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Marketing has its good points and bad points and depending on how it’s used can either build or destroy brands and companies. May the Best Brand Win will look at what’s happening each week in marketing, branding and public relations and discuss the good, bad and the really, really ugly. Guests will include marketing executives from leading companies, agencies and even some celebrities. Marketing is an ever-changing topic and you’ll want to be sure to tune in so you know the very latest and best ways to reach your audiences and avoid the many mistakes we see on a weekly basis. For more info visit

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Marketing has its good points and bad points and depending on how it’s used can either build or destroy brands and companies. May the Best Brand Win will look at what’s happening each week in marketing, branding and public relations and discuss the good, bad and the really, really ugly. Guests will include marketing executives from leading companies, agencies and even some celebrities. Marketing is an ever-changing topic and you’ll want to be sure to tune in so you know the very latest and best ways to reach your audiences and avoid the many mistakes we see on a weekly basis. For more info visit
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Episode 134: Reputation in a World of Fakes

Brand reputations are hard fought and won over time and usually the most valuable assets any business can possess.  After all, if the brand is the sum total of EVERYTHING, then everything is now on the line when reputation is threatened. With more phot...
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Episode 133: Using AI in a World That Only Cares About ME

We’ve talked about the importance of using intelligence in marketing before. And there are some who think using artificial intelligence can “improve the customer journey” and other BS-sounding phrases meant to lull companies into a sense of security fo...
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Episode 132: What Winning Brands Do

Episode 132: What Winning Brands Do There are thousands of brands out there all vying to be top in their categories. My company’s tag line and the name of this radio show is May the Best Brand Win so sometimes I get asked, so...HOW do we win? Well, we’...
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Episode 131: Giving Customers What They Want

At its core, marketing is pretty simple.  Learn what customers want, deliver it better than anyone else and build a strong relationship.  Easy, right?  But the marketing we see on a daily basis isn’t this at all - it’s dumb ads, robocalls, telemarketin...
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Episode 130: Summer NAMM 2019

Episode 130: Summer NAMM 2019 Yee to the haw, the music products industry just got back from its annual hoedown in Nashvegas called Summer NAMM.  The new bachelorette party capital of the world was completely saturated with new guitars, amps, tech prod...
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Episode 129: Are You a Stunt Man?

As we know, a publicity stunt is a planned event designed to attract the public's attention to the event's organizers or their cause. Publicity stunts can be professionally organized, or set up by amateurs. In PR, we know there are two types of people ...
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Episode 128: Crisis Me a River

Episode 128: Crisis Me a River In this day and age when it seems everyone is just waiting around to be offended by something YOUR company said or did, CRISIS public relations is pretty important. Joining me on the program is crisis PR expert David Oate...
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Episode 127: Sizing Up E3 2019

It’s big, it’s loud, it’s just like a teenager who won’t leave his/room, it’s E3 and your favorite inciteful roving reporter of marketing was there to take it all in, talk to some cool companies and of course, play the latest games.  Join me for anothe...
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Episode 126: Making Indie Artists Major League with Javan from Octiive

If you’re a music artist in 2019, the world is very different today than it’s been.  There are no record labels to pay you, guide you (and take the vast majority of your money) You’re pretty much on your own.  But an OC-based startup called Octiive has...
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Episode 125: Using LinkedIn WITHOUT Annoying Your Contacts

Ding — you have a new LinkedIn connection request.  Few things can be as exciting!  "Wow, they want to connect with little ol’ ME!," you say as you click the ACCEPT button. And then, like clockwork, you get a template message from them selling their cr...
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Episode 124: Friends in Low Editorial Places

One of THE biggest misconceptions about PR is that PR pros have buddies working in the media, pick up the phone and just GET media coverage through friendship.  Where did this nonsense come from?  Why is it bad to actually believe this?  We’re gonna ta...
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Episode 123: Rage Against the Machine Language

As Google will be quick to point out, yes, a machine can more quickly identify shapes, categorize things, and not miss any. Much better than our feeble human brains can do these simple tasks. But here comes the million dollar question — IF marketing or...
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Episode 122: State of the Media 2019

Did you know that six large companies control more than 90 percent of what Americans read, watch or listen to? It’s changed quite dramatically since the early 1980’s when more than 50 companies were in charge of things. As a marketer, you MUST know the...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 121: Tone

It’s not only what you say but exactly HOW you say it that deepens marketing relationships and the tone a brand uses to communicate can be a very important choice at the beginning and throughout the company’s life.  So many approaches are completely to...
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Episode 120: More on Brand Messaging

One of the most important aspects to your marketing is your message and yet, this key piece is skipped and trivialized by so many companies.  So once again, we’re gonna talk about brand messaging, why it’s so important and give some examples of when it...
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Episode 119: Privacy: Such A Lonely Word

And why?  Because everyone is so…untrue. Privacy is shaping up to be THE battleground for business and marketing and you’re in luck because we’ll be joined by data privacy attorney Lily Li from Metaverse Law.  Lily will help us dig into such important ...
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Episode 118: More Than Brand Awareness

Public Relations is a tough one to describe in 2019 mainly because there has been quite a blurring of marketing disciplines in the digital age. But I’ve noticed that some in the profession say that PR isn’t about generating sales, it’s about brand awar...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 116: Nobody TALKS Like That

Something happens to people when they become educated and learn a bunch of new fancy-sounding words.  They use them in their writing.  String enough of them together and you’ve got a big old mess that no one will understand.  Why does this happen?  HOW...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 115: What's in a Rebrand?

Ah, the rebrand, the refresh, the new coat of paint, the fresh application of lipstick to pretty much the same ol pig.  We do it all the time - but why?  and how?  And what makes a rebranding effort work?  We’ll hit all of that and more as well as delv...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 114: Funnels & Magnets

If you’re a marketer in 2019, you have a decision to make. Do I use a funnel or a magnet?  And which one you use depends on what business you think you’re in.  So we’re gonna talk about this key decision which can determine success or failure in any co...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 113: The Power DISC

Joining me on the show today is Scott Bailey — a sales professional and Sandler Sales Mastery Subject Matter Expert.  Scott has facilitated over 250 Sandler Two-Day Boot Camps and taught a lot of people the right way to sell things over the past 25 yea...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 112: The Super Bowl of Marketing

It’s been called everything from The Big Game (due to trademark licensing issues) to The Super Bowl of Super Bowls. It’s marketing’s biggest day/night and so we’re gonna talk about it. Who won? Who lost, who gained ground and who really blew it. Join...
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Ep. 111: NAMM Right!

It’s the world’s biggest and craziest music products show and anyone who ever WAS anyone was there — it’s The NAMM Show straight from the Tragic Kingdom of Anaheim, California and your fearless host, Scott R was there working, hosting stuff and playing...
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Episode 110: CE-Hell Yes!

When one show just isn’t enough to cram in all of the juicy interview content you got on the show floor, you do two shows.  And this one includes interviews with Audio Technica, The Rocking Bed, Yo Sperm Tests, The Pocketalk Translator, And Autel Drone...
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Episode 109: CE-Yes! (or no?)

Episode 109: CE-Yes! (or no?) It’s the world’s biggest tech show with everything from autonomous flying taxi drones to the AIs and robots that will take over this planet in the coming years and literally everything tech in between.  It’s CES and yes, i...
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Episode 108: Winners and Losers of 2018

It’s been another wild year of marketing chaos and we need to talk about the big winners and losers of the year. Join me for another fun year-end cliffhanger episode of May the Best Brand Win, certain to be nominated for some useless award, and we’ll w...
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Episode 107: Risks and Real Costs of Communicating

Episode 107 Risks and Real Costs of Communicating The marketing & communications profession has a dirty secret.  Most people who do this work won’t talk about it, but anyone who owns comms for any organization knows about it. You see, there are rea...
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Episode 106: Funnel Fallacies

In the wondrous world of digital marketing today, you can’t swing a dead cat (sorry PeTA) around without hitting somebody talking about your funnel.  But what is that really?  And is that really the metaphor you want to use to talk about building relat...
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Episode 105: What’s Really Working in Marketing Today?

Episode 105: What’s Really Working in Marketing Today? Hear more shows like this at When you decide to market a business, a brand, an idea or a cause, you have a lot of choices to make.  I was recently aske...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 104: The Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing relies on data — and another word for that is YOUR data.  But what is going to happen to these enterprises when the law catches up to the unethical use of this data and shuts it down?  We’re going to talk with a very good digital mark...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 103: Designing With Your Feelings

Episode 103: Designing With Your Feelings Hear more shows like this at My guest today is Leila Entezam, a solution-oriented leader with 20+ years of experience in business consulting and project management....
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 102: AES Holes

Episode 102: AES Holes Hear more shows like this at Trade shows like AES give exhibitors and attendees the chance to meet, talk and do business.  I’ll run down who got it right and who didn’t at this year’s...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 101: Un-sucking Modern Marketing

Hear more shows like this at Let’s face it, most marketing today is a money pit and sometimes…it really sucks.  Sometimes it’s a lack of thought, sometimes just focusing on the wrong things and sometimes i...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 100: The Modern Marketing Stack

Episode 100: The Modern Marketing Stack Hear more shows like this at Today, advertising is pretty much on autopilot, SEO changes every time Google blows its nose and companies everywhere are searching for t...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 99: Celebrities and Branding

Episode 99: Celebrities and Branding Hear more shows like this at Since that first guy wrestled down a velociraptor (or time-period appropriate dinosaur), while others watched in amazement people have absol...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode. 98: Flawed Marketing

Episode. 98: Flawed Marketing   Hear more shows like this at   We live in a world filled with marketing and not really by our choice. And sometimes that marketing is great and motivates us to buy and someti...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 97: What’s in a Brand Name?

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  Right?   If you work in marketing sooner or later you’re gonna get the assignment of naming something. Maybe it’s a new program, a new product or even the company itself — But why do names matter so muc...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 96: Marketing: Cost or Investment?

There are two ways to view modern marketing, either as a cost or an investment.  And both ways have a case to made.  So in this episode, we’re going to go down the arguments for both sides and see if we can figure out an answer.  We’ll also hit who’s w...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 95: Marketing Strateegery

Have you noticed we live in a tactical world — lots of companies DOING things, INVENTING things, BUILDING things but not always sure why.  And then of course, it’s marketing’s job to SELL It — make people interested and beat them on the head with the m...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 94: Unfinished Messaging

In the traditional communications model (from Jr. High) you have a sender (you) a receiver (them) and a message. And just like Jr. High, it’s so simple…so pure… so blissful. …And then we grow up, supposedly “get smarter" and throw about a million thing...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 93: Marketing v Privacy Round 10

Well, it’s a tale as old as time — marketing wants more information about its audiences so it can craft the perfect individualized message just for them at EXACTLY the time they need it.  And consumers think marketing is uber creepy and want to use fak...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 92: Influencer Marketing Revisited

What do you do when your audience (kinda) doesn’t trust you? That’s easy — You find someone they DO trust and get them to be your messenger.  This is what is known as influencer marketing and it’s pretty big business. It isn’t new, but social media cha...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 91: Uncommon Sense

There was a time when I believed in common sense. I thought that people grew up, became educated and while making a mistake here and there along the way, generally got things right. But I was wrong.  We don’t always share that common viewpoint and that...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 90: Shaping Public Opinion

Episode 90: Shaping Public Opinion Hear more shows like this at ….And how do WE feel about this issue, this movie, this event, this candy bar or even this potentially rat-infested fast food joint? A questio...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 89: Brands of E3

It’s big, it’s loud and crazy — it’s the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles and there we see some of the biggest brands in interactive entertainment battling for the spotlight and top honors among gamers. Tune in as I recap the show from a br...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 88: The Other Side of the Sword

May The Best Brand Win - Episode 88: The Other Side of the Sword Hear more shows like this one at One goal of marketing/comms is to CUT through the clutter and be seen, noticed, heard, etc.  And marketers a...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 87: GDPR - The Consumer Strikes Back

Episode 87: GDPR - The Consumer Strikes BackHear more shows like this at On May 25, the EU/UK based GDPR rules will take effect which govern how companies can collect and use consumer data. And if you have ...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 86: The Science of BS

Hear more shows like this at You see it (or smell it) everywhere regardless of whether or not you reside near a pasture per se. It’s BS, and beyond the hype, half-truths, misstatements and outright falsehoo...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 85: Start Me Up

The problems are out there just waiting to be solved and who ya gonna call?  That’s right, get ready to be vastly disrupted by some startups and their own ideas about marketing & communications.  I recently traveled to Irvine, Calif to attend the a...
EnterTalk Radio author

Episode 84: Stepping in It

Wow, there are quite a few companies just stepping in it right now and thus, we’re doing a show all about it — specifically what marketing & communications can DO about it for such contenders as Allegiant Airlines, Starbucks and even Facebook.  And...
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