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Get the insider knowledge into the life of a Photoshop professional and view a slideshow of the artist's work.

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Get the insider knowledge into the life of a Photoshop professional and view a slideshow of the artist's work.
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Photoshop Creative "Interview with Dylan Roscover"

Apple lover and talented designer Dylan Roscover talks to us about his typographical artwork, how Photoshop comes into his job at Royale, and the tool that he'd save if he could only choose one.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Monsters"

From the Monsters collective in London, Tom Genower talks about their commissioned artwork for Research Studios, as well as tastefully inappropriate installation piece for the recent Anti-Design Festival.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Dan Buller"

Dan Buller is put under friendly fire about his Photoshop technique and style, and also how big a part traditional media plays in his art, from live paintings with the Heavyweight Art collective to his work with En Masse.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Tom Hussey"

Tom Hussey shares his experiences working with animals behind the lens, and how he had used Photoshop to create his series of photo-composites for an advertising campaign for an alzheimer drug.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Dan Howard"

Freelance illustrator Dan Howard enters our podcast studio this month, to talk to us about his style and the way he uses Photoshop, and how his influences have changed from his discovery of fantasy art at a young age.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Jemma Robinson"

Photoshop Creative's Simon Skellon catches up with UK digital artist Jemma Robinson, and finds out what it's like being a teacher of Photoshop and how far she's willing to go for a serious dose of inspiration.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Donglu Yu"

Concept artist Donglu Yu is currently working for Ubisoft Entertainment. She explains how imagining the story of an image as you paint helps to increase the audience's understanding of the composition.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Craig Zaduck"

We catch up with photo-retouching professional Craig Zaduck, who tells us more about the intricacies of his day-to-day life with Photoshop, and how he's working with the human eye in one of his latest commissions.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Rosen Dukov"

Bulgarian digital artist, Rosen Dukov, is caught in the Photoshop Creative headlights to talk about his PS style, his latest commissions, and his preferred beverage.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Kim Herbst"

Simon Skellon talks to pro illustrator Kim Herbst about her new design job in San Francisco, and how she had once taped up her laptop's touchpad forcing herself to use a graphics tablet.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Kervin Brisseaux"

Kervin Brisseaux talks to Photoshop Creative about how he has taken his illustrations across the globe, and just what it takes to produce such an intricate style as his.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Repless Abandon"

Dushan Milic represents the Repless Abandon illustration collective in our latest podcast. He keeps us up-to-date with his current design pursuits, and also on the whereabouts of the collective's remaining members...
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Francis Tsai"

While working on his latest project for Top Cow Productions, we caught up with Francis Tsai to find out how he uses Photoshop for his impressive comic book concepts.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Daria Jabenko"

Originally from Moscow, the now Canada based illustrator Daria Jabenko tells Photoshop Creative about her love for the program in question.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Fay Sirkis"

Photoshop Creative's Simon Skellon talks to Photoshop pro, Fay Sirkis, and finds out how she combines Corel Painter to create her unique portrait paintings.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative 'An interview with Catlin Harrison'

Join Photoshop Creative's Simon Skellon, as he tracks down Photoshop pro Catlin Harrison to find out the inspiration behind her unique style and her Flora Gods.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Olly Howe"

This month Photoshop Creative catches up with talented illustrator Olly Howe to discover his roots, inspiration, prospects and more.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Russell Williams"

Simon Skellon talks with Co-Photoshop Architect, Russell Williams, from Adobe's HQ about the up-and-coming version, CS5, and his dream tool.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "The Scott Kelby Interview"

Photoshop Creative chats to Photoshop guru, Scott Kelby, about how he juggles nine Photoshop jobs and still has time for a normal life
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "House of Aces Interview"

Photoshop Creative gets the lowdown on illustration collective, House of Aces, to find out about their latest design ventures.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Lesa Snider"

The Photoshop Creative magazine team interview Lesa Snider.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Simon Joinson"

Photoshop Creative magazine talks to Simon Joinson.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Basement416"

The Photoshop Creative magazine team interview the illustration collective, Basement416.
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Katrin Eismann"

Photoshop Creative's staff writer, Simon Skellon, talks to the hugely respected Photoshop pro, Katrin Eismann
Imagine Publishing author

Photoshop Creative "Interview with Chris Ede"

Photoshop Creative's staff writer, Simon Skellon, catches up with professional illustrator Chris Ede to find out more about his relationship with Photoshop.
Imagine Publishing author