Practice Portuguese

Practice Portuguese is for the European Portuguese learner who wants to take the next step towards improving their listening and speaking skills. Don't worry if you can't understand everything at first. Just keep listening and your comprehension will improve with each episode.

A melhor forma de aprender uma língua é ser exposto a diálogos da vida real com pessoas nativas dessa língua. Practice Portuguese é para estudantes de português europeu que procuram dar o próximo passo em conversação e compreensão oral.

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Learn European Portuguese from Portugal
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Olá Shorties!

This is an episode of introductions! First, we introduce Molly, an American who recently moved to Lisbon and is off to a great start with her Portuguese. Next, we introduce the new “Shorties”, which are bite-sized audio dialogues, each around 1 minute ...
Joel author

Dona Gertrudes E a Conta Do Gás

Dona Gertrudes, a retired 65-year-old woman, has just a received a surprisingly large bill from her gas company. Upset and nervous, she attempts to sort the matter out on the phone.
Joel author

Roupa Na Varanda, Afinal Quem Manda?

Monica has just moved to an apartment in the Historic Center of Porto. She meets her neighbour Eduardo who tries to impose some unexpected rules. Will she be able to deal with these strict requirements?
Joel author

Diálogo 34 – À Caça de Descontos no Supermercado

To prepare for an upcoming birthday party that they’ll be hosting, a modern grandma and her jokester husband stock up on groceries at the local supermarket. While taking advantage of every promotion they can, will they actually remember to pick up ever...
Joel author

Diálogo 33 – Perigo na Estrada, Pesadelo na Oficina!

Eduarda, the mechanic, deals with a customer who thinks he knows exactly what’s wrong with his car… when in fact, the biggest problem might just be the driver! (Special guest: Eliana Silva)
Joel author

Diálogo 32 – Uma Ida Ao Supermercado

Two friends get together for a conversation and run into some “false friends” (false cognates), leading to nice teaching moment!
Joel author

Diálogo 31 – Um Natal de Crescer Água na Boca

This holiday season, a Practice Portuguese TV reporter takes to the streets to hear directly from Portuguese natives about their family Christmas traditions… until a particularly talkative woman steals the show!
Joel author

Lançamento: “Passo a Passo” (o Caminho de Santiago)

With the holiday season approaching, Rui and Joel announce a special early gift for members of Practice Portuguese! Listen and find out exactly what is on “the Way”…
Joel author

Diálogo 30 – Cabelos, Tesouras e Desilusões

Salvador and Mariana (– no, Adriana! –) visit a hair salon to freshen up their looks, but quickly find themselves in a hairy situation! In this episode, you’ll learn lots of new vocabulary and expressions that should come in handy the next time you fin...
Joel author

Parte II: À Caça de Casa

Today we revisit Diálogo 29 to discuss some of the vocabulary and expressions surrounding the Portuguese housing market. There’s also an extra listening challenge waiting for you in the second half, so stick around!
Joel author

Diálogo 29 – À Caça de Casa

In this episode, we explore the Portuguese apartment rental market with James, a young adult of Portuguese descendant looking for a new place. To find some leads, he recruits the help of his friend, Luís. However, Luís happens to be going through a bit...
Joel author

BONUS: Palavras Japonesas Inspiradas na Língua Portuguesa

After listening to our last podcast on foreign words derived from Portuguese, a Japanese member, Ryoko, came to our rescue with recordings of every Japanese word we mentioned, plus a bunch of new ones for good measure. Join us as we explore surprising ...
Joel author

Palavras Inspiradas na Língua Portuguesa

In this unscripted dialogue between Rui and Joel, we discover words in English, Spanish, French and Japanese that apparently derived from Portuguese vocabulary… Come for the comprehension practice, stay for the butchered non-Portuguese pronunciations!
Joel author

Diálogo 28 – As Sardinhas Que Fumavam

Hoping for a calm, vegetarian dining experience at a local Portuguese restaurant, Sr. John gets thrown off guard by unprofessional service and a problem with his order! Find out how he deals with these challenges, and learn lots of vocabulary and expre...
Joel author

Artigo 28 – Cristiano Ronaldo: Assim Nasce Um Campeão!

“Ronaldo” is one of the first names that pop up when discussing Portugal, wherever you are in the world. Regarded as one of the most important football/soccer players of all time, he’s earned his place as not only a top Portuguese celebrity, but also a...
Joel author

Artigo 27 – O Azulejo Português

Today we learn about one of the most important symbols of Portuguese culture, found all over the walls and buildings throughout the country – azulejos (tiles). As always, we explore new vocabulary and grammar, and correct more of Joel’s “pronúncia de e...
Joel author

Diálogo 27 – A Tartaruga Ninja

Our fabulously fictional Portuguese family is back (with peculiarly different voices 😂) and this time, they’re considering adding a new member. We explore new vocabulary surrounding food, animals and more, and also run into some new usage examples of t...
Joel author

Artigo 26 – A Rota da Cortiça

In this episode, we learn about one of Portugal’s most important symbols and main exports: cork! We explore tons of new vocabulary, and later, for your benefit, Rui humbles Joel by tearing apart his pronunciation skills!
Joel author

Artigo 25 – A Mãe Está Doente e o Pai Cuida da Família

Today, our fictional Portuguese family is subjected to some of the grammar you’ll find around the B2 Intermediate level, including the “conjuntivo” verb mood. Since the mother is sick, the father has to improvise with preparing dinner himself, all whil...
Joel author

Diálogo 26 – Resolver Um Problema Ao Telefone: Alô?!

Telephone and Internet service companies are notoriously painful to deal with, and Portugal is no exception! In this dialogue, a pushy representative from “VOZ” calls in an attempt to recapture a former client. Have you had the pleasure of dealing with...
Joel author

Como Falam Os Algarvios? (Conversa com Eliana)

After our very challenging Diálogo, dedicated to the Algarvian dialect, we decided to record a follow-up discussion with Eliana, (who voiced the Algarvian characters). She will help us understand a bit better some of the difficult terms and expressions...
Joel author

Diálogo 25 – Certificado de Residência (Como Pedir… Em Algarvio!)

In what might possibly be our most ambitious Diálogo to date, we explore some of the delightful bureaucracy that surrounds obtaining a residency permit in Portugal. With Michael (our special guest estrangeiro) moving to Algarve, we get a chance to expl...
Joel author

Atualidade 4 – Salvador Sobral Ganha Eurovisão 2017

Discover the beautiful ballad that unexpectedly swept Europe off its feet in the Eurovision 2017 song contest: “Amar Pelos Dois”, by Salvador Sobral. After 53 years of competing, this marks Portugal’s first victory ever! With the help of a special gues...
Joel author

Diálogo 24– Um Café em Lisboa

This episode is a collaboration featuring Tatiana Ribeiro, a Portuguese teacher (and fan of the project) from Brazil, currently living Italy! She recorded with us and also wrote the dialogue, which takes place in a café in Portugal. Since we all know j...
Joel author

A Lenda Da Serra Da Nó

We’re back with another classic Portuguese tale, this time with the story of a Moorish king after the heart of a humble, female shepherd. Will he win her heart, despite their different religious backgrounds? How will they survive when the Christians co...
Joel author

Aprender Português? Vejo-me Grego! (Video)

In this video, Joel (o Canadiano) interviews Pedro, a personal trainer in Lisboa. When he saw which videos and website his Greek girlfriend was using to learn Portuguese, he immediately recognized Rui and Joel as members of the gym! Instead of just tak...
Joel author

Diálogo 23 – Pizza Na Hora Está a Contratar!

Márcio o Brasileiro calls in once again to everyone’s favourite Portuguese pizzaria, but this time to ask the owner for a job. Will they be able to overcome their cultural differences and work together? Have a listen and find out in this 3rd episode of...
Joel author

Artigo 24 – Natal e o Ano Novo

What could be better than a holiday episode in January? (Just about anything!) Listen to find out what happened to Rui that delayed this episode… and be extra prepared for when the holidays come around again in about 355 days! We also discuss some quir...
Joel author

A Lenda da Rapariga com Pés de Cabra

In this Lenda (tale), we explore a famous Portuguese tale of a woman… with goat feet! She manages to keep the secret hidden her entire life, until a nobleman falls in love with her and learns the truth. (special thanks to Luís Relógio for writing this ...
Joel author

Artigo 23– António Guterres, A Unir Nações

A few days ago, Joel overheard some enthusiastic Portuguese natives talking about how António Guterres had been chosen as the new secretary-general of the United Nations. So in this episode, we take the opportunity to explore António’s life and the exp...
Joel author

Diálogo 22– Desaparecido no Concerto

Outdoor concert festivals are fun and everything… until someone goes missing! In this dialogue, a Canadian named Fred gets worried when his Portuguese friend João disappears unexpectedly. He attempts to file a police report in the middle of the night w...
Joel author

3 Video Lessons (Special Announcement)

Attention Practice Portuguese podcast subscribers! This is not a regular podcast episode, but a special announcement to tell you about a 3-part video series we’re launching starting today. Check out the first lesson now: I...
Joel author

Diálogo 21– Uma Viagem a Marraquexe

Today’s destination is Morroco, as we cover tons of new vocabulary to prepare you for wherever your future travels take you! Follow our journey through the airport, airplane, and all through the ancient city of Marrakesh. (Featuring a very special gues...
Joel author

Artigo 22 – Portugal Campeão (Part 2)

In this second half of “Portugal Campeão“, we continue to celebrate Portugal’s futebol victory! Just like the last few episodes, we discuss vocabulary and grammar useful in every day life, even if (like us) you don’t follow sports! Make sure to listen ...
Joel author

Artigo 21– Portugal Campeão (Part 1)

We celebrate Portugal’s futebol victory with a play-by-play of how it all went down, including tons of useful expressions and vocabulary, soccer/football related and otherwise. With Rui and Joel’s lack of sports knowledge (sports experts, you’ve been w...
Joel author

Artigo 20– A Famíla Vai Ao Supermercado

Marco and Ana take their kids to the “supermercado”, giving us an opportunity to learn some new vocabulary surrounding food. First, Rui reads the entire article all the way through, then Rui and Joel split the text into sections to discuss vocabulary, ...
Joel author

Artigo 19– Um Dia Na Praia

Estás a iniciar a tua aprendizagem de português? Este episódio é perfeito para ti! É de nível A1/A2 com vocabulário e gramática simples, mas lido por um nativo, por isso ideal para todos os niveis praticarem a sua pronúncia e compreensão oral! Para alé...
Joel author

Atualidade 3

Falar de limpeza, ou mesmo da extinção dos dinossauros, são sempre bons pretextos para praticar português europeu!
Joel author

Diálogo 20– O Rui Procura Emprego

Estás desempregado em Portugal e não sabes o que dizer numa entrevista de emprego? Este episódio pode ser para ti! A ideia surgiu a partir de um email de um membro (Obrigado Oleg!) que gostaria de ouvir um diálogo mais formal e num contexto profissiona...
Joel author

Atualidade 2

No início tínhamos os artigos e os diálogos. Depois vieram as lendas e agora chegaram as Actualidades: Um menino que não pode ler, Um ministro que compra ténis a um vagabundo, Uma notícia que “puxa a brasa à nossa sardinha“… Puxa o quê!? Não sabes? Poi...
Joel author

A Lenda da Rainha Santa Isabel

Já conheces a lenda da Rainha Santa, uma das mais bonitas lendas portuguesas? Ela fala-nos de um milagre, mas o mais importante é a mensagem de solidariedade que ela nos deixa. (Com a participação da Ana Coimbra e Rui Coimbra Sénior!)
Joel author

Atualidade 1

É o primeiro episódio atualidades! Neste novo formato vamos partilhar as notícias mais comentadas da semana. Vão ser episódios mais dinâmicos, em que Rui e o Joel participam em simultâneo. Estão prontos?
Joel author

Artigo 18– Tradições de Natal

O Natal em Portugal. Os hábitos, as tradições e os pratos típicos. Descobre tudo num texto a duas velocidades. Lento pra que possas entender, rápido pra que possas praticar!
Joel author

A Lenda do Galo de Barcelos

February 2017 Update: Wayne, the talented animator and good friend of Practice Portuguese, is back at it again with this animated reimagining of this formerly audio-only episode. Hope you like! A verdade faz milagres. Descubra como em mais uma lenda Po...
Joel author

Diálogo 19– O Joel Vai Ao Hospital

Estar doente provoca-nos dor e sofrimento, mas sobretudo, estar doente provoca-nos muita perda de tempo!
Joel author

Artigo 17– Grécia: Passado, Presente e Futuro

Como o berço da civilização ocidental se transformou numa das maiores preocupações mundiais do momento.
Joel author

Amendoeiras Em Flôr

Este episódio conta-nos uma história onde o amor transforma o impossível em possível. Apesar de se tratar de uma lenda gostamos de acreditar que amores destes podem existir.
Joel author

Artigo 16– Sismo No Nepal

Neste artigo ouve a descrição em português da tragédia que ocorreu no Nepal. Estas foram as notícias que chegaram a Portugal. Se quiseres ajudar aqueles que foram afetados pelo terramoto, vai ao site da Cruz vermelha do Nepal, e faz o teu dona...
Joel author

Diálogo 18– O Joel Quer Comprar Uma Mota

Acompanha o novo projeto do Joel. Comprar uma mota para conduzir em Lisboa. Será mais fácil que apanhar um táxi? Será que o Joel já sabe fazer negócios em português? Vrum vrum!
Joel author

A História de Amor de Pedro e Inês

Um episódio que conta a história de amor de Pedro e Inês, tão tragica quanto verdadeira. Um episódio com reis princesas e castelo onde toda a família se juntou para dar voz as personagens!
Joel author