quizzes are usually done by married couples, but today Dan the Man and I take one! 💍 There's talk of NAPOLEON 💪, biggest FEARS 😱, ROMANTIC relationships with the road cleaner 🤭 and much more! There's also LOADS of RnR vocab th...
Martin Johnston author

E125: Dan the Man is BACK! 😲

This is NOT a dream! 😀 The world's most BORING man is BACK and he is BAD! 👊 There's talk of FREELANCE HUMAN BEINGS ✅, living with MONKS 😲, STALKING on Facebook 👁️ and lots more, so let's just keeeeeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! 🔥
Martin Johnston author

E124: New Year, Same ROCKin'! 👊

It's a New Year, but there's lots of talk about POOS 💩, HORRIBLE dogs 🐕 and lots more completely irrelevant things so things don't change in the RnR English game!💣 Sit back, put your headphones on and just KEEP ON ROCKIN' baby! 💋
Martin Johnston author

E123: Come on Mate... it's Christmas! 🎅

It is indeed... so there's a FREE Christmas gift for you! 🎉 Listen to people getting BUTTERED UP 🥞, Churches MUGGING people OFF ⛪, drinking Champagne for breakfast 🥂 and much more! The last episode of the year so join us one more time for a bit of ROCK...
Martin Johnston author

E122: How Posh Are You? 🤑

Another BIG test today where we discuss the class system in Britain! 😁 There's talk of TINY heads 🙆, BASHING Bibles ✝️, 'DRIVING' horses 🐎 and lots more! Lots and lots of RnR vocab - just standard day in the RnR English office, so keep CALM and keep on ...
Martin Johnston author

E121: What's Your LIKEABILITY? 🤔

Are you a LIKEABLE person? 🤔 Is that even a word? We look at all of that in today's show! Plus, there is talk of 90 year-olds with Netflix 📺, clarification of the word BITCH 😇, stealing seats in Slovenia 💺 and lots more! Just a normal day in the RnR wo...
Martin Johnston author

E120: Sorry is the Hardest Word to Say 😬

Boom Boom is back after being banished for his school boy error and he's back to (kind of) say sorry 😀 We speak about Walt Disney imagining his friends having sex 😲, Keith Richards ✌️, the benefits of Coca-Cola 😀 and lots more! So just keep CALM and kee...
Martin Johnston author

E119: Black Friday Bedlam 🤪

Black Friday can now consider itself 'mainstream' now that there is a show about it on RnR English! 😁 We speak about seeing DREAMS more clearly 💤, VOMIT 🤢, buying clothes before 2001 👚 - microphones are very much switched ON 🎙️, so take a seat, put some...
Martin Johnston author

E118: International Men's Day 👨

I can't remember if I did a podcast about this last year (and I'm too lazy to look)... but this year I speak to a WOMAN about it! ☮️ There's talk of getting LONGER 😲, PERVERTS 😲, SCHOOL BOY errors 🎒... PLUS there is a very emotional song and lots more, ...
Martin Johnston author

E117: The Awkward Birthday Stuff 😬

Birthdays are great, but are they ALWAYS great? 🤔 Here we look at the NOT so good stuff like the DOUBLE DIP 🤢, BOUNCY castles 😀, NO-ONE coming to your party 😢 and lots more! There's some GOOD news but also some BAD news, but whatever happens you know t...
Martin Johnston author

E116: Guy Fawkes / Fireworks / Bonfire Night Debate 🔥

Should fireworks be illegal? 🚫 An interesting debate that we look at with help from 🤓 There's also talk of MACHINE GUNS 🔫, dubious Google searches 😬, blowing up Buckingham Palace 🔥 and lots more - BOOM shake the ROOM! 💣💣💣
Martin Johnston author

E115: Halloween, Souls and Saints 👻

A Halloween podcast was done last year, so it's the difficult Part II 😬 There's talk of boys wearing LIPSTICK 💋, first time we saw GENITALS 😲, doing ANYTHING for a £ 💸 and LOTS and LOTS of RnR vocab - so just keeeeeep on ROCKin'! ✌️
Martin Johnston author

E114: Every Penis Tells a Story... 🤨

As always, the most important problems of the world are discussed on this show... politics, culture, science, so that's why we speak about penises today 😀. Not much else to add to that except.... keeeeeeeep on ROCKin'! 👊
Martin Johnston author

Only a few more days...

It's not a real episiode, but it's only 3 minutes long... so give it a listen anyway! 😁
Martin Johnston author

E113: We are FAM-I-LY 👪

Definitely NOT selling anything in this episode, so don't worry! 😅 There's talk of GANGSTA cars 😎, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 🐢, HAND-ME-DOWNS 👚, so much RnR vocab it's scary (and tiring!) - so just keep CALM and keep on ROCKin'! 👊 
Martin Johnston author

E112: Do YOU want to join the RnR English Family?

The Family is open people, some come and join! Remember to go to and follow the instructions there! 
Martin Johnston author

E111: Back to School 🚌

Back to life, back to reality! 😬 It's that time of year, so we reflect on what it was like going back to school and speak about people with TWO PENISES 😲, football with SCHOOL SHOES 👞, talking STRAIGHT 🗣️ and lots more! So put on your uniform and keeeee...
Martin Johnston author

E110: It's Better to be Safe than Sorry 👷

Who says Health and Safety isn't RnR⁉️ We show that it very much IS in today's show as we speak about TOUCHING legs 🤭, PRE-PREPARED jokes 😬, hair on FIRE 🔥 and lots more - just keeeeeeeeep on ROCKin' baby! ✌️
Martin Johnston author

E109: The Benefits of Computer Games 🎮

Did you know that playing on the PlayStation has many benefits?! 🤔 Well... we're here to tell you it does! 😃 Plus there's talk of SONIC the Hedgehog 🦔, NAN'S on the xBox 👵, The KING of the Jungle 🦁 and lots more so just keeeeeeep on ROCKin' people! ✌️
Martin Johnston author

E108: How NOT to Lose Your Mojo 💎

Mojo = Magic, but it’s not easy keeping your magic, is it? 😬 So in this pod, we look at ways to do EXACTLY that, baby! There’s talk of WHATSAPP vagina pictures 🤢, lots of MOANING 😀, 9 year olds with BEARDS in church 🧔 and lots more useless rubbish! So ...
Martin Johnston author

Last Chance…

The IELTS course is starting next week, but there are a few places left, so get in contact quickly if you’d like to take part! If not… just ignore this message and keep on rockin’!
Martin Johnston author

E107: No Regrets Baby 👊

I have a massive REGRET from last week’s show 😬 So that gave me just the motivation I needed for today! 😃 There’s talk of poorly timed FARTS 😷, getting BANGED UP 💥, SEX positions 😲 and LOTS more! RnR vocab, RnR grammar, it’s just another day at the off...
Martin Johnston author

Are you Interested in the IELTS Exam?

…. if you are, then there’s some exciting news in this podcast! 😀 If you’re not…. then it’s probably best not ot listen to this podcast! 😬 Remember to go to to check out all the details! 👊
Martin Johnston author

E106: How to Have a Night Out 🍻

Continuing the ‘HOW TO’ serious, today we find out some things that lovely English gentlemen do when they go out for a few drinks at the weekend 😬 There’s talk of a familiar face getting ARRESTED 👮, stealing KETCHUP 🚫 and £5 specials! Some serious RnR ...
Martin Johnston author

E105: How to be a Real Woman 💃🏻

We’ve seen how to be a real man, now it’s the ladies turn! 👒 Clarification Charlie is representing for the girls ✊ and we speak about biological CLOCKS ⏰, touching WOOD 🏯 and how to keep it CLASSY 😎! Some lovely RnR vocab, so sit back, enjoy the show a...
Martin Johnston author

E104: Is Stonehenge Really RnR? 🤔

A recording of me talking about Stonehenge in 2016, how RnR is that?! Hmmmm…. let’s have a listen and see….
Martin Johnston author

E103: How to be a Real Man 💪

Some useful information in this episode for people like me (as I am definitely NOT a real man!) 😬 There’s talk of use should use the DRILL 👨, lots of TOOLS 🔨 and even ELEPHANTS 🐘! Some SEXY RnR vocab and even a phrasal verb used in 2 different ways - W...
Martin Johnston author