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Home of the weekly NW RaceReport podcast, Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm Pacific time, & live Motorsport event coverage by northwest race announcer, Terry Bridges, and co-host Glenn "Lippi" Tower.

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Home of the weekly NW RaceReport podcast, Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm Pacific time, & live Motorsport event coverage by northwest race announcer, Terry Bridges, and co-host Glenn "Lippi" Tower.
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26.07.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

Winning Wednesday w/ Jammin Jimmy Nettles

Tonight with talk with our Blue Line Graphics " In the Seat" guest "Jammin" JImmy Nettles part the Florida UAS Dog Pound Team..We talk UAS, the up coming nationals, and all the stuff happening speedway wise in Florida!. Check it out, Share it, and spre...
Terry Bridges author
19.07.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

NWRR Winning Wednesday- 7/18/18 w/ Tim Draggoo

Terry Bridges author
12.07.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

NWRR Winning Wednesday w/ Joe Warning

Terry Bridges author
28.06.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

nwrr winning wednesday-6-27 -18

Terry Bridges author
21.06.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

WInning Wednesday all about numbers!

Terry Bridges author
19.06.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

Late Model Monday w//brittney zamora

Terry Bridges author
14.06.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

NWRR wednesday with Braeden Wager

Terry Bridges author
12.06.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg


Terry Bridges author
7.06.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg


Terry Bridges author
31.05.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

NWRR Winning Wednesday 5-30-18

Terry Bridges author
24.05.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

NWRR- Winning Wednesday w/ Jason Fraser

Terry Bridges author
17.05.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

NWRR Wednesday!

Terry Bridges author
10.05.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

NWRR Winning Wednesday with Mikie Clark

Terry Bridges author
3.05.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg


Terry Bridges author
26.04.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

Racing and Bathrooms-What is the standard?

Tonight we talk about racers and bathrooms and if there should be some sort of standard. We discuss UAS, and check out our Facebook Aftershow..Live on Facebook, we talk to Rocket Ronnie Cox about what it was like back in Pennsylvania.
Terry Bridges author
19.04.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

The state of the sport with Dan Pellizzari

We talk the sport with Dan Pellizzari and the different things we can do to help improve and make the sport thrive. Thanks to Blue Line Graphics for bring Dan Pellizzari to the show as our "in the Seat" guest!. The NWRR is brought to you in part by Tru...
Terry Bridges author
12.04.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

After vacation

Terry Bridges author
4.04.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

Racsing with Respect before Vacation!

Terry Bridges author
29.03.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

Tyre Wars with Kevin Bishop from Venom Juice

Tonight we talk with Kevin Bishop from Venom Juice about his new tire procedure that has some up in arms and others with open arms. You get to decide which way you feel about it. We talk about more giving racers more recognition at the lower levels an...
Terry Bridges author
22.03.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

Chassis week continues with Jason Lindgren from Legend @ stroke division.

Tonightour Blue Line Graphics Jason Lindgren from Legend Chassis and we talk about the M5HPs and the rest of the Legend 2 cycle chassis. Glenn Tower has a great interview with Jason, dont miss it.
Terry Bridges author
18.03.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

10th elmaHall of fame induction ceremony

Terry Bridges author
15.03.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

Chassis Month round 3 w/ Bryan Nevins Jr. of Legend Chassis

Chassis month continues on the NW RaceReport. Round 3 and our Blue Line Graphics "In the Seat Live" guest is Bryan Nevins Jr. from Legend Chassis 4 stroke chassis division. We discuss if the racers or the tracks are at fault if races are not being comp...
Terry Bridges author
11.03.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

Micro Main

Terry Bridges author
11.03.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

Pacific NW Micro Wingless Nationals MAIN EVENTS

Live from Salem Speedway, Salem, OR 3-10-11
Terry Bridges author
11.03.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

pacific nw micro wingless nationals

Terry Bridges author
10.03.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

Pacific NW Micro WIngless Nationals Day Show

Under card action from the Inaugural Pacific NW Micro Wingless Nationals from Salem Speedway, 125, 250, pmsa, beginner box, box stock, Live Coverage of the WIngless nationals we start around 6pm so tune in.
Terry Bridges author
10.03.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

Pacific NW Micro Wingless Nationals Day show

Terry Bridges author
8.03.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

Chassis Month Week 2 W Josh Williams and Boomer Halk

Tonight its round 2 of our chassis month. Our Blue Line Graphics "In the Seat" guest is Josh Williams from Charger Racing Chassis. We talk tech and safety and the upcoming weekend events!
Terry Bridges author
1.03.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

Chassis Month round! w/ Brandon Ard

Tonight we talk the cost of tires and if its killing the sport, results from Salem Speedway, 206 Results from PGP and our Blue Line Graphics "In the Seat" guest ois new Titan Chassis Owner Brandon Ard. Check us out!
Terry Bridges author
22.02.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

After Daytona Show WIth/ Titan TIm Lawrence

Tonight we have results from salem speedway, Sander Barn Burner. We talk a little Daytona, we talk about officiating in Karting. Lippi has some real world advice for the kiddos, and the Loader has schedule highlights from all over the NW! Our Blue Line...
Terry Bridges author
17.02.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

Slideways Saturday 2-17-18

Terry Bridges author
15.02.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

The 1 Moto recap w/ Dominic Cameron

Terry Bridges author
8.02.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

The One Motorcycle Show edition W/Dominic Cameron

Tonight is our "The ONE Motorcycle Show" edition and our Blue Line Graphics "In the studio" guest is Flat Track Ace Dominic Cameron! He hangs out as we talk AMA flat track and results from Salem Speedway and Winter Showdown from Kern County.
Terry Bridges author
1.02.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

BK10 Recap w/ Kyle Wick, Phil Pfau, & "Wobby Wow"

Tonight we recap the 10th Annual Buddha Kinser Memorial and live in the studio with us is BK10 runner up Kyle Wick. We talk with winner Robby Yow via phone, and 70 year old karting legend Phil Pfau who captured KT100 light BK title. At 70 years of age ...
Terry Bridges author
28.01.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

BK10 Main Event

Terry Bridges author
25.01.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

It's gettin real-BK 10

Tonight we talk about the final preparations for the 10th annual BK 10. We go through the current entry list and discuss what its going to take to win the biggest indoor dirt race west of the Mississippi! Results from Salem and the WHR Motorsports fina...
Terry Bridges author
18.01.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

BK10 Pre Show with Rocket Ronnie Cox

Tonight we talk BK10 Memories, and picks, and awesome times in the 10 year venture of the event. Our Blue Line Graphics in the seat LIVE guest is the UCR's Rocket Ronnie Cox. Cox was the BK2 Champion.
Terry Bridges author
15.01.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg


MAIN EVENTS from Salem Speedway. Sunday January 14, 2018
Terry Bridges author
11.01.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

17 days til BK W Bradley Shaw

Terry Bridges author
4.01.2018 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

Holiday Classic Recap w Tony WIlliamson & Brad Berg

Results from the 23rd annual Holiday Classic in Arizona, Slideways Saturday from Salem, Or and out blue Line Graphics " In the Seat LIVE" guests are Tony Williamson from Kemmer Karting and the defending BK9 champ and winner of the Holiday Classic Brad...
Terry Bridges author
30.12.2017 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

Slideways Saturday 12-30-17

Terry Bridges author
28.12.2017 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

The science of tire prep round #2 w/ Chris Harris

Round 2 of our two part series the science of tire prep, powered by Blue Line Graphics. Tonight tire prep guru and head tire specialist for Track Tac tire products, Chris Harris joins for 90 minutes of education on the science of tire prep. Harris op...
Terry Bridges author
21.12.2017 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

The Show before christmas w/Randy Ransom

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Tonight our entire show is with Randy Ransom Head Chemist and Owner of Track Tac tire products. Randy explains some the secrets of the science of tire prep.
Terry Bridges author
16.12.2017 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg


Terry Bridges author
14.12.2017 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

A Night without Lippi w/ Kyle Kuntze

We give you 5 things that every racer must over come to win, and a quick and easy formula to rate yourself and your team. Kyle Kuntze from Molecule sports joins us.
Terry Bridges author
10.12.2017 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

Dec. 10th, 2017-Cage Karts Day 2

Day 2 of cage kart weekend
Terry Bridges author
7.12.2017 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg


Tonight we have results from salem speedway, and we talk with Terry Lawrence who just finished third at the 21st annual super nats.
Terry Bridges author
30.11.2017 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

After Thanksgiving Show w/ Breanna Brostrom & Kevin Janders

Tonight we talk about driver and crew chief communication, we give you 8 mental tips for your driving and we've got some big news for the Open 2 Stroke Championship Series! Our Blue Line Graphics in the seat Live guests are Breanna Brostrom and Kevin J...
Terry Bridges author
25.11.2017 https://d1bm3dmew779uf.cloudfront.net/rss/show/1311659/f68c4ae0933da64264ff2751a1413968.jpg

Slideways Saturday Round 2 "LIVE" from Salem Speedway

Round 2 of the Slideways Saturday Winter indoor series
NW RaceReport author

A time to give thanks, Thanksgiving Edition

NW RaceReport author