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A podcast about... nothing

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A podcast about... nothing
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Episode 48: Peach and The Colonel

In this episode Peach and the Colonel try to work out what creates a culture, what we can do to change cultures and whether or not it’s the anonymity in a crowd that makes them so volatile…We also make some pirate noises and end up talking about scream...
chrisblain author

Episode 47: Peach and the Colonel

In this episode Peach and the Colonel debrief a week of trying to write effective letters to our local politicians; considering the importance of rhetoric and hyperbole in mounting a persuasive argument of course! We try to wrap our heads around how ma...
chrisblain author

Episode 46: Peach and The Colonel

After another long hiatus Peach & The Colonel get stuck in, trying to understand apathy, grappling with climate change and considering the many manifestations of fantasy worlds in porn! We consider the differences in value systems, opinion and judg...
chrisblain author

Episode 45: Loz Blain

Peach and the Colonel ride again with Loz! On our first episode since the arrival of the Colonel’s baby girl, we talk fatherhood, the joys of e-bikes and our Netflix faves. Join us for a catch-up on our show about nothing!  The official trailer for Bey...
chrisblain author

Episode 44

2019 is here and we are back to consider and chat on air with you all about everything and nothing! Get stuck in!Happy New Year, Peach and the Colonel fans! We hope you have had an excellent Summer so far. In this episode we crack a few coldies and con...
chrisblain author

Episode 43: Peach and The Colonel

A wonderful exchange of strange faces, silly noises, and puzzled musings from Peach and The Colonel.
thecolonelat14 author

Episode 42: Peach and The Colonel

Halloween & Cup Weekend Special   Welcome to a ghostly, horsey, thank god it’s Friday episode, in which we chat all things hate speech, offense, addiction, and we throw in some identity politics and a Chilean Chardonnay for good measure! Here are s...
thecolonelat14 author

Episode 41: Peach and The Colonel

Finally, the long awaited return… Season 3: Peach and the Colonel Enjoy 🙂
thecolonelat14 author

Episode 40: Peach and The Colonel

As we come to the end of season 2, Peach and the Colonel find themselves tackling some familiar themes- the power of language, gender politics & identity/ stereotypes, just to name a few…You can also hear our thoughts on The latest Avengers film, S...
thecolonelat14 author

Episode 39: Peach and The Colonel

Today we talked of many things… fools and kings… but I can’t really remember. I shall update this once Peach sends me a wrap-up!
thecolonelat14 author

Episode 38: Juergen Kulmer

In this Good Friday special episode we debrief the Oxfam 100k walk with Jeurgen Kulmer, hear about his move to Australia from Austria and get a hot tip about where to get the most authentic cheese kransky in Melbourne!
thecolonelat14 author

Episode 37: Peach and The Colonel

In this episode we drink a decent Chardonnay, talk about how cultures are created and changed, the complexity and divisiveness of identity politics, and the disturbing domestic violence stats in Australia. We touch on emotional intensity in relationshi...
thecolonelat14 author

Episode 36: Peach and the Colonel

Together again at last Peach and the Colonel have a wide ranging chat about marriage law, going back to study, what it means to be part of a new community and some great new plays Peach has been to see in the last fortnight…don’t waste another moment, ...
administrator author

Episode 35 Peach and The Colonel

G’day Listeners! A brief chat on the merits of nationalism, changing the date and how quickly time passes…also known as the shock of middle age and staring down the barrel of your twenty year school reunion- eek! Have a beer with us while you listen to...
administrator author

Episode 34: Loz

In our welcome to 2018 episode, we have a visit from Loz, a song from Max the Pickle and a long discussion about sex, consent and trial by media. We also talk about the evolution of wolf to dog…sort of.   Trial by Media
administrator author

Episode 33: Peach and The Colonel

Well, we’ve pimped up our rides, and we are ready to race into 2018, but not before one last Christmas podcast! In this episode, we drink Marsanne, try to define harassment and generally have a natter- join us for some Christmas cynicism- just to count...
administrator author

Episode 32: Peach and The Colonel

Pre Christmas Special    It’s the season to be jolly…and remember just how ordinary and fallible most of us are! Be patient and kind out there in the Xmas traffic, all- enjoy the shop-a-thon!  In this episode, Peach and The Colonel celebrate the triump...
administrator author

Episode 31: Ryan Martin

It’s a Halloween hating special episode!  Our resident ghoulish mate Ryan Martin drops in to chat about the phenomena of Halloween and the strange absorption of American culture across the globe…Plus the rise of the robots with the first Saudi citizen ...
administrator author

Episode 30: Steve “Cheffie”

Our good buddy Steve dropped by to share some tales this week for our 30th episode! Woo! Steve has quite an amazing story to tell about life, love, and how sometimes the toughest things in life bring about the greatest sense of purpose in us. We chatte...
administrator author

Episode 29: Peach and The Colonel

Now that the obligatory colds and flu have passed, we return with a cough and splutter for episode 29! Peach and the Colonel talk about ways to stave off the winter blues and our inevitably rising calorie intake…And why the Colonel is feeling increasin...
administrator author

Episode 28: Roland and Loz

In this episode we cross many lines and leave them far behind- mainly coz our guests Loz and Roland are determined there should be no more ‘thoughtful pauses’ like we had in the last episode! So if you don’t want to hear about birth, poo and listen to ...
administrator author

Episode 27 – Peach and The Colonel

Well we finally managed to get back on the podcasting horse 🤠 to talk about a whole bunch of stuff we’d considered before but in a new light after our break! In this episode we consider the way aesthetics inform a sense of cultural identity, why you sh...
administrator author

Episode 26 – Peach and The Colonel

Peach and The Colonel are guest-less once again, but full of beans and ready to talk each other’s (and your) ears off! We couldn’t help but talk about the recent plans to put dresses on the “little green men” on CBD pedestrian crossing lights:  http://...
administrator author

Episode 25: Alexandra Collier

Today we chat with writer Alexandra Collier about creativity, conflict and the buzz of living in New York City.    What is it that draws us to the promise of big cities and to what extent is blind optimism necessary to ...
administrator author

Episode 24: Rappin with Randy

In tonight’s episode we chat with an old friend about striving for an immaculate day, the appeal of monster trucks and the importance of talking to our kids about porn, sex, love and consent. Join us for another chat about nothing and everything- is it...
administrator author

Episode 23: Peach and The Colonel

Peach and the Colonel return to the important discussion of laundry peg technique. A handy video below for those who need tips! Much to both of our surprise, we learned a little bit about vaginal flora:
administrator author

Episode 22: Peach and The Colonel

A rambling Summer Special on Australia/ Invasion Day 2017- we talk about the political spectrum, the curated nature of ‘truth’ in the media we consume and being closed to the ‘other’ in all its forms.  Peach is reading Maxine Beneba Clarke’s ‘The Hate ...
administrator author

Christmas Special – Season 1

Ho ho ho… The end of the year is upon us! Peach and the Colonel collide once more in 2016 to sum up the year, check in with reality, and explore our absurd universe in all its splendour. The Colonel mentioned Wim Hof again:
administrator author

Episode 20: Loz Blain

Our season one final… can’t remember what we talked about, but it involved my big bro Loz Blain, chatting about Evel Knievel, tech stuff, and a whole lot of other garbage. Keep you ears open and your eyes peeled for our Christmas special – coming soon!
administrator author

Episode 19: Peach and the Colonel

In our second last episode of season 1, Peach and the Colonel enjoy saying Sangiovese, consider wage disparity between men and women, and how to cope when your nose runs during a massage. Join us for a Friday night chat…
administrator author

Episode 18: Peach and the Colonel

After four long weeks, Peach and the Colonel return to the studio to catch up and begin a large range of conversations. No guarantees that any of them come to any sort of conclusion, but never-the-less, many of the world’s problems are now half solved ...
administrator author

Episode 17: Haider Jumaah

War, religion and humanity- we cover some big topics in our episode with Iraqi Doctor, Haider Jumaah.   He tells us about his journey to Melbourne, the challenges of Medicine and of course, the rewards.   We mentioned Alain de Botton’s most recent book...
administrator author