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Mike Rohde interviews sketchnoters about tools, techniques, and their approach to the practice and craft of sketchnoting.
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26.06.2019 Sketchnote Army Podcast

IPad Pro Panel - SE06 / EP08

In this iPad-focused episode, Michael Clayton, Rob Dimeo, Mauro Tosseli and Steve Silbert join Mike Rohde to discuss all things iPad Pro including the recent Apple announcements at WWDC. If you are on the fence about an iPad or iPad Pro, or aren’t sure...
Mike Rohde author
19.06.2019 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Zhi Lee - SE06 / EP07

Zhi Lee is an Agile coach from New Zealand who discovered sketchnoting a few years ago but the idea took a while before he finally jumped in. Now he uses visual thinking and sketchnoting in his agile work to help teams communicate. RUNNING ORDER * In...
Mike Rohde author
12.06.2019 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Sherrill Knezel - SE06 / EP06

How many roles do you have? Well, it's probably fewer than today's guest Sherrill Knezel, sketchnoter, artist, educator, graphic recorder, and illustrator. She joins Mike to discuss the different aspects of her visual work with particular emphasis on e...
Mike Rohde author
5.06.2019 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Nick Sousanis - SE06 / EP05

Today, Mike is joined by Nick Sousanis, Assistant professor of Humanities & Liberal Studies at San Francisco State University, where he is runs a Comics Studies program. While at Columbia university, he wrote and drew his dissertation entirely in c...
Mike Rohde author
29.05.2019 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Conni Eybisch-Klimpel - SE06 / EP04

Today’s episode was recorded live at the International Sketchnote Camp 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. Between airplane flyovers, Mike talks with visual career coach Conni about how she has adapted sketchnotes and visual thinking to help coach her clients at...
Mike Rohde author
22.05.2019 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Laurens Bonnema - SE06 / EP03

Another episode of the Sketchnote Army Podcast from the International Sketchnote Camp 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. This time Mike is joined by Laurens Bonnema, an agile management consultant from Daudref in the Netherlands. Laurens shares a preview of his...
Mike Rohde author
15.05.2019 Sketchnote Army Podcast

S6 E02 / Emily Mills

Today Mike is joined by visual communicator Emily Mills, an illustrator, designer, sketchnoter, and author. They talk about her journey creating her first book, The Art of Visual Notetaking and Sketchnote Academy. Listen in! RUNNING ORDER - Intro: Emi...
Mike Rohde author
7.05.2019 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Chris Spalton - SE06 / EP01

In this first episode of season 6, Mike talks with UX designer and sketchnoter Chris Spalton from England about his entry into sketchnoting and how he’s using sketchnotes, comics, and other visualizations in his work in user experience. We also talk ab...
Mike Rohde author
3.09.2018 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Mike Rohde’s Season 5 Wrap-up - SE05 / EP09

In this episode, Mike reflects on how each of the episodes in season 5 suggest the theme “serendipity” when taken as a whole. He talks about the great refresh for season 5 and plans for recording live interviews in season 6 at ISC18LX in Lisbon, Portug...
Mike Rohde author
27.08.2018 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Patrick Rhone - SE05 / EP08

In this episode, Mike is joined by Patrick Rhone and things get deep. Patrick has followed sketchnoting since Mike coined the term, and he uses sketchnoting every morning in a very different way. This is the perfect episode for anyone who would love to...
Mike Rohde author
20.08.2018 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Laura Kazan - SE05 / EP07

Today Mike is joined by Laura Kazan, the parent of a student who has seen amazing results in learning using sketchnotes, in spite of her son’s ADHD, dysgraphia, auditory processing disorder, and synesthesia. If you’re a parent or a teacher, this is a m...
Mike Rohde author
13.08.2018 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Allison Huang & Lisa Stone - SE05 / EP06

Mike has not one, but TWO guests today: student Allison Huang and her teacher Lisa Stone. Allison was recently featured on Sketchnote Army sharing her journey into sketchnoting. Mike has invited her and her teacher, along to learn the story behind the ...
Mike Rohde author
6.08.2018 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Doug Neill - SE05 / EP05

Mike is joined by Doug Neil, former substitute teacher turned sketchnote educator. Hear his journey intro sketchnoting and how uses sketchnoting to teach and clarify ideas, his upcoming sketchnoting courses, and more! SPONSORED BY The Sketchnote Works...
Mike Rohde author
30.07.2018 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Ben Crothers - SE05 / EP04

Mike is joined by Aussie Ben Crothers, who is the author of Presto Sketching and a design strategist at Atlassian Software. Ben and Mike discuss Ben’s book, the process of getting published, How sketchnoting is changing, plus tools and tips. SPONSORE...
Mike Rohde author
23.07.2018 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Magalie Le Gall - SE05 / EP03

Mike is joined by Magalie LeGall from Versailles, France. Magalie is an academic librarian at Universite Paris Descartes, an avid sketchnoter, and an all-around fun person. Together they discuss the importance of making mistakes in our sketchnotes. RU...
Mike Rohde author
16.07.2018 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Austin Kleon - SE05 / EP02

This week Mike talks with Austin Kleon, author of Steal Like and Artist, Show Your Work (and a new book on the way) about sketchnoting, visual thinking, the publishing business, and more in this on-location episode at Medici Coffee in Austin, TX. SPON...
Mike Rohde author
9.07.2018 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Brandy Agerbeck - SE05 / EP01

Mike is joined by Brandy Agerbeck, author, teacher, and graphic facilitator based in Chicago. Brandy talks about her journey into visual thinking and graphic recording and facilitation, tools she uses and 3 tips for sketchnoters. SPECIAL: THE AGERBECK...
Mike Rohde author
2.07.2018 Sketchnote Army Podcast

The Podcast Refresh: Michael Clayton & Mike Rohde - SE05 / EP00

What’s better than one expert sketchnoter called Mike… how about two? In this special season 5 pre-season podcast episode, Mike Rohde is joined by Michael Clayton as they preview the upcoming season 5 changes and the future of the Sketchnote Army Podca...
Mike Rohde author
27.03.2018 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Luis Gonzaga SE04 / EP10 - ISC18LX Special

In this special episode between season 4 and 5, I’m joined by Luis Gonzaga, one of the organizers of International Sketchnote Camp 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. We talk about Lisbon as a great place to visit and enjoy, the structure of the event combining...
Mike Rohde & Mauro Toselli author
6.01.2018 Sketchnote Army Podcast

World Sketchnote Day 2018 - SE04 / EP09

In this bonus episode to wrap up season 4, I’m joined by Mauro Toselli, Sketchnote Army’s Chief Sketchnote Officer, to talk about the upcoming World Sketchnote Day on Thursday, January 11, 2018, and the many ways you can participate. SPONSORED BY The ...
Mike Rohde & Mauro Toselli author
26.12.2017 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Matthew Magain - SE04 / EP08

G’day folks, today Mike is joined by Matthew Magain from Melbourne Australia. You might recognize his name from the Sketchnote Handbook. Matthew Shares his journey into sketchnoting and then on to 3D sketchnoting. Find out about how adding a third dime...
Mike Rohde & Mauro Toselli author
14.12.2017 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Cate Tolnai - SE04 / EP07

Cate Tolnai got into sketchnoting last March at the CUE conference. She quickly dove head first into it as she saw the benefits in education. Today she joins Mike Rohde to discuss sketchnoting in education and growth mindsets, as well as sketchnoting i...
Mike Rohde & Mauro Toselli author
8.12.2017 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Oscar Campo - SE04 / EP06

This week I’m joined by Oscar Campo is a professor at a university in Cali, Columbia. He got into sketchnoting to help him take better notes at his church and pay more attention to the sermons. Later, Oscar started incorporating sketchnotes into all ...
Mike Rohde & Mauro Toselli author
30.11.2017 Sketchnote Army Podcast

Heather Martinez - SE04 / EP05

This week I’m joined by Heather Martinez, a graphic recorder and facilitator, and a hand letterer who has skills to spare. We talk about Heather’s path into visual thinking, and the road trip she took to see the country with her husband, and trailer,...
Mike Rohde & Mauro Toselli author

Steve Silbert - SE04 / EP04

Steve Silbert is an agile coach and an avid sketchnoter. In this episode Mike and Steve discuss how Steve uses sketchnotes to help facilitate discussions, collaboration and understanding. In the second half of the episode Steve discusses his use of s...
Mike Rohde & Mauro Toselli author

Federica Tabone - SE04 / EP03

This week Mike Rohde is joined by Federica Tabone, a Psychologist who uses creative expressions like sketchnoting in her work to help businesses and students develop their soft skills with experiential learning.

 The Sketchnote Army Clo...
Mike Rohde & Mauro Toselli author

Ryder Carroll - SE04 / EP02

In this episode I welcome Ryder Carroll, creator of the Bullet Journal to the show. We talk about the origin of Bullet Journaling, and how sharing his approach to help a friend opened his mind to the power of his methodology. Listen as Ryder talks abo...
Mike Rohde & Mauro Toselli author

ISC17HH Recap - SE04 / EP01

In this episode of the Sketchnote Army Podcast, Mike is joined by two very special guests. His wife Gail and Professor Michael Clayton as they recap the first International Sketchnote Camp in Hamburg. Listen in! SPONSORED BY The Sketchnote Army Clothi...
Mike Rohde & Mauro Toselli author

Christina Wodtke - SE03 / EP08

In this interview with Christina Wodtke, we talk about the meaning of sketchnoting, drawing, and how they relate to language, interpretation and improvisation. Christina also shares her thoughts on the importance of creating lots of bad drawings to ge...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

Marianne Rady - SE03 / EP07

Scrum master and sketchnoter Marianne Rady talks to us about agile, Scrum, and how they relate to sketchnoting, listening and working with teams. Listen in! This episode was recorded before a live studio audience at the first Sketchnote Symposium at N...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

International Sketchnote Camp - SE03 / EP06

In this episode of the Sketchnote Army Podcast, I’m joined by Katharina Theis-Bröhl, Andrea Brücken, and Marianne Rady to announce International Sketchnote Camp in Hamburg, Germany, September 23, 2017! Listen in as we talk about the event, Hamburg, tr...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

Diane Bleck - SE03 / EP05

Diane Bleck is an innovation strategist, graphic recorder and facilitator, and the founder of the Doodle Institute. In this discussion we walk about her work in the visual thinking world as the Doodle Girl! Learn about the work Diane is doing, her to...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

Katharina Theis-Bröhl - SE03 / EP04

Katharina Theis-Bröhl is a physicist who loves to sketchnote scientific ideas, like solar energy, as well was a passion for teaching others to sketchnote. A colleague and friend of Rob Dimeo, she shares her experiences finding sketchnotes, using digi...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

Carrie Baughcum& Dana Ladenburger - SE03 / EP03

Dana Ladenburger and Carrie Baughcum are two teachers who love sketchnotes, and teaching sketchnoting to their students! In this episode, we talk about how they both came to sketchnotes, how they use them in class and their upcoming workshop at the Ill...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

Emily Carlton - SE03 / EP02

Emily Carlton keeps GIRL POWER Season 3 rolling! She’s an independent illustrator, sketchnoter, and designer. Emily and I talk about her background as a designer, illustrator, and sketchnoter, and her jump to independent work. We also talk about her ...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

Sunni Brown - SE03 / EP01

Sunni Brown leads off GIRL POWER Season 3 of the Sketchnote Army Podcast! Trained as a graphic recorder at the Grove by visual thinking Jedi master David Sibbet, Sunni has found her own path to incorporating game design, design thinking, and improv i...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli Bonus Episode - SE02 / EP09

Hey, it’s a bonus episode! In this surprise episode, Mauro and I talk about our reflections on the first two seasons of the podcast, favorite episodes, and ideas, and our request for your feedback for season 3. Sketchnote Army Podcast Survey: https:/...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

Pastor Gary Lau - SE02 / EP08

In episode 8, the last of season 2, I have a great discussion with Pastor Gary Lau about his goal to sketchnote the entire Bible and his new site for bible sketchnotes. We discuss ways people are sketchnoting sermons and scriptures, Gary’s 3 tips, and ...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

Mathias Jakobsen - SE02 / EP07

In episode 7 of season 2, I have a long, wonderful discussion with visual thinker Mathias Jakobsen about his journey into visual thinking from legos and software development; talk about his Think Clearly Bootcamp world tour, the nuances of analog and d...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

Mike Rohde - SE02 / EP06

In this turnabout episode, fellow sketchnoter Rob Dimeo asks me the questions: about my training and current role as a full-time designer, my views on the definition of a sketchnote, how important building community is, which 3 people have influenced m...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

Jason Alderman - SE02 - EP05

Jason Alderman is a user experience designer and developer in the museum exhibit space. In this episode, Jason shares his story, how he’s become known for his XOXO conference sketchnotes, the tools he uses, and his perspective on analog vs. digital for...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

Anita Verna Crofts - SE02 / EP04

Anita Verna Crofts shares her perspective on travel, food and how they intersect with sketchnoting in her life and with her creativity. Learn more about her new book Meet Me at the Bamboo Table. Learn how food, travel and identity helped shape her life...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

Eva-Lotta Lamm - SE02 / EP03

In this episode, I chat with the amazing Eva-Lotta Lamm, a designer, sketchnoter and a really brilliant person, who traveled the world and captured the experiences she had as sketchnotes. We also talk about tools, iPad Pro and Eva-Lotta shares 3 tips...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

Todd Clarke - SE02 / EP02

In the second episode of season two, I talk with Todd Clarke, whose business, technology and agile / lean background helps him use visuals and sketchnotes to summarize ideas to improve people's understanding. SHOW NOTES * Visual One Pagers - http://v...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

Dave Gray - SE02 / EP01

In the first episode of the second season, I talk with Dave Gray, founder of XPLANE and the visual thinking leader who introduced me to using visuals as a practice and a way of thinking. SHOW NOTES * Dave Gray - * XPLANE - https://x...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

James Saretta - SE01 / EP08

In the eighth and final episode of season one, James Saretta shares how he uses visual thinking in business settings. He talks about his journey from consultant to strategy leader inside an Australian corporation, and how his sketchnoting, and visual t...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

Marichiel Boudwin - SE01 / EP07

In the seventh episode of the Sketchnote Army Podcast, I talk with Marichiel Boudwin a.k.a. ItsLilpeanut, about her journey to sketchnoting, creating explainer videos, and her favorite tools. SHOW NOTES * In a Nutshell Studios - http://inanutshellstud...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

Nikki McDonald - SE01 / EP06

In the sixth episode of the Sketchnote Army Podcast, I talk to Nikki McDonald, the editor of my two bestselling books: The Sketchnote Handbook and The Sketchnote Workbook. We discuss book origin stories, and why we think their timing, structure and des...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

Catharine Mi-Sook - SE01 / EP05

In the fifth episode of the Sketchnote Army Podcast, I talk to Catharine Mi-Sook, who is new to sketchnoting and loves Japanese papers and pens. She offers a fresh perspective on sketchnoting and the sketchnoting community. Show notes * Todays Doodle ...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author

Professor Michael Clayton - SE01 / EP04

In the fourth episode of the Sketchnote Army Podcast, I talk to professor Michael Clayton about using sketchnotes in higher education as a learning and teaching approach. SHOW NOTES About Michael * University of the Incarnate Word - http://www.uiw.ed...
Mike Rohde& Mauro Toselli author