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My Open Kitchen is a podcast celebrating great stories from behind the farm gate, inspiring people, seasonal produce and the power of social media to help us all connect, collaborate and build communities.

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My Open Kitchen is a brand new podcast celebrating great stories from behind the farm gate, inspiring people, delicious food and useful, practical advice on how to use social media to connect, collaborate and build supportive communities. Hosted by food writer and farmer and Sophie Hansen and rural reporter Skye Manson, we record at Rolling Wheel Studios in Orange NSW.
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A Basket by the Door episode 1 (Special series of My Open Kitchen)

Hello and welcome to the Basket by the Door podcast! This will be a special five part series released under our My Open Kitchen moniker - a collection of stories and celebrations of baskets by doors and love and stories of how food can heal and nourish...
Sophie Hansen author

Gathering recordings, episode two (of three)

Hello and welcome to part two of our three part Gathering series! This one is a live recording of the second panel from this event, held in Orange back in May. The theme was Community, Collaboration and building connections and our panel was moderated ...
Sophie Hansen author

Gathering recordings, episode one (of three)

It is with GREAT excitement that we finally pressed publish today on the first of a three-part podcast series featuring all the panel discussions we recorded from the My Open Kitchen Gathering held at the Old Conventhere in Orange in May 2018. Having j...
Sophie Hansen author

My Open Kitchen Series 3 Episode 7 - Lindsay Cameron Wilson

What inspires our favourite food podcaster Lindsay Cameron Wilson? What are the best podcasts, apps and pieces to read for peak social media and community building inspiration? It's all here in this episode of My Open Kitchen. We hope you like this one...
Sophie Hansen and Skye Manson author

My Open Kitchen S3 Ep6

This episode Skye has a lovely long chat with Naomi Bulger about creativity, social media, mail art, life and all the things. Plus we share some great ideas, tools and inspirations to help us all use this crazy world of social media to connect, build c...
Sophie Hansen and Skye Manson author

My Open Kitchen, Series 3 Episode 5

Welcome to episode 5 of series 3! We are so excited to be back in your earbuds sharing all kinds of good things and an interview with the very clever Abbie Melle. A lifestyle, interiors and travel photographer, Abbie is a regular contributor to Country...
Sophie Hansen and Skye Manson author

My Open Kitchen , Series 3 Episode 4

This podcast is our celebration of how us country creatives, farmers and producers can create communities and advocate through the magic of social media and this episode we are chatting with Fiona Walmsley of Buena Vista farm (pictured below) on the NS...
Sophie Hansen and Skye Manson author

My Open Kitchen with special guests Luisa Brimble and Julia Turshen

Hello all and welcome to episode 3 of series 3! I am super excited about this one as it features two of my favourite creatives EVER; guest co-host Luisa Brimble and all the way from the US, food writer Julia Turshen! Luisa and I talk about creativity, ...
Sophie Hansen author

Instagram queen Sara Tasker shares her social media advice.

Instagram Queen Sara Tasker aka @me_and_orla joins Sophie and Skye to share her advice on cultivating strong engagement on Instagram, what it's like to work from home and we all get excited about the 2018 My Open Kitchen Gathering which Sara will trave...

Welcome to Series 3!

A sneak-peak at what's to come in Series 3 and Annabelle Hickson, Country Style writer and blogger at The Daily's helps us welcome in the new Series with a guest Top 5 contribution.

My Open Kitchen, Series 2, Episode 8

Jane Smith aka The Shady Baker from outback New South Wales joins My Open Kitchen this episode to talk about baking, blogging and living in Australia's real outer country, plus we share our Top 5 favourite people to follow, things to do, places to visi...
Sophie Hansen author

My Open Kitchen, Series 2 Episode 7

So so much to share in this episode - interviews with The Sonic’s Pip Brett, Nundle’s Exchange Stores' Megan Trousdale on using social media to build a community around your business, plus Skye is back, loads and loads of links, inspiration and ideas f...

Bonus episode - A day in Florence with Emiko Davies

Ciao tutti! In this special bonus episode, we spend a day in Florence with Tuscan-based author, photographer and cook Emiko Davies. While wandering the markets and cooking lunch back at her home, Emiko shares her thoughts on social media, food writing ...

My Open Kitchen, Series 2, Episode 6

Welcome back to My Open Kitchen! This episode we talk with Food Writer Barbara Sweeney about how to 'show don't tell' your story on social media. Plus there are loads of great ideas, links and resources to help farmers, foodies and cooks use social med...

Series 2, Episode 5

This episode we are talking authenticity. Yep - we are tackling that buzzword head on and getting real with the likes of Kat Molesworth, David Prior and Annabelle Hickson. There are some really great ideas, nuggets of advice and stories in this episode...

Bonus episode - Interview with artist Annie Herron

Here's a little chat with none other than my Mum, artist Annie Herron. I wrote about her for in the current issue of Country Style magazine and thought you guys might like to hear her voice, her thoughts on creativity, gardens, Instagram and inspiratio...

Series 2, Episode 4

Pull up a chair, make a cup of tea and have a listen as we chat with Stephanie Alexander AO and Tamsin Carvan in celebration of summer plenty - the wonderful abundance of produce in our gardens, orchards and markets at this time of year. We share tips,...

Series 2, Episode 3

This episode we are slowing down. My Open Kitchen is all about social media and the communities, stories and collaboration it can foster. But it is all consuming and totally addictive, so today, we are looking at how we can get the most of out our onli...

Series 2, Episode 2

This episode is all about Christmas and feasting and sharing and is the perfect thing to listen to while you travel from here to there, make a dozen or so mince pies, walk them off, wrap presents or just sit and have a cup of coffee and stare at the tw...

My Open Kitchen, Series 2 Episode 1

Series 2 kicks off with a special location recording, interviews with Country Style magazine editor-in-chief Victoria Carey, Em Ellis of Em and the Wild Things plus 25+ recommendations for great things to do, read, eat, listen to and share this week. H...

Surprise episode Local is Lovely Workshop

A special surprise episode giving an insight into the wonderful world of food, photography and workshops in country New South Wales, Australia. 

My Open Kitchen, Episode 8

We hope you enjoy this, the last episode in Series 1! It features a great chat with lovely Matt of Grown and Gathered fame, plus some of our favourite moments from the last eight episodes and loads of tips, life hacks, links and podcasts to share. Happ...

My Open Kitchen episode 7

Cake maker Gillian Bell takes us on an Enid Blyton style food adventure when she shares her incredible story on episode 7 of My Open Kitchen. 

My Open Kitchen, episode 6

Episode 6 of My Open Kitchen features a lovely long chat with Venetian-based blogger, food writer and photographer Skye McAlpine plus loads of great things to read, cook, share and think about. Happy listening! Sophie and Skye x   

My Open Kitchen, episode 5

Valli Little from ABC's Delicious magazine is our guest on My Open Kitchen as well as our latest Top 5 and some delicious treats.

My Open Kitchen, episode 4

Welcome to episode 4 of My Open Kitchen! This time we chat with food PR and social media whizz Charlotte Ree and country-based catering biz 100-Mile-Table about working on local collaborations. Plus lots of things to listen to, read and cook. Happy lis...

My Open Kitchen, episode 3

This week’s episode of My Open Kitchen features interviews with Sydney-based food and lifestyle photographer Luisa Brimble and Tasmanian-based food stylist and author Michelle Crawford. Plus loads of things to read, people to follow and our favourite t...

My Open Kitchen, episode 2

My Open Kitchen is all about community, collaboration, great food, inspiring people and all the great things we make, do and share here in the country. Episode two features interviews with Kate Walsh of Real Food Projects and Annabelle Hickson of The D...

My Open Kitchen - explainer episode

My Open Kitchen is a brand new podcast all about food, farmers, cooking, hospitality and social media! Here's a 10 minutes explainer about the podcast and how we love  talking to people around the country about how they use social media and to tell the...

My Open Kitchen, episode 1

My Open Kitchen is a new podcast full of great stories from behind the farm gate, a celebration of food, farmers, great ideas and the power of social media to connect and inspire in a really positive, genuine way.