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David Strom and Paul Gillin podcast weekly about new media methods and mechanics
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2009-03-13 13:20
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93: The Travelin’ Mama

Shannon Hurst Lane and three other professional travel writers were chatting at a conference early last year when they hit upon an idea. They were all moms with copious travel experience. Why not start a blog to advise families on … Continue reading →

92 – Visionary Educator

Hanson Hosein was a successful television news producer who traveled the world and won an Emmy award working for NBC News before realizing a decade ago that the media world was about to change dramatically.  He ditched the world of … Continue reading →

91: Whom Shall We Trust?

Is the disintegration of mainstream media also the death of trust?  Paul recently spoke to a group of university professors of communications who were decidedly pessimistic about the changes going on in the media landscape.  These scholars fretted that...

90: Dealing with multiple notification pathways

This week David and Paul talk about how we deal with having mutliple notification mechanisms. In our professional lifetimes  we have seen the rise and now fall of having universal email access to our contacts — now we have IM, … Continue reading →

90: E-mail Overload Of a Different Kind

E-mail, instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook, what’s a marketer to do?  Today there are more ways to connect to influencers than ever before, but not everyone has the same preferences and not every tool is right for every situation.  In this … Continue...

89: The generational media divide

There is a growing divide in how we consume media, and it is mostly age-related. But it isn’t as simple as everyone older is using this technology and younger is using that technology – there are a lot more subtle sub-groups. In this … Continue reading...

88: The Playmaker

Alan Kelly is a career public relations entrepreneur who’s taken a different approach to framing PR strategy. The system he’s created, called The Playmaker’s Standard, categorizes the common market “plays” that companies make into 25 types. They’re “th...

86: Building on the Groundswell

Forrester Research Analyst Josh Bernoff co-authored the number one Internet marketing book of 2008: Groundswell: Winning In A World Transformed By Social Technologies. The book he co-wrote with former Forrester analyst Charlene Li broke new ground by a...

85: The Voice of the Customer

Peter Blackshaw has led the charge in consumer generated media.  A cofounder of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association and the consumer advocacy website planetfeedback, Blackshaw is also a prolific writer who is contributes regularly to Ad Age, ClickZ...