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Nerd Alert News Ep. 58 - A Real Life Tony Stark

Bethesda has made a big shift in their game review policies, Star Trek Discovery has lost a showrunner, and Tesla just unveiled a new game changer in solar energy.  These three stories have Chris geeking out real bad this week.To get more information o...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 57 - Nintendo’s Big Switch

Marvel may have revealed a big character death coming from Civil War II, The Flash ratings are down but there are reasons not to panic, and Nintendo has announced their latest console, the Switch, which could be a game changer.  Finally Lucasfilm has c...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 56 - Google Goodness

There are a lot of great trailers and movie news that Chris runs through to start the show.  After that it’s time to geek out over all the new hardware offerings announced at the Google Pixel event.To get more information on any of the articles referen...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 55 - Farewell Archer

This week it’s possible that Marvel’s Luke Cage may have crashed Netflix’s servers, Amazon has greenlit The Tick, and Doctor Strange will appear in Avengers Infinity War.  In some sad news Archer creator Adam Reed has announced that the show will wrap ...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 54 - Big Plans for Netflix and Comcast

Nike has plans to make self lacing shoes just like from Back To The Future, Netflix may be making some big changes and the CW is launching a new app for free streaming.  Finally, Comcast is standing up a cell phone service.  Get all of the details in t...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 53 - This Note Is On Fire

Chris has the latest details on the Galaxy Note 7 recall, a new feature comes to Nexus phone owners and Star Trek Discovery has been delayed.  Finally, Chris geeks out over the announcement of the second gen Echo Dot from Amazon.To get more information...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 52 - Courage

Geoff Johns has plans on how to course correct the DC Movie Universe and our friends from the Audibly Exquisite Podcast break some news on the Power Rangers Reboot film.  To wrap the show Chris breaks down the announcements from the latest Apple Keynot...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 51 - DC Has Some Big Plans

This week Chris has a lot of news on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its pending product recall.  If you have one of these phones make sure you send it back.  Finally, a large list of rumors for the DC movies has leaked and Chris dissects the rumors to s...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 50 - The Power of Smell

Vin Diesel spilled the beans about the Guardians of the Galaxy appearing in the next Avengers movie, EA is considering remasters of the Mass Effect Trilogy, and John Williams has confirmed he is returning to do the score of Star Wars VIII.  Finally, Ub...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 49 - Nintendo Power No More?

We all know that Disney is doing a young Han Solo Star Wars prequel but rumors have emerged that Donald Glover is the frontrunner to portray Lando Calrissian in the movie while in less positive movies news it seems as though there won’t be a sequel com...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 48 - Small Screen Star Wars

Disney is bringing back The Rocketeer, Suicide Squad has a huge opening day and now you can view the entire Nintendo Power back catalog online for free!  Rumors are now swirling that a Star Wars show might be coming to ABC and Chris has some theories a...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 47 - Nintendo’s NX Revolution

The Pokemon Go Plus accessory has been delayed for a couple months,  and Netflix will not in fact save Agent Carter.  In some more positive news the Ice Bucket Challenge is responsible for a major breakthrough in ALS Research!  Finally, the details hav...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 46 - The VHS Is Dead, Long Live The VHS

San Diego Comic Con has kicked off and with it the reveal of trailers from The Walking Dead and Marvel’s Netflix programs.  In addition two Marvel Characters are going to be featured on upcoming patches for missions to the International Space Station. ...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 45 - The Saturn Is Cracked

Nintendo has dominated the headlines with Pokemon Go but they snuck in some other news about the upcoming Mini-NES.  Microsoft has also announced the Edge Browser is the only one capable of rendering Netflix at 1080p, but is that a fact?  Finally, the ...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 44 - Amazon’s Next Step Toward Internet Domination

This week, John Barrowman has a new deal to appear in all shows in the Arrow-verse and Marc Guggenheim has revealed some new details on season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow.  Additionally, Conan O’Brien is giving away free Google Cardboards while Captain Am...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 43 - Chris Goes Off Script For The 2016 Podcast Awards

It’s a heavy news week for gaming as BioShock: The Collection is announced, Batman Return To Arkham delayed, and reasons are given for why the Nintendo NX was not at E3.  On top of that Netflix has picked up a reboot of the classic series Lost in Space...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 42 - Chris Loves Mass Effect

Sony has plans to work with Marvel Studios more in the future, but that’s a minor story compared to some of the other news coming out this week.  James Earl Jones will return as the voice of Darth Vader in Star Wars: Rogue One and Grant Gustin has conf...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 41 - E3 2016 (Nintendo Edition)

Nerd Alert News Ep. 41 - E3 2016 (Nintendo Edition)Nintendo may not have held a giant press conference at E3 but they did release some interesting news via their Treehouse events.  Nothing new was announced on the Nintendo Nx, but details emerged on Th...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 40 - E3 2016 (Sony Edition)

Nerd Alert News Ep. 40 - E3 2016 (Sony Edition)Chris continues E3 week by going in depth on Sony’s press conference.  Tons of new games were announced such as a new God of War, Resident Evil VII, and a PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game.  Hideo Kojima made ...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 39 - E3 2016 (Microsoft Edition)

Chris kicks off E3 week by going in depth on Microsoft’s press conference.  Details have emerged on new custom controllers, new game announcements/release dates, and even on the hardware revisions for the Xbox One hardware.To get more information on an...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 38 - Those Sneaky Ads

The Deadpool movie continues to break new ground, early impressions of the Suicide Squad movie seem fairly positive, and Marvel Studios may have just found their Captain Marvel.  The featured story is that Smart TV makers are finding new ways to insert...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 37 - Is Miitomo a Ghost Town Now?

Vincent D’Onofrio has commented on the rumors that Kingpin will appear in Spider-Man Homecoming, details on Netflix’s huge deal with Disney have emerged, and rumors abound that Microsoft will be doing not one, but two hardware revisions to the Xbox One...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 36 - Cancel, Add, or Renew?

There is some huge casting news out of Marvel Studios as new cast additions were announced for Thor Ragnarok and Spider-Man Homecoming.  Not to be left out but the CW has hinted that Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl will be crossing...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 35 - Supergirl Renewed

There was some awesome news that broke today, namely that Supergirl has been renewed for Season 2 and will be moving to the CW.  Chris is joined by Michelle and Neil from the Starling Tribune to run down this news and speculate on what the move the CW ...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 34 - This Podcast Is Irredeemable

To start the show Chris runs down the huge box office number for Captain America Civil War before giving the background on the Deadpool ED parody commercials, and the rumors that Supergirls renewal may depend on budget cuts and move to the CW.  This we...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 33 - Comics And Bandwidth

The headline news for this episode is that Ben Affleck is rumored to have full creative control over the upcoming solo Batman movie, Netflix and Marvel have greenlit a Punisher series, Comcast has more than tripled their data caps, and Robert Kirkman t...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 32 - Did Fox Learn The Wrong Lesson?

With some cool breaking news we bring you a special edition episode.  Chris runs down the role Nathan Fillion will be playing in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.  Then it’s on to the final X-Men: Apocalypse trailer and the reveal of a special characte...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 31 - Called It!

Jessica Jones won a Peabody Award this week, Marvel’s Inhumans movie has been delayed, and Microsoft Studio’s Quantum Break has huge sales numbers.The featured story this week is that Robert Downey Jr. has officially joined the cast of Spider-Man: Home...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 30 - Spider-Man is Back!

With CinemaCon just taking place there’s a lot of movie news this week.  James Cameron is now planning four Avatar sequel, Ben Affleck is officially directing a solo Batman movie, Star-Lord will appear in the next Avengers, and finally Star Wars Rogue ...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 29 - Star Wars Rogue One Trailer

Chris is joined by Michelle Ealey and Naki in this NAN Special Edition to geek out over the newly released Star Wars Rogue One trailer.  The trailer looks fantastic and this crew can’t help but speculate on where this movie might end up going.  To get ...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 28 - Return of The Mythbusters

There are some great news stories this week, plot details on Mass Effect: Andromeda have come out, the Oculus Rift founder hand delivers the first Rift, and Deadpool is officially the highest grossing rated R movie in the world.The featured story this ...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 27 - PS4.5 Coming Soon?

To open the show Chris runs down the events surrounding the GonnaGeek Network panel at C2E2.  Next up is the news that Doctor Who is coming to Amazon Prime and that Xbox Live is now open for cross-platform gaming.The featured story this week is that ru...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 26 - Blizzard Patched Diablo 2?

This week Chris has an update on the release date for Luke Cage on Netflix, the dangers of home automation, and an update on Oculus support for Apple Computers.The featured story this week is that Blizzard patched a 16 year old game in Diablo 2.  What ...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 25 - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Renewed

This week Chris has news on the shooting schedule for DC’s Justice League movie, the graphical prowess of Gears of War, and Google ending support for Google Chrome on older OSs. The featured story this week is that Marvel’s Agents of Shield has been re...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 24 - Let’s Talk Virtual Reality

Chris is joined by Willie Nelson and Wing to talk about the new Virtual Reality Gear. Everything from smartphone based VR all the way up to beefy PC supported VR.  There’s a lot of cool systems coming up that we all want to try.  Wing has used the Ocul...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 23 - Scott Snyder Is Leaving Batman

This episode Chris geeks out over the return of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII comic, and the news Stan Lee is doing his last convention in Canada.The featured story this week is that Scott Snyder has confirme...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 22 - Deadpool Crushes The Box Office

In this episode Chris discusses the death of Mozilla’s Firefox OS for phones, Google’s attempts to safeguard users of the internet, rumor regarding the return of Deathstroke to Arrow, and the possible cancellation of Marvel’s Agent Carter.The featured ...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 21 - The Flash and Supergirl Crossover

It’s a special edition episode of Nerd Alert News as Chris brings in reinforcements to cover the news that The Flash will be appearing on Supergirl next month!  Chris and Neil outline the story and then get into their conspiracy theories as to how this...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 20 - Internet Data Caps

EA might have accidentally released the sales numbers for the Xbox One, The Flash on CW broke a new ratings record, Deadpool gets banned in China, and the Justice League is returning in cartoon form.  That makes up the headlines this week before anothe...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 19 - Time To Reboot?

This week we find out that both Star Wars Episode VIII and Avatar 2 have slipped from their most recent release dates.  It’s probably not a major problem for one of these films though.  Big news has also come out that Steve Rogers will be returning as ...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 18 - Take My Money Amazon

There’s some pretty cool news to start the week.  It seems like Netflix is bringing back Jessica Jones for season 2 and doing a new show based on The Punisher.  On top of that we find out that the Deadpool movie is now rated R which doesn’t please some...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 17 - Science Is Great

In this episode Chris discusses the upcoming Star Trek USPS Stamps, TNT killing the Titans, just how huge Netflix has gotten, and a rumor Ewan McGregor might be returning to the Star Wars universe.The featured story this week covers some interesting sc...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 16 - Year In Review

In this episode Chris discusses the release date for Season 2 of Daredevil and Alton Brown’s new cookbook where all the photos are taken by an iPhone.There’s no featured story this week, instead Chris recounts what he thinks were some of the biggest ne...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 15 - Doctor Strange Revealed

In this episode Chris reveals that Steven Spielberg has no plans to replace Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, Vixen is coming to Arrow, Peter Capaldi might wrap his role as Doctor Who after season 10, and that Star Wars continues to break box office reco...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 14 - You Can’t Beat Star Wars

This episode is spoiler free for the latest Star Wars movie.  This week Chris runs down fan reaction to the Star Trek Beyond Trailer, Lawrence Kasden stating that he is nearly finishing writing Star Wars, and an engineer who created who own working lig...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 13 - All About The Games

Welcome to episode 13 of Nerd Alert News. This episode is centered around video games as an homage to the Unqualified Gamers who have just wrapped.  Chris runs down some of the news on Nintendo’s latest console and Microsoft’s future in the console gam...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 12 - Telltale Makes All The Games

Welcome to episode 12 of Nerd Alert News. In this episode Chris talks about the huge viewing number for the Civil War Trailer, Carrie Fisher’s opinion on the Slave Leia controversy, and the rumors that Apple may be ditching the traditional headphone be...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 11 - Legends of Tomorrow Trailer Reaction

Welcome to episode 11 of Nerd Alert News.  This episode Chris is joined by Jon from Crimson Comet and Arthouse Legends and Jeannie from Tyrion’s Landing to talk about the newly released Legends of Tomorrow trailer.  There are no spoilers but plenty of ...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 10 - Cards Against Humanity Wins Black Friday

Welcome to episode 10 of Nerd Alert News.  As a quick heads up Nerd Alert News is offically a part of the Gonna Geek Network now.  In this episode Chris runs through the Sony PS4 remote play app, some new Supergirl/Legends of Tomorrow rumors, and the f...
Gonna Geek Network author

Nerd Alert News Ep. 9 - Captain America Civil War Reaction

Welcome to episode 9 of Nerd Alert News.  For this episode Chris is joined live on Blab by Haley, Jon, and Kent of the GonnaGeek network to talk about the newly released Captain America Civil War Trailer.  There’s tons of speculation but no intentional...
Gonna Geek Network author